30 Russian Desserts You Don’t Want To Miss (Easy+Recipes)

Russia is the largest country, which calls for its large population with a wide range of cultures. Their uniqueness diversifies its dish inventions for its people.

Russian desserts are popularly and uniquely known for their colorful decoration, sweet flavors, and natural ingredients.

All these combinations for a single cuisine are worth the trial.

russian dessert baked puff pastry

Their sizes vary in terms of height, width, and length. Some come in the shape of pyramids and towers, while others are small circular or rectangular bites.

Of course, any bites of the beautifully decorated Russian desserts will leave you craving for more.

The irresistible delicacies are common in Russian households and serve as a perfect accompaniment for hot tea or any other beverage.

Furthermore, they are known to leave a sweet taste on our taste buds. But if a wrong choice for a dessert is made, then it devastates an entire dish.

Here are some of the Russian desserts that you will come across on your menu;

Russian baked goods

1. Walnut cookies 

The dessert is also called fresh Oreshki, a name prevalent on restaurant menus. The cookies are one of the sweetest since they consist of condensed milk hence buttery and crunchy. The aroma as well is out of this world.

It is easy and quick to prepare since a few ingredients are used and readily available. Some of these include the milk and chopped walnuts for filling and the dough.

The cookies are primarily common during the festive season and accompany coffee or tea. But also their popularity ensures that they are available during special occasions.

Try this recipe for the best cookie dessert.

2.Apple Sharlotka

It is an easy dessert to prepare and make your guests feel welcome as it takes less than an hour to bake. The ingredients are also readily available.

It is characterized by freshly baked apples that result in a significant sweet aroma.

Like many other cakes, baking is its cooking method and has the smell of cinnamon that makes it even a better choice for a dessert.

In addition, the brown-colored cake with some whipped color on the top beautifies it making it more appealing.

Try this recipe for a delightful dessert.

3. Easy napoleon cake

The Russian Napoleon cake is easy to identify among many cake desserts as it consists of thin crispy pastry layers sandwiched with butter and cream. It is quick to serve so that the layers don’t sog but remain crunchy.

Sometimes, it is soft and tender when brittle layers are ready in advance hence soften with time, but even the crunchy one is still moist due to the cream. Finally, it is  spectacular with few fruits on the top, like red berries.

It is ideal for plenty for parties or family dinners. It is accompanies beverages such as coffee, tea, or even juice. For an exquisite dessert, try this recipe.

4. Honey cake

It is an easy dessert to prepare with few ingredients readily available. Therefore, it is ideal for parties such as a birthday or small family get-togethers.

The cake has multi-layers uniformly aligned on to one another and crunchy in texture. It is also sweet due to the honey factor in the ingredients which is liquid or non-liquid.

Sour cream sandwiched between the layers makes it softer  or refrigerating does the magic. This simple recipe results in a delicious cake worth a dessert.

5. Syrniki

The dessert is also called cottage cheese pancakes, and it is simple to bake. It is a part of the daily lives of the Russian’s meals.

The baked pancakes are sweetened with cottage cheese in which they are rolled in.

To make them more delicious, sour cream, vanilla, lemon zest, and butter add dairy and tangy flavors.

These enrich it more with flavors and aroma than other desserts. They are tender or stiff depending on the amount of flour used.

The dessert is ideal for family dinners or parties. For an accomplished meal, try this recipe.

Traditional Russian desserts

6. White Russian cheesecake

The dessert is rich in a coffee flavor from the cream Baileys and chocolate. It integrates liquor in its preparation, making it easier for anyone who does not take direct liquor. That is what makes it unique from the rest.

It takes a short time to prepare since all the ingredients are readily available. The dessert baked is brownish due to the chocolate topping but has white patches due to the creamy and soft cheese.

It is mainly served to grown-ups at parties due to the alcohol content, but it is rich in coffee flavor.

Try this recipe for an ideal party dessert.

7. Pryaniki

It is also known as honey bread and tea is a perfect accompaniment anytime, especially during the Christmas festive season, birthdays, funerals, and weddings. Moreover, it is a traditional dessert in that it is passes from one generation to another.

