Rutabaga Vs Turnip Vs Radishes – What Are Their Differences

Root veggies are some of the healthiest options of food you can decide to use. They are parked with nutrients and flavors, yet they are also some of the most ignored options around.

Most people can’t tell the difference between them, which is why you need this article. We wish to bring to your knowledge some of the best options you can use and even the recipes you could use to make them if you need to. 


This is one of the most common root veggies. The amazing thing, though, is that it’s sweet yet nutrient-packed.

To explain it better, you should know that it takes the blend of both the wild cabbage and the turnip tastes and features.


Notice, though, that it looks more like a giant turnip, and yet there are many recipes you can make with it. Unfortunately, some people call it the ugly turnip. 

They assume a yellow color, but they only grow in cooler climates. So one of the significant differences with the others here is that they are larger. When you cook it, then it will take a little bit of the bitter taste.

However, if you eat it raw, it will be sweet and mild without the bitter flavor. Remember, though, that it will take the savory and sweetness of the veggies. 

What is it suitable for?

You can use it in several ways, but the best method is to boil them and then mash them to replace the mashed potatoes recipe, thus making it a healthier version. One other method is to add it to the mashed potatoes, thus enriching the meal while also adding nutrients and flavors. 

If you want, though, you could also slice it thinly and then toss it into the air fryer to attain a healthy fries option. 

One of the best methods to use it then is to make them, though it is to cut it and then eat it alongside my favorite sauce. Regardless the Rutabaga makes the perfect side dish. Sometimes you can use them to make the soups and stews. 

What the taste of Rutabaga

Rutabaga 2

We already mentioned earlier that the Rutabaga is a cross between the turnips and the cabbages. You will always know the difference based on the flavor.

If you are going to eat it raw, you can expect it to be sweet, but it’s also mild. One thing making anyone enjoy it is that it’s buttery and savory. If you cook them, then they will have a slightly bitter taste. 

Let’s say that if you have tasted the turnips, then you already have an idea of how the rutabagas taste like. So let’s talk of the flavor, which is somewhat peppery, earthy, and you should expect it to be a little bitter. 


One thing that stands out about this is that you can grow it in almost any climate. This is not true for the other two root veggies. For humans, you should remember only to consume the smaller varieties of the turnips.

We should mention that when you have the radish and turnip in the market, you could easily confuse them. You can have them in the same color and sizes too.  


Turnip is from the brassica family biologically, and so is the Rutabaga, which is why most people like to consume the two together. Expect then to be white and purple on the exterior. However, the flesh is white on the inside.

Notice though that the turnips are often tender, but they are often small, taking a tennis ball’s size. Of course, it can always become bigger, but the big ones aren’t so good for human consumption. 

What are turnips good for?

Like Rutabaga above, this is a very nutritious option, but if you eat it raw, the better because you will often receive all the perfect nutrients. In most cases, though, you can use it the same way you will use the radishes.

Therefore, if you want, you can use it in a salad, or some people choose to add it to their crudite platter. 

If you also want to make the mashed potatoes, you can add the turnips in it too, and it will just be as safe to do. Some people, though, decide to replace the whole potatoes with the turnips.

In this case, you can boil them and then add the butter and salt to the mixture. However, if you want to have the creamy consistency in the potato mash, you should add the turnips to the mixture. 

What does it taste like?

Notice, though, that the turnips have the general sweetness of the taste. If you eat it raw, then you can be sure it will taste more like the carrots. And in this case, we are talking fo the smaller turnips.

In most cases, though, you should note that the way you eat the turnips matters. When you eat it raw, you will notice that it tastes more like radish, and it has earthy notes. If you cook the turnips, though, it will have a sweeter taste. It will also have a flavorful taste. 

Here is the recipe you can have a try:

Turnip Cake (Radish Cake) – Chinese Lo Bak Go (Update)


Here is another one of the root veggies that is edible. They are available worldwide; one of the best things about radish is that you can mix them in your desire, or then you could use them in sandwiches.


It comes in different sizes and varieties too. Notice that there are different flavors and sizes too. I need to mention that radish has a strong flavor; nonetheless, it’s unique, delicious, and generally just perfect tasting. 

What should you use it for?

You’ll use it just the same way you do the turnips above. Notice then that you will have fun if you eat the radish raw. Notice then you are better off chopping them and then eating them as they are.

In other instances, consider combining it with the crunchy leafy green salad. Finally, notice that you can cook it with other ingredients when you want to combine it with the other veggies or meals. 

So when you have the minced beef or pork, you can mix in the radish to make it even more delicious. Here you should use the sauteing method for the process. 

If you’re going to eat the potatoes, you can mix them in or saute them. 

