29 Pudding Desserts (Easy Recipe Ideas)

Most of us love pudding desserts because of the ease of indulging in the beautiful and creamy serving. They are easy to prepare and still offer rich flavors.

They spice up Summer and Spring get-togethers, dinner, breakfast, or fast snacks.

Their flavor can consist of tropical fruits or dairy additives to make them yummy.

Try my delicious  pudding desserts:

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vanilla pudding desserts

Sugar serves as their most common topping making sure the sweet flavor leaves you craving for more.

Here are some of the beautiful pudding delicacies;

1. Chocolate delight

It is a simple dessert to prepare with semi-prepared ingredients like instant pudding and cool whip. For example, a shortbread crust has cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and cool whip as its toppings.

What is most loveable about this dessert is how it delicately melts in your mouth with its intense smooth chocolate flavors. It is soft and smooth in texture due to the electric mixing. Furthermore, the pudding layers are even.

To make the dessert more enticing, add chopped pecans on top for more flavor and garnish the dessert.

Follow this link for the recipe.

2. Lemon Oreo dessert

It is an easy dessert to prepare that does not involve baking. What is fantastic about it is that extra incredible refreshing and tangy lemon flavor in the mixture. In addition, it is sweet due to the sweet cream cheese layer.

The Oreos form the base, while the topping has the cheese layer sprinkled with crushed golden oreo to garnish and add a crispy texture to the smooth, creamy tone.

On the inside, it is soft and quickly melts in your mouth as you enjoy every bit of it.

If you want to serve it cold, freeze it for a while, then serve to enjoy the magnified flavor of the pudding. Follow this link for the recipe.

3. Oreo fluff dessert

It is simple to prepare with only five ingredients and no baking making it less handy. Its sweetness is of the right amount that lights up your mood with every single Bite. Furthermore, it is enjoyed by anyone, even little kids.

The dessert is a perfect combination of Oreos with cool whip, cream cheese, and vanilla pudding.

These combine to make the dessert light and fluffy with adequate milk liquid for a dairy and liquid to mix the ingredients.

Smashed cookies form the base, unlike other desserts that serve the Oreo as a whole. However, the white dessert with brown Oreo pop-ups is delicious to enjoy.

Follow this link for the recipe.

4. Banana pudding cheesecake

If you love bananas, then this is an ideal dessert for you. It is sweet due to the sweet fruit powder on top, sugar, and whipped cream. The blondie crust bakes to form the cake, while the topping consists of nilla wafers for a crunchy texture.

It is easy to dig through the cake as it is moist and soft, but the cream cheese butter helps smoothen the cake. For the perfect dessert, serve it cold after withdrawing from the refrigerator.

Follow this link for the recipe.

5. Vanilla pudding recipe

The dessert is full of flavors and simple to prepare since you require a few ingredients. Sometimes the pudding is served as a snack. It is so delicious that you would not want to buy from any store once you taste homemade.

This time around, the pudding consists of cornstarch for thickening with some egg yolks for a protein flavor. In addition, butter combines with the pudding for thickness, while vanilla adds a tangy flavor to the pudding.

Fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are ideal for serving with the pudding for garnishing and tangy flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.

6. Lemon blueberry dessert

It is a dessert that is simple to prepare since there is no baking involved. But that does not mean that it is not delicious. In contrast, the dessert is diversely rich in flavors that will leave you craving for more once you taste the homemade dessert.

It consists of even fancy layers of a cracker crust, with sweet blueberry topping and tart lemon pudding. The combination is moist and quickly melts in your mouth as you enjoy it. At the topmost layer, a sprinkle for the crust garnishes the white pudding and adds a rough texture.

For this fantastic dessert, follow this link for the recipe.

7. Chocolate éclair cake

It is a no-bake dessert ideal for dinner or lunch. It utilizes a few ingredients to be as sweet and tasty as it is. They include pudding filling, graham crackers, and chocolate frosting. With those, you are sure to love every Bite.

