Mango Pancakes Recipe – Hong Kong Mango Crepe

Mango pancake (芒果班戟) is one of the most popular desserts in Hong Kong.

The Mango Crepe combines a delicious Western-style crepe with fresh and delicious tropical mangoes.

mango pancakes

The sweetness of the mango, the softness of the cream, and the western-style crepe is a fantastic and delicious combination.

mango pancakes

After its integration, mango crepes have become a classic Hong Kong-style dessert.

Mango Crepes can be found in many dessert shops in China, but I recommend that you choose some great ingredients, practice at home, and enjoy this dessert whenever you please!

mango pancakes

This Mango pancake recipe I have formulated is relatively simple to make.

Crepe Recipe:

  • 1) 3 Eggs
  • 2) 10g Unsalted butter
  • 3) 250g Milk
  • 4) 50g Low-gluten flour
  • 5) 20g White sugar
  • 6) 30g Corn starch

Crepe Stuffing:

  • 1) 50g White sugar
  • 2) 300g Light cream
  • 3) 1 Mango


Making the Crepe Skin-

Step 1. Beat the eggs in the bowl, add the white sugar, and stir with a whisk.

mango pancakes step1

Step 2. Pour in milk and continue to stir to dissolve the sugar completely.

mango pancakes step2

Step 3. Sift the flour and cornstarch into the bowl. (Low-gluten flour is usually used to make cakes, biscuits, snacks, meringue snacks, etc.)

mango pancakes step3

Step 4. Stir well with a whisk to a batter until all the flour and corn starch is mixed in.

mango pancakes step4

Step 5. Put the butter in a microwave for 5-10 seconds until melted, pour it into the bowl and mix well.

mango pancakes step5

Step 6. Sift the prepared batter into a bowl and then refrigerate for 30 minutes to let set. (Batter must be sieved to be smooth, otherwise, the cake skin will have imperfections and not cook correctly)

mango pancakes step6

Step 7. Preheat the pan on low heat, pour the batter into the pan and spread it evenly to just coat the pan. (Use a spoon to pour the batter in the middle, then rotate the pan to coat evenly as shown below.)

mango pancakes step7

Step 8. Take the prepared crepe and lay it flat to cool. (The crepe should slide out of the pan easily. If not, then scrape around the edges with a spatula. You can stack them, just make sure they are all flat.)

mango pancakes step8

Mango crepe filling:

Step 9. Pour the Cream and sugar into a bowl, and use an electric egg beater to whip (don’t whip too long, or it will turn into butter…it should look like the image below).

mango pancakes step9

How to wrap the filling in pancakes.

Step 10. Take a cooled crepe, place the smooth side down, add the preferred amount of cream in the center of the crepe, and place the chopped mango pieces on the cream.

mango pancakes step10

Step 11. Fold the surrounding edges to the middle, wrap them into a square shape, then flip them over and place the fold face down. And you are done!

mango pancakes step11

mango pancakes


If the non-stick pan isn’t that great, use a small amount of butter to grease the pan. Don’t use too much butter.

The pan must be preheated, otherwise, the batter can’t be formed quickly. When you pour the batter, the action should be fast. Otherwise, a crepe will be formed quickly. Also, mix the batter a bit every so often, to keep it from seperating.

After Mango Crepe is done, it is best to put it back in the refrigerator for setting its shape, otherwise, it will not cut well, and the whipped cream will be better after refrigerating.

The whole cream is the easiest to whip. It will set more firmly and have a more silky taste

If you have left over crepes, wrap them with plastic wrap and store in the fridge for up to 3-5 days at most. Except for the mango for garnish, you can also fill them with other fruits like strawberries.

mango pancakes

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