Loquat Recipes – Loquat Cough Syrup And Dessert

A very healthy and satisfying beverage that takes only minutes to prepare! Great for when you feel a cough or cold coming on, or just for regulating digestive health, this is a must try, sweet drink!

Unlike most fruit trees, loquat trees bloom in autumn and winter. The Loquat is not only delicious and very juicy, but also rich in vitamin C. The organic acids that it contains can promote healthy digestion.

Chinese Loquat Syrup

One of the great health benefits of loquat is how it acts as a cough remedy, as well as great at hydrating.

I remember that every spring, I was particularly prone to coughing and refused to take medicine. My mother would make loquat juice, and it still works to this day when I start to feel a cough coming on.

Chinese Loquat Syrup

In China, when you have caught a cough, people always drink the loquat syrup (We call it pei pa koa in Chinese), which is very effective.

In my own recipe, which I will share with you today, I also added some honey to help with a sore throat.

Chinese Loquat Syrup


  • 1) 600g of Loquat
  • 2) 300g of Rock sugar
  • 3) 100g of Honey

1 tablespoon = 15ml
1 tsp = 5ml

Chinese Loquat Syrup ingredients


Step 1: Remove the skin of the fruit, and cut into small pieces.

Chinese Loquat Syrup step1-1

Chinese Loquat Syrup step1-2

Step 2: Break up the rock sugar. Put the fruit into a pot, mix in the sugar.

Chinese Loquat Syrup step2-1

Chinese Loquat Syrup step2-2

Step 3: Heat over medium heat, using a spatula to continuously stir the fruit.

Chinese Loquat Syrup step3

Step 4: When the fruit has been cooked down and is much more sticky, add the honey and stir together.

Chinese Loquat Syrup step4-1

Chinese Loquat Syrup step4-2

After cooling the loquat mixture, you can store it in cleaned glass jars for up to one month in the refrigerator.

Step 5: When you are ready to enjoy, fill a glass a small amount of the loguat juicy, and fill the rest with cold water or soda water.

Chinese Loquat Syrup step5

Loquat Recipes Dessert


  • 1) 150g Loquat
  • 2) 200g pear
  • 3) 150ml Clear Water
  • 4) 5-10g of Rock Sugar

Loquat and pear


Step 1: Loquat peeled, and half cut, remove the seeds; pear peeled and cut into small pieces.

Loquat Recipes Dessert step1

Step 2: Put loquat, pear and rock sugar into a non-stick pan, then pour in water, cook until boiled and turn off the heat.

Loquat Recipes Dessert step2

Step 3: Let cool slightly, and then put into a blender/food processor and process into a juice.

Loquat Recipes Dessert step3-1 Loquat Recipes Dessert step3-2

If you don’t like hot drinks, just add lemon juice, sugar, loquat and pear into the food processor and process without heating. If you enjoy cold, you can add some into a glass of ice and soda water. If you prefer hot, you can add with some hot water in a mug and enjoy like that.

Loquat Recipes Dessert

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