Best Oyster Gear You Should Own

You know oyster is one of the few meals that you either adore or completely dislike. Since they are growing in popularity it’s best to know how to eat them and the right tools you would use for the same.

If you are an oyster lover you must have used a knife or two to crack the oysters.

Best Oyster Gear You Need

One thing is true though that you need the oyster gear if you like eating oysters every so often. The right tools make it easy to break the shell and eat the oysters.

The following tools will help you serve your oysters and eat them in style.

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Best Oyster Knife Set

1. MOMONI Premium Oyster Knife Set (2 Knives)

MOMONI Premium Oyster Knife Set (2 Knives) - Ultimate Oyster Shucker

This set features a set of knives with the high-quality stainless steel blades. The handles, on the other hand, are sturdy and non-slip. You want to have a knife that makes it easy and smooth to shuck the oysters.

The blade is thin yet strong which makes it easy to leverage the hinge and slip it into the meat for easy release of the meat. This knife set makes for an all-purpose oyster knife. Whether you have small or large oysters this knife is light and sturdy to tackle all kinds of oysters.

Its further ideal since it tackles the oysters without breaking the meat pieces. This knife is compact in design yet sturdy to satisfy all your shucking needs. The knife is well crafted sleek and non-slip.

You won’t have your hands slipping into the blade. It’s attractive that means you could place them anywhere. If you are thinking of gifting your oyster lovers’ friends, think no more as this is the perfect gift set that they will cherish.

2. Melocian oyster shucking knife set

Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2 - Professional Oyster Knife Shucker Clam Opener Kit in Lovely Box - Bonus Ebook and Brochure Included

This one features the strong yet sturdy blades that are made using the stainless steel that is further sharpened professionally. These knife shuckers will open any kind of seafood aside from the oysters.

This set features an all wood knife handles that was made using solid wood then the painting helps to stop the sliding possibility. The 6.3 inches knife will fit on any one’s hands thereby giving you a comfortable shucking experience.

The set is safe to use and it will work as a great gift for your friends or families. As a bonus, you get the oyster opener guide book for ease in the shucking process.

3. Professional oyster knife- Oyster Knife By HiCoup

Oyster Knife By HiCoup - Premium Quality Pakka Wood-handle Oyster Shucking Knife with"Full Tang" Blade, Leather Sheath and Cut Resistant Gloves

I like my tools maintaining their shine and that is exactly what this knife is. It maintains a mirror finish shine which makes it look even more professional. It’s even easier to get rid of dirt of any kind with this knife.

The blade uses grade 420 for the stainless steel and its design depicts an artisan style. You can clearly see the rivets which make for a good quality knife. This thick high carbon steel blade is rigid enough to break the oyster shell.

The handle is made using the pakka wood and it even comes with a hand guard. This knife will fit on everyone’s palm for easy shucking. It’s further non-skid thus ensuring you safely use it to open the oysters.

Additionally, the oversized hand guard protector will keep your hands safe in case the knife slides. It will handle both the large and small oysters. Your professional knife is durable yet compact in design. The knife is light and comfortable to handle.

4. Oyster Shucking Knife 1 pcs SET with Gloves and Leather Sheath

Oyster Shucking Knife, Full Tang Oyster Knife with Gloves and Leather Sheath (Black)

If you wish to have your knives last longer, you may need to buy those made using the high-quality stainless steel. The knife is durable and it comes with the gloves for safe shucking. This is your best knife to cater to both the left and right-handed people.

It features an ergonomic design that is further nonslip. The handle is wooden and painted to give it a nice outlook in the kitchen. What’s more, like all other knives before, it will fit in all your palms.

It’s perfectly strong to open all kinds of oysters without extra effort. You have a simple yet compact design knife for your oysters. The knife is multipurpose in that it will not only shuck the steamed oysters but also the raw ones.

5. Riverview enterprise oyster shucking knife


This defines a simple knife that has been designed to get your oysters out of their shells. It doesn’t look like one of your fancy types but one thing is sure there’s a reason as to why both the professionals and home oyster lovers like it.

This knife is durable which makes it ideal for use with many oysters. The knife design has been around for years and you would understand why it still hits on the market. Its blade is made using the grade 402 stainless steel.

The knife further has a solid hardwood handle. Although the handle is round, it gives you a firm comfy grip as well as good leverage when you are shucking the oysters. Moreover, like the above knives, it has the handguard which will keep your hands safe from hand slipping.