It comes in various shapes and flavors, ranging from spicy and tangy tastes to chocolate.

Often, smearing chocolate icing and added a few berries beautify the top.

It utilizes traditional and original ingredients to make it the delicious dessert that it is. Try this recipe for an exquisite meal.

8. Russian torte

It is a dessert for family and friends during events such as Easter and Christmas. The cake appears tall with multiple layers, but it is flat. It is also quick and straightforward to prepare.

Many people have taken a liking to the desert because of its fruit topping that diversifies its flavor. For example, they are known for their sweet and citric flavors. That adds on the natural pastry taste making it an ideal dessert to accompany any meal.

Slicing it into beautiful diamond shapes, makes a grand appearance on the table. Try this recipe for the apricot-filled torte dessert.

9. Russian tea cakes

These are cookie desserts almost circular in shape with white sugar powder topping. In texture, they are buttery and tender with a nutty flavor. They are one of the ideal cakes for the festive season, especially Christmas.

What makes the cakes heaven bites, it’s the sweet sugar coating and the traditional natural ingredients that contribute to its baking. Prepare the dough balls in plenty and refrigerate for future use.

Having few ingredients to put together makes the baking easy and a recipe worth making the delicious dessert.

10. Bird’s milk cake

The cake dessert contains custard buttercream and soft chocolate sponge cake. These make it mildly sweet. The chocolate not forms the layers but also gives the cake a distinct sweet and cocoa flavor.

Fruits such as red berries serve as toppings providing a beautiful decoration and a sweet citric taste. The cake being easy to prepare, it is an ideal dessert for a perfect quick dinner and not just the special occasions.

The cake is sizeable for refrigeration for later use when called for. It is smooth and easy to dig with a fork when enjoying it. Try this recipe for the traditional Russian classic.

Easy Russian dessert recipes

11. Blini

These are slightly chewy and thick pancakes with savory, sweet, and fresh flavors. They are ideal breakfast, dinner, or as a snack. In addition to the flavor, their aroma is remarkable. It is like that of fresh bread.

The dessert accompanies some dishes like smoked salmon or caviar. Dipping sauce such as sweetened sour cream, bananas, strawberries, Nutella, or jam creates a sweet flavor.

Its ingredients are readily available, making it an easy dessert to prepare. For a fulfilling dessert, try this recipe.

12. Korolevsky cake

It is popularly known as the royal cake since the name Korolevsky means king with three-layers. Furthermore, it is a remarkable dessert with sour cream between the layers that add to the beautiful cocoa flavor.

It takes longer to bake, but it is easy to put the ingredients together. When serving, sprinkle walnuts with a natural nutty flavor and a whitish brown color for garnishing.

For the best king cake, try this recipe.

13. Zefir

This dessert has the characteristics of a marshmallow. They spice up a party with a white-colored dessert that is simple to prepare since the ingredients are readily available.  Homemade Zefir is not only fresh but also soft.

The dessert is rich in flavors such as lemon juice and sweetness from sugar. Moreover, the shape that signifies the decoration is better than the usual flat cookies or pancakes. Hence a fulfilling dinner.

Try this recipe for the marshmallow-like dessert.

14. Raspberry marshmallows

The dessert is simple and easy to prepare at home, and with incredible flavors but mild sweetness. Store them in an open container than a closed one which can make their surface wet hence sogging.

The ingredients to prepare are few; hence not much effort is prepare. The dessert is airy and pinkish, soft and moist on its surface. The flavor is sweet from the syrup sugar and the raspberries that contribute to the color and the sweetness.

The marshmallows are come in variable sizes of your choice, could be small or large rectangles. This recipe is ideal for this delicious dessert.

15. Overnight piroshky

A crusty and chewy texture characterizes the delicious dessert. It is easy to put the readily available ingredients together. But the preparation takes a long time since the dough has risen overnight.

Unlike many other desserts, piroshky has meat and cabbage fillings. So there are more ingredients than baking flour; hence protein and fresh vegetable flavors making the dish wild and rich in flavor.

