Biang Biang Mian(you po che mian) – 油泼扯面

Biang Biang noodles

Biang Biang noodles(mian) are a famously delicious snack originating in Shanxi. Picture the noodle dough being thrown loudly(Biang Biang) on the chopping board, stretched and rolled. People sit in the background, happy and relaxed while the cooked noodles are served, smooth and pleasant with vibrant red dried chili, green onion and vegetables. This is a meal … Read more

Ants Climbing a Tree | Cellophane Noodles Recipe

Ants climbing a tree

Who would have thought you’d want ants in your food? Ants Climbing a Tree, also known as minced meat vermicelli, originated in the Sichuan Province and is a characteristic dish of this region and is also a popular dish in Chongqing City. The minced meat sticking to the noodles resembles ants crawling on tree branches and is so named. The Story According … Read more