Homemade Salted Duck Egg – Two Ways

Salted duck eggs are made from, you guessed it, fresh duck eggs! They look, smell, and taste absolutely delicious, and can be enjoyed any time of the day.

salted duck egg

Salted duck eggs are rich in nutrients, rich in fats, proteins and various amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, various trace elements, and vitamins that are needed by the body. They are easily absorbed by the body and are moderately salty, suitable for all ages.

During salted duck eggs, some of the protein is broken down into amino acids. Because of the salting, the salt content in the eggs increases, and the inorganic salt in the eggs also increases slightly.

The fat in the raw egg yolk is bound to the protein and cannot be found to contain oil. When it is preserved for a long time, the protein will denature and separate from the fat.

The fat comes together to become egg butter. The egg yolk contains many nutrients. Carotenoids, soluble in egg butter, are red and yellow, increasing the visual aesthetics of salted eggs, and the color change is the sign of pickling.

In addition, salted duck eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other organic salts, calcium, and are a good food to add iron supplements to.

In China, whether it is from the north or the south, salty duck eggs are foods that we are all familiar with. When we were young, rarely saw salted duck eggs.

Now we can buy cooked duck eggs in supermarkets and markets. There are vacuum-packed raw salted egg yolks that are sold at full size, so salted duck eggs are no longer a rarity, and they can be eaten anytime throughout the year.

salted duck egg

It is not difficult to make salted duck eggs, but there are many important points to note. As long as you pay attention to these points, the salted duck eggs will be bright red and delicious.

Here are two ways to make salted duck eggs.

The first traditional method:

salted duck egg


  • 1) 50 Duck eggs
  • 2) 4000 grams of clear water
  • 3) 600g of Salt
  • 4) 100g White Wine


Step 1. Wash the duck eggs, wipe dry or let air-dry

Step 2. Put the water into a large pot, pour salt and bring to a boil until salt is dissolved, let cool, add white wine

Step 3. Place dried eggs in a separate large pot.

Step 4. Using a bamboo curtain to keep the eggs under the water level, pour in the salt/wine water mixture. Cover, and let pickle for 30 to 45 days. 30 days will be slightly less salty, 45 will be much more. The pickling time also depends on the temperature. If it is warmer, then the process will take less time.

Step 5. Remove the pickled duck eggs, clean them with paper towels, and put them into the refrigerator for storage. You can cook with them in a recipe.

salted duck egg method1 steps

The second method

salted duck egg


  • 1) 30 fresh duck eggs
  • 2) Salt
  • 3) 500ml of white wine


Step 1. Fresh duck eggs are brushed clean.

salted duck egg method two step1

Step 2. Dry the eggs on a cloth and dry thoroughly in a ventilated place (Try to get the duck eggs completely dry, but do not place near high temperatures, as the shells may crack)

salted duck egg method two step2

Step 3. Pour salt onto dry dish. (It’s better to use finer salt.)

salted duck egg method two step3

Step 4. Pour wine into a dry bowl. I chose 65-degree wine. (Focus: The concentration of wine will affect the taste of salted duck eggs, so it is best to use a high degree of liquor of 55 degrees – 65 degrees.)

salted duck egg method two step4

Step 5. Soak the duck eggs in the white wine bowl a few minutes.

salted duck egg method two step5

Step 6. Remove and immediately coat in the salt so that it will stick.

salted duck egg method two step6

Step 7. Wrap the salted duck eggs individually with plastic wrap and make sure they are sealed. Then put them in plastic bags or jars and keep them in a cool place. (Pickled duck eggs need about 45 days in spring and autumn, about 30 days in summer, and 2-3 months in winter to be really flavorful.)

salted duck egg method two step7

Step 8. Put the eggs into a pot, and fill with cold water so that they are submerged. Bring water to a boil, then turn the heat to low and simmer 7-10 minutes. It can also be steamed with a steamer. (hard-boiled eggs must be brought up to a boil. If you put them directly into hot water, the shells may crack)

salted duck egg method two step8

Step 9. After cooking, you can cut open and the color should be a darker color than a chicken egg, but still the same consistency. (it will look different than a normal hard-boiled egg, as it is not only a duck egg, but has also been pickled.)

The egg yolk as a raw material can be used for making yolk crisps and other foods. Drain the raw salted duck eggs into a bowl and remove the egg yolks. (The pickled duck’s egg yolk is hard and easy to remove.)

(If you still smell an odor after removing the shell and the thin film that covers the egg, you can soak and refrigerate in corn oil overnight, take out the next day and bake in a 170-degree oven for 5 minutes, and then use a little white wine to cool it.)

salted duck egg


1. The container for pickling salted duck eggs and the duck eggs themselves must be very dry. It is even a good idea to wash your hands or wear gloves, as there are natural oils on your skin that could affect the pickling process.

2. When the pickled duck eggs are done and not yet cooked, they can be wiped off and stored in the fridge.

3. Duck eggs can be eaten by the general population, with many health benefits and other effects. However, people with hypertension should not eat them regularly, as they are very salty.

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