49 Italian Desserts You Definitely Want To Try

Italy is known for its vast richness with different cuisines, but did you know it has much to offer when it comes to dessert too?

From the decadent cakes to the tiny miniature bites, from the creamy and more sophisticated tiramisu to the well adored Italian gelato, the exquisite version of ice cream.

traditional Italian dessert tiramisu

Here is the best collection of the countries most esteemed desserts.

1. No-Bake Cannoli Pie

No Bake Cannoli Pie

No-bake cannoli pie has the flavor of any Italian dessert. This classic cannoli pie is the way to go.

It is made in a simple vanilla cookie and pistachio crust, topped with mascarpone and ricotta, and drizzled with mini chocolate chips for a perfect finish.

Making the pie might take some time, but it is worth every minute.

You can always start preparing it days before as it can easily be stored in the fridge.

You can use this dessert any time. therefore, enjoy this recipe with your loved ones.

2. Italian Anise Cookies

Italian Anise Cookies

These anise cookies are super easy to make. They are soft flavored with licorice filled with powdered sugar and topped with nonpareils.

They are mostly eaten during Christmas or holidays.

You can store anise cookies in a tightly sealed jar for a week, or you can seal them in an airtight container and store it in the freezer; this way, they can stay up to 4 months.

You can also make the cookies bite-sized, depending on your personal preference, and if you like lemon, you can use it as an extract, and lemon sugar glaze are amazing.

Try this recipe next time you want to make Italian cookies.

3. Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato is an Italian dessert mostly consumed during summer; however, if you know strawberry gelato, then you will understand that you simply can’t resist it.

In that case, any time is strawberry gelato time.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy to make once you have all the ingredients, and it’s also essential to have a gelato ice cream maker if you want to keep the intensity of the Italian flavor.

If you find this dessert interesting, don’t forget to hit the link for the recipe.

4. Low cub vegan coffee almond Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote

Low cub vegan coffee almond Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote 1

If you are thinking of making better choices regarding nutrition for your family but still want to have a tasty and delicious dessert, this dessert is meant for you.

In that case, if you choose to eat well and constantly crave a sweet dessert try this panna cotta dessert.

Traditionally, it is made from heavy cream and sugar, but you can use a dairy-free product with fewer calories for a vegan treat.

In this recipe, you have to be careful with your choice of ingredients as one wrong choice may tamper with the whole recipe.

For more information on the dessert, why not click here.

5. Cucidati – Sicilian Christmas Fig Cookies

Cucidati – Sicilian Christmas Fig Cookies 1

Christmas is the season of sharing and making delicious homemade cookies for a perfect holiday.

This Christmas, glamour your celebration moods with these fantastic Cucidati-Sicilian fig cookies.

Sicilian fig cookies are made From a combo of buttery dough filled with a mixture of raisins, nuts, honey, zest, and fig and spiced with cinnamon makes the dessert rich with flavor and super delicious.

It is easy to make this dessert, and you can further store it after baking in the fridge.

The cookies are straightforward to slice once refrigerated.

If you like the dessert, don’t forget to try this recipe and wow your family during the next Christmas season with these bites.

If you find this appealing, click the link for the recipe.

6. Chocolate-and-Pistachio Biscotti

Chocolate and Pistachio Biscotti 1

Biscotti are considered a two-time baked recipe because after making the dough, you make a long oval then bake it.

Once baked, you remove it from the oven and cut it this time into tiny fingers and bake it to make sure your dessert is crispy and the color is golden brown.

You can also top up with various things like nuts, chocolate, dried fruits.

The list is endless, but for this particular recipe, you will have to use pistachio.

You can eat the dessert with warm drinks like tea or chocolate.

This recipe will add merry to those holidays and fun days you are planning.

7. Pumpkin-Gingersnap Tiramisù

Pumpkin Gingersnap Tiramisù 1

Pumpkin tiramisu makes the perfect holiday dessert as you can prepare it in just 15 minutes amid other main meals.

Still, you can also prepare it prior, like a day before, and store t in the refrigerator.

This is one sure way of adding flavor and taste to your pumpkin, especially if you are tired of consuming pumpkins.

It is mainly consumed during thanksgiving day.

