15 + Sides For Chicken And Waffles

Chicken And Waffles

Chicken and waffles are some of America’s classics when we talk about food.

Fried chicken and waffles first appeared on menus in the 1930s in Harlem. Fast forward to today, it has become one of America’s favorite dishes.

There are different ways you can prepare your chicken to bring variety to your chicken and waffle pairing, for example, gluten-free fried chicken, almond-sesame fried Chicken, crispy butter-fried Chicken, and so on.

It can get boring just eating chicken and waffles. That is why you have to add something to make the dish more interesting. I will give you some of my favorite foods and toppings to serve with chicken and waffles.

Let us get right into it.

● Gravy

If you have not had gravy with chicken and waffles, you are missing out. I know some of you will not even entertain the thought because of the amount of fat that comes with it. However, a sizable amount is worth it, trust me.

My favorite is the maple gravy. However, other gravy types go well with waffles, such as chicken gravy, white gravy, or even chili gravy.

● Mac and Cheese

I know most of you cannot get enough of mac and cheese. This dish is made from macaroni pasta and cheese sauce. The most commonly used cheese is cheddar. However, I like mozzarella more.

Homemade Mac and Cheese Casserole


The creamy mac and cheese will pair well with the ready waffles and the crispy chicken. If you are making the meal for kids, it is advisable to use a mild form of cheese such as cheddar cheese.

● Chutney

Chutney is an excellent complement to the chicken and waffle dish. The thick consistency breaks the dryness that comes with eating the waffles and the chicken. It does not matter if the chicken will be fried or oven-baked. It will still go well with chutney.


One of my favorites is the chutney that is made with butter squash. The mild sweetness goes well with the chicken and waffles.

● Collard Greens

I visited my friend in the summer of 2020, and she served me waffles and fried chicken accompanied with collard greens sauteed with bacon and spinach.

Honestly, I had never had such a combination before, but it was super delicious. I cannot wait to make some at my home one of these fine days.

● Corn

The sweetness of corn goes well with the spicy fried chicken.

Canned Corn

The cream of corn is one of the easiest side dishes one can make. It is creamy and takes very little time to make. That is why it will be my choice of corn when pairing it with waffle and chicken.

● Potato Salad

Potato salad is a tasty dish that originated in Germany. It is a dish that allows you to be creative. It is made from potatoes and other ingredients such as boiled eggs, celery, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Curried potato salad

The chicken and waffle dish should be served with a creamy potato salad. You do not want your entire meal to be dry.

● Grits

The best way I can describe grits is that it is a form of porridge made from cornmeal. Most of the time, grits are added salt, butter, and cheese. Therefore it will have a mild flavor unless you add something substantial.

Corn grits

Grits qualify to be on this list because of their mild taste, which will not overpower the main dish. Its consistency is also thick and smooth. Therefore it will go well with the fried chicken and waffles.

● Fried Rice

There are different rice types, such as Basmati rice, Spanish rice, and even jasmine rice. It will not matter if it is a long or short grain. It will still pair well with chicken and waffles.

Vegetable fried rice

Rice can take different flavors. My favorite flavor that goes well with chicken and waffles is coconut rice.

Even though your flavor of choice does not matter, you want to make sure that your rice’s flavoring will go well with the chicken seasoning.

Are Chicken and Waffles Good?

For one to determine if a meal is good, there are some factors to consider. The taste of that meal, is it delicious or not? Its appearance, aroma, texture and consistency, flavor, and also nutritional content.

It may not be a culinary patent dish, but when put together, it becomes irresistible.

Chicken and waffles would not be one of America’s most ordered dishes if they did not taste good. Although it has long been considered a southern dish, most Americans have come to embrace it.

The taste of the crispy chicken paired with the soft waffles is delicious. Therefore when it comes to taste, it is a check for chicken and waffles.

When you look at a picture of chicken and waffles on Pinterest or Instagram, does your mouth become watery? If you have a positive answer, then it is safe to say the chicken and waffles look appetizing.

The golden brown color of the waffle, as well as the brown color of the waffle, served with an excellent complimentary dish such as gravy, will be enough to tickle your taste buds.

Although it is not much, you can do it with the waffles. You can be creative with the flavors of the chicken.

From neutral and mild to spicy, there is so much creativity you can put into the chicken.

Since I like my chicken to have a mild flavor, I will use seasonings such as onion powder or a little paprika. I would not even touch spices such as cayenne pepper.

When you pass by Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Atlanta, You will be hit by a sweet smell that is so inviting. The smell of a sweet and savory chicken. I am guilty of entering that restaurant when I had no plans of going there at all.

Therefore I will attest that chicken and waffles do have a pleasing aroma.

The only problem that I have with chicken and waffles is their nutritional content. Chicken and waffles is not a healthy meal that you can have every day, or often for that matter. The calories in this dish are so high.