Oyster Gear

You can even exert more pressure if need be for the shucking because the hand guard is round. This knife is tapered which makes it easy for it to penetrate the different kinds of shellfish.

The blade is further strong enough for you to easily twist it open. It’s the best gift to your oyster lovers that even has a lifetime guarantee.

6. Dalstrong oyster shucking knife

DALSTRONG Oyster Shucking Knife - 2.75" Professional Clam and Shellfish Tool - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel - Pakkawood - Included Guard

Another full tang knife that is built steadily for the ease in shucking of the shellfish. This knife blade is made using carbon steel from German. The essence of the blade is to make it easy to remove the soft and juicy meat in the oyster.

The blades tight tip makes it easy to slide it between the shell and oyster soft meat. Its long handle is further essential to give you leverage for the popping of the meat. The good thing is that its design will often make it easy to get the meat out without tearing.

The knife is triply riveted and its handle remains nonslip, thick and easy to get a hold of. The hand guard protects your fingers from the knife blades. This wood is laminated for more strength and stain resistance. It’s further water and stain resistant.

This is a professional piece which you may use in the restaurants, bars and dinner parties. The knife is easy to clean which gives it low maintenance. It further has its protection being BPA free. The knife guard protects its blade when you aren’t using it.

7. Oyster Knife Shucker with Non-Slip Easy To Grip Handle

Rockland Guard Oyster Knife Shucker with Non-Slip Easy To Grip Handle (4 Pack)

The set features a stainless steel blade set that will offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The grade 420 stainless steel blade set features a thick carbon steel blade that is rigid and wide. This will make it easy to open the oyster shells.

The handles, in this case, are thick and non-slip. With this combination, you can easily rank through your oyster colonies without using much effort. It further features an elegant and sleek design of oyster knives.

The blade design also easily slips through the shells to quickly pop out the meat. When you are looking for a gift idea for your friends who love oysters you have this piece that is timeless.

Wooden handle oyster knife-Oyster Knife with Full Tang Blade and Wood Handle

Simply Eezy Oyster Knife with Full Tang Blade and Wood Handle

I think almost all knives discussed herein are wooden handled knives. This one, however, is made using one of the strongest wood types ever. Its handle features the pakka wood which gives it the perfect strength to take on any amount of shellfish with ease.

Its blade-like most other blade types here is made using the grade 420 of stainless steel. The knife further comes with a hand guard which keeps you safe from cuts and the knife safe from unnecessary destructions.

The knife is strong enough to open the oysters every single time without much strain. For professional purposes, you will need this elegant design of the oyster knife. This tool is a must-have type in your kitchen.

It further comes in an eye-catching color that may fit in with most of your kitchen utensils. Like most other oyster knives above, this one will shuck all the different types of oysters.

8. Lifehucks oyster knife

Oyster Knife with Rosewood Handle - Built-In Bottle Openers - GiftBox Included

This full tang stainless steel blade of an oyster knife is perfect for quick shucking of your oysters. The artisans designing this knife have your safety and elegance in mind as well. It features a hand-shaped handle for a firm grip when you are popping the oysters.

Oyster Gear

The handle is made using the rosewood for durability and ease of use. This knife blade is made using the premium stainless steel. This is both corrosion free and stain resistant. The features make the knife a durable piece.

It has an opener that is built in thereby serving two purposes. You may use it to open your beer or sodas. The knife will work as your great gift piece since it comes in a perfect gift box. You can simply hand wash this piece.

The Differences Between Your Clam and Oyster Knives

The only reason why the clam and oyster knives are different is that you don’t open the clams the same way as you do oysters. The knives, therefore, differ in shape and they should only be used for the purposed indicated for.

Oyster Gear knife

  • How do they function

For the clam, you need to push the knife between the two parts of the clam shells and this then opens the clam.

Next, you open the oysters when you force the knife through the back of the shell. The difference may look minute but this is the reason why the shapes of the knives differ as you can see.

  • The difference by types

The oyster knives appear shorter than the clam knives. Moreover, the knives are generally broader and squatter in appearance. In most cases, its tip comes to a slight point and its edge must be beveled.

The clam knives, on the other hand, have a round tip. They are also longer and leaner. This makes it easy to differentiate.

  • Just use the different knives for their different purposes

Understand that the way you open the two shellfish types is quite different. Therefore, you should make sure you use different knives for their different roles. Mind you, it’s not only unsafe to use the clam knife for an oyster shucking but it’s also difficult.