A combination of pumpkin, apple cider, and ginger snap at the top gives it a perfect finish and an excellent dessert to be consumed during fall.

Better bring this dessert to your table during the next thanksgiving, and here is the recipe to ease up the process.

8. Moscato Zabaglione with Strawberries

Moscato Zabaglione with Strawberries 1


Zabaglione is an Italian dessert made from a blend of egg sugar, and wine where tons of air is whipped into it.

This dessert can be used when you have visitors and you want to amaze them.

In 10 minutes, if you have assembled everything you need except for cooking, the dessert will be ready to consume.

The recipe is dreamy and straightforward, and fast for any waiting guests. Be sure they will be satisfied and impressed by the dessert.

While cooking the dessert, remember to add the Moscato gradually as a whisk.

Also, I insist that you need to whisk the ingredients throughout the cooking to add more air and so that the eggs may not compact to each other.

Here is the recipe for the dessert hope you like it.

9. Saffron Panna Cotta with rose jelly

Saffron Panna Cotta with rose jelly 1

You want a perfect Indian twist on a classic Italian dessert; this is your absolute dessert.

Pana cotta is generally an Italian crème set to become a soft and velvet dessert that melts in the mouth once consumed.

This recipe has Indian character ingredients that add flavor to it and thus bring a new life.

This panna cotta dessert is a sure-easy dessert to make that will further leave your guest asking for more.

If you are vegetarian, also this desert is mean for you, including the agar-agar, saffron cardamom, and rose and notice the difference, of course, you will like it.

Here is the recipe.

10. White Peach Frangipane Tart

White Peach Frangipane Tart 1


The white peach tart is a dessert packaged during summer and subsequently perfect after the barbeque meals.

Besides its delicious flavor so does it come in a unique fresh peach pattern that will amaze your guests.

Its main ingredients are the peach and almond cream, plus the pastry all balance well in harmony to create the most delicious tart.

If you like the description, you can also find the recipe for your next move.

11. Raspberry Jam Bomboloni

Raspberry Jam Bomboloni 1

Bomboloni are said to be found across Italy in almost any shop that makes pastry.

They are fried doughnuts made from egg yolk and yeast used to make it bubble up so the dough fries quickly.

You can use any filling like Nutella or seedless raspberry jam.

The dough is made a day before and can be refrigerated overnight.

They are best eaten immediately after frying when they have slightly cooled.

You can use them to celebrate special occasions like Valentine’s with your family and friends.

You can see the recipe for more detailed information.

12. Honey yogurt Semifreddo with raspberries

Honey yogurt Semifreddo with raspberries 1


This dessert is the taste for all your summer evenings and patio. Semifreddo is a lighter and airy version of ice cream.

The only difference is that you don’t have to use an ice cream maker, and it is also served as a sliced cake.

Once solid ready semifreddo is soft and develops a lush mousse-like texture that is elegant yet approachable, it can be served anytime, either during entertainments or some cool treat.

This dessert is made from yogurt, honey raspberries, and on the top, you place nicely chopped pistachio.

To make it even more elegant and unique, serve it with wine. This makes it an absolutely delicious treat.

You like the dessert, click here for more information on the recipe.

13. Soffioni Abruzzesi sweet ricotta pestries

13.Soffioni Abruzzesi sweet ricotta pestries

In Italy, soffioni Abruzzesi means dandelion from Abruzzo, and Abruzzo is a region in the south of Italy.

Soffioni is a dessert that has no preference for a particular age; anyone can enjoy it.

These Italian muffins are made from sweet and lemony ricotta cream. This delicious treat comes out fluffy and moist.

Ideally, the muffins should primarily be made during the Easter season, but they can be enjoyed even at Christmas.

When making it, you don’t require special equipment except for the hand mixer, and it is also easy to make and not restricted to a specific occasion.

You can have this dessert on your bucket list for the next occasion; here is the recipe.

14. Crostata Italian jam tart

Crostata Italian jam tart

It is a classic Italian dessert that uses jam tart as its base. It also uses shortcrust dough from a mixture of flour, eggs, egg yolk, sugar, lemon zest, and baking powder.

This dessert has, over the years, revolutionized; thus, you are not limited to using the jam as the filling.

