28 Pineapple Dessert Recipes (Quick And Easy)

Sometimes you need to change from the ordinary chocolate desserts and get something with a relatively new flavor. Many people often go for chocolate when craving any form of dessert, but that doesn’t mean it is the only dessert you can enjoy if you have a sweet tooth. 

Pineapple is a summer fruit that you can quickly turn into sweet and tangy desserts. However, it is refreshing and just the perfect alternative to your regular chocolate desserts.

Pineapple Dessert Recipes

Pineapple desserts finish off your tropical meals leaving your mouth with a fruity and sweet flavor. Whether you prefer canned or fresh pineapples, this dessert doesn’t disappoint.

Pineapple desserts fall into two categories which are cooked or no-cooked desserts. Cooked pineapple desserts usually involve cakes and pies, while in no-cooked desserts, the pineapples are often topped with other ingredients to retain their tangy flavor. The no-cook pineapple desserts are relatively easy to put together. 

Try my pineapple dessert:
Taiwanese Pineapple Cake
So, whether you are craving a midnight snack or a decadent dessert, here are some of the best-tasting pineapple desserts.

1. Pineapple cheesecake 


This dessert comes together using natural ingredients, which means it is super healthy. Cheesecakes are some of the most popular options when it comes to desserts. They are a go-to option whether in restaurants, dinners, or parties.

The best desserts are homemade since you get to control what ingredients to use and which to omit. The layering of the ingredients while making this cake is straightforward as all the flavors tend to complement the other. You can make this dessert ahead of time, then place it in your freezer and serve it when ready to eat.

The best thing about pineapple cheesecake dessert is zero baking, which reduces your preparation and cooking time. Canned or fresh pineapples both work well in this recipe. Get the recipe.

2. Pineapple bread pudding 


Classic bread pudding is made with raisins. The raisins are essential for making the bread juicy as they cook and break down. That said, pineapples offer the same features when used in the making of this pudding dessert.

The original version of this dessert tends to be sugary, but you can balance that by using healthy ingredients.

There is zero hassle when making this dessert, and you can never go wrong with this one. The ingredients required are minimal, making the whole process a lot easier. Whether you prefer a dollop of whipped cream on the pudding or not, the flavor is still delicious.

This is the best way to fill the bellies of a large crowd. The good news is you can prepare it in advance and place it in the oven when you are ready to serve. Get the recipe

3. Pineapples upside down donuts 


Well, these donuts taste just like cakes but in a relatively different form. Donuts come in several forms, with different ingredients used to give each variety a unique flavor.

The best part about preparing the upside-down donuts is it only takes 20 minutes to put them together, which does not often happen when making other donut types.

They have a soft, tender texture and are usually pillowy and delicious. These donuts are topped with a brown sugar glaze and pineapple ring to add to their goodness.

This is just the exact dish you need for your breakfast, or you can turn them into a dessert by adding ice cream on top. Get the recipe.

4. Pineapple macadamia nut ice cream 

The refreshing pineapple flavor is what keeps many people requesting more of this delicious dessert. This dessert is creamy with a soft texture and just the perfect summertime recipe.

The ingredients required for this recipe are minimal, but the cooking and preparation time is longer. Therefore, you might want to start early enough if you intend on serving this dessert to your guest.

The time taken to prepare this dessert is worth especially with how it bursts with several flavors from the ingredients used. You need to use canned pineapples for this dessert since they don’t contain the bromelain enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins.

Bromelain enzyme exists in fresh pineapples and causes the milk to curdle. That said, canned pineapples are the best when working with dairy-based products to make desserts. Get the recipe.

5. Pineapple coconut cream pie 


Making this dessert might be extended, but the result usually justifies making the pineapple coconut cream pie. Making a coconut pudding and knowing how to incorporate the pineapples in this dessert is key to getting the best.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are relatively many, which relates to the extended hours of preparation and cooking time.

It is a must-try pie dessert, especially with the sweet and savory flavors coming together to create a perfect balance for this dessert. The pie needs to be chilled for several hours. This will allow it to retain its texture and firmness. Get the recipe.

6. Grain-free pineapple cake 

The best part about making homemade cake versions is you can add little twists without entirely messing with the original flavor of the cake.

The flour used to prepare cakes also has a significant role in the outcome of the cake. Get the recipe.

7. Pineapple mango salsa


This dessert is refreshing with flavors from pineapple and mangoes. This is a no-cooking pudding that takes only a handful of ingredients to put together.

You can customize it by adding all your favorite summer tropical fruits to add an array of vibrant colors and an extra kick. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare this delicious pudding.