The same is true when you want to shuck the clam using an oyster knife. Like we had said, clam knives go between shells and not through shells like the oyster knives do.

The clam knives

9. Farberware Seafood Clam Knife

Farberware Seafood Clam Knife

Clearly, you should see the difference between the clam knife and the oyster knife. It has a wider blade and it’s designed for the separation of the clam shells. You see the tip of the blade is round as opposed to the oyster one that is pointed in most cases.

The stainless steel blade is rust resistant, tough and easy to use on your clam shells. It further comes in a wooden handle that gives you a comfortable grip as you are shucking your clam. Since it’s strong, it can handle the shucking of most of the clams.

This item calls for handwashing of the knife only using the mild detergents.

10. Clam Knives with Riveted Wood Handles

(Set of 2) 7-Inches Clam Knife with Riveted Wood Handle, 3-inch Stainless Steel Blade, Seafood Clam Shucking Knives

This round tipped knife will help to open your clam shells. It features a single-edged blade that is secure to use and made using stainless steel for the enhanced durability. Its wooden handle gives it a comfy and smooth grip. The knives have a great appearance.

The item is designed to offer you the stability and control, therefore, a great balance when you are holding it. You can use it both at home or in the restaurant for professional purposes because the item remains elegant in design.

Oyster Shucking Glove

11. Cut Resistant Oyster Shucking Cloth

Cut Resistant Oyster Shucking Cloth for use with oyster shucking knife/clam or oyster shucker - better than shucking gloves or kitchen glove - by Toadfish

For most people, this is safer than using the gloves. This puncture resistant cloth is designed for use with any type of oyster knife. It offers you protection when you are oyster shucking, clam shucking or using it for any other shellfish shucking.

You are safe to shuck without having to wear gloves. The item is dishwasher safe and you can also wash it by hand. What’s more, you may use it for a long time as it is durable if you will take care of it.

The item will not allow for anti-microbial growth. Mind you, in buying the product you will increase the oyster habitat since that is what the company does with the money received from this product.

12. Oyster Knife Shucker Cut Resistant Glove Set

AmHoo Oyster shucking Knife Set Shucker Shucking Cut Resistant Glove Level 5 Protection Stainless Steel Clam Shellfish Seafood Opener EN388 Certified Food Grade(1 pair gloves + 2 knives) (XL)

This one is a high-quality type that will guard you against unnecessary cuts. So, the knife remains sharp to shuck the shells but not your hands or fingers. It further protects your hands when the knife is wet.

The set features both items that are easy to work with but also durable. In addition to the hand guard, your gloves will work perfectly to deliver the juicy meat. All the items in the set are dishwasher safe thereby keeping you safe from microbes.

13. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves Food Grade Level 5 Protection, Safety Kitchen Cuts Gloves for Oyster Shucking, Fish Fillet Processing, Mandolin Slicing, Meat Cutting and Wood Carving, 1 Pair (Large)

This glove will keep your hands away from unnecessary cuts in the kitchen. It features a high performance cut resistance material. The gloves have a level 5 cut resistance. This one is further stronger than your normal gloves.

The gloves are excellent to use and they will offer you a comfortable grip you need when cutting anything. What’s more, it’s not so hard and it’s slide resistant. It has a blend of high resistant nylon to fit into your hands well.

This glove remains easy to wash and sanitize. Which means that you can wash them using the machine and by hand as well. It comes with a hanging ring for easy hang dry. You will see this ring on the waist.

Do well is a multipurpose piece that you may use for your shellfish and other kitchen use purposes. You may also use it for grasping the wood and food. Use them also when you have the mandolin slicer.

14. Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves (1 Pair) Level 5 Cut Gloves, Cutting Gloves for Kitchen, Mandolin Slicing, Grating, Fish Fillet, Oyster Shucking, Meat Cutting and Wood Carving (Small)

This one is also made using the highest level of cut-resistant material in the market. The material is even stronger than the leather used in the kitchen. The gloves are for multipurpose use. You can use them for shucking, slicing, food preparation and carpentry among other uses.

Oyster Gear

The secret to perfect use of the gloves is to make sure it fits you perfectly. This one comes with a superior grip for both the small and large hands. The item provides an anti-dirt material.

What’s more, you can breathe with the item so you will use the gloves over a long time without feeling tired. It further gives you the perfect non-slide grip for ease of use.