You can also use Nutella and ricotta to a range of pastry creams. It depends on how you table it to suit your liking.

Crostata resembles a pie but also differs. In its making, where the dough of crostata is crumbly because of the presence of the egg, the pie dough is not sweet compared to the pasta Frolla which makes crostata.

You can have a look at this recipe and make your crostata.

15. Cranberry Lemon Cream Tart with Italian Meringue

Cranberry Lemon Cream Tart with Italian Meringue

The cranberry lemon dessert recipe is for those who despise pumpkin but still want to maintain the traditional thanksgiving ceremony with an ingredient that can easily substitute pumpkin, and cranberry is here to be the solution to your problems.

This Thanksgiving dessert is tart and sweet and can be a perfect palate cleanser after consuming a lot during thanksgiving.

This dessert is meant explicitly for the thanksgiving ceremony, but you can have it on any other occasion if you like it.

If you find the dessert interesting, you can follow the link for the recipe.

16. Concord Grape Granita

Concord Grape Granita

This is simply a 100 percent one ingredient recipe: grape juice made with concord grapes. With no fancy equipment required, it just needs 2 minutes of your time and wala!

Your concone grape is ready. This recipe makes it more natural to avoid using store-bought ice pops as it uses a lot of artificial sweeteners and colors instead make your original ice pops.

And concord grapes are said to have a lot of health and nutritional benefits, including having antioxidants.

For further information and a recipe for the dessert, follow the link.

17. Italian plum Almond streusel cake

Italian plum Almond streusel cake

Italian plum almond cake use contains a moist crumb and is topped with delicious plums and almond and streusel; however, the almond and streusel are optional.

You can use it or not. However, they are super essential in adding texture and also the color.

Making this plum cake is simple, and the outcome is yummy. The cake is edible during tea time or coffee time.

This Italian plum cake is rustic, divine, and delicious.

The streusel and almond play a part in ensuring you enjoy every bite cook the cake for your family or friends, and you will notice how delighted they will be with it.

Enjoy this recipe by following the link.

18. Chocolate Panna Cotta with Spiced Pepita Brittle

Chocolate Panna Cotta with Spiced Pepita Brittle


The chocolate panna cotta dessert is best when prepared ahead of time as it needs to settle 2hours before eating.

It is rich and creamy and also has a base flavor which is chocolate.

The pumpkin brittle is delicious and straightforward. The good thing about panna cotta is that it’s easy to make, and dressing it up into something special is super fun.

The different textures and flavors between the pumpkin brittle and panna cotta are an extra treat for the fantastic dessert.

So what are you waiting for? The holidays are near, and this dessert should be on your list of must-try.

Here is the link for the recipe.

19. Italian Lemon Poundcake

Italian Lemon Poundcake

The Italian lemon cake is for sure the best lemon cake you will ever have to cook because it has a super moist texture and vibrant citrus flavor.

You will find yourself hooked to it with just a single bite. You don’t have to worry about the lemon overpowering the taste, as this recipe is made to create the perfect balance.

And just a hint for this cake is to cook it a day before you serve it. It tastes even much better.

You can serve it during a baby shower or while enjoying a quiet summer evening.

Here is your following stop recipe. You won’t know it until you try it. Find the link.

20. Cartellata Cookies

Cartellata Cookies

This traditional Italian dessert, also known as Crustoli or crostoli, hails from the southern parts of Italy.

Its traditional topping is Vincotto which is a concentration of grape must.

However, you can substitute it for honey and walnuts, which this recipe is explicitly using.

Their look is exceptional and exquisite. They are simply the new labor of love.

Additionally, they are crispy and very delicious but also easy to make.

You can prepare them ahead of time, and they add the zest feeling to you after a meal, thus a perfect dessert for the Christmas holiday.

You can try it and make your family feel loves with this recipe.

21. Cranberry Panna Cotta

Cranberry Panna Cotta

Cranberry panna cotta dessert is lightly spiced, with a hint of sweetness and tang accompanied by lots of flavor from the nutmeg.

The flavors blend into each other well giving it a great taste.

It also looks stunning depending on how you choose to present it, not to forget it is healthy and for the vegans, you are not excluded as you can use ingredients like agar-agar for the gelatine.