In appearance, the pudding between the crackers makes the cake moist and soft beside the crunchiness from the crackers. In addition, the top most layer has milk chocolate frosting that adds the coffee flavor hence the desserts’ signature and texture. Also, it is frozen to serve cold to magnify the sweet flavors and soften further.

For the recipe, follow this link.


8. Mountain mama icebox cake

A thin crust characterizes the cake dessert but is heavy on pudding for the moist and soft texture. That makes it easy to enjoy every single Bite as it smoothly melts with flavors in your mouth.

Its layers consist of shortbread crust and chocolate pudding, cool whip, cream cheese, and vanilla pudding. All these are arranged systematically to form beautiful layers that have a delicious sight on the plate.

Chopped pecans and chocolate chips are ideal for topping and make it more desirable.

Follow this link for the recipe.

9. Caramel apple pie bread pudding 

This incredible dessert is a combination of bread, pudding, caramel, and apple pie, a must-try. So often, this combination busts out with a beautiful aroma, and so do the flavors. It is moist on the inside but a little hard to the top due to the caramel.

In appearance, the pudding dessert consists of layers of bread and pudding with a slippery caramel on the sides. In addition, for a more delicious taste, it is stored overnight to magnify the distinct taste of each ingredient.

The dessert is rich in tangy apple flavors that contribute to its signature flavor that we all love. Often, serve the pudding with vanilla ice cream.

Follow this recipe for a fantastic dessert.

10. Coconut cream lush

This fabulous dessert is full of flavors, and its layers of ingredients systematically form a perfectly layered cake. The bottom layer is crusty to hold the pudding ingredients like cream cheese layer and coconut cream custard.

To garnish the cake, sprinkle toasted coconut and pecan pieces to have exquisite diverse flavors. The dessert appearance is worth a million bucks and will leave you craving for more. Moreover, no baking; hence the preparation is effortless.

Every Bite of the cake melts in your mouth with flavors; hence it serves as a regular companion to many meals on different occasions.

Follow this link for the recipe.

11. Chocolate peanut butter layer dessert

This is one of the tastiest peanut butter desserts. Its rich ingredients and flavor with a perfect decoration on the top. It magnificently presents itself when served. The ingredients used to make this a worthwhile dessert are plenty and generously used.

They include a salty and sweet crust that holds the rest of the pudding. The pudding consists of whipped cream, peanut butter layer, hot fudge, and chocolate pudding. All these form a moist and soft layer of delicious delicacy.

The top has a great pattern to garnish and make the dessert attractive. Since it is easy to prepare the dessert, follow this link for the recipe.

12. Lemon pudding cake

This delicious dessert is served anytime, and it is rich in lemon flavor. Preparing it is effortless since there is no need to frost it. It comes with its topping. In its texture, it is creamy and soft.

The desert is rich in tangy lemon flavor due to the lemon zest and lemon juice—furthermore, the milk’s dairy flavor and the sweet taste from the sugar powder toppings for garnishing.

All these combinations result in the sweet brown-colored dessert that you would not want to miss for your dinner.

Follow this link for an easy recipe.

13. Banana pudding trifle

This delicious dessert will spice up your party with its mouth-watering flavors. It features layers of nilla wafers, thick and creamy whipped cream, sliced bananas, and vanilla pudding. With every scoop of the dessert, you will create memories that will leave you craving more.

In appearance, the wafers slices seem to be covered by the pudding, forming its spectacular white sight that is so appealing when served. It is ideal for summer and spring entertainment when served cold and creamy.

In texture, the trifle is moist with sweet flavors, making it easy to dig into with a fork and melts deliciously in your mouth.

Follow this link for the perfect recipe.

14. Coffee panna cotta

This pudding is unique, easy to prepare, and yummy. Espresso coffee, its main ingredient, adds a slightly bitter flavor to the dessert, which compliments the layers of creamy and vegetarian gelatin with chocolate.