It is a healthy fruit salsa because you use fresh fruits, which means there is no refined sugar in the salsa. Every single fruit adds a unique flavor to the salsa, mainly when different fruits are used.

The process of making this fruit salsa is pretty direct. You only need to chop the fruits and vegetables you intend on using then blend them, nothing complicated.

Using well-ripped mangoes and pineapples will make the fruit salsa taste better. Get the recipe

8. Pineapple cream cupcakes 

Cream cheese frosting on your pineapple cupcakes is delicious and straightforward to put together. The ingredients are minimal and take less than half an hour to prepare it.

The instructions on preparing this are slightly long, but the procedure uses common, readily available ingredients.

You can customize the cupcakes using substitute ingredients if some become difficult to source. This dessert recipe is versatile. You can customize your toppings with whatever ingredients. Get the recipe. 

9. Pineapple carrot cake 

Many people find this combination not delicious and unlikely, but they create a perfect balance of flavor. It is packed with extra flavor compared to ordinary carrot cakes.

The combo between pineapples and carrots gives the cake a moist, soft texture and a perfect balance of sweet-savory flavor.

The cake has a bright color brought by using a frosting usually flavored with orange zest. Therefore, you need essential ingredients when preparing this cake.

Besides, you can follow the same procedures when preparing carrot cakes with slight changes to the ingredients required.

The instructions on preparing this cake recipe are longer and take more time to prepare and cook, but it’s worth every minute spent. Get the recipe.

10. Pineapple loaf cake 


This recipe is easy to prepare and requires you to use basic and readily available ingredients. The use of pineapples in this cake recipe makes it juicy and moist.

The pineapple loaf cake recipe takes about an hour to put together, which means you can easily prepare it during busy weeknights. 

Canned pineapples, eggs, milk, and brown sugar are essential ingredients required for this cake dessert. The edges of the cake are usually soft and crispy.

Therefore, using canned pineapple chunks is essential for this recipe. Crushed canned pineapples are not the best for this cake dessert because they often clamp together.

The toppings of the cake are versatile, and it’s all about your taste buds. You can readily serve this dessert should you have guests in your house as you prepare your main dish. Get the recipe.

11. Pineapple chiffon cake 

If you don’t know what cake to serve on your upcoming occasion, whether birthdays or special occasions, then chiffon cake is what you need to bake.

The cake uses pineapple juice as flavoring, which adds to its sweet-savory flavor. 

The texture of this cake is cottony and tenderly brought by the pineapple juice, which is less acidic than orange juice.

The ingredients needed for this cake recipe vary depending on how you want the result of your cake. You can readily substitute the ingredients to match your preference.

When making the cake batter, use oils that are flavored neutrally, such as safflower and canola oils. The cake is versatile when it comes to what to use as the toppings. Powdered sugar, strawberries, blueberries, and cream frosting are some of the toppings you can use for this cake dessert. Get the recipe. 

12. Pineapple angel food cake 


The best thing about this cake recipe is it only requires you to have two ingredients. The combination between angel food cake and pineapples does not disappoint.

It takes less than an hour to prepare and bake this cake dessert.

Crushed pineapples work well with angel food cake. Pineapple chunks are an alternative if you cannot source crushed pineapples.

However, the flavor is evenly distributed within the cake if you use crushed pineapples. 

Making traditional angel cake food from scratch will increase your preparation and cooking time. That said, you can get this ingredient from the comfort of your local stores and at a low price.

This cake is healthy, especially for people trying to watch their weight, so it is sometimes referred to as a weight watcher’s cake. Get the recipe.

12. Pineapple delight 

This treat is the easiest way to impress your guest. Whipped fluffy cream, cheese filling, and graham cracker with pineapple topping are some of the basic ingredients you need when preparing this delectable treat. Pineapple fillings give you the refreshing tropical flavor that you have been craving.

The recipe might look simple, but the flavors are super delicious and enjoyable. The good news is you can easily swap some of the ingredients like the graham cracker, which you can replace with a vanilla wafer or prepare a homemade whipped cream. 

The key to getting the best of this recipe is to chill the crust before layering the other ingredients. The cooled crust helps the other ingredients layer firmly on the crackers.

The cheese and butter should also be at room temperature to prevent any formation of lumps. The dessert is best served chilled. Get the recipe.

13. Pineapple coconut oatmeal cookies 

Were you looking for a healthy dessert? Here is one you can try. Pineapple coconut oatmeal cookies are a hearty combination simple to put together and delicious. The perfect dessert for summertime bursting with flavors. You don’t need to mix anything when preparing this recipe. However, it would be best to have instant oats and whole wheat flour to get the best of these cookies.

