22 Recipes With Pancake Mix – What Can You Make With Pancake Mix

Pancake mix is an ingredient that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen pantry. There are many things you can do with pancake mix besides making pancakes.

A box pancake mix comes in handy when you intend on preparing a quick breakfast or delicious dinner without having to break a sweat. 

Hong Kong mango pancake

This mix can last in your kitchen cabinet for long periods. The best is to buy this ingredient in bulk as you can use it for other purposes apart from pancakes.

Pancake doughnuts, muffins, and churros are recipes you can make using pancake mix. The recipes vary in which some may be easy while others are complex.

The possibilities are endless when you have pancake mix in your pantry. It’s all about patience and time to create whatever recipe you desire.

Pancake mix ingredient is one of the cheapest stuff you can get from a grocery store.

Here is a list of some of the recipes you can prepare using pancake mix.

1. Pancake mix donuts with maple glaze 

No one would imagine that pancake mix can make super donuts. However, eating these donuts will make you forget about the regular pancakes you have been devouring.

The fact that it’s homemade makes it even better because you get to add ingredients and spices of your choice.

A maple extract is a game-changer when preparing these donuts. Finding an authentic maple extract isn’t a simple task.

That said, you can replace it with maple syrup. You can add a little twist by using sprinkles as your topping. Get the recipe.  

2. Pancake mix biscuits 

If you are craving biscuits and have pancake mix in your kitchen cabinet, then you are in luck. The biscuits are delicious and super easy to fix as you only need four ingredients.

The best will be to prepare them in batches. However, you can double the ingredients if you are feeding many people.

Whether you decide to dunk the biscuits in milk or slice them open and add ingredients such as bacon and eggs, you will love the crunchy exterior texture and flavor. Get the recipe

3. Pancake mix muffins 

Besides being one of the easiest muffins to put together, you can easily modify it with the ingredients of your choice.

The ingredients are readily available in the stores. You can also try new ingredients and toppings if what you need isn’t available.

It’s a 15-minute recipe which means you can have it for breakfast or dinner during those busy weeknights. Get the recipe  

4. Pancake mix crepes 

This might be the most extraordinary when it comes to pancake mix recipes. The process of making this recipe isn’t straightforward because of the crepes.

They are hard to deal with, but the process becomes super easy with pancake mix involved.

Baking the crepes becomes cumbersome, especially when they are uneven. This makes them cook unevenly.

The best technique to get the best of the crepes is to cut them evenly. That way, they will bake evenly. 

They also tend to break when flipping, so you want to keep your pan well greased to prevent breaking them into pieces. Get the recipe.

5. Chocolate chip scones with pancake mix.

The chocolate chip ingredient in this recipe creates the all-important difference. This treat is versatile, and you can either use them for breakfast or dinner. 

Pancake mix is an essential ingredient when making this recipe, especially when you don’t intend on staying in the kitchen for long.

The good news is you can take out ingredients you don’t want and replace them with your favorites. Get the recipe. 

6. Pancake mix protein brownies

This treat takes less than an hour to prepare. You don’t need any fancy ingredients for this recipe, and you can easily replace ingredients you don’t desire.

The mixing process is essential when making this recipe.

You need to be careful because overmixing the ingredients will make your brownies heavy and dense. Get the recipe

7. Pancake on a stick 

This recipe may sound weird, but on the brighter side, it’s super delicious. It involves the use of other ingredients such as sausages and pancake mix.

You can get other versions of this dish in the stores, but nothing beats a homemade recipe.

It is the perfect breakfast dish for large crowds. Coating your sausages in cinnamon is essential for extra flavors.

The good news is you can freeze the sticks and store them and serve them warm when ready to use. Get the recipe. 

8. Banana pancake mix 

This recipe will interest you if you are a banana lover. The pancakes are super delicious with a perfectly balanced flavor.

However, consider spreading peanut butter between the pancakes if you want an extra quintessential flavor. This combo creates a sweet and salty flavor to the pancakes

Fresh bananas are a key to getting the best of this recipe as they infuse the pancakes with a robust sweet-tangy flavor.

Nutella can also work as a replacement for peanut butter without overpowering the other ingredients. Get the recipe.  

9. Breakfast pizza with pancake mix crust 

The difference between this pizza recipe and others is, it doesn’t use a traditional crust.