It requires baking, hence are no risks of overcooking or undercooking. The dessert comes with a chocolate top layer to garnish and add sweet coffee flavor. Moreover, the pudding is easy to enjoy since it is soft, and you will enjoy every Bite.

Follow this link for the beautiful espresso dessert recipe.

15. Chocolate lasagna

This is a perfect effortless dessert for Spring entertainment. It comes with layers of chocolate pudding, fluffy cheesecake, Oreo cookies, and cool whip. Its best topping is the tiny chocolate chips.

The desert is rich in coffee chocolate flavor. Moreover, it is moist and soft with a crunchy base to hold the pudding hence the best fantastic dessert to enjoy with your family during summer. The ingredients are readily available at our kitchen or nearest grocery stores. It would be best if you served the delicious dessert cold to enjoy every single Bite.

Follow this link for the recipe.

16. Slow cooker brownie pudding

It is a simple recipe to prepare though it requires patience to have it ready. Regardless, you will have the most delicious combination of pudding mix and brownie mix. Its chocolate flavor is incredibly out of this world.

For the perfect result, look out for the type of crockpot you use, comprehensive, shallow, and the time you plan to cook it until the edges stop being raw-looking or shiny. Of course, you can also decide to have it sugar-free. That’s the significant reason you wouldn’t want to miss it on your party list desserts.

Once ready, you can serve it with whipped cream for a moist and soft texture. Follow this link for the recipe.

17. Pistachio icebox cake

It is a simple no-baking dessert with systematically arranged layers to form a beautiful and delicious cake. The cake appears to have three colors: brown, light green, and white, hence an attractive sight.

Its layers consist of chopped nuts, whipped topping, graham crackers, and pistachio pudding. It is best to serve when cold hence requires refrigeration. You can add extra toppings of crushed candy, fruits, or chocolate syrup to spice it up.

Its texture is soft and melts to leave your mouth yearning for more.

Follow this link for the recipe.

18. Rhubard pudding bars

This delicious dessert is signified by its tart flavor and the perfect layers of creamy pudding with a sweet flavor. I can highly recommend them for the spring season. Their crusts are crunchy due to the graham cracker crumb at the bottom.

In the middle, it’s where you have a boiled rhubarb sweetened with sugar and strawberry jello that adds a red color and sweet flavor. Furthermore, it is soft and easy to absorb the surrounding flavor easily.

Finally, a layer of fluffy marshmallows top the dessert with extra vanilla pudding and whipped cream for a creamy texture that contrasts the crunchy crust and the tart flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.

19. Piggy pie dessert

This recipe is ideal for anyone, regardless of their age or the time of the year. It has been a popular dessert for a long time, and it factors a baked crust with vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, and sweet cream cheese layer.

When serving, decorate the dessert with shaved chocolate or buttery toffee bits. What I love more about the dessert is that you can have the flavor to your liking. For example, Cherry pie filling is a good substitute for vanilla pudding and adds a sweet and tart flavor to the dessert.

It presents itself with the most incredible, deliciously arranged layers.

Follow this link for the recipe.

20. Indian bread pudding

 This Indian dessert version is unique and spices up your dinner with a touch of ghee-fried bread in sugar syrup and rabri. The great pudding combines sweet sauce and sweet bread.

The ingredients are mixed in milk and cooked to thicken, forming the milk pudding while almonds and pistachios top the pudding. Furthermore, fried bread triangular pieces are dipped into the pudding for it to become a complete meal.

Some nuts are also sprinkled to add a nutty flavor hence making it a richly flavored dessert.

Follow this link for the recipe.

21. Mango shrikhand

This dessert is flavorful with mango chunks and pistachios garnishing the yogurt and mangoes. All this enriches the dessert with a tropical flavor in addition to the dairy flavor from the yogurt.

Its creamy and smooth texture is best served chilled, or you can add hot pooris to spice it up. The uniqueness in this dessert’s ingredients combination has won over the hearts of many. That adds to the list of the most loved desserts in India.