15. ZYLISS Oyster Tool and Knife Set, Shucker

ZYLISS Oyster Tool and Knife Set, Shucker

With this item, you don’t need gloves because you have your hands safe during the operation. What’s more, the process of shucking is faster. This knife features a sharp stainless steel blade that you may use to shuck the oysters easily without draining the juices.

It comes with a non-slip handle and protective gear. This item has a silicone oyster pocket and the feet remains non slip for easy leverage. The item is further ideal because it has a safety knife holder where you place the knives after you have finished the shucking.

It is dishwasher safe and if properly maintained it will be free of microbes. Since it comes in a red and white color, it will blend into your kitchen design.

16.. The Easy Oyster Opener Shucking Tool

The EZ-OYSTER Easy Oyster Opener Shucking Tool - Solid Aluminum Construction; Dishwasher Safe

Sometimes all you need is a shortcut to the kitchen or food preparation method. This tool is an easy way to shuck oysters. The item features the superior aluminum which makes it all durable to use.

The item has a unique shape that will hold the oysters in place before you begin the shucking. Its lip design will snug fit on the table for additional stability. The process is simple since you only insert the oyster and twist it with a knife for easy shucking.

For the cleaning, you want to disassemble everything to make sure all the microbes are washed. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

17. AWSHUCKS!”Install Yourself” OYSTER OPENER


The oyster shuck opener opens horizontally. Luckily this makes sure the juices remain in the shell. Unlike the oyster knives, this one opens the shells from the side and thus saving all the juices you value.

I like the side opening because it ensures less grit and shell get into the meat and juices. This one is made using high-quality stainless steel which makes it safe to use both at home and in the restaurants.

This DIY opener doesn’t come already mounted this allows you to mount it wherever you would like to. It’s further the safest to use and you don’t even need gloves once you have this piece. The item is dishwasher safe.

18. Outset 76225 Oyster Grill Pan

Outset 76225 Cast Iron Oyster Grill Pan, 12 Cavities, Black

This grill pan is multifunctional allowing you to employ the different styles of cooking. You may use it for frying, sautéing and grilling. For this reason, you can use it for your outdoor activity. Additionally, you may transfer it from the stovetop to the oven and still achieve the results.

This cast iron pan requires that you preseason it before use. Remember to take care of it the same way you do with other cast iron materials. Always handwash it as opposed to using a dishwasher.

The pan will cook upto12 oyster pieces that you have shucked. You don’t always need to use the dishes because you can use the pan to serve the cooled oysters. Your pan will also work to cook biscuits, cornbread and other items.

oyster tray

19. Swissmar Shucker Paddy Oyster Tray Set

Swissmar Shucker Paddy Oyster Tray Set, Stainless Steel

Here is your ideal shucking space. This tray is the ideal place to collect all the juices while shucking all the oysters at a go. This swimsmar shucker comes in a set of 3 that serves as a great tool for serving baking and shucking.

The wooden compartment is the shucking compartment. The other part that we are yet to talk of is the dipping dish which has different accompaniments you may use when eating the oysters. The stainless steel tray where you collect the shucks is oven safe and you may use it for nachos and Rockefellers as well.

It may further work as a great gift to your oyster friends.

20. Sur La Table Cast Iron Oyster Pan 26303, 12 Cavity

Sur La Table Cast Iron Oyster Pan 26303, 12 Cavity

Our oyster lovers know that the grilled pieces are a favorite for those summer days. The cast iron cooking pan is a multipurpose piece since you may use it both on the stovetop and grills. You will further cook 12 oysters at a time.

It will cook your shucked oysters or half shell oysters. The item is compatible with almost all cooking surfaces. Since it’s a cast iron item, you should preseason it before use to prolong its lifespan.

Oyster Gear

It further features a flat rim to avoid the pouring of the oysters. If you can preheat it then the cooking time is shortened. You may use it to make cookies biscuits among other sweet dishes. If you will cook the shucked oysters, remember to lightly oil the surface.

21. Oyster Shells Stainless Steel Reusable

Oyster Shells Stainless Steel Reusable

This one features a stainless steel shell that is also reusable in the restaurants. You may use them for chargrilling of not only oysters but other meals as well. You may use it at home to oven bake or char grill with your own unique sauce.

If you like you can even use it for the cold desserts. The items are dishwasher safe and large enough for you to serve the shellfish in it. You can make a dozen of oysters at a go and you have a lifetime warranty.

22. Steven Raichlen SR8071 Seafood Rack, 13.98-Inch

Steven Raichlen SR8071 Seafood Rack, 13.98-Inch, Black

This rack features the stainless steel material and the item has the role of lifting any kind of seafood off and on the grill. The item is designed to hold your shellfish flat and therefore retain the juices of your oyster.