People use a standard method to make the spirals using the radish and then add on the chives. When it’s like this, then you can eat it sooner.

For those who enjoy juicing, then you should use radish juice as the best choice. 

What does the radish taste like

Here is yet another root vegetable that has a rich flavor. But notice that it has a crispy, zesty flavor, and it has a hint of sweetness. It’s more like the apple, but without the rich flavors, it’s also spicy. So, of course, the rich, spicy nature.

It’s perfect when you eat it raw, especially if you’re going to use it as part of the larger dish, then the better. 

When you use the cooked radish, you should know that it will have a different taste. So the best thing to know is to cook it right, and if you then do cook it perfectly, then it will become milder, but the sweetness will be amplified. 


Here then, you have some of the best root veggies, and of course, they grow in the same manner.

Notice that the plant structure is further the same. This is because they have a similar growth structure, and it’s the sole reason you have many people who can’t tell them apart. 

The uses

One of the most similar things about the root veggies is that they can be used in the same places. You can eat them raw, as part of salads, for juicing. Sometimes people choose to replace the potatoes in using them.

If you want to mash the potatoes, then you can add one of the three to give it even more decadent flavors of your choice. 

You should remember that both of the veggies are nutritious but don’t ever forget that they contain the perfect flavors. 

Difference between turnip and Rutabaga   

Here, we are talking about the two primary root veggies that also come from the same family we discussed already. Notice that they may be similar in texture, color, tastes, and how to use them. 


You will need to look clearly at the appearance to know the difference but let’s break it down to understand it all. While they are growing, the turnips take the light green colored leaves further thin and hairy. The Rutabaga, on the other hand, has bluish-green leaves that are further thicker. 

For the root vegetable, though, you will have the turnips in the purple-colored exterior. Rutabaga often is yellowish with a purple hint.

One of the significant differences is that you will have the rutabagas being larger than a turnip.

This is because humans consume the smaller turnips and the larger ones we feed to the animals. 

Another difference is that the Rutabaga has a rough exterior since it’s covered in wax. Turnips, though, are just smoother. For the flesh inside, you will have the inside being white flesh, while the Rutabaga has yellow flesh.

If you are going to cook them, you can expect the flesh to be translucent; then, the Rutabaga will have a mustard yellow color. 

Check the texture

Notice then that they have the perfect textures since they are both root veggies. So when you are going to eat it, it will have the perfect crunch when raw, but then when you cook, you will make it tender bite. 

The taste

They have a similar taste, you know, since they come from the same family. So expect to have the cabbage flavors, but the Rutabaga are much sweeter compared to the turnips. 


We have already talked of this subtopic in length. Be informed that the two types of root veggies are versatile, which means you can use them in different scenarios. For example, you can use them for different soups and stews. 

The Rutabaga is very versatile, and the sweetness makes it ideal for use in the raw form, but so are the turnips.

Notice that turnips aren’t as sweet as the rutabagas. So when choosing between the two, when you want to make the sauces and the soups, use the rutabagas, and then when you are going to eat them raw, you should use the turnips.

It will also work well in your mashed potato recipe. You can even replace the potatoes with the turnips, thus making mashed potatoes. 

You can use them; raw, steamed, boiled, stir-fried, baked, and roasted. 

The flavor

Most people just agree that the two differences will only occur on this topic.

Notice though that they will bring the perfect zing, and it brings in the taste cross of cabbage and radish. 

Rutabaga is, on the other hand, sweeter but yet milder in flavor. They will even be sweeter if they were harvested a little while after fall. 

In a nutshell, rutabaga vs. turnips

We have talked in length about these two root veggies. The significant difference is in size and the color of the two. Otherwise, most other things are just the same, you know.

Now the rutabagas are famous for being larger and yellow coating with hints of purple. Turnips are, on the other hand, smaller with the color purple of the exterior. 

Turnip vs. Radish

Again here we have another choice of similar options of the two. Like the two above, they are almost the same, and the difference is that you will have the differences as we discuss them below. 

The appearances

Of course, the first thing you will ever note is appearance. 

Turnip: we like to use the smaller turnips, not the ones that are fully grown. The smaller ones are the ones that are for human consumption. So the exterior comes in purple to white color, but the inner flesh then is white. 

Radish: this one comes in different variants, and the most common one is red color. Also, notice that they assume a round or oval shape. They are never that big either. 

The taste

When it comes to these two, the greatest difference is in the taste. 

Turnips: this one is sweet, and it takes the taste of the cabbage and carrots to some extent. In this case, we are talking about the turnips that are safe for human consumption.