Once the ingredients are set, it takes the shortest time to be ready hence the benefits of being less handy.

Follow this link for the recipe.

22.Orange Basundi


This dessert is easy to prepare and involves combining milk and orange. Though it may sound absurd, it is one of the best mixtures of tropical and tropical flavors you can come across.

It is creamy and soft and has few ingredients to make it flavorful such as green cardamom powder, oranges, orange segments, and orange rid. Moreover, these being mainly fruits, it is an ideal dessert for vegetarians.

Follow this link for the recipe.

23. Dates Payasam


This is one of the ideal desserts for summer since it is served chilled. It is also one of the few pudding desserts without artificial sweetening additives. That is because dates add a naturally sweet flavor to the dessert.

It is simple to prepare, and its ingredients are few and readily available. They include milk, chopped nuts for a nutty flavor, and dry ginger for a tangy, spicy taste. Furthermore, you can add condensed coconut milk or milk to magnify the dessert’s flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.

24. Thai mango pudding

Mango puddings are unique and lit up meals with their color and exquisite flavor. They out way the usual milk and cream pudding with their tropical charm. Furthermore, they are refreshing, exciting, and delicious.

With the mangoes’ sweet and mild citric flavor, you do not need artificial additives to enrich your dessert. In addition, unlike other desserts, it is non-baked hence quick to prepare. Coconut milk is also a great additive to the pudding for thickening and dairy flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.

25. Mung bean pudding

It is effortless to prepare this dessert that comes in the shape of a sweet cake. The dessert is often served as a light snack during parties or get-togethers. Its texture is soft and silk, making it easy to enjoy.

The dessert is also rich in flavor due to the ingredients, such as sesame seeds, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, and mug beans. These make it nutty, creamy, and sweet in flavor hence a distinctly delicious flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.

26. Lemon crème brulee

One of the best desserts to serve lemon lovers is the dessert factors creamy lemon custard and caramelized sugar topping. Moreover, the soft baked pudding contains egg, lemon zest, and sugar mixture smooth in texture.

The lemon adds the tropical spice to the dessert contrasting the dairy flavor monopoly from the eggs, for it to be at its best when serving, re-chill so that all the flavor is magnified.

Follow this link for the recipe.

27. Creamy rice pudding

It is a unique dessert that is creamy and incredibly delicious. The ingredients needed for the preparation are few, making an effort for the cooking less. All you need is rice, granulated sugar, cream, and milk.

The boiled milk with rice makes the white pudding in which you add the egg yolk and stir till the yolk is smooth and not scrambled. Moreover, before you serve, add, refrigerate to chill, and thicken for the best results. This pudding helps introduce a new rice recipe besides the usual boiled or fried rice.

Follow this link for the recipe.

28. No-bake s’mores pie

It is a summer and spring ideal dessert that you will love all its flavor and texture factors. The bottom is made of the graham cracker crust, a fluffy marshmallow meringue topping, and a chocolate topping.

The middle of the dessert is moist and soft with perfectly arranged layers of ingredients. When serving, you can have a beautiful dessert pattern by spreading the topping the way you love it.

It is always best to serve it chilled; hence all the chocolate flavor will be easy to feel, making your taste buds light up.

Follow this link for the recipe.

29. Watergate lush dessert

The delicious dessert is easy to prepare and combines pineapple, pecan, and pistachio mixture. Moreover, a few nuts are added for a nutty flavor that compliments the tropical fruit flavor.

In addition to its flavor, the dessert beautifully presents itself with a bright green color to entice your eyes, while a soft and moist layer of pudding awakens your taste buds. The dessert is topped with marshmallows to garnish it. Finally, you can always refrigerate it before serving for the best flavor.

Follow this link for the recipe.


All these delicious and beautiful desserts are prepared with few and readily available ingredients. But sure, they will awaken your taste buds with their moist and soft texture flavored layers.

They are ideal for many affairs and are fast to put together. Hopefully, one or more of these amazing recipes will be a possible trial for your dinner.

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