Snow Fungus Soup – Easy 4 Ingredients Chinese Dessert

And when you have had your excellent main meal, you will want to have a perfect dessert. Well, snow fungus soup is just the perfect dessert to make the perfect soup.

So, when you are looking for a unique soup, you should try this Chinese snow fungus soup, we call it snow fungus tong sui in Chinese.

snow fungus soup 1

The essence of this soup is to nourish, refresh and make it soothing to your system. If you have about 30 minutes, then you have enough time to make this recipe.

The secret then is to simmer it, thus make sure you retain all the flavors.

If you also want to have it as delicious yet tasty, it will melt in your mouth. You want it to retain the perfect flavors, and you will then enjoy the meal straight from the pot.

snow fungus soup 2

What is snow fungus

The fungus part can be scary for anyone who is seeing the name for the first time. In other instances, you will have the people refer to it as the white wood ear.

Notice then that it will often grow in tropical areas. They always like to cultivate it commercially for culinary but also traditional medicinal use.

Snow Fungus

Well, today, though, we are looking for the snow fungus soup. Don’t, however, expect much with its flavor as it’s almost bland. Instead, people use it for the texture. You will notice that the texture is chewy but also gelatinous.

Traditionally Chinese encourage us to take it as we say it will serve you when it comes to strengthening your body. So, of course, you will recover from the illnesses you may have when you take these meals.

This meal is excellent for you to use since it will nourish your kidneys, heart, lungs, and stomach. In addition, it will make it easy for your blood to flow, but the best part is that it will help you reduce your blood pressure.

In other beliefs, Chinese women believe that it’s rich to help in nourishing your skin.

So, this snow fungus is in the fungus family too. You will have them grow the warmer environments than many other.

snow fungus soup 3

Before you start to cook

Most people want to know where they will get the snow fungus, and it’s easy because they are readily accessible in Asia or the Chinese store.

Luckily you will find these stores almost anywhere. In most cases, some people prefer to soak the snow fungus overnight to make sure it will cook right.

Depending on how you would like it to come out, you should always cook until the soup turns to an amber color. Notice that the soup will then become gelatinous, and yet it will become syrupy too.

If you want to cook it for at least 2-3 hours, then you’ll need to have it cook in a pan that has a thick bottom.

Although you will notice that the elderly will appreciate this soup more, you can also make it a family-friendly soup that you can use.

snow fungus soup 4

How to make this soup recipe


  • Half a snow fungus,
  • 1 peach,
  • 10 rose tea,
  • A little rock sugars


  1. Soak snow fungus in advance in water. In most cases, when you’re going to buy it in the stores, you should know that the snow fungus will come to you in its dry form. This is also why you have to soak it to have them regain their structure and face.

So, the soaking will plump it again, and this is good to do before you start the cooking process of the same remember. It depends on your choice, but you can decide to make it for savory and sweet meals. Some people will leave it for hours; others prefer to leave it on overnight.

snow fungus soup step1

  1. When it’s finally fully softened, then you can start to work on it. So, then you should remember the yellow bottom that is mostly tough. This you will easily do with simple kitchen shears. After removing the roots, tear them into small flowers by hand. You should, in this step, attain the picture we have below.

snow fungus soup step2

  1. Add water to the snow fungus and put it in the rice cooker, and add enough water at once. Ensure it has the image you see below.

snow fungus soup step3

  1. Cover the lid, select the soup function, and press the start button after setting it right.

snow fungus soup step4

  1. After the soup boiling function is over, add the prepped peaches cut into small pieces. First, you should have removed the middle seed. Then it would help if you had diced to cube sizes or bite sizes. The peaches will enhance its flavor somehow.

snow fungus soup step5

  1. Add rock sugar and roses, cover the pot and cook for 10 minutes with the steaming function. The essence is to have it sweetened. So even if you have different berries, this is when to add them then. Some people use the goji berries and dates so whichever you have is okay to use.

Allow it to simmer and check that it then attains the amber color, at which point it will be ready with the perfect texture and sweetness you need.

snow fungus soup step6


  1. The color of good snow fungus is naturally white or slightly yellowish. It’s not normal to be too white or too yellow.
  2. Snow fungus of good quality is natural and odorless. Snow fungus with a special odor is generally added with some chemical agents during processing, so don’t buy it.
  3. Use a better-ripened type for peaches; recommend juicy peaches, which have more fruity aromas.

*Add peaches and roses, rock sugar, and cook until the rock sugar melts and the fruity floral fragrance is released.