This whole dessert is ideal for special occasions and regular family dinner or breakfast. For the exquisite dessert, try this recipe.

Russian chocolate desserts

16. Russian chocolate salami

It is a dessert for parties prepared advance and remains fresh till when needed. Furthermore, it is easy to prepare since there is no cooking hence the effort to get the inputs together. It is of the best desserts for the holidays.

It has sausage shape, but made using cocoa, nuts, and crushed biscuits hence meat-free but still scrumptious due to its rich flavors such as cocoa, nutty, sweet, and cream.

The dessert is refrigerated or frozen to a moist and soft texture. The brown chocolate makes the salami more appetizing and pairs perfectly with crushed sugar topping to serve.

For an ideal chocolate dessert, try this recipe.

17. Russian fudge

It is a perfect dessert for an occasion, family dinner, Christmas, a hostess gift, or a gift worth giving to someone. It is made of sweet condensed milk, butter, and golden syrup. The fudge is cut into smaller pieces that are packageable and are easy to carry around.

Its distinct flavors are sweet, toasty, and butter which are a delicious combination. The ingredients are easy to find, though, since it is caramelized, it is eaten as soon as possible since it does not last long.

A cold beverage accompanies the dessert to magnify the distinct chocolate flavors and make it delicious. Try this simple recipe for an incredible dessert.

18. Russian rugelach

It is a dessert for any occasion, for example, weddings, birthdays, family dinners, and picnics. It is straightforward to prepare since the ingredients required are few. The dessert also leaves room for cut shorts, such as melting the butter.

The dessert is small in shape, with its dough rounded cylindrical sprinkled with powder sugar to make it sweeter and light it up. It takes averagely a short time to prepare, and with raspberries, black currant preserves, or blackberries for a fruit flavor.

Look into this recipe for a delicious dessert.

19. Russian waffle cake

It is one of the desserts that you will come across almost at every party. They are store-bought or homemade since the preparation process is not a handful. The waffles come in a variety of colors like green, red, blue, and chocolate.

The cake layers have a filling that makes them soften but remain airy and a little crunchy. The butter and the milk are responsible for their moist nature. Regardless, they are a delicacy for anyone, regardless of their age.

For fabulous multi-colored cakes, try this recipe.

20. Russian royal delight cake

The dessert contains variety of flavors that make it more delicious. It is a multi-layered cake with a variety of inputs to make it unique. The chocolate layer made of meringue and poppy seeds is responsible for the fantastic flavors, while cream acts as the binding factor.

The dessert is quite handy than other cake desserts, but every effort and minute is worthwhile. Walnuts, poppy seeds, and vanilla wafers garnish the dessert to make that perfect appearance for delicacy. It is a dessert is ideal for  any occasion due to its popularity and richness in flavors. This recipe is simple and adequate for the cake.

Russian desserts for kids

21. Ptichye Moloko

It is a small-sized cookie dessert, often circular. It has a thin layer of chocolate for a cocoa flavor to engulf it and add a creamy milk strips on the top for a dairy taste and to garnish it.

The brownish color with a pattern of white milk stripes makes the cookie delicious and incredible. Preparation is done in advance, then refrigeration for more flavored and moist cookies.

It is ideal for parties or a small family dinner. This recipe is ideal for dessert.

22.Vegan muraveynik cake

The dessert is simpler to prepare because anyone can put together the ingredients with the vegan condensed milk. Therefore, it takes the shortest time among all the other deserts and has few inputs.

Mixing shortbread pastry with condensed milk  is the only critical step, and you will have your dessert ready to serve. To sweeten it, adding fat and sugar is the most ideal step, also to make it denser.

If you are looking to use healthier ingredients, vegan coconut milk is the best substitute for regular milk. Try this recipe for the simplest dessert ever.

23. Jam layered honey cake

The cake dessert has honey and jam sandwiched between the layers, with the topmost layer covered by nuts and cake crumbs. The general texture is spongy, moist, and soft with a cream filling.

