Barbecued Lamb Kebabs – Chinese Lamb Skewers(新疆羊肉串)

Lamb Kebabs

Xinjiang lamb, known throughout the country, is not only tasty and tender but is also milder in flavor than lamb found throughout the rest of China. Lamb kebabs are popular all year round and can be found sizzling away on street stall barbecues along the streets of Urumqi, costing as little as three dollars. It’s not just the price that … Read more

Bing Tanghulu – Chinese Candied Fruit on a Stick

Bing Tanghulu

Remember candy apples? Sure you do; it was the one candy your parents felt good about giving you since it contained some goodness. There’s something special about the combination of the sweet-sourness of fruit combined with candy. No childhood is complete without candied fruit, and it’s certainly not something you give up when you “grow up.” … Read more

Winter Warmer Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor

The classic French feast, Lobster Thermidor, has graced European tables with its rich flavor and intense color for over 120 years. Its production is a little involved, though very simple at every step. Firstly, the lobster is cooked and the meat removed. The lobster meat is mixed with a fragrant sauce and placed back into the shells, sprinkled with parmesan and baked quickly just enough … Read more