Taiwanese Pineapple Cake

Taiwanese pineapple cake

The Pineapple Cake originated from the Three Kingdoms period in China. It is a tribute to the Taiwanese region and is widely used in contemporary Taiwan wedding customs. It is deeply loved by the people. To make pineapple cakes, you must make the pineapple filling yourself. The filling is made with 100% pineapple pulp and is absolutely irresistible. You don’t … Read more

Black Sesame Paste (soup)

black Sesame Paste

Black sesame soup (Paste) is a dessert made with black sesame seeds. The iron and vitamin E contained in black sesame is an important ingredient for preventing anemia, activating brain cells and eliminating blood cholesterol. The black sesame soup is freshly sold in the streets of South China and is consumed by millions of households, … Read more