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Moon cakes are a traditional food that are served during the mid-autumn solstice. This is one of four of the biggest festivals in China.

It is not only celebrated in China but also in Vietnam and other countries in Asia. Traditionally these are very dense cakes made with lard in the dough and a salted duck egg yolk as a filling.

Moon Cake

They are presented as round and made in a special mooncake mold. The filling is usually sweet and most commonly contains lotus seed paste or red bean paste.

These cakes are indulged by customers, but more often than not they are given as gifts at festival time. This goes back centuries without a definite starting point.

They are tied directly to the mid-autumn celebration which is a time to honor the moon. Thus, it is time to eat mooncakes.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative there are special no-bake mochi moon cake recipes, also known as snow skin moon cakes, that do not require an oven and have a lot less fat and sugar content.

Since information can be passed so easily today, it has given the rest of the world an opportunity to put their own spin on things, including cheesecake mooncakes, French pastry mooncakes, and even molten custard ones.

This popular gift can become a deep dent in your wallet- many people are looking forward to this sweet gift at this time of year. But what if you could make your own moon cakes at home?

This is especially convenient for those who love moon cakes but do not live in a place where they are so prevalent.

The gift would not be only more cost effective, but also the time spent making them only adds sentimental value to your present.

Moon Cake Mold

What are Moon Cake Molds?

Moon Cake molds have become increasingly popular because of the many positives of making moon cakes in the comfort of your own home. They come in different sizes usually ranging from 25gms to 100gms.

what is Moon Cake Mold

Each mold has different specifications for size and also different attachments that showcase cute and traditional designs. Customary moon cakes usually only come shaped as simple circles or squares.

But today the newest type of mooncake mold is basically a stamp. It has a center part that is detachable to insert different designs to mix up your aesthetic.

The more conventional moon cake mold is wooden and many people still prefer this old-fashioned way. One of the biggest reasons for their decline in popularity and the emersion of newly designed products is that sometimes removing a cake from these particular molds can prove messy and honestly just unsuccessful.

These molds are usually easy to use and many tutorials exist to make the process even easier.

How do you use Moon Cake Molds?

Let’s begin with the basic way a moon cake is made. You first need to decide what kind of filling you would like (and dough if you are doing things completely nontraditionally.) Many step by step recipes exist online to assist you in this.

Once you have your ingredients together, lay out your dough, place the fillings in the center and fold the edges over the filling. You will want your filling to be soft, but not mushy so it will keep its shape.

To best use the mold double check to make sure the dough is fully encompassing the fillings! Try to smooth over any seams in the dough.

There is no worse feeling than opening your oven to see your filling bubbling and seeping out of your carefully formed mounds. You should be left with what looks like a ball of dough.

Now it is time to use the mold. Make sure your moon cake is the right size so that the mold is filled but not spilling over.

Once it is in, use a flat surface or the palm of your hand to press the dough with the mold. You want to press firmly to let the design make its impression but be careful not to press too hard or you could risk bursting it.

Finally prepare your baking tray and place the open end of the mold on the surface. Pull up the sides of mold and release the moon cake while still holding the top in place.

Once the sides are free, simply lift the stamp, behold your beautiful treat, and bake. Most mooncakes need to be kept in a container untouched for days before consumption. That is what gives them their glossy sheen.

Best Moon Cake Molds


Moon Cake Mold by Kitchenget.


When we discuss ease of use, the moon cake mold from Kitchenget is at the top of the list. The smooth design and easy push spring are at a very high quality for such a low price. One simple push of the stamp and the moon cake stands tall and perfect on the baking sheet.

The technical side of this mooncake mold is equally impressive. The exterior is made of high-grade plastic and the spring is 100 percent steel. Manufactured with care so it is healthy and safe to use. All FDA guidelines are followed to produce a plastic that is safe to cook with.


That is not the only shining quality of this product. The designs range from traditional to modernly cute. They will put a twist on your typical mooncake and elevate it to be very fun and unique.

The designs include: a close up teddy bear face, a whole teddy bear, a rose, a flower, a heart, a traditional Chinese lantern, and a love design. The set comes with one hand-held mold and 8 separate stamp pieces.

With the designs being fun and different, you mooncakes will stand out among the masses. Interesting mooncakes are very rare to find except in certain specialty shops. Why not express your creativity and fun nature by making mooncakes as unique as you are.

Children will especially love the designs, even though, of course, you must watch how many of these sticky thick sweets they should consume.

Ease of Use

The stamp part of the mold is extremely easy to insert and replace. The stamps simply slide into place and have an easy twist to lock mechanism to keep it in place.

They are easy to remove and replace to make a whole tray of different designs. One of my favorite aspects of this particular mold is the finger loops that make it easy to eject your cake.

Cleaning is simple because most pieces are detachable, so from opening the box to cleaning up my cake mess-everything was simple and easy to handle. The variety of this mooncake mold cannot be understated.

While moon cakes were my intention when purchasing the mold, other uses for the mold include bath bombs and homemade soaps. Also all of the snap on stamps can be used as cookie cutters.

Additional Moon Cake Molds

Hleeduo 12 piece Moon Cake Mold

This mold is great because of its variety of size. There are four actual hand-pressure stamps. Two large and two small. With 4 molds there are 12 additional stamps.

The actual designs that go into these molds are very elegant, but that is where the creativity stops. While they are traditional in design, it leaves something to be desired.

Since the designs are very intricate, precision is needed for the finishing steps. When brushing egg yolks to glaze the cakes, it has to be done very detailed or they will fill with yolk and forgo the design. The small details will vanish with set if not done very particularly.