Adopt this dessert for an after-meal or any occasion and see that your culinary standards upgrade for the best.

Check the recipe and all information to make it your everyday treat.

22. Brutti Ma Buoni

Brutti Ma Buoni

Brutti ma buoni, meaning ugly but good, are delicious meringue Biscotti full of dried fruits technically they resemble amaretto family.

Still, the difference comes in its intermediate cooking, where it has to be dried in an oven.

This has to take place by lowering the temperature, making it cook for long, further makes it compact.

You want a recipe prepared by engaging your children, trying brutti ma bruoni, and making it very simple.

Find this dessert delightful why not try it by following the recipe.

23. Mocha almond cantucci

Mocha almond cantucci

This is a perfect anytime or Christmas dessert and can also be a snack.

Since this is an Italian biscotti, be sure it is double-baked with the second baking to make it harder and dry, but if you find the biscotti so hard, you can add oil or butter to soften, or while enjoying it, you can dunk it in your coffee to smoothen it.

The good thing is that in their soft state, they still retain their crunchy and deliciousness.

During storage, it is best to put them in an airtight container to maintain their crunchy, and if stored properly, they can stay up to two weeks, and you can also freeze for up to 3 months.

Here is the recipe for all that you need to make your biscotti.

24. Chocolate oreo Parfaits

Chocolate oreo Parfaits

The dessert is made from Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding brownies, plus whipped cream.

And it’s an excellent opportunity to make your chocolate pudding, especially if you have never tried it before.

You can put it in beautiful jars that will make it more attractive and worth grabbing and eating at any moment.

If you love this simple dessert, here is the recipe to get you started and enjoy those after-meal moments with this delicious dessert.

Follow this link and enjoy.

25. Frappe (Italian Bore Tie Cookies)Frappe Italian Bore Tie Cookies

These bow tie cookies, otherwise known as frappe, cioffe, bugie, crostoli,galani, the names are so many also depends on which part of Italy you come from, they are fried cookies that turn as light as an angel.

By drizzling the powdered sugar gives it a simply heavenly taste. They are made with some liquor like marsala, rum, or old scotch whisky.

The dessert is traditionally made for Christmas, but these days you can make it all year round.

The dough resembles the pasta dough, and then they are rolled, cut thinly, and fried.

Once you have a bite of this cookie, you won’t stop at that.

If  you find it interesting, here is the recipe.

26. No bake Tiramisu Oreo Icebox Pie

No bake Tiramisu Oreo Icebox Pie

This tiramisu dessert is made from soaking coffee Oreo and layered in a sweetened white cream mixture and chocolate shavings.

This dessert is an all-time summer dessert that does not require you to use an oven.

They are a delicious and effortless, and simplified way of making your cake.

Plus, you are allowed to play with other ingredients that bring out the flavors that suit your sweet tooth.

You can try this recipe and enjoy it with your family and loved ones.

27.  Ricotta tart with honey and figs

Ricotta tart with honey and figs

The ricotta is a perfect treat for a warm summer day.

It is an easy recipe to make, and the additional honey and figs make it more delicious, and the color pops out, grabbing anyone’s attention making it tempting to taste.

In this recipe, try much to use the more petite tart as the big one might interfere with the layer of the ricotta, which will be too thin.

Here is an added recipe for you to try this coming summer if you are a fan of baking.

28. Torta della nonna (ricotta and lemon tart)

Torta della nonna ricotta and lemon tart

This is a classic apple pie that can be made for as a family recipe.

It is crucial to start your week with a high note, and there is no better way to start it than have this apple pie at the table for your dessert.

The best part of this dessert is that the inside is packed with apples.

The recipe is interesting, so do the flavors, and also, you can be creative enough to make the pie presentable.

So start your week with a high notch by using one of grandma’s recipe, and you won’t regret.

29. Easy affogato recipe

Easy affogato recipe

Affagato means drowned. Thus any dessert can meet these criteria by just placing a little liquor or coffee in it.

It is a simple dessert that provides maximum reward with minimum effort, plus you do not require any culinary skills to make this dessert.

This recipe is the perfect solution for a post-meal coffee or dessert dilemma.

This dessert is excellent fill during summer.

