Scallion Oil Noodles – Shanghai Noodles

scallion oil noodles

Want to try a traditional Shanghai favorite? Then, scallion oil noodles are for you! These noodles are still quite visible everywhere throughout Shanghai, especially if you go into a restaurant and ask for a bowl of scallion oil noodles.

scallion oil noodles

Do not be fooled by these simple looking noodles though. Even in Shanghai, authentic restaurants stress about getting these simple looking noodles to be perfect.

scallion oil noodles

I remember that every time I went to the Shanghai cuisine restaurant, the entrance would be filled with the rich aroma of the noodle sauce and I could not wait to eat. Resisting ordering a bowl of scallion oil noodles was not possible. The thick scallions and oils are a nice complement with the pliable noodles. Delicious!

Although Sichuan cuisine is enriched with absolutely rich spices, scallion oil noodles served as Shanghai noodles is a more simple, but delectable dish. It features scallions, a handful of noodles, soy sauce, and fine sugar.

I remember that when I first started learning to cook, I struggled to understand why some people had to pay for the scallion dish. To me, it seemed that the onion was just a common ingredient, but it is surprisingly more charming when paired with scallion oil and used with a vermicelli noodle.

Scallion oil noodles are not complicated to make, just add a bottle of scallion juice and eat a simple and delicious pasta at any time.

Let’s start the production of scallion oil noodles.

scallion oil noodles


  • 80g Scallions
  • 100g Vermicelli


  • 50ml light soy sauce
  • 20ml dark soy sauce
  • 20g fine sugar
  • 100ml salad oil
  • Step by step guide

scallion oil noodles steps


1.Wash the green onion, remove the whitepart, and cut the green leaves into sections, making sure that they are dry before cooking. Mix both the light and dark soy sauce in one bowl.

2.Heat the panto a medium heat, then pour in the salad oil, next add the scallions, reduce heat and, slowly stir from time to time.

3.Wait until the onion turns yellow, but do not overcook.

4.Slowly add sugar and mix well.

5.Addthe soy sauce slowly, making sure that the oil and soy sauce are blended well, before adding the remaining soy sauce. The intensity of the sauce will become flavorful as you continue stirring and cooking. (Adding all of the soy sauce to the oil at once can easily cause a separation between the oil and the soy sauce.)

6.Let the cool green onion juice cool, strain with a sieve, pour into abottle, and keep it cold.

7.In the pot, boil the water and add the Vermicelliinto it. After cooking, remove and place in some cold water. Place the Vermicelli in a bowl and pour the onion oil sauce over them.

scallion oil noodles


1. The choice of onions used will determine the best onion oil results.The scallion oil that seeps out is more savory.

2. It is most appropriate to use cooking oil or unscented salad oil, so that the flavor of the scallionscan be completely infused.

3. The Vermicelli noodle is still the best choice for this dish. They can be dry fine noodles or fresh.These noodles will go well with this scallion oil sauce quite nicely.

4. Cooked noodles must beput in the cold water in time to stop the cooking process, you may even want to add some ice to your cold water which will stop the cooking process even faster. These noodles are delicious.

5. When the salad oil and soy sauce are mixed, the best practice is to add the oil and the soy sauce gradually and to keep stirring until they are mixed.This helps the oil and the soy sauce to not separate.

6. When frying the onion in the oil, it is necessary to simmer it slowly, especially after the onion has started to turn yellow.

7. Scallion oil noodles: The most important thing for this dish is the production of the scallion oil. When this scallion oil is done well, not only can it be used for noodles, it can also be added to other cooking dishes.

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