21 Pappardelle Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss (Best + Easy)

What is pappardelle?

Pappardelle pasta originates from Nothern Italy, and it’s relatively flat compared to other pasta varieties.

However, this pasta variety is wide and broad, making it stand out amongst other pasta.

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It is often cut in a ribbon-like form and is used to prepare several recipes. During ancient times, this pasta didn’t include eggs and was designed using chestnut flour. 

You can readily make pappardelle pasta from the comfort of your home with simple ingredients using a pasta machine or hand.

This pasta variety comes together by combining a wide range of flours. It results in either soft or dry pasta, depending on the type of flour you use.

The best way to serve this pasta is on a broad bowl because its wide ribbons absorb the thick sauces well.

Traditionally, this recipe is served with rich, heavy sauces prepared from meat products. Pappardelle pasta and rich meaty sauces are a classic combination that everyone loves.

Pappardelle recipes 

This pasta is one of the most dominant in the kitchen world, and there are several ways you can incorporate this delicious pasta into your dishes.

Here are some of the recipes you can prepare using pappardelle.

1. Creamy chicken and mushroom pappardelle 

You can readily fix this recipe in less than half an hour, and the best part is you don’t need any fancy ingredients to make it a perfect recipe. The key to getting the best of this recipe is using fresh mushrooms instead of canned ones.

You should also not wash the mushrooms as this procedure makes them soggy when cooking. 

You don’t want to miss the combo between mushrooms with pappardelle pasta, tender chicken flavored with garlic, and topped with parmesan cheese.

It is the perfect recipe if you love mushrooms. Get the recipe here.

2. Lemon alfredo pappardelle 

How about a date night meal that takes less than an hour to prepare? Lemon alfredo pappardelle is a dish you will love from the start, especially since you need a handful of ingredients but a brilliant dish that everyone will enjoy.

This recipe is rich and creamy, and the sauce pairs well with the pasta. Parsely is one ingredient you don’t want to miss adding because of its mild flavor. 

The good news is you can replace any ingredients if finding them becomes challenging. Get the recipe here. 

3. Braised beef ragu with pappardelle 

If you love comfort food, you should add this recipe to your to-do list as soon as possible. The best part is that there’s not much to do because the beef gets simmered throughout the day until it becomes tender, then you can add pasta to make it a main course meal.

This recipe features tomatoes, onions, basil, garlic, homemade sauce, and braised beef. This recipe is time-consuming, but it’s one you should create time for and prepare. Get the recipe here. 

4. Lemon parmesan pappardelle with arugula and chili

What makes this recipe a go0to alternative is that you only need seven ingredients which you can readily find in the grocery store.

If you are looking for what to fix quickly for dinner and at the same time get your belly full, this dish will not disappoint.

The sauce is a vital ingredient for this recipe as it binds the pasta and all other ingredients perfectly.

Garnish with fresh lemons and arugula. Get the recipe here.  

5. Pappardelle with shrimp garlic and olive oil 

If you are looking for the best dish to serve for your date night, look no further. This recipe features parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic, and shrimp as the key ingredients you require.

It is a simple dish with ordinary ingredients and excellent flavors that your family will love. The type of olive oil you use for this recipe is essential as it needs to be high-quality.

It takes 30 minutes to prepare this dish, and it goes well with salads. Get the recipe here

6. Pappardelle pasta with portobello mushroom ragu 

This recipe will leave you full in no time, and the best part is that you get to put it together in the shortest time possible.

The blend between the aromatic rosemary and the woody flavors from the portobello mushrooms is unbeatable.

The sauce creates the all-important difference for this recipe because of its flavor, and also, the fact that it’s meatless makes it even better.

Avoid soaking the portobello mushrooms in water, as this process will turn your dish soggy. Instead, use paper towels to pat them dry. Get the recipe here.

7. Braised lamb ragu with pappardelle pasta 

Like other ragu dishes, this recipe doesn’t omit the meaty sauces and the pasta, which elevates it to an irresistible delicacy.

Talking about the flavors of this dish, they come together at one go with standard and simple ingredients; you don’t need anything fussy to make this recipe.

This recipe consists of anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes, shredded lamb, and pasta. Get the recipe here

8. Salmon pappardelle in roasted red pepper cream sauce 

How about summertime? You don’t want to spend the better part of your day in the kitchen, especially with the sun scorching. Here is a dish that won’t disappoint whether in flavor or the time you take to prepare.

The only limitation with this recipe is the salmon which are relatively expensive. However, the flavors are terrific.

The ingredients you need for this recipe are a handful which means it’s the dish to make during those lazy weekends. What to pair with this recipe is all down to your desire. Get the recipe here.

9. Pappardelle pasta with pancetta and burrata 


The combo between pancetta and burrata is heavenly, and when added to pappardelle, the flavor profile is excellent. This recipe is simple as you don’t need any technical skills to prepare it.

The sauce elevates this dish making it brilliant but with the simplest ingredients. Get the recipe here. 

10. Chicken meatballs with cheesy spinach pappardelle

Who else loves the combo of meatballs, sauce, and pasta? This dish is all about the classic pairing that never goes wrong. 

The best thing about this dish is that you get to bake the meatballs and chicken in a sheet pan, which reduces the amount of time you prepare this delicacy.