If you love oysters you will know how much the tray is essential whenever you are grilling them because then you want to have luscious meat in every piece. This one is best used for barbecuing purposes.

Additionally, you may use it to grill mushroom and artichoke among others.

Other Tools

23. StarPack Basics Range Silicone Kitchen Tongs

StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen Tongs 12-Inch - Stainless Steel with Non-Stick Silicone Tips, High Heat Resistant to 480°F, For Cooking, Serving, Grill, BBQ & Salad (Teal Blue)

This multipurpose item is another one of those that you should never miss when you are serving the oysters and other items. It will offer you the best control ever. Whether you are turning your food items on the oven or just using it for service this should be you on the go to item.

The tongs won’t melt nor flake around. It’s FDA safe which means you may use it without fear both at home and in the restaurant. It’s further non-skid so you may use it for your juicy meat and vegetable pieces.

24. Oyster forks

Fruit/Vegetable Forks - Hand Forged Stainless Steel Escargot Cocktail Forks, Bistro Style Forks Great Oyster Forks, Mussel Forks, Tasting Forks,Mussel Forks,Dessert Cake Forks, 10 Piece Set

These tiny forks are used for both fruits and veggies but also seafood. They are not only elegant in design but also easy to use. The forks have a slight curve which makes it easy to remove the meat from the shells.

All this happens without having to mess your surfaces or break the oysters. It features the high-quality design which is corrosion resistant and stable at the same time. You should always hand clean the item to maintain its polish.

The items are made using the strong stainless steel material which is safe and durable.

25. The seafood tongs

Sea Crab - Snail Seafood Tongs Stainless Steel Hollow Head Small Food Clips Mini Crab Oyster Picks Serving - Therapy Organic Snail Bubble Splitter Multi Mittens Keychain Pillow Plush Butter Cra

Here your kitchen tong is meant to help you with the service of the seafood which includes the oysters and crabs. It’s ideally meant to ease the service and thereby eating of your cooked oysters. It will help to season your seafood and sometimes even cook them.

26. 4-Section White Porcelain Oyster Serving Dish Plate Platte

4-Section White Porcelain Oyster Serving Dish Plate Platter

Once you have your oysters cooked, you will need an ideal place to serve them. This one features a four-piece oyster platter. The item is made using the white porcelain construction. I like that it’s not only a dishwasher and oven safe but also microwave safe.

If you wish you may use it to serve your favorite sauces during the meal.

27. Flat White Slotted Oyster Platter Shell Shaped for Oysters, Sauce, and Lemons

Flat White Slotted Oyster Platter Shell Shaped for Oysters, Sauce, and Lemons

Another ideal platter for the oyster service. It features the shape of the oyster shell with 6 slots for you to use in eating the oysters. You will even have a slot for your favorite sauces and lemon at the middle.

Shucking an Oyster with an Oyster Knife

These items are ideal for you if you are an oyster lover. You also want to practice a little bit before you can see how easy the process is. To shuck the oysters, you must have the oyster meat as well as the juices intact.

Also, you should only shuck the fresh and alive oyster, therefore, choose the fresh ones. For the process, you need to prepare your tools for the shacking which include gloves, oyster knives a soft brush and ice.

How to use Oyster Gear

· Put on your gloves to protect our hands.

You first clean the shellfish by scrubbing it with the brush. Rinse your oyster on clean and running water. Aim at ensuring the oysters are fresh as you are handling each piece.

Hold it properly with the curved side facing below your hands. Make the point/hinge to face towards you.

Insert your knife in the hinge and twist the knife in such a way that it separates the bottom from the top.

Make sure the blade is running at the top of the shell then run it around the shell. In twisting the blade, you will completely separate the top from the bottom.

Next, open the oysters and senate the meat. From the top of the shell using a knife. Now that you have shucked oyster, place them on the bed of ice to maintain the freshness.

Without a knife

While it’s easier to shuck an oyster with a knife, the fact that you don’t have the knife shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the meat.

Here you will use a flat head screwdriver. It’s constructed the same way as the oyster knife. Clean your screwdriver and prepare for the shucking.

Wear your gloves, then clean your oyster the same way you do when you have an oyster knife.

Find the oyster valve and insert the screwdriver in the shell then twist it a couple of times to open it. Separate the tops side from the bottom and remove the meat.

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