28 Irish Dessert Recipes (Traditional And Authentic)

Ireland is popularly known for its magnificent cooked dishes for both tourists and the locals. Its fulfilling desserts come in cakes, scones, or bread pudding served at breakfast or paired with some Irish stews.

For a refreshing and appealing sight, they are paired with fresh fruits. Then the desserts are served with beverages such as coffee, Irish tea, or juices. You can enjoy these desserts at lunch, dinner, or special occasions.

Irish Dessert

The Irish desserts are cooked with the best Irish dairy products and other distinctive ingredients such as seaweeds, contributing to its exquisite traditional and simple Irish desserts.

Here are some of the fantastic desserts recipes you can try: 

  1. Bread and butter pudding
  2. Irish porter cake
  3. Traditional Irish soda bread
  4. Irish apple cake
  5. Irish shortbread cookies
  6. Traditional Irish soda bread
  7. Irish apple amber
  8. Traditional Irish scones
  9. Traditional Irish potato boxty
  10. Fudgy, chewy Guinness brownies
  11. Irish cream pie
  12. Guinness Irish soup
  13. Irish tea cake
  14. Cheddar and Irish soda bread 
  15. Guinness braised short ribs
  16. Irish cheddar cheese scones with scallions
  17. Baileys coffee mini cheesecakes
  18. Mini sweet potato pies
  19. Pecan pie mini muffins
  20. Mini rum cakes
  21. Irish blackberry cakes
  22. Baileys Irish cream parfait
  23. Mini Baileys Chocolate mousse pie(gluten-free)
  24. Baileys chocolate truffles
  25. Tiramisu recipe
  26. Carrot cake with walnuts
  27. Lime poke cake
  28. Simple crème anglaise

Traditional Irish desserts

The traditional desserts are significant in Ireland because they are served on specific days in Ireland, such as St. Patrick’s day, and involves the traditional Irish ingredients to make and flavor them. They include;

1. Bread and butter pudding

It is a staple dessert in Ireland enjoyed at any time of the year. Bread leftovers are part of the ingredients instead of them going to waste. It is a warm-up meal that counters Ireland’s cold weather.

It makes it delicious, cinnamon or eggs combined with the bread when baking. The pudding texture is soft while deep and lovely. It is fast to prepare since its ingredients are readily available.

Top the pudding with a sweet and smooth flavor and texture when serving ice cream or whipped cream. It is a dessert that will make your dinner worthwhile.

Try this recipe for a fantastic pudding. 

2. Irish porter cake

The traditional dessert contains sweet dark fruits and an additional spicy flavor. The dark brown color adds the chocolate essence to the soft cake.

The cakes’ taste intensifies with time, such as forty-eight hours after baking. So the longer it is stored, the better. The traditional dessert preparation is often during the festive season like Christmas for sharing among friends and family.

Beverages such as strong tea and coffee serve as an excellent accompaniment to the dessert. Some other variations of the cake use whisky and brandy as critical ingredients for an alcoholic flavor.

This recipe will deliver the best sugar, porter, and butter cake for your dessert.

3. Irish apple cake

Its traditional essence is because of its cooking method. The cake bakes on a cooking pot by hanging the bread over the fire. It is simple to cook, but the results are worth the effort.

The cake is moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And it is served cold or warm the way you like it. To make it sweeter, add sugar fragments to the mixture. Apples also add a tangy taste for a lovely flavor to the dessert.

Unlike many other cakes, the Irish apple cake has no spices such as cloves or cinnamon, but it is rich in tangy and sweet flavor.

Follow this recipe for an exquisite dessert.

4. Irish shortbread cookies

It is a simple dessert to put together ingredients. You can serve it during dinner, breakfast, or lunch breaks. It comes with a regular circle or finger shape, but either way, it is a perfect delicacy.

The cookies are rich in calories due to the butter and sugar contents but remain healthy for your diet. This treat is crunchy in texture, making it a perfect snack.

Sometimes it is thick or thin depending on how you like it served. Add some sugar to the cookies and serve with beverages such as tea or coffee to sweeten them.

Try this recipe for fantastic cooking.

