Barbecued Lamb Kebabs – Chinese Lamb Skewers(新疆羊肉串)

Lamb Kebabs

Xinjiang lamb, known throughout the country, is not only tasty and tender but is also milder in flavor than lamb found throughout the rest of China. Lamb kebabs are popular all year round and can be found sizzling away on street stall barbecues along the streets of Urumqi, costing as little as three dollars. It’s not just the price that … Read more

Teba Shichimi – Japanese Marinated Chicken Wings

Japanese Marinated Chicken Wings

Japanese Teba Shichimi is a popular dish in Izakaya, consisting of chicken wings marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sake (Japanese rice wine). Barbecued marinated chicken wings are tasty little tid-bits at any time, but when you add seven flavor chili powder to the mix, it takes them to the gourmet level. Seven flavor chili powder (Seven … Read more

Gourmet Steak Tortillas

Gourmet Steak Tortillas

There are many ways to cook beef: Chinese fried beef, corned beef, and braised beef, each cooked using a unique practice, and each having their own distinct flavor. Cooking steak Western style is a completely different world, the results of high temperature frying exudes a charming aroma, maintaining the juicy texture, and retaining the unique sweetness of the beef itself. Many people are hesitant about eating a rare … Read more