Grass Jelly Reipe

grass jelly

Grass Jelly is one of the most famous and popular snacks in Taiwan. The Platostoma Palustre, also known as Chinese Mesona, is an herbaceous plant found commonly in Southeast China and Taiwan. Belonging to the mint family, the plant stalks are hairy with leaves similar to mint, growing in a tear drop shape with serrated edges. To process the leaves into grass jelly, … Read more

Bing Tanghulu – Chinese Candied Fruit on a Stick

Bing Tanghulu

Remember candy apples? Sure you do; it was the one candy your parents felt good about giving you since it contained some goodness. There’s something special about the combination of the sweet-sourness of fruit combined with candy. No childhood is complete without candied fruit, and it’s certainly not something you give up when you “grow up.” … Read more