5. Traditional Irish soda bread

The loaf is easy to prepare by combining a few readily available and non-fancy ingredients. It is quick in that you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise. There is no specific time to prepare as it is an all-year dessert.

The bread is beautiful in color with a delicious taste that will leave you craving for more. Dry rosemary ingredients add a beautiful aroma to the bread, whereas the sugar sweetens it.

The bread is rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates and calories and is served with a cup of tea to light up your day. Follow this recipe for the best soda bread dessert.

6. Irish apple amber

It is a unique, authentic, and mouth-watering dessert with a buttery pastry crust, sweet apples, and airy meringue, making it the perfect traditional dessert with fruit ingredients. In addition, it has the appearance of lemon meringue, hence an exquisite and unique flavor.

It is vital in making the St. Patrick’s Day tradition worthwhile regardless of anyone’s age. The ingredients are readily available, and it is easy to prepare. The cake has a tangy flavor from the apples, and its white color makes it spectacular.

Try this recipe for a nutritious dessert.

7. Traditional Irish scones

It is a dessert common in Ireland that serves as a great accompaniment to some hot tea or coffee. If you have visitors at any time of the day, you can easily and quickly fix the scones by baking.

The ingredients are few and readily available. Dried fruits in the dough add citric flavor to the scones and a sweet aroma. To make the scones sweeter, you can serve with whipped cream, Irish butter, or jam.

Try this recipe for the sweet, sandwiched scones.

8. Traditional Irish potato boxty

This is a dessert that will surely put a smile on your face, whether it is an average family or friends get-together or St. Patrick’s day. The potato pancakes are rich in flavor and are ideal for breakfast, dinner, or a quick snack.

Sometimes, we want something more to the pancakes; they are served with butter or as a side dish for the main course meal. Sour cream and chives sometimes are ideal as a perfect topping to the pancakes.

The pancakes have a crusty texture on the outside but are soft and moist on the inside. Try this recipe for the perfect mashed potatoes dessert.

9. Fudgy, chewy Guinness Brownies 

This flavorful Irish dessert involves combining Irish cream and Guinness stout. The tasty brownies are the perfect pairing of beer, sugar, and chocolate. The chocolate contributes to its brown color, while the beer adds a tangy flavor as the sugar sweetens them.

The brownies are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. They are easy and quick to prepare, and they are served frosted or unfrosted. But either way, you have yourself a lovely dessert with whipped cream as a topping to garnish the brownies.

Try this recipe for a special delicacy.

10. Irish cream pie

This fabulous dessert is either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on the type of baileys used. You can use liquor or coffee cream. The pie may take long to be ready, but it technically cooks itself.

The pie shell consists of sugar and butter, while the moist and soft filling consists of cream, liqueur, marshmallows, and milk. In addition, the smooth texture of the pie makes it melt in your mouth.

It is easy to dig into the pie with a fork, and the vanilla whipped cream provides a beautiful white appearance the pie-making it even more delicious.

Follow this recipe to make your dinner worthwhile.

11. Guinness Irish soup

If you want a dessert for a chilly day, then an Irish soup is the most ideal. The soup is rich in diverse flavors from liquor, garlic bread, and cheddar cheese. In addition, the soup is stress-free to prepare.

What makes the dessert to have the perfect for excellent tastes is the tout put in the broth. The tangy flavor contributes to the unique and delicious taste. Furthermore, the cheddar cheese helps contrast the onion flavor from the soup.

In addition to its exquisite flavor, you can keep it in the refrigerator for days and warm it when you need it, saving future cooking time.

Follow this link for an easy Irish soup recipe.

12. Irish tea cake

It is a light and refreshing dessert full of flavor, easy to prepare since the ingredients are readily available. In addition, it often goes alongside coffee or tea. The Irish tea cake has whipped cream or fresh berries for a creamy and fruit flavor as toppings.

The quick dessert to prepare is rich in calories, fats, and fiber, which partially represent a full diet meal. The cake is served with coffee or tea, making it one of the best delicious cakes for St. Patrick’s Day.

To prepare the cake, follow this recipe.

13. Cheddar and bacon Irish soda bread

The bread is simple and fast to prepare, and you don’t have to wait for it to rise. It is easy to dig into with a spoon. The star-cross eases its baking process. The bread is more flavored when cheddar cheese, onions, and pepper give it the savory taste.