All you need is the ice cream/ gelato and your coffee espresso with a shot of liquor and enjoy the cooling effect of the dessert during the hot summer.

You can try the recipe and enjoy a no-bake dessert.

30. Itallian strufoli  recipe

Itallian strufoli recipe

These Strufoll resemble doughnuts but are hard on the outside but soft on the inside, and unlike many desserts, they are fried balls and not baked.

The balls are coated with warm honey and sprinkled with sprinkles and candied fruit.

They are a staple dessert in many Italian households, popularly used during holidays, especially Christmas eve.

Struffoli is best stored at room temperature in an airtight container for up to 3 days, that is, if you want them not to harden up because of refrigerating.

You can also freeze them without adding honey in an airtight container for three months.

But you only enjoy them hours after they are cooked. See recipe for more details.

31. Italian cream puffs with custard filling

Italian cream puffs with custard filling

This is a dessert traditionally made during St. josephs day since St joseph was known as the patron of all the pastry chefs.

So you rarely find it in the Italian bakery shops, especially if you have a craving and it’s in the middle of February.

The cream puffs can also be consumed during any other occasion, like in Valentine, if you are not so bothered by the red velvety kinds of stuff.

You can buy the idea of breaking the norm during the next valentine’s day by following this simple recipe.

32.  Chiacchiere (crostoli) Italian carnival fritters

Chiacchiere crostoli Italian carnival fritters

Do you want an Italian dessert adored by both adults and children?

This is that kind of dessert you don’t want to stand a chance to miss.  

Chiacchiere dessert is eaten during Mardi Gras or carnival season in Italy.

The dessert is made from a delicate dough strip with an aroma from the lemon and deep-fried oil.

Chiacchiere is a simple dessert that uses simple ingredients.

You only have to be keen to follow the instructions other than that bring love to your family with this recipe.

33. Italian butter cookie

Italian butter cookie

Here is an Italian dessert that will keep you from buying it in the bakery.

Once you learn the recipe, homemade baking will be your second love.

This classic butter cookie is found at the end of every holiday meal, and it’s one tradition to keep.

These cookies are rich in a buttery flavor and vanilla. They are softer but also chewy and incredibly melt your mouth.

Unlike the ones from the store, which are dry, crumbly, and sandy hence lack the greatness, the homemade ones are divine as you bake it, having in mind how you wish the ones bought from the store to taste.

Here is the recipe start falling in love with these cookies.

34. Italian peach cookies

Italian peach cookies

The peach cookies are a complete dessert for dinners but can also be used during occasions such as baptism, parties, or holidays.

The cookies are also known as ‘Pesche Dolsi’ in Italy, which means sweet peaches are adorable to look at and heavenly when eating them.

If you want better results, then make the pastry cream and unfilled cookies a day before serving.

Also, be keen to follow the step-by-step instructions and also the notes for success.

This recipe will be of great help if you intend to try the dessert.

35. Italian Bocconotti cookies

Italian Bocconotti cookies

With a scalloped buttery shell and a pretty fig jam enveloped inside, these seductive bocconoti cookies will quench all your dessert needs.

Traditionally they are made during the Christmas holidays, but with such seductive treats, you won’t want to wait until the end of the year to have hence any day is bocconotti cookie day.

Everything in this bocconotti cookie is as perfect as it is the shape, the orange zest, the fig jam, the light dusting of powdered sugar all add to the glamour of this cookie, making it so irresistible not to try.

Have fun making the cookies by following the simple recipe

36. Lemon fluff with limoncello cream

Lemon fluff with limoncello cream

The tangy lemon jello salad dessert is the perfect addition to the lemon lovers.

This lemon jello salad is diverse as it can serve as a dessert or a side dish; however, it’s more a dessert.

The lemon jello is a super easy dessert to make with only four ingredients (lemon pudding, iced water, lemon jello, and whipped topping) in place, and you are off to a great start.

The lemon jello is smooth velvety, and light like mousse and further melts in your mouth while taking it.

You can alter the recipe with any jello or pudding to suit your liking; thus, the dessert is versatile.

Have fun making this dessert by using this recipe.

37. Espresso martini tiramisu

Espresso martini tiramisu                                                                                                             

You want a dessert that you won’t have to use an egg, or if you are allergic to egg and you fancy any tiramisu espresso dessert, this recipe is for you.