The only thing you need to be careful about is the amount of water you use when making the cookies. Oatmeal and wholemeal flour are both excellent absorbers of water. That said, excess water will turn your cookies dry and hard, which is not the ideal texture for the cookies.

The pineapples and coconuts in this recipe are vital. They add the all-important tangy and sweet flavor to the cookies. It takes less than an hour to put these cookies together. Get the recipe. 

14. Pineapple coconut bread 

Like many other pineapples-coconut combinations, this dessert does not disappoint. This duo offers just the perfect flavors for your bread, and the best part is you need basic ingredients to put this recipe together. 

Having crushed pineapples and shredded coconuts in your fridge will help fix this dessert quickly. Besides the delicious flavor, this bread is fluffy with a soft texture and moist. The flavor from both coconut and pineapples is enough. You don’t need to add extra flavors when using the bread for your breakfast.

This bread is light and takes a shorter time to prepare. However, the baking time of the bread is extended. In addition, you must drain the juice from the pineapple to prevent the bread from getting mushy. Regardless of how you serve the bread, you will not regret it. Get the recipe

15. Pinaco Lada quick bread 


If you are a cooking enthusiast, you know how the result matters in food preparation. This bread recipe is light and slightly dense, bursting with coconut and pineapple flavors. The good news is the short time it takes to put this bread together. 

The reason it takes a shorter time to prepare is primarily because of the baking soda. Instead of using the standard yeast when preparing bread, this recipe calls for baking soda or powder. The baking soda and powder are responsible for the rising of the batter while the bread is baking. The bread doesn’t contain any alcoholic content, but you can add rum as part of the ingredients if you want the flavor.

You don’t need to knead the dough when preparing this recipe. This shortens the cooking and preparing time. The good news is you can customize the bread to your liking with the ingredients of your choice. Get the recipe.

16. Mango orange-pineapple trifle


The good news about this dessert is you can readily prepare it in advance for your guest or family. It can last in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Opt for a larger jar if you intend on feeding a large group.

It takes 20 minutes to prepare this dessert, making it a perfect alternative for your busy weeknights. Granola bars and toasted almonds give this dessert a crunchy texture and extra kick. 

Mango orange-pineapple trifle is versatile, and there are several ingredients you can use to prepare this dessert. Double cream, cream cheese, or clotted cream can all be used to make this trifle. Mangoes and pineapples are responsible for the tropical flavor of this dessert. Get the recipe.

17. Pineapple sheet cake

This cake is single-layered, and you can never go wrong with this recipe. It is a quick and easy recipe to put together and is usually moist and packed with flavor. The moistness and softness of the cake are brought by the pineapples and the drained pineapples juice. This cake does not require you to use any oil nor butter, but the cake is still super moist.

Sheet cakes are perfect for gatherings and celebrations. It is a simple cake to prepare and takes a maximum of 45 minutes to prepare and bake it. The toppings of the cake all depend on what you want for the cake. The cream cheese frosting complements the flavor of the pineapples.

Coconuts and pecans also blend well in this cake, and when incorporated inside the cake, it becomes difficult to figure out which one was layered first or last. Get the recipe.

18. No-bake pineapple pie with coconut cream


There are zero complications when it comes to preparing this dessert. Whipping the cream is the only thing you need to be careful about when making this dessert. Remember to use coconut cream and not coconut milk, as it alters the flavor of the whole dessert. That said, when buying the cans from the stores, it’s essential you cross-check to be sure.

Graham cracker crumbs make the best base for this dessert. It can withstand the different chilled toppings without turning the whole pie mushy. The good news is you only need six ingredients for this recipe. Also, there is no kneading of any dough which reduces the time taken to prepare the pie.

Roasted coconuts and whipped cream are some of the best toppings you can use for this delicious no-bake pie. Get the recipe.

19. Pineapple pretzel fluff

Are you looking for a perfect sweet and salty treat? Then, pineapple pretzel fluff is just what you need. This recipe is versatile, and you can either serve it as a dessert or side dish to the main meal. Pretzel pieces are essential in this recipe and are often prepared using loads of sugar and butter. The blend of butter and sugar is what creates the sweet-salty flavor for this dessert.

This dessert takes less than an hour to prepare. The best part is you can substitute the ingredients you don’t want in this recipe. It is vital to drain all the pineapple juice to prevent the dessert from getting mushy. You can also prepare this dessert salad ahead of time and serve it when ready for use. Get the recipe.