What if I would like to customize the ingredients

Of course, with every great recipe, you can decide to customize the ingredients they use to make them. Since you are making snow fungus soup, the main ingredient is snow fungus. Any other ingredients we used here, then you can substitute if you have better, you know.

Regardless I always say you should use the berries if you like to make the recipe sweeter. Otherwise, you will need rock sugar to achieve this desire.

Some people like to add papaya peach, apples, but also ginkgo nuts, and more. If you like, then you can also use the logan for extra deliciousness.  

snow fungus soup 5

How does it taste like?

This is one of the ingredients that you expect, not many flavors on it. Of course, it will be sweet just because of the sweeteners, but there’s not much flavor with this soup, remember. You can also expect it to contain a little of some herby flavors.

People like the uniqueness of the texture of this soup. But, of course, it will depend on the snow fungus you bought. Sometimes you may even have the springy one, which is perfectly okay.

Why does anyone use this soup – what are the benefits?

The primary reason it’s more prevalent in China to date is that it believes that it gives you youthful skin and you will attain that youthful look. The best part is that it will work on your organs, making sure you attain healthy organs.

They say that this soup is ideal when looking for the easiest method to retain the perfect immune system.

This one will further maintain the perfect brain function. In the process, then it makes it easy for you and the digestion process as well.

If you’re looking for a portion of natural antiaging food, then you have it here. When you use it, then you will have a healthy?


If I don’t have a rice cooker, can I still make it?

We used the rice cooker for this recipe, which is all because it makes your work easier. But you can also set it just in the pot and onto a stovetop.

So, then you will set the pot with water on the stove to allow it to keep boiling. Once it’s thoroughly boiled, you should add the fungus to the water and simmer for about five minutes.

After about 10 minutes of simmering, you will add other ingredients and cover it to keep simmering again. It would help if you allowed it to cook for about 30 minutes to let it cook thoroughly.

Where should you get the snow fungus?

If you’re here in the states, you can order the snow fungus from the different Asian stores. This fungus will mostly grow on trees, and it’s often available as an edible fungus.

Therefore, the species you find here are either tropical or sub-tropical, so the fungus will also extend the temperate areas of the Asian style. 

How often can you take the snow fungus?

This is one of the best dessert soups, but you should take it in moderation. First, of course, you should use it, but it will come to de-service you if you eat it not every time like any other meal.

Can you store it in the fridge?

Of course, you can store it in the fridge, but then you should have it last for only about three days. After this, you will indeed serve you whether you want to eat it cold or hot. Then, of course, if you want it to last even longer, you can set it in the freezer.

How long does the cooking take?

It will take a long time depending on the meal you are making. In some instances, people prefer to use the pressure cooker, thus then limiting the time it takes to cook. Although when you use the soaking method, you limit the time it takes to make the cake.

snow fungus soup 6

Which ones are the effective methods you use to cook the snow fungus?

Of course, when you are going to make the soup, you will need to put the ingredients to boil and then create one of the best soups.

Now you can stream it, or better yet, just stir-fry it. But whichever method you choose to use when cooking it, you should handle it with a lot of care.

Just know that on its own, then it has a very subtle state. If you want, though, you should then add the coriander, light soya, and asparagus to make it right.

Suppose you are one of those who believe that the best hospital in the kitchen is one of those ingredients you like. Traditionally, they added it as part of the other ingredients to make sure it’s still tasty. It can keep your digestive tract healthy, and still, it will aid in kidney function.

snow fungus soup 7

Are you looking for the best dessert?

When you have some of those significant festive seasons of your choice, you should try this best dessert. The good thing is that you don’t have to sit and wait for it to cook.

Instead, you will soak it overnight and then set it in the rice cooker or a pressure cooker, then let it cook safely.

I must mention though anything you’re going to cook with the snow fungus, make sure you don’t use healthy ingredients that influence the flavors of the soup.

snow fungus soup 5

Snow fungus soup

When you have had your excellent main meal, you will want to have a perfect dessert. Well, snow fungus soup is just the perfect dessert to make the perfect soup.
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Course: Soup
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep Time: 7 hours
Cook Time: 3 hours
Servings: 4


  • Half a snow fungus
  • 1 peach
  • 10 rose tea
  • A little rock sugars


  • Soak the snow fungus overnight. You want it even to triple its size. Then, remove the black spots and the yellow complex parts.
  • Here we used the rice cooker. So, then you should add the snow fungus to the rice cooker and then add water and let it cook.
  • Select the soup function and then set the lid over the cooker to cook the snow fungus cook right.
  • Add the water into the peaches to make it cook right.
  • Add rock sugar to sweeten it just a little bit. It would help if you also gave it enough time to simmer and allow it to simmer for so long.
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