In this dessert also you can make it using a thermomixer.

Also, if you find that the espresso instant powder seems expensive, you can use the coffee powder instead.

It will give the same results. The dessert is a delicious after-meal treat that you can never miss out on.

If the dessert excites you, feel free to follow the link for the recipe.

38. Mocha tiramisu torte

Mocha tiramisu torte

This mocha cake has its base flavors from coffee and chocolate, but this dessert is meant for you to enjoy, especially if you are a coffee fan.

Also, the coffee is meant to amplify the flavors. For instance, if the chocolate is the main base in baked cakes.

If you add a little coffee, then the cake will be more chocolate, but if you add more coffee, you have your mocha cake.

The cocoa powder and the espresso powder and salt bring the balance you need for this cake, making it explosive.

It comes with layers of buttercream, chopped chocolate-covered espresso bean, and chocolate ganache.

This dessert with a coffee base is exquisite. If you want to have a try, here is  the recipe.

39. Frangelico chocolate hazelnut tart

Frangelico chocolate hazelnut tart

Do you want a dinner party dessert with your guest that will be the talk of the town?

This lovely Frangelico hazelnut parfait with a mocha will leave an impressive reaction.

Everyone will join your dinner party. They are effortless to make at the same time fun.

You make the parfait a day before serving to make it frozen fully.

This easy-to-make Frangelico chocolate hazelnut has all the reasons you should venture into making the recipe.

40. Negroni granita

Negroni granita

Do you know the idea behind the negroni week, which starts from June 4-10?

It is because of the Negroni cocktail to raise money for charity.

Negroni comprises gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, which is a mixture of herbs and fruits.

Its best served during the hot summer days. The icy texture is an all-time delicacy and a delightful surprise, so once you take a Negroni, always ensure you have room for two.

Hence, the first one is the shocker then the next one becomes a norm.

It’s a  fantastic dessert, and so it won’t hurt trying on this recipe.

Limoncello drizzle cake

Limoncello drizzle cake

Limoncello drizzle cake is a moist lemon cake glazed with limoncello and a lemon ribbon running through the middle.

It seems like this is the cake for the lemon lovers, but anyone can eat it, ranging from adults to kids.

This cake is for any occasion like birthdays or other parties.

You can wow your friends and loved ones with this recipe. It might appear to take a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

In that regard, you have to bake it some days before serving to make sure you are on time and also enhance the taste.

Make this pretty looking  and delicious cake using this well-detailed recipe.

41. Italian lemon pudding

Italian lemon pudding

Italian lemon pudding is a perfect dessert for all lemon lovers.

This lemon pudding is perfect in a way that you don’t have to add any topping to it but will have that boozy, delicious flavor.

Anything made from lemon always turns out excellent, like in foods and salads, and the impact is the same in desserts.

Also, when cooking this dessert, it is recommendable to cook it in the water bath, which acts as an insulator to the thick pudding, making sure it is not overcooked to make it rubbery and makes the cake rise high above the pudding.

Try this recipe by following the link.



Zeppole di San Giuseppe is a traditional Neapolitan dessert pipped with Italian cream pastry.

This dessert is made explicitly during the st. Joseph day on march 19th, and in Italy, it is father’s day and equally the day to honor anyone named Giuseppe (Joseph).

However, this dessert comes with various flings; however, the original one used lemon-infused pastry cream piped with a fried shell and topped with an amarena.

Therefore, zeppole di San Giuseppe is a product of two recipes pate a choux and pastry cream.

If you love Neapolitan dessert, then you won’t resist this st joseph treat.

Here is the recipe for your subsequent celebrations.

43. Italian Orange Diplomat Cake / Torta Diplomatica

Italian Orange Diplomat Cake

This Italian orange diplomatic cake is rare as it does not have liquor, which does not alter its taste.

So if you don’t like liquor in your dessert, mind checking this out.

This cake shape is round instead of the traditional square and uses orange juice instead of the liquor, but you can also use orange liquor juice.

The Italian cake is not a quick or easy cake to make neither is it difficult to prepare, and you only need to start preparing it earlier so that it won’t catch up with you when serving time.