20. Caramelized pineapples sundae 

This is another tropical treat that you don’t want to miss making. If you like grilled pineapples, you will love this dessert because it’s more like that but with slight variations. The pineapples are dipped in a cinnamon sauce and coated with brown sugar, which gives them a deliciously unique flavor.

The combo between warm and cold desserts is usually epic. Vanilla cream then tops off the caramelized pineapples and adds a soft texture to the dessert. You can use other toppings like macadamia nuts and roasted coconuts; the dessert still has just the perfect flavor.

Fresh pineapples are the best for this treat, but canned pineapples go well. Get the recipe.

22. Grilled strawberry pineapple kebabs 

This recipe is versatile, and you can use it either as a dessert or a side dish to any BBQ dish you prepared. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this dessert. The ingredients required for this recipe are a handful and readily available.

The blend between pineapples and strawberries is delicious and one you shouldn’t miss trying out. Coating these summer fruits with bourbon before grilling elevates this dessert kebabs to a whole new level. Get the recipe.

23. Pineapple bundt cake 

This cake is packed with pineapple flavor, and above all, it is one of the simplest desserts to prepare. This cake is moist and takes only five ingredients to put together. This cake is versatile, and you can easily prepare it for any occasion. That said, whether you want a sweet treat or want dessert, this is the cake you should be preparing.

The ingredients required for this cake recipe are readily available. You can also swap the ingredients with your favorites. Whipped cream or berries are some of the toppings you get to use for this cake recipe. Get the recipe.

24. Pineapple bars 

The pineapple bars recipe almost resembles the preparation procedures of the upside-down pineapple cake. The critical difference is the upside-down cake has an extra amount of cake. This dessert’s preparation and cooking time is almost an hour, making it an easy treat to fix even on busy weeknights.

Canned pineapples are the best for this dessert, but you can also use crushed or cubed pineapples. The decision of what to go with for your toppings depends on your taste buds. Coconut flakes are some of the best toppings you can choose. Get the recipe.

25. Pineapple coconut thumbprint cookies 

This cookie takes about an hour to put together. Therefore, the instruction on preparing these cookies is quite long but worth every effort to bring the best of this treat. The texture of this dessert is soft and buttery, packed with various unique flavors. 

Pineapple jam is essential when preparing these cookies. However, finding this jam might not be a simple task, and you may have to find other substitutes. Get the recipe. 

25. Frosted pineapple cookies 

Cookies are some of the best desserts you can ever prepare and enjoy. Whether you prefer your cookies extra sweet, crispy, and chewy cookies will never disappoint, especially with several possibilities. The difficulty level of making these cookies is easy and takes less than half an hour to prepare.

The ingredients are easy to source, and most importantly, they are super delicious. You must drain the pineapple to avoid having soggy cookies. Regardless of the frosting, you are using, fill it in a Ziploc bag, then drizzle it on the already cool cookies. This helps reduce the workload when preparing the cookies. Get the recipe.

26. Candied pineapples 

These candies are the best way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Sometimes they are referred to as the crystallized pineapples. Candied pineapples are prepared using sugar syrup and pineapple pieces. This dessert begins by slicing the pineapples into small pieces before dipping them in sugar syrup for several days.

This recipe is for people who love trying new things in the kitchen and are open to learning about other cultures and food preparation methods. The sliced pineapples take about two weeks in the syrup before being fully prepared. However, there are several other recipes with shorter instructions and take a few hours.

This recipe is versatile. You can serve it as a side dish or enjoy it in its original form. It also comes out best when incorporated in fruit salads. Get the recipe. 

27. Southern pineapples casserole


Back in the day, when you attended parties and occasions, cheese and pineapples on a stick were some of the familiar recipes you would find on the table. This classic dish is super delicious with various flavors that blend perfectly, making it an addictive recipe that many people love.

Pineapple casserole is a dominant recipe over the holidays, making it a perfect side dish for many other foods. Creamy cheese makes the all-important difference when preparing this dish. Many people find it weird combining cheese and pineapples, but the taste is usually one you would enjoy.

This recipe might not be as healthy, but you might want to have a cheat day considering how good this dessert is. Get the recipe. 

28. Pineapple upside-down pancakes


This pineapple dessert recipe is easy to put together and comes with a little twist from the traditional methods of preparing pancakes. The ingredients needed are simple and readily available. The pancake recipe is retained with pineapple rings and cherries creating the all significant difference for this delicious dessert.

It is essential you dry the pineapple rings with paper towels as this ensures that the batter cooks well. For additional flavor, precook the pineapple rings in butter often flavored with cinnamon. It takes less than half an hour to prepare and bake this delicious dessert. Get the recipe

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