The beautiful bread is served with corned beef, stews, and cabbage to make the dinner or lunch a complete spiced-up meal. The bread is best when warm with cheese on the topping.

Follow this link for the recipe.

14. Guinness braised short ribs

This is one of the best quick desserts with beef ribs that will have your mouth melting with flavors. It is simple to prepare the ribs and the flavor additive ingredients. Fresh herbs both garnish and add a refreshing aroma to the desert.

Their texture is succulent and meaty with a sticky stew. You can serve the ribs with mashed potatoes with a side bear for dinner or lunch. A meaty meal always lights up the food tables. The desert is rich in proteins and fats hence nutritious.

Try this recipe for delicacy.

15. Irish cheddar cheese scones with scallions

This is a perfect combination of buttermilk scones, fresh scallions, and cheddar cheese. These abundantly contribute to its delicious flavor and fantastic fragrance. Furthermore, onions add a tangy flavor to the scone, making it diverse in its taste.

The scones are soft, with green flecks to garnish the pockets, whereas the buttermilk adds the dairy flavor. What makes the scones more interesting is that you can store them for up to three months and defrost them to serve when ready.

For these delicious Irish scones, try this recipe.

16. Baileys coffee mini cheesecakes

Baileys Coffee Mini Cheesecakes

These cheesecakes are amazingly delicious due to the alcohol content from baileys in their components. These are must-try Irish desserts that are simple and quick to prepare. Though less time is spent preparing, the resulting flavors are excellent.

The cheese adds a dairy flavor to the cake and garnishes it to give it the perfect dessert appearance that we would not want to miss out on. The fantastic flavors are worth every bite and are worth enjoying on St. Patrick’s Day.

Follow this recipe to a perfect dessert.

17. Mini sweet potato pies

Mini Sweet Potato Pies

This is a common dessert served during special occasions in Ireland, such as St. Patrick’s Day, where people come together and enjoy various delicacies. Due to that, these pies form a vital part of the menu.

They are easy to prepare since the sweet potatoes are readily available and in plenty; hence no limit to how many pies are prepared. The potatoes are spiced up with vanilla, eggs, cinnamon, and nutmeg for an incredibly delicious flavor.

You can store a mixture of ingredients for days in the refrigerator and remove them when ready to prepare. The pies are unique in that they present themselves in the form of a delicious shell, unlike any other dessert.

Follow this link for an easy recipe.

18. Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

These muffin desserts are perfect for special occasions such as festivals, holidays, and get-togethers. They resemble candy in that they have fewer eggs and flour to make them muffins.

In addition, they are fast and straightforward to prepare due to the few and readily available ingredients.

The muffins are prepared cautiously since the sugar and butter are drizzling hot when withdrawing from the oven. Nevertheless, they have a chocolate color that increases your appetite for the delicacy.

Try this recipe.

19. Mini rum cakes

Mini Rum Cakes

It is a holiday dessert for special occasions in the Ireland tradition where people soak cakes in rum then top with sugar and cherries to garnish the cake and enrich its flavor. In addition, the rum makes it moist, hence easy to dig into with a fork or chew.

The delicious delicacy appears yellow hence an exquisite but straightforward light up on a plate. Note that sometimes you can get a little intoxicated depending on the amount of rum in the cake.

For an easy way to prepare the cakes, follow this link for the recipe.

Simple Irish desserts

Simple desserts are magical on largely populated occasions. They involve combining a few ingredients with diverse flavors into layers that melt in your mouth with creamy flavors. Some need no baking but mixing the inputs only. They include;

20. Irish blackberry cakes

These great cake desserts are not so sweet, but they are loaded with flavor. They are also much like the Irish brownies, only that their flavor is mild. In addition, they are simple to prepare and have organic powder sugar as a topping, making them fancy.

When serving, they are cut into tiny square pieces, making them easy for mouth bites. In addition, they are soft and have a spectacular chocolate color. Another benefit of the cakes is that they are frozen and defrosted when serving.

They are also rich in nutrients and are served with any beverage of your choice. Follow this recipe for a quick mouth-watering dessert.