Instead, the base for this pizza breakfast is a pancake mix crust. The best part is that you don’t have to prepare the dough like other pizza recipes. 

Like other pizza recipes, you can modify this breakfast pizza recipe with the ingredients of your choice without messing with the flavor.

It takes about 40 minutes to prepare and bake this recipe. But it’s worth a try. Get the recipe. 

9. Deep-fried Oreos

Deep-fried Oreos are treats that everyone enjoys devouring. This recipe will end your cravings as first as possible because you need only six ingredients to put it together.

You will find them sold in local stands, but they usually aren’t as good as homemade ones.

You must use a paper towel to dry and remove excess grease after removing them from the fryer.

The only limitation with this recipe is that the Oreos are best served warm, so you cannot prepare the treats ahead of time. Get the recipe.

10. Pancake mix raspberry cinnamon rolls 

Cinnamon rolls are a versatile dish prepared differently across the world. The ingredients used in preparing these rolls create a significant difference in flavor.

Combining them with pancake mix will make them even better as it gives them a soft texture.

With this recipe, it’s all about perfecting your skills. Knowing how to make them using pancake mix might be challenging, but once you master this art, you won’t ever need to enjoy these rolls from the stores.

Toasting these rolls is also possible. Get the recipe.  

11. Sheet pan pancakes with a pancake mix 

There is no significant difference between this recipe and the standard pancakes. The only difference comes from the size in which the sheet pancakes are larger than the standard version ones.

It is the best version of pancakes when hosting parties because you can readily cut them into small sizes when serving.

You also don’t need a skillet to prepare this dish. A sheet pan will save you all the hassle as you get to bake everything in a single pan.

The better part is there is no flipping required as the pancakes bake from both sides.

The toppings of the pancakes depend on you. It’s a simple recipe to fix, and you can easily involve your kids too. Get the recipe. 

12. Nutty toffee bars 

It looks weird, but you can make toffee bars from pancake mix. The best thing about pancake mix is that it shortens your work.

So, if you are in a hurry and need something quick to fix, pancake mix is the best option.

Well, you can make your mix from scratch if you don’t have this mix in your pantry. The ingredients needed for this recipe are a handful, making it easy to fix. Get the recipe.  

13. Slow-cooker chicken and dumplings 

Chicken and dumplings are a marriage that everyone enjoys. There are several ways of preparing this recipe with the ingredients of your choice.

This recipe calls for biscuit cuts, often used as topping for dumplings. However, you can opt for the more straightforward way: to use the pancake mix and milk. 

 All these ingredients are baked in a crockpot, which means everything gets simmered. It’s the perfect dish for dinner. Get the recipe

14. Sugar-free blueberry pancake bundt cake 


Well, sugar-free cakes are not my very best cakes. However, I find them tasteless, but it all depends on taste and preference. It also depends on the method of preparation, and as a result, you may find tasteless cakes that are super delicious. 

In this case, though, you will not even realize that sugar is missing. It is super delicious and goes perfectly well with other treats. Some people have often used this cake for breakfast or dinner.

Most baking mixes in the stores can create perfect pancakes.

However, it would be best to go for the sugar-free mix for this recipe because many in the stores contain added sugars. Get the recipe

14. Buttermilk biscuits with pancake mix 

Generally, pancake mix has been used in different recipes to create biscuits.

With other ingredients such as buttermilk, you will have a most delicious biscuit. The flavors are also perfectly balanced when you use pancake mix.

You only need three ingredients for this recipe. The good news is the biscuits are often more robust than those made with standard baking mixes.

They also don’t crumble easily. Biscuits pair well with almost everything, and it’s upon you to decide whether to use them for breakfast, dinner, or lunch. Get the recipe.

15. Pancake mix blueberry muffins 


The combo between blueberry muffins and pancakes will result in an epic dish. Blueberries are versatile fruits and blend well with most pancake mix recipes.

The key is to use fresh blueberries and not frozen ones since they contain excess water, which will make your muffins soggy.

These muffins are super easy to make and the perfect snack for kids. Using pancake mix to make the muffins shortens your time in the kitchen as you don’t have to measure most of the ingredients.

The good news is you only need five ingredients and less than half an hour to bake these muffins. Get the recipe.

