The 5 Best Quiet Garbage Disposal – Why You Need It


As a homeowner in any of the cities here in America, you must be familiar with a garbage disposal. This is a kitchen appliance that is installed under the kitchen sink between the trap and sinks drain.

Its purpose is to shred the food waste to small pieces so that they can pass the drainage pipes.

It’s electrically powered and it reduces your garbage bill massively. Traditionally, we used to toss the food leftovers into the garbage bins. It was your duty to scrap all the food scrambles from your dish before putting it in the sink otherwise the small food pieces would block your sink.

This would allow for bacterial growth in the kitchen bin that would ultimately become hazardous. With the invention of the garbage disposal, your workload is reduced. Your home also remains fresh and free of bacteria.

The only problem with this item though is that it’s mostly so noisy as it’s grinding the food remains. In fact, I just can’t stand the noise after a tough day at work. So recently, I embarked on a journey to find the quiet one. If this is what you have been looking for, read on to see what works for you.

Waste King Garbage Disposal with Power Cord
Waste King Garbage Disposal with Power Cord
  • HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: EZ Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation, removable splashguard for easy cleaning
  • 20 YEAR PROTECTION: 20-year Limited



The garbage disposal is mostly similar however there are two distinct types as you will see below

The batch feed

This design requires you to feed your disposal unit with the food waste until its full. After its full, you then turn the switch on the stopper so that the blades begin grinding the waste.


  • It’s good for those who have a small amount of waste to dispose of often.
  • They have stoppers and covers to keep foreign items from getting into the garbage unit.
  • It’s a safer model compared to the continuous one. You must fill its chambers fast before you power it. Even if there are accidental foreign items in the disposal unit, it doesn’t jam easily because you may find it before you begin grinding.


  • Not suitable for a household producing a large amount of garbage a day as it takes more time to get rid of it.
  • They are costly.

Continuous feed type

This one continues to grind the waste if you have turned it on. Most people prefer it for the large household because you can turn it on as you wash the utensils and it will grind the waste.


  • It’s appropriate for those with large food waste. You don’t have to wait till the can is full. It can grind as you clean.
  • It helps you clean your kitchen fully because you do the grinding as you continue to clean your house.
  • They are reasonably priced.


  • There’s an increase in your water bill because the gadget requires you to run cold water as you are grinding the waste.
  • Not appropriate for a house with small children because they could stick their hands in the machine as it’s grinding continuously. Safety precautions should be taken.

Features of a good garbage disposal


Off course, there are many models to choose from and without the right knowledge of features to look out for, it’s not easy to choose. Below are the features you need to observe.

  • The auto reverse function

Sometimes, the garbage disposal jams because of its inability to clear all the waste on the sides of the can. If it has the auto reverse function, this will help it clear all the waste because of the reverse grinding function.

Alternatively, choose the ones that have the blade oscillating function because it will help with the cleaning.

  • The horsepower rating

Consider the kind of waste you put in your garbage disposal. If you mostly dispose bones and hard veggies, you will need a garbage disposal with 1HP motor or more. This will grind your waste finely and faster regardless of the hardness.

  • Does it have an electric cord?

A garbage disposal that has an electric cord is easy to use with an electric outlet thus saving you money. One that has no electric cord will cost you for wiring it up.

  • The neck mount feature

Most homeowners avoid the plumber’s cost by fixing the disposal themselves. Although most garbage disposals have the neck mount feature for easy mounting, you may need help since the disposal is usually heavy.

  • The grinding chambers

You need a garbage disposal that has stainless steel chambers. This is because of their stability and durability. I mean, no one wants chamber materials that will get destroyed within a short frame of time.

  • Does it give you a warranty?


Every high-quality item will have a longer warranty because the manufacturer is sure their products are high quality. I mean, that just the general rule of the thumb.


  • The grinding power


The grinding power will make a difference in your disposal’s performance and durability. You can invest in one that has a ½ horsepower motor or 1 horsepower motor. Just remember the more the horsepower the higher the effectivity.

I, however, discourage people from buying one with less than ½ HP. This is because they don’t finely grind the food waste and when you frequently have bone wastes or hard veggies like carrots you risk destroying it.

Other damages include clogging your pipes leading to extra expenses from the plumbing companies. For your safety, buy the higher power ones.

  • The disposal switches and connections

For the most part, the garbage disposal and your sink’s drainage outlet interlock. This helps to simplify the connection. They also have adapters and connection kits as the accessories within the package. I prefer the ones with power cords that you simply plug into an electric outlet nearby.

The other option is hardwired garbage disposal option. Note that, it’s expensive because of the need for wiring. If you intend to buy a continuous feed disposal, chances are you will have the switches that are electrical, countertop air pressure switch or wall mounted ones.

In this case, an air pressure switch is safe as it guards you against the shocks and it’s easy to fix as you don’t need to place the different wires on the wall.

On the other hand, the batch feed types don’t use switches because they start at the turn down of the drainage plug. Remember to buy a model that keeps you safe from the electrocution.