21.Baileys Irish cream parfait 

It is an easy dessert to prepare by combining cake, Irish Bailey cream liquor, and instant pudding. The parfait is ideal for the holidays, parties, and any other special occasion.

The dessert is simple in that the ingredients combine systematically and smoothly in wine glasses or plastic cups to form layers. That is guaranteed to light up your mood when served. Furthermore, to make it even better, serve them with milkshakes, Irish coffee, martinis, or hot chocolate.

Try this recipe for the best parfait.

22. Mini Baileys Chocolate Mousse Pie(Gluten-free)

The pie is a moist layer of ingredients such as gluten-free almond meal crust and cream fudge. In addition, there is chocolate mousse and whipped cream. All these contribute to its texture and remarkably delicious flavor.

The dessert is light and fluffy with different layers that are easy to prepare for any occasion and indulge greedily into the dessert. Moreover, they are easy to dig into with a spoon and melt delicious creamy flavors in your mouth.

Try this recipe for this incredible dessert.

23. Baileys Chocolate truffles

These truffles serve as a perfect gifting item or a dessert during the holidays. They are easy to prepare since they require only seven ingredients to be rich in flavors. Wine or beer serve as options in the ingredients hence regulating the truffles consumption to those that take alcoholic beverages.

The truffles are a crowd pleaser in their appearance and flavor. However, they often stand out on the menu because of their shape as well. In addition, the creamy melted chocolate over the creamy truffles is unforgettable.

Follow this link for the recipe.

24. Tiramisu recipe

This is a no-bake dessert that is rich in flavors that will light up your mood. Furthermore, they serve as a dessert for any occasion. They are simple and easy to prepare since less effort is required. All you have to do is dip ladyfinger cookies in Bailey’s cream and coffee.

The cream helps soften the cookies making them easier to dig into, while the coffee adds flavor and garnishes the cookie to create an enticing brown appearance on the cookies. The cream will have you craving for a more smooth delicacy yet fulfilling dessert.

Follow this recipe for the ideal dessert.

25. Carrot cake with walnuts

This dessert is ideal for picnics since it is portable and causes no mess since no frosting is used. It is crunchy due to the carrots in the combination but also soft due to the moist batter walnuts.

Often, this cake has no extra sugar to the combination since it is savory, and the carrots are naturally sweet. But there comes a nutty taste from the walnuts, making them diverse in flavor. It is quick to prepare, and it is favorable for storage for days till when needed.

Try this recipe for a fantastic delicacy.

26. Lime poke cake

The color itself makes it unique compared to all other Irish desserts. In addition, its ingredients include lime gelatin that garnishes the cake, whereas the whipped topping makes it moist and soft.

The topmost layer consists of green sanding sugar that adds a sweet flavor and ensures its green appearance. It is a green dessert with few ingredients to mix, but the cake is delicious and melts in your mouth with incredible flavors.

Follow this link for the recipe.

27.Simple Crème Anglaise

It is a simple dessert to prepare but still ensures all the sweet and delicious flavors are delivered. If you ever have any of these homemade, you will never buy the cake from the store again.

When serving, add the custard ingredients, the eggs, and milk, which should not form lumps; otherwise, the cake will not be moist. Furthermore, vanilla bean paste enriches the cake with a better flavor, like coffee, oranges, liquor, and hazelnuts.

Follow this link for an easy recipe.

28.Chocolate dipped Oreos

These Oreos are the perfect example of how everyone wants to be in the holiday mood. They are garnished with a green color that resembles what people were on St. Patrick’s day. The holiday spirit is translated onto the menu.

The Oreos are topped with melting chocolate and white or green sprinkles that add both color and flavor. Moreover, the Oreos are easy to prepare because they require no baking other than combining the ingredients and serving.

Follow this link for the recipe.

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Desserts in Ireland are part and parcel of the people’s lifestyle. They are served on regular dinner, lunch, picnic, get together or main holidays. They utilize their traditional ingredients, and they are simple to prepare.

These desserts are highly rich in flavor, colors, and nutrients. Furthermore, they easily complement beverages like tea and coffee. Try any of the above recipes for delicious desserts.

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