Coffee cake pancake recipes 

There are several ways you can put your pancake mix into use. One of the ways is to make coffee cakes which you can either use for breakfast or dinner.

Most recipes that call for pancake mix ingredients are usually easy to fix, and the best part, decadent.

This recipe comes together with the inclusion and combination of other ingredients. Here are some cake recipes you can prepare using pancake mix.

16. Chocolate chip pancake mix coffee cake

Pancake mix comes in handy for this recipe, mainly because you don’t need to begin from scratch when making the dough.

It takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish, depending on the availability of ingredients.

You can get creative and customize this cake with whatever topping you prefer. Glazing the cake isn’t a must, but glaze with cinnamon if you want extra sweetness. Get the recipe.  

17. Blueberry coffee cake

This is the perfect cake recipe if you want to impress your guest. It is intimidating considering how many ingredients you have to use and how long you will take in the kitchen.

However, it is a simple recipe, and the ingredients are readily available in the stores.

The pancake mix blended with cream cheese and streusel topping elevates this cake to a whole new level.

You don’t have to stick with the toppings if you don’t love any of them. Replace them with your favorite. Get the recipe.

18. Maple coffee cake 

This cake is rich and tender, perfect for any occasion. It is a straightforward recipe that calls for the combination of maple syrup and pancake mix, and you are as good as done.

Coffee cakes are versatile, which means you can enjoy them at any time.

The trick to getting the best of this recipe is not to overmix the batter. The best is to use a stand mixer to get the best of the batter without overdoing it.

The only limitation is the price of real maple, which is slightly high but worth every penny because of the authentic flavor it brings to the cake. Get the recipe

19. Cinnamon streusel Bisquick coffee cake 


This cake is buttery and moist. The star of this cake recipe comes through the streusel topping. The baking mix comes in handy when you don’t have time to read and mix ingredients.

This Bisquick pancake mix is a shortcut to creating this cake in a few minutes. 

You need to be keen when measuring the ingredients needed for this recipe. A bit high on the measurements, and you have yourself a dry cake.

Overbaking will also cost you when it comes to flavor and taste. Get the recipe.  

Funnel cake recipes using pancake mix 

Funnel cakes are famous in America. The versatility of this cake makes it a go-to option, especially when it comes to the toppings and the availability of ingredients.

Funnel cakes usually have a fried doughnut flavor, so most people, especially kids, love this recipe.

This cake recipe gets its name from the techniques used while making it.

Like the pancake batter, the batter is poured straight into hot oil through a funnel, thus the name funnel cake. Here are funnel cake recipes you should try preparing.

 20. Funnel cake bites with pancake mix 

You don’t have to travel to the Texas state fair to enjoy these delicious treats. Instead, you can quickly turn your home into a texas fair by preparing these cake bites straight from your oven.

It is a simple recipe with slight variations from the original version primarily because of the ingredients. 

Using pancake mix to make this cake makes your work relatively more manageable as you don’t have to begin from scratch.

Your oil temperature should be optimum for you to get perfect cake bites. Excess heat will make your cake bites dry. Get the recipe.

21. Pancake mix funnel cake 


Pancake mix has many uses, and one of them is to make this decadent funnel cake. Even if you cannot reach fair, this dessert is one you can’t resist because of its goodness.

Usually, it is topped with ingredients such as whipped cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate.

You don’t need a natural funnel to prepare this cake. Instead, you can use plastic bottles or Ziploc bags to squeeze the batter into the hot oil.

This cake might be intimidating, but your work is cut almost by half with pancake mix. Get the recipe.

Pumpkin cake recipes using pancake mix 

You don’t have to make pancakes using pancakes. Instead, you can prepare other recipes using pancakes mix, such as pumpkin cakes.

The good news is that you can modify the recipe to whatever fits you best, including making healthy cake recipes. Pumpkin, a seasonal vegetable, should be used during the fall season.

Here are some of the best pumpkin cake recipes you can prepare with the pancake mix as a key ingredient. 

22. Pumpkin coffee cake recipe

Are you looking for something to put in your belly for breakfast? Pumpkin coffee cake might just be what you need, especially when the weather is somewhat chilly.

Pair it with a warm cup of coffee, and you are well sorted for the day.

It is a straightforward recipe, especially when using pancake mix. The toppings should not cause you worries as you can use any ingredient of your choice. Get the recipe

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