Tea Eggs (Marbled Eggs) Recipe

tea egg

One of China’s traditional foods, tea eggs are available in most parts of the country. Tea eggs are made by slow simmering hard-boiled eggs in flavored tea. Simple to make and easy to carry, tea eggs can be cooked and sold in a variety of places including Chinese food stands and tourism vendors. Easy to find, flavorful and inexpensive, tea eggs … Read more

Century Eggs Recipe – Homemade Method Without Lead

Century Eggs

Century Eggs are a legendary Chinese food that, after a special processing method, become jelly-like and often patterned. They also have a special aroma, making them one of China’s favorite foods. For most Chinese people, Century Eggs are deliciously tasty. Duck eggs are usually used, as they taste fresher and are slightly saltier. Also the flavor and color are unique. Century Eggs are not only … Read more

Onsen Tamago – Japanese Hot Spring Eggs

Onsen Tamago

Hot Spring Eggs are a traditional method of boiling eggs in the hot springs of Japan. When you break open the eggshell, the cooked egg will slide out whole, and you will be surprised to find the egg white still soft, and the egg yolk solid. This phenonmenon is due to the egg yolk and egg white each having different solidification temperatures. Speaking of … Read more