  • How about the sound or the quieter models?


As much as you would want to test a garbage disposal, you can’t. This makes it hard to tell whether the device is noisy. Either way, don’t go for trial and error since this is a long-term investment. Generally, the bigger and heavier garbage disposal is often quieter.

Make sure you properly fit it under the sink though. Worry not though because the modern models use the sound dampening technology. But this doesn’t mean that they are noise-free.

How to install a garbage disposal


Questions to ask before buying a garbage disposal

  • Is it allowed in my community?

Confirm with your municipality if they allow the use of garbage disposal. This is essential because your house may be linked to the community sewer system and unless it can handle the waste, then you will have wasted your money buying it.

  • What if you have a septic tank?

You may have the septic tank for waste disposal, but can it handle your food waste? You see if your home has its own septic tank, you may need to upgrade it as per your municipality standard before installing your garbage disposal.

Your inspector can tell you if you need an upgrade but be informed that you will have to empty it more often than you used to.

  • The status of your home plumbing

Ask yourself if your plumbing can handle extra waste. This is effective if you have a superior plumbing system at home. Avoid installing a garbage disposal if you frequently have clogs or backups.

  • Is it worth it?

Installing a garbage disposal means you increase your water usage. Do you really need it? Remember, with this item, you must increase the water bill.

Reasons why you need a quiet garbage disposal


  • They operate quietly

Although the initial garbage disposals were noisy, the modern ones are quiet sometimes to the level of humming. This allows you to go about your day without distraction.

  • It’s an eco-friendly choice to some extent

The grinding of food waste reduces the amount of waste you must live out for pick up. This means that you have reduced the waste going to be buried in the landfills and thus conserving your land.

  • It’s generally convenient

Most people have a messy kitchen once they have prepped a meal. it gets easier to clean when you stuff all the food waste into the drain. You can even grind it immediately so that you enjoy the clean ambiance of your kitchen through the day.

  • It’s somewhat cost effective

The system is designed to operate in short bursts which regulate the amount of electricity you use as well as the time you invest in the process thus cutting on costs.

  • It increases your home value

If you have a quiet garbage disposal in your kitchen and you intend to sell your home, chances are that you will sell the home at a greater value than your competitors.


American standard garbage disposal

1.  American Standard ASD-1250, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer, 1.25 HP

American Standard ASD-1250 Torque Master Kitchen, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer, 1.25 HP with Bio-Shield and Silver Guard

View on Amazon

This is your 1.25 high power disposer that works at a high speed. Since we are looking for a quieter model, this is a suitable choice as it has an insulated sound shell to keep the operational sound down.

So far, it’s the only disposer I have come across that treats food odor and microbial growth within the disposer. It does all this using the bio-shield which is mounted into the disposal.

Since it’s a powerful design, it handles from hard to soft food items and it’s compatible with your septic tank system. With its torque grinding system which features the computer design working with the disposal components, it delivers a powerful grind and at a high speed.

This balanced components within the disposal minimize noise and vibration when grinding. Its stainless-steel chambers enhance the durability and the chambers are corrosion resistant.

It gives you the luxury of the DIY operations especially since you need no expertise in electricity. It comes with a pre-installed power cord. How easy can it get?

When it comes to the installation and cleaning, there’s no need to scratch your head at the thought of the work involved. It features a 3-bolt mounting system and a removable splash guard. You don’t need a new sink because it will work with regular sinks.

Whisper quiet garbage disposal

2. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP

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Look at this one, doesn’t it just have a compact design and sturdy construction?

This is your easy answer to keeping your kitchen clean. With its permanently installed 1HP motor, it will finely grind your food scraps in minutes. It uses the sound insulate and you rarely hear of it jamming.

Most people love it because it syncs up with their septic tanks. Therefore, if you have the perfect size of a septic tank this gadget will work for you.

The item is very easy to install you can trust me on this because it’s the one I use. I mean, you need no expertise. It comes with an EZ mount system included in the package. You only need to twist this then lock it into position.

All the hardware you will need for this process is given and you can only spare 15 minutes. It even has a 32-inch power cord and its removable splash guard makes cleaning it a breeze.

This continuous feed disposal has a manual reset button that shuts the item off when you have overloaded it and it will wait for you to press the running button to begin working again. It is powered using the wall switch or air switch on the sink for enhanced safety.

Smallest garbage disposal

3. Moen GXP33C GX PRO Series 1/3 hp Garbage Disposal

Moen GXP33C GX PRO Series 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, Power Cord Included

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From the list, this is the smallest garbage disposal. But, don’t underestimate it because it will give you a powerful grind with its 1/3 HP motor. The item comes with a pre-installed power cord. Thus, you need no electrician or plumber it’s a DIY form of installation.

For easy installation, it has a 3-bolt universal express. You only need to position the disposal, twist it and lock it when its firmly into place. Since its small, it leaves a lot more space under your sink. Moen features a continuous feed model that breaks down your scraps as often as you let it.