This three-layer cake will make your dinner dessert that is crunchy, softly sweet, and creamy.

It can last up to 3 days when refrigerated.

We are off to a great start with this cozy recipe. It would help if you tried it out.

44. Salted Caramel Panna Cotta With Praline 

Salted Caramel Panna Cotta With Praline

This salted panna cotta dessert is an Easter special dessert recipe.

How else can you not celebrate Easter with a high peak of panna cotta dessert?

Salted caramel panna cotta is an effortless dessert with little to fewer complications.

It is equally a lovely dessert, and the taste is unforgettable and topping it up with praline gives tastes the next level.

Salt in this desert is a perfect match as it creates the balance needed for the sugar.

You can use the gelatine sheet in this recipe or the agar-agar or china grass in the absence of gelatine.

This is the kind of dessert you don’t have to spend too much time understanding.

You can try this recipe. It will be your second found love.

45. Ciambella del Mattino morning Bundt cake

Ciambella del Mattino morning Bundt cake

This is a favorite breakfast cake, especially when paired with whipped cream and strawberry, and a  perfect dessert alongside coffee or a Nutella latte.

It has an excellent presentation, and it also blends perfectly easily.

And you can make it contrast by adding a little cocoa into butter, then mix and spun on top, and before serving, you can dust powdered sugar on top.

This cake is the perfect example of a pure, simple cake made with simple ingredients, and the end is impressive.

It is also pretty, maybe way too pretty to be eaten.

You can have this recipe by following this link and make those morning breakfast worth craving for.

46. Dark Choccolate and Amerreti Semifreddo

Dark Choccolate and Amerreti Semifreddo

Dark chocolate and amoretti semifreddo makes a perfect dessert for a sophisticated crowd.

And if you are part of the crowd that has never tasted a semifreddo treat before, take this chance because, boy, you have no ideas what you’ve been missing.

The chocolate dessert is creamy, rich, dotted with chunks of crunchy amoretti biscuits, giving an explosive taste.

This dessert is a sure way to start the winter seasons with a high notch, not minding that it frozen chocolate any time is chocolate time.

And with an addition of chocolate mousse and ice, the cream taste is guessing you can’t stop drooling on it.

Enjoy the recipe and make those dull winter moments fun.

47. No-bake Italian cake

No bake Italian cake

The no-bake Italian cake is made with a creamy pineapple filling that is layered between wafers and glazing with whipped topping and tasty coconut.

It is a simple recipe that will leave you making more as it is equally so addictive.

If you don’t like coconut, you can substitute it for chopped pecans. However, the cherries may not pop out like it is with the coconut, so would still prefer the coconut.

The vanilla wafers play a significant role in making sure the cake does not turn wet by soaking the pineapple.

Prepare this easy no-bake cake  using this recipe next time you have a party, and you will have them coming back for more.

48. Brown butter pecan pie bars

Brown butter pecan pie bars

This pecan pie brown butter is not shaped into your standard round shape pies; instead, it’s square but comes with the best taste and flavor as it combines pecan pie, brown butter, quality nuts, pure Marple syrup, and drizzled with sea salt at the top.

This crunchy and gooey texture of the pecan pie makes it excellent in every bite.

 It is equally not your typical traditional classic pie but fun and alternative pie which is easier to make also you don’t have to be worried about mess or clean ups as they also are easy to transport and eat.

It is just the perfect pie serving for a fun crowd. You should take a look at this recipe and give it a try.

49. Homemade ice cream with chocolate truffles

Homemade ice cream with chocolate truffles

These decadent, unique bites are made from creamy homemade vanilla ice cream covered in either dark or milk chocolate shell and can accentuate it by adding chocolate fudge caramel.

This chocolate is best served during holiday celebrations, don’t be worried about the effort you might have in producing this because this particular recipe got you covered.

You can decide to be a little extra with the recipe with the ice cream chocolate truffle.

You can add nuts or melted chocolate. Their perfectly individual size necessitates their storage in the freezer.

Enjoy these delicious bites with your family by following this recipe.

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Ciambella del Mattino morning Bundt cake

49 Italian Desserts You Definitely Want To Try

Italy is known for its vast richness with different cuisines, but did you know it has much to offer when it comes to dessert too?
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