Raw turnips is one of the most unique and yet delicious options. This will consistently deliver the earthy taste, yet it’s a lot spicier. If you cook it, then it will deliver the sweetness with a richer flavor. 

Radish: this ones are spicy yet sweet too. You can eat them raw too, but you don’t have to. When you then use it as an ingredient in a meal, then it will deliver exceptional flavors. 

Using the turnips and radish

Turnips: if you like, you can make it into a salad or just cook it to make it perfect. You can make them to pickles if you like or saute them. Sometimes you can decide just to stir fry it in the mix of other ingredients. Another better method is to boil it and make it as a mashed potato. In other instances, then you can roast them.

Radish: you can decide to make this just the same way as you do the turnips. If you like, then you can eat it raw, but most people like to cook them. Whether you are thinking of roasting, boiling, stir-frying stewing, or making a sauce and it’s still great. 

The health benefits

There are vast health opportunities, and such are rich in vitamins, especially when you eat them raw. this root veggies are ideal for the health and the immune system. 

Turnips: they have vitamins, folic acid, calcium, and they are rich in fiber.

Radish: These are rich in calcium and fiber, and it’s and antioxidants. 

To store them

Most people have opted to refrigerate most of the root veggies to have the rich in the recent past. 

Turnip: if you store it right, you will have the turnips are lasting more than two weeks in the fridge. Just make sure you use the perforated bags to store this one. 

Radish: he you’re talking about radish, we should mention that it’s a little more perishable and in the fridge, it will last for a week. But this one the moment you cook it then it will last longer.

Turnip vs. Rutabaga vs. radishes nutrition

One of the most important things to check for the root veggies is their nutritional value. For this set, we used the half cup serving. 

Nutrients Rutabago Radish Turnips
Calories 25 9.5 18
Carbs 5.7 1.95 4.2
Sodium 14 22.5 43.5
Fiber 1.75 2.15 1.15
Sugar 3.9 1.1 2.45
Protein 0.85 0.4 0.6
Fat 0.15 0.05 0.05
Cholesterol 0 0 0
Vitamin C 17.5 8.5 13.65

Health benefits

Bowel health

Notice that all three are high in dietary fiber and that only means one thing you are going to have the perfect bowel movement. If you are looking to shed weight, then you will need to eat this three.

This ones have a high insoluble fiber, and you can be sure such doesn’t dissolve in water. The essence of food high in fiber is to help in the avoiding the chronic diseases. 

They are nutritious but also low in calories.

Check the table above to notice how rich it is in great nutrients. It will deliver potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and all the great nutrients. The best part, then, is that it contains no cholesterol and minimal calories. 

Ideal for cardiovascular health

These three root veggies are great in antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Such features help to reduce the cardiovascular diseases. Notice too that the veggies have high fat content.

The good thing is that its healthy fats it has. Such fats are great since they will help to regulate the cholesterol levels. 

Turnip is particularly popular for enhancing the glucose and lipid metabolism. This is essential for the cardiovascular health. 

They promote weight loss.

Notice that these three have high fiber, which means that you will feel full, and therefore you dont need to eat every time.

The best part then is that they will keep your weight healthy over a long time. So the best thing is to make sure you include them in you diet.

Rutabaga substitutes

While those who like to use the Rutabaga know that you can use other types as substitutes. If you just realized you don’t have the rutabago for your recipe, you can use the following substitutes to make it. 


This article has already shown you that there are so many similarities when using the turnips and Rutabaga. This is why we start with it.

They are in the same family, and therefore, you can be sure the flavor will not be as different.

It has a level of sweetness to it and if you use it incredibly raw, you will be tasting something similar to the Rutabaga.

If you are reaching for a sweet and spicy flavor, then use the turnips. 


This is the other perfect substitute you can use. If you are of Asian descent, then you may already know so much about it. Radish is common in our cuisine and particularly those from the east side of asia.

You will like it because it delivers the sweetness and the mildly spicy nature of the radish. You can use it both raw and cooked. But if you are looking to cook, then the radish will give you an even better substitute.


I know this is not one of the most common choices. We list it here because it’s in the same family as the cabbage, and you know the rutabago significantly tastes like cabbage. This is also what people refer to as the german turnips.

Generally, it will always give you the perfect taste of turnips and radishes. Notice that it features a blend of lightly spicy, crunchy, and also tasty meals. You can make use of them raw or even in soups and sauces. 


This is another one of the root veggies that has the same starchy texture as the rutabagas. It has a level of sweetness but its also pungent which is exactly the same feature as the Rutabaga.

Jicama is sweet, spicy but its also juicy. I know most of us first see the jicama and notice then that you will have the perfect sweetness. 

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