You are probably wondering where it gets its power from. The gadget has a high-speed vortex motor that is magnetic. Once you power it, it works at a high speed until you stop it. With this kind of speed and power, there are no chances for jamming.

Quietest disposal

4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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Now, this is a high-performing garbage disposal unit. It focuses on making your operation the quietest. It utilizes all the sound seal tech of the evolution excel components.

It features the advanced level of insulation, connections that reduce vibration and a quiet collar sink baffle that reduces the noise from the sink opening. There isn’t yet another disposal with such a defined structure to reduce the noise to the ultra-minimum.

It features a 1HP motor for the grinding process but it uses 3 more stages to grind the food scrapes even finer. This helps to wash the liquid away. Be it your fruits, veggies or bones the grinder has the capacity to grind the toughest and softest food scrapes.

The design and technology mean jamming is rare but if it does there’s a system to unlock it. The evolution has a jam sensor circuit that will increase the torque when there is a jam.

Also, it has the auto reverse system which lets the disposal reverse its direction when it senses that a jam is unavoidable. With all these features and still a 4-year warranty, this is basically the best disposal available in the market.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Compact, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed

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This item like the previous one utilizes its components to deliver the quietest performance. With its sound seal technology, no guest will ever notice its presence in your house.

It has advanced level insulation and connections that reduce the vibration as well as a quiet sink collar baffle. All this help to reduce the noise to the low minimum.

The disposal features a ¾ HP dura drive motor that powerfully grinds the food scraps. In addition, it uses two stages of the multigrind tech to further split the food into smaller particles or pulp that will wash away faster.

Notice that this item has large chambers to allow for the increased volume of food waste grinding. It’s made using the stainless-steel material which is durable and corrosion resistant even when frequently exposed to water. The stainless steel further complements your kitchen décor.

For the installation, like the previous one, it features a quick lock system that makes it easy to install. The best part is that all the things you need to install your disposal are in the package.

Waste king vs insinkerator disposal

Both the waste king and insinkerator disposals are popular among consumers. The battle over who is more effective and which is the superior standard brand isn’t about to end. We aren’t here to join the competition rather just highlight the best features of each.GARBAGE DISPOSAL

We then let you decide which one is best.

  • At a glance

Insinkerator has two famous lines of the brand. The Badger line and the Evolution line. The badger is the old model that has been in the industry since the invention of disposals.

The Evolution, on the other hand, is a renovated, modern and featuring every available new technology in the market.

The waste king here also has two lines. The EZ mount system and 3 bolt mount system. The EZ mount disposal is modern and easy to install than the 3-mount system. The waste king disposal comes at the different power level and price range.

  • Their power and performance

Here we don’t see much difference as both brands have different power level and capability. Therefore, it’s upon you to choose a unit depending on your needs. A good unit should be powerful so that it will frequently deal with more food waste.

  • The pricing range

Here, you realize that waste king costs less than insinkerator. In fact, the waste king will give you a motor that operates at a high rate per minute and long warranty duration. If you are on a budget and are looking for the value of your money then buy the waste king.

  • Effectivity: multiple grinding stages

The evolution here utilizes the latest technology to bring you more than one level of grinding. This ensures that you don’t have chunks left on your filter. It further reduces the tendency to clog.

Waste king only utilizes its power motor no use of multiple grinding stages.

  • Size vs grinding space

The insinkerator is more compact when it comes to size. Therefore, if you have a small space, use insinkerator. The waste king is usually large in size and holding larger grinding space than insinkerator.

  • Noise

The older badger model was noisy and irritating but the new models of both brands are quieter. However, if you are interested in the quieter version then choose the Evolution insinkerator. They operate in a humming sound.

This means that the sound technology of the insinkerator is more effective than the waste king. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t use the waste king comfortably.

  • The power cord

There are complaints that the insinkerator doesn’t include the power cord which means you purchase it thus extra cost. Waste king always includes its power cord.

  • The body material

The insinkerator has higher quality material. The waste king uses plastic for its body and mounting flange neck which is easy to break. But, the insinkerator uses strong metal mounting flange and body. This means that the insinkerator is strongly built.

  • Reset button location

The reset button is always needed when your disposal jams or you have a clog. The waste king has placed its reset button at the top while that of the insinkerator is at the bottom and hard to reach.

  • Easier water drainage

The splash guard aids in the water drainage. The waste king one is not placed correctly which makes drainage take time compared to the insinkerator.

For me, the insinkerator will cost me more, I would gladly buy it for it has better features that I need than the waste king.



  • They are budget friendly compared to other brands that are on the same level.
  • Most of them are quieter yet efficient at work.
  • Their grinders are made using stainless steel thus durable.


  • Their bodies are made of plastic which badly influences their longevity.
  • Their water drainage system makes it hard to splash out water quicker.


Having a garbage drainage has more benefits than you would ever think of. Thus, buying one should be something to contemplate.

From the list, the best garbage disposal is InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal. I prefer it because of its effectivity at work.

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