Also, you don’t need to stick to what the recipe calls for when it comes to spinach. Adding extra spinach to this recipe will improve its texture since spinach shrinks.

This recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner meal. Get the recipe here.

11. Pappardelle pasta with seafood sauce 

The time you take to prepare this dish is what makes me fall in love with it. But, regardless of the minimal time you take to prepare this dish, the flavors are heavenly.

The sauce comes together by pairing scallops, clams, and shrimps. You don’t need to stick by these seafood ingredients as you can add your favorites, such as lobsters and whitefish.

This recipe is versatile, and you can readily turn it into a gluten-free recipe by swapping the ingredients. Get the recipe here. 

12. Pappardelle with pesto and goat’s cheese

If you love pasta recipes, you should probably be preparing this recipe as early as now. It is a 30-minute recipe, and you don’t have to struggle with the ingredients as some you already have in your pantry. The others are readily available in grocery stores.

This recipe features basil, parsley, lemon capers, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini. The herbs and seasonings you add to this recipe depending on your taste buds.

The vibrant colors of this dish are enticing and delicious even before you begin enjoying the meal. Get the recipe here

13. Slowly braised pork ragu with pappardelle 

The ingredients you need for this recipe are simple, but you need to select only high-quality ingredients for the best flavors.

This dish is the best option when you intend on hosting parties or celebrations.

It may look intimidating, especially with the quality of ingredients, but there’s nothing complicated in preparation.

This pasta holds the pieces of the ragu sauce without sabotaging the uniquely blended flavors. Get the recipe here.

14. Short rib ragu and pappardelle 

The best thing about this dish is you can prepare it in advance. The ragu sauce is the most crucial ingredient in this recipe which means it needs to be well done to blend perfectly with the other ingredients.

You need short ribs to make the best and most hearty ragu sauce, and the best place to get them is from a butcher. The ingredients you require for this recipe are readily available. Nothing fancy.

For the pasta, you can make it straight from your kitchen, but if you don’t have enough time, consider buying from the grocery stores. Get the recipe here.

15. Italian sausage pasta 

Ground sausage is a vital ingredient in this recipe because of the unique flavor it imparts to the dish. You need to get the best Italian sausage from the grocery store; anything less than that and your dish will almost be tasteless.

The combo between pasta, cream, and sausage is irresistible. Unlike many recipes on this list, this one will take quite a while, but it’s worth every minute spent making this delicacy. Here’s how to get the best of this recipe.

16. Bolognese sauce over papparedelle pasta 

Are you looking for a winter recipe? Here is one that will leave your taste buds demanding more of this dish.

What makes this recipe outstanding is the sauce which contains several types of meat. The different kinds of meat used are essential in imparting various flavors to the dish.

Making this dish is long and requires a lot of patience, especially since you have to use several ingredients to make it taste delicious. The best is to cook the veggies and meat separately then combine them when simmering. 

The ingredients may look intimidating might. But, it’s a simple recipe to put together. Get the recipe here.

17. Fresh pappardelle carbonara and arugula 

If you prefer spending less time in the kitchen making recipes that don’t require many hassles from you, then here’s one you can make.

The best thing about this dish is how simple it comes together with slight improvisations to enhance its flavor.

When making this recipe, you don’t need any specific formula, as a bit of creativity will make it a brilliant dish.

Pappardelle carbonara is the perfect recipe if your fridge lacks ingredients to cook. Get the recipe here.

18. Pappardelle with creamy ricotta pesto 

Pesto doesn’t make only the best salads but also unique dishes like this one. This recipe will not disappoint, especially since you need only a handful of ingredients and less than half an hour to make it. 

Whether you go the traditional way of making this recipe, that is, by using a mortar and pestle, or decide on using a food processor, the pesto will still come out perfect. 

The pest is infused with ricotta to boost its flavor. Get the recipe here.

19. Creamy leek and pancetta pappardelle pasta 

Here is a dish you can use when hosting special occasions like celebrations or date nights. 

It’s a quick and easy recipe that looks fancy, particularly its vibrant appearance. The creamy leek and pancetta sauce makes this dish loveable, and when paired with pappardelle, everyone will love it.

Leeks are relatively expensive compared to onions, but the flavor they impart in the recipe is worth every penny.

The secret ingredients of this dish are thyme, pancetta, and parmigiana cheese.

In just under 30 minutes, you can have this dish done. Get the recipe here.

20. Spicy sausage pappardelle 

The sauce is the all-important difference for this recipe, and it’s easy to put together. It will only take you 30 minutes to prepare this hearty dish that will leave your belly fully packed.

Pappardelle pasta goes well with the sausages as it absorbs all the sauce and lets the meatiness of the sausages sit perfectly on the pasta. 

Garnish this dish with parsley or parmesan cheese and travel to Italy straight from your kitchen. Get the recipe here.

21. Creamy lobster pappardelle 

Lobster is the secret ingredient in this recipe, and you will love it from scratch. It is the perfect recipe when you want to impress your guest and family, especially since lobster is a fancy ingredient. 

There is no denying how expensive the lobsters are, but there is a way to get the best of this seafood without going deep in your pocket. The lobster tails are way cheaper than whole lobsters.

You need a handful of ingredients for this recipe which means you can fix it in no time without too many hassles.

But, pair the lobsters with pappardelle pasta, and you have an elegant dish perfect for celebrations. Get the recipe here. 

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