The amount of fat and carbs contained in one serving of chicken and waffles is terrible for your health.

One plate of waffle and chicken contains roughly 1100 calories. That amount of calories in one plate is terrible for your health. If you add syrup to your meal, extra sugar may result in you suffering from high blood pressure.

Therefore, for the most part, chicken and waffles are good but should not be eaten consistently.

What To Eat With Waffles?


Waffles are versatile and can be eaten with almost anything. It is like having a pancake with more caramelization and less fluff.

Since one can make waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, many toppings and side dishes can accompany it.

Whatever you will choose to eat it with, it is clear that you can transform it into a main meal or a dessert.

So let us see the types of food that you can pair with waffles.

Something Meaty

There are different forms and types of meat that you can enjoy with waffles. It all depends on how salty, fatty or meaty you want it. It also depends on the time that you want to have the waffles.

It makes more sense to eat waffles with chicken in the morning rather than breakfast.

If you want to go with something fatty, you will prepare bacon since it is the form of meat prepared in breakfast that contains a lot of fat.

If you want something that is more meat than fat, you will go with sausages.

If you have waffles for dinner or lunch, you will be more likely to eat them with chicken or pulled pork.

Something Dairy

Milk from animals such as goats and cows is used to make dairy products.

Eating waffles with a glass of milk may not be expected, but it sure is delicious. You can choose to have plain milk or flavored milk. One of my favorites is chocolate milk.

Yogurt is the more common dairy product that people tend to eat with waffles. It is sweet and thick.

Something Fruity

There are different ways that you can prepare fruits to enjoy them with waffles.

A fruit compote is a delicious compliment to waffles. Think of it as a natural, easy-to-make jam. The thicker it is, the better.

If you still want to accompany your waffles with fruits but do not want any thickness, you can go for the fruit salad.

Frozen fruit such as grapes and berries are also a delicious addition to the waffles.


Eggs are one of the most regular types of foods that you can eat with waffles. They are rich in protein and very healthy. You can eat them as scrambled, boiled, or fried.

The syrup is a common topping that you can eat with waffles. The most common type of syrup is maple syrup.

Nutella is a cocoa spread that is the go-to topping for waffles.

Roasted tomatoes are also a delicious addition to waffles.

What To Serve With Waffles For Brunch?

Waffles 1

When you invite your friends and family for brunch, you do not want to be in the kitchen the whole time. It is, therefore, preferable to set up a waffle bar as well as their accompaniments.

When hosting a brunch, you can choose to go with different options when serving waffles. You can choose sweet, savory, and my personal favorite, which is inexpensive, is meatless.


  1. Fruit compote
  2. Honey
  3. Syrup
  4. Yogurt
  5. Applesauce
  6. Fruit salad


  1. Baked mushrooms
  2. Baked beans
  3. Scrambled or fried eggs
  4. Sausage
  5. Bacon
  6. Sauteed green beans


  1. Dairy
  2. Fruity
  3. Starchy
  4. Syrup
  5. Honey

What To Serve With Waffles For Breakfast?

Waffles 2

Making waffles for breakfast is way easier than flipping pancakes on a lazy morning. When you eat waffles alone, you might end up feeling hungry quickly.

Making a list of toppings and side dishes to go with your waffles is therefore very important.

These are the different foods that I serve with waffles in the morning.

● Bacon

Bacon is on the top of my list because I love bacon. I am still yet to find someone who does not eat bacon, and in this case, the vegans do not count.

Air fryer bacon wrapped shrimp

There is a reason why bacon is among the top ten foods eaten for breakfast in America.

Bacon and waffles are one of those combinations that are easy to make, and it is very delicious. The sweetness of waffles goes well with the salt in bacon.

So whether you cook it on a stovetop, an oven, or a microwave, make sure it turns out crispy and brown on both sides.

● Baked Beans

I have had baked beans for breakfast since I was a kid, and I am not stopping soon.

My favorite is the homemade Heinz baked beans. The sweetness is just out of this world. I choose to make mine at home so that I do not eat artificial colors and preservatives.

Barbecue baked beans

But I like the consistency the same as the one you would buy from a supermarket, slimy.

The taste of waffles and baked beans is sweet. If you decide to make your baked beans at home, be sure not to make it too sweet to overpowers the waffles’ taste.

● Eggs

It does not matter if you like it scrambled, fried, or boiled. Eggs are one of the best things you can have for breakfast.

My first time eating eggs and waffles was when I visited a friend in Cincinnati. It was boiled eggs, waffles, and a small portion of fruit salad. I can’t say I liked the boiled eggs with waffles, but I loved it when I tried scrambled eggs later on.

Upscale Deviled Eggs

I like eggs cooked with cream and on low heat. If you have not had it, try it because it is worth your time.