Lautechco Flower Mooncake Decoration Tool

Lautechco Flower Moon Cake Mold Hand Pressure Mould 1 Barrel 6 Stamps 50g (1.8 x 6.2 inch)

View on Amazon

The Lautechco Flower Mold is very unique and can be used for many different goodies, not just moon cakes. Negatively, the mold is not ideal for traditional mooncakes.

The designs include different flower types and the rose design is the most desired. These are better with cakes that are not as dense as regular mooncakes.

The best quality of this product is its modern aesthetic. It is widely used for bath bombs as well. If what you are making is intended to be small then this is a viable option. The mold can only hold a 25g cake or product.

Hleeduo Wooden Moon Cake

Hleeduo Wooden Moon Cake Steamed Pumpkin Pie Pasta Rice Cake Wooden Baking Mold (Three Mold)

View on Amazon

Most of the mooncake molds on our list are in the style of stamps. Mooncake Mold by Fu Lu Shou Xi is a traditional wooden mold for those that are used to the process. This is made of 100 percent natural pear wood. A downside is the unfortunate manner that the cakes are removed from the mold. It takes expertise and a lot of non-stick spray to get the cakes out successfully and in one piece.

When using this regularly it needs to be cleaned carefully. It is advised to use a brush or even wooden sticks to flake off left over dough. Boiling water is not the way to wash this product; even hot water can be damaging to the structure.

Use discretion and different techniques to get this clean to improve the lifetime of the product. Another great feature about the quality of this mooncake mold is that it is a completely non-toxic wood product.

Mooncake Mold by LOUTYTUO

Louty Mid-Autumn Festival DIY Mooncake Mold,Cookie Press with 65g 6pcs stamps(Adjustable Thickness,Easy to Clean) (65g 3D)

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This mooncake mold by LOUTYTUO is particularly special because it is adjustable. The size of the mooncake can vary and be produced by one tool instead of purchasing multiple different molds to get different sizes.

The main piece of the stamp is adjustable to four different mooncake heights. There are six different stamp designs. 

It is convenient to change the stamps on this mold- you simply have to twist the handle. 

Haibei Mooncake Silicone

X-Haibei Square Flower Mooncake Texture Chocolate Soap Lotion Bar Making Silicone Mold Pan

View on Amazon

This modern silicone mooncake mold from Haibei is unique because of its material. It can withstand microwaving, baking, freezing, and refrigeration. This opens the door to many different types of mooncakes you may not have considered priory; like snow-skin mooncakes that require only refrigeration.

If you are more inclined towards the round mooncakes, they have a silicone mold for that style as well. This silicone meets all standards placed by the FDA with its food grade silicone.

The product pictured is in pink, but there is a strange remark that colors are randomly sent. There are no other examples of different colors.

Square Mooncake Mold by GiftShop12

Giftshop12 Moon Cake Mold Traditional White Square Cookie Cutter Mold Extra Large 250g

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This Square Mooncake mold by GiftShop12 is extraordinarily large. It can contain a 250g mooncake! While some would love the size provided- there are drawbacks.

This would not be convenient for traditional mooncakes because they are such a dense cake that the flavor and oil can easily become overwhelming in large amounts.

This mold is large and comes with 6 designed stamps. A special feature we love, similar to Kitchenget, is the ability to use the stamps as individual cookie cutters.

Do not underestimate the quality of construction. It is also made with food-grade plastic and a spring of one hundred percent steel.

2 Pieces Moon Cake Mold

2 Pieces Moon Cake Mold Cutter Cookie Press Cake Stamp with 12 Stamps 50g Mid Autumn Festival DIY Decoration Press Cake Cutter Mold

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There is a way to make mooncakes where the treats can combine to make one full circle cake. To do this you need a particular triangle mold. The Boao Mooncake Mold is just that.

If you need to make this particular style, or if you think it would be fun and a great presentation to guests, this Boao mold is a great option for you.

There are two molds that come in this set, as well as eleven stamp pieces. One of the molds is round to make traditional mooncakes. The plastic is toxin free and even comes in an off-white ivory for a change from all of the plain white cake molds.

It has no smell, and a good ease of use (The cakes do not stick inside.) This product could be easier to clean and the stamps do not snap into place as easily as the other mooncake molds.


When purchasing a mooncake mold you need to take into consideration what exactly you are looking for. Each mold has different qualities that may add or be detrimental to your experience. If you want unique moon cakes that you can make in about an hour try our top pick from Kitchenget.

Consider whether you would like very traditional mooncakes, or if you would like to try to mix it up with special modern designs. If your goal is to produce varying sizes make sure the product includes that.

Amazon is a great source for moon cake molds of all sizes that can be shipped directly to your door.

Mooncake molds can be used for a variety of projects and you will not regret a purchase when you get more than three times the value from it then you paid into it. Cut cookies, make bath bombs, and even homemade soaps.

This will add an edge of quality and effort into any project. While the results may look professional and time-consuming, that is just a guise. That is how efficient a moon cake mold can be to your household.

Mooncakes are a special tradition particular to mid-autumn time. They hold many memories of loved ones exchanging gifts and acquaintances showing respect and appreciation.

There are a lot of feelings that go into the purchase of mooncakes-why not amplify them by not simply purchasing special mooncakes for your special friends, but actually spending the time to bake them from scratch.

Mid-Autumn time can make a lot of Chinese native homesick for the festivals of their origin. Being able to make mooncakes with these molds in all corners of Earth can solve the aches of nostalgia.

If you’re not in a part of the world where mooncakes are readily available there are even molds for you to create your own. It is always nice to put your own special spin on things. Especially for a gift as treasured and delicious as a mooncake.

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