Har Gow – Shrimp Dumplings Recipe

Har Gow

Crystal Shrimp Dumplings are a famous traditional snack in Guangdong Province and belong to the Cantonese cuisine. Shrimp means “Xia”, dumplings mean “Jiao”, So Shrimp Dumplings mean “Xia Jiao” in Chinese. Xia Jiao means “har gow” in Cantonese. Shrimp dumplings were first made in a pastry shop in Wu Village, Guangzhou, in the early 20th century, over 100 … Read more

Matoke Recipe – How to Make Matoke in Coconut Milk

Matoke Recipe

If you are lucky to have visited Africa, and specifically east Africa you must have sampled this ‘taste of Africa’. Those who love to travel and are open-minded to understanding the different cultures of the world might have already tasted this sumptuous meal. I adore the expression culture through cultural cuisines. You can only understand … Read more