● Fruit Salad

Just like so many people I know, I love eating fruit salad in the morning. And I don’t mean the single fruit kind of salad.

When making your fruit salad, it is good to ensure that you are balancing the textures and the flavors. Most importantly, you should choose fruits in season and have just the right amount of ripeness such that they do not spoil your salad.

Easy fruit salad

Pour a moderate amount of fruit salad on top of your waffles, just as you would a maple syrup, and enjoy.

● Syrup or Honey

The syrup is one of the most common compliments to serve with waffles. It is the go-to topping that you can use at any time. Honey is just the same as syrup.

Chinese Loquat Syrup

Maple syrup is one of the common ones that is used. Honey and syrup both have a sweet flavor that goes well with the waffles.

● Yogurt

I like using greek yogurt on top of my crispy waffles. It adds a rich, creamy texture to the entire meal, which I like.

Just in case you do not like greek yogurt, you can use any other type of yogurt.

mango yogurt smoothies 4

Greek yogurt has a decent amount of calcium and extra protein, and that is why I like it. I also like adding berry fruit syrup to the waffle and yogurt because it tastes nice and juicy.

● Sauteed Apples

Caramelized Sauteed apples are delicious and are a fantastic compliment to waffles for breakfast.

The sauteed apples have a sweet and buttery flavor which I like. You can add cinnamon as well to make it even more enjoyable.

● Sausage

Just like bacon, sausage is one of the most popular meat options taken for breakfast. It has a good amount of protein content, and it is delicious.

There are different ways that you can make your sausage and enjoy it with waffles. I will state a few of my favorites.

The first one is to shallow fry it on a pan on low heat until it cooks. The second one is making cream cheese sausage cheese. The third one, which is the top one on my list, is cooking it with caramelized onions with your spices’ choice.

● Ice Cream

Although this might be uncommon, eating ice cream in the morning is good for you. A study was done at the Kyorin University in Tokyo that linked consumption of ice cream in the morning to mental performance and improved alertness.

Green tea coconut milk ice-cream

Waffles and ice cream are a delicious combination. The only catch is that you might find yourself taking a little too much ice cream if you have a sweet tooth. I speak from experience.

● Frittata

A frittata is a meal similar to an omelet that has been added to vegetables, cheese, or meat. It is an Italian dish that has warmed the hearts of Americans.

For you to have your frittata with waffles, it should be a little mushy and not dry. You can add some cheese to achieve this.


What To Serve With Waffles For Dinner?

Waffles 3

If you love eating waffles, it does not have to stop at breakfast. As we have seen, waffles are so versatile that you can make the main meal for dinner with them.

When eating waffles for dinner, it is best to go savory.

● Fried Chicken

The combination of waffles and chicken has been considered a southern dish in America, but it is enjoyed everywhere.

Deep Fried chicken

There are many toppings and side dishes that you can add to chicken and waffles. My favorite is the cream of corn because it does not have a strong flavor that will overpower the main dish.

● Baked Mushrooms

I never thought that mushrooms and waffles were a thing until I had it. After eating it, there is no going back.

Waffles and mushrooms are a meal that vegans will appreciate.

Not to forget how the meaty texture of mushrooms just blends in well with waffles. Adding barbeque sauce to this dish will make it even more delicious.

● Baked Beans

I am used to having baked beans during breakfast, but waffles and baked beans for dinner are something I can get used to eating.

To make the dish even more exciting, you can add a fresh salad on the side.

● Sauteed Green Beans

The crisp-tender texture of sauteed green beans goes well with waffles.

The sauteed beans are served hot, and they are usually buttery. I like to add a little garlic flavor just to spice things up, literally.

On a side note, I would recommend blanching the green beans before tossing them in the saute pan. Blanching will help maintain the bright green color as well as the texture of the green beans.

● Pulled Pork

When you hear summer, the first thing you think of is barbeque. At least, that is what I think. So, what do you do with all the pork leftover after a weekend of making pulled pork? I know you make a fantastic dinner dish such as pulled pork and waffles.

Pulled pork and waffles added caramelized onion and apple chutney are one of the best dishes you can have for dinner. The smoke flavor in the pork and the savory onion and apple chutney just go well with the waffles.

● Creamed Corn

Creamed corn is sweet and very easy to prepare. To get a better result, you should use fresh corn, and you can add spices of your choice moderately.

One pot cheesy creamed corn

Creamed corn goes well with waffles since it is smooth and creamy. The taste of the sweet corn also goes well with that of the waffles.


Waffles is a versatile dish that is easy to make at home. You can tailor waffles to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal.

There are many toppings and side dishes that you can serve with waffles. Both savory and sweet, you are spoilt for choice.

If you are hosting a brunch, waffles are among the foods that should be on the bar. Your guests will not only have a range of toppings to choose from, but you can go as simple or over the edge as you want.

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