Panko Shrimp Recipe – Easy Step By Step Method

One of the most popular ways to enjoy shrimp- this panko-breaded shrimp is super easy to make, and make a great appetizer or party snack!

For shrimp and other seafood, the quality of the ingredients is the first thing that must be considered.

As long as the quality and freshness of the shrimp are good, it is easy to make it delicious!

Panko Shrimp

Japanese panko bread crumbs are used. You can also use homemade bread crumbs, but the appearance won’t be the same. Panko bread crumbs are easy to find at the grocery store, so they are readily available.

Panko Shrimp

Usually, panko-breaded foods are deep fried, because they will turn out very crispy. However, today, we are going to learn how to make crispy, golden panko shrimp by baking them in the oven.

Panko Shrimp

This way will not only be healthier, but also delicious and beautiful!

Panko Shrimp


  • 1) 12 Fresh Shrimp with tail on.
  • 2) 120ml of Bread crumbs
  • 3) 35g of Mustard sauce. (It is best to use mustard between Dijon-which is sweet, and yellow mustard-which is spicy.)
  • 4) 1 Egg
  • 5) ½ tsp Curry powder
  • 6) 15ml Peanut oil


Step 1. The first step is to clean and dry the shrimp. If you use frozen shrimp, you must thaw first.

Panko Shrimp step1

Step 2. Next to prepare the bread crumbs. The picture below shows the Panko bread crumbs used in this crispy golden shrimp recipe. These bread crumbs are cooked a specific way, which doesn’t involve an outside heat source, which is why these are preferred for this recipe.

Panko Shrimp step2

Step 3. Take a flat bottom non-stick pan, add the peanut oil to the pan after slightly warming up. Spread the bread crumbs out in the pan.

Panko Shrimp step3

Step 4. Heat over medium heat for about 5 minutes. During the heating process, continuously toss the bread crumbs so they brown evenly. After they are golden, put into a separate container for later use.

Panko Shrimp step4

Step 5. Preheat the oven to 190° C.

Step 6. Prepare the egg and mustard for dipping the shrimp before breading. Crack an egg into a bowl, and take out just the egg white (We only use the egg white here) into a separate bowl.

Panko Shrimp step6

Step 7. Add 35 grams of mustard and half a teaspoon of curry powder, then mix well with a fork.

Panko Shrimp step7

Step 8. Dip the shrimp into the sauce…

Panko Shrimp step8
Step 9. Then put it in the panko bread crumbs, ensuring that they are evenly coated.

Panko Shrimp step9

Step 10. Place the shrimp onto a grill-style baking tray as shown below. This is to ensure that the shrimp is evenly cooked.

Panko Shrimp step10

Step 11. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden brown and the tails are bright pink.

Panko Shrimp step11

The shrimp is now ready to enjoy! Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, like cocktail sauce.

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