The cake is delicious and simple to prepare, hence an ideal choice for dinner, birthday parties, weddings, or any other occasion. It is not diverse in flavors but the few ingredients used render it marvelous for a dessert.

Try this recipe for the best jam dessert.

24. Rum baba

It is a classic dessert with less or no decorations but full of unique flavors and exquisite aroma ideal as an accompany to the main meal or eat as a snack. Moreover, it requires less effort to bake and serve.

It is soft and moist  on the inside which is the dough, with tiny pieces enrich it with sweet, citric, and nutty flavors. Whipped cream on the side makes a fine compliment to the dessert.

It is simple, but the time effort is worthwhile. Try this recipe for a phenomenal dessert.

25. Zephyr

It is a sweet, addictive dessert popular in Russia, prepared with few easy-to-find ingredients, including honey, fruits, and berries. They add flavor color to the sweets. Moreover, they are cheap and available to everyone.

They come in three colors; white, chocolate, pink and white pink. It is a legendary dessert that people learn how to prepare at home without making purchases elsewhere.

Their shape is beautiful with berries and some fruit leaves on the side, to make the site more appealing. Try this recipe for an easy sweet dessert.

Popular Russian desserts

26. Ptichye Moloko

It is a famous Russian dessert prepared with soft milk hence the name Bird’s milk. It uses chocolate topping for the brown color and cocoa flavor. Its small rectangular shapes are bite-sized, making it more desirable.

The dessert is simple to prepare and often a dessert on Russian special occasions, dinners, gatherings, and holidays. The creamy white texture enables it to melt in your mouth hence a delicacy.

Its ingredients are readily available, making it an easy dessert to prepare for a short time. Try this recipe for the mouth-watering dessert.

27. Pechenye Yabloki

It is a heartwarming and easy dessert to prepare by baking apples in the oven. Unlike many other desserts, this is rich in flavors by spicing it up. The tangy cinnamon flavor is familiar in it, and honey and vanilla ice cream to sweeten it.

These baked apples are ideal for special occasions and the Christmas season. They are what make the festive times unique. Less effort is put to have them ready so that you can prepare tons of them.

The brown and soft texture makes them delightful and worth serving with ice cream, pan juice, or whipped cream. Next, try this simple recipe for the best-baked apples.

28. Oladyi

These are small and thick pancakes served as a Russian dessert made of wheat, milk, eggs, sugar, and yogurt. For a fruit flavor, apples are added to the pancakes to make them delicious.

The dessert is a superb blend of sweet, sour, and citrus flavors. But what is more beautiful about the pancake is that you get to decide the extreme of the flavors. It also lacks the cheese hence less creamy.

The pancakes are served with beverages such as tea, honey, jam, and whole fruit preserve. Mostly enjoyed at breakfast or accompanies other main meals. For this simple and fulfilling dessert, try this recipe.

29.Pashalnii Kulichi


It is also called the sweet Easter bread prepared during Good Friday and Easter Mondays. Like other breeds, it is baked with raisins but garnished with chocolate chip sprinkles and sweet frost.

It is one of the traditional Russian desserts prepared almost in every home as it is believed to be sacred hence its popularity. It is served at dinner as families spend time together.

The bread looks appetizing with its white topping, while the cocoa, citric and sweet flavors make it more delicious. For the sacred dessert, try this recipe.

30. Chak Chak

It is a dessert rich in honey since it is popular in a region known for producing quality honey. The uniqueness is because of the fried honey and almond cake put it together. Often, it is served on many occasions or just as a simple dessert for dinner.

It is popularly known for its sweet aroma and flavor, which are mouth-watering hence considered a must-try for a new food adventure. You can choose to fry the dough till crispy or leave it soft and moist, but both turn out to be the best honey recipes.

Try this recipe for that exquisite fried honey dessert.


Russian desserts are one of the best treats worldwide. They are delicious, beautiful, and rich in traditional ingredients.

If you love sweet foods, these are a good choice as they also try to teach traditions of the neighboring countries to give the best flavors.

Many deserts have the texture and layers that are worth an effort to prepare and enjoy the creamy and sweet tastes. Try the above recipes for a delicious dessert.

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