Sour Plum Drink – Suanmeitang

Looking for a cool, refreshing beverage on a hot summer day? Look no further! A cup of iced sour plum juice can really hit the spot.

Plum juice is not only sweet and delicious, but it also has great health benefits you won’t find in other beverages, including throat-soothing effects and better digestion.

However, despite the many health benefits of plum juice, because the plum meat contains more picric acid, people with compromised health and pregnant women should drink less or avoid sour plum juice.

Sour Plum Drink

Making your own sour plum brew, with the correct recipe and preparation method, is super easy and the taste is absolutely amazing! Good any time, you, and your friends and family, will fall in love with this delicious drink, and keep coming back for more!

Today, we are going to prepare my favorite, very simple and refreshing, sour plum juice.

Ingredients (you may have to go to an herbal supply store and ask for these items by name):

Sour Plum Drink ingredients

1) 50 grams of smoked plum. Smoked plum is mainly produced in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou and other places in China. In Japan, before consumption, they are salted and called umeboshi. Eating smoked plum stimulates the bodies production of parotid hormones, that helps promote cell function and trigger metabolism. Having one or two a day is a great way to stay healthy, in this drink or by itself.

2) Rock sugar 80 grams. Authentic sour plum juice must be made with these large crystals of sugar. In my experience, it is best to simmer the ingredients for a specific period of time, and if you use plain white sugar whilst brewing it for a long period of time, it will become bitter and will not be enjoyable. Using this type of rock sugar is different, the juice will maintain its flavor but also can neutralize excess acidity.

3) 3 grams of Osmanthus

4) 3 grams of dried Rose Petals

5) 2 liters of Water


Step 1: Soak the smoked plums (a total of about 2 hours, can reduce the smoky flavor).

Sour Plum Drink step1

Step 2: Drain the water.

Sour Plum Drink step2

Step 3: Using a dish or pot that is can be heated on your stove, add 1.5 – 2 Liters of water and the smoked plums, and bring to a boil.

Sour Plum Drink step3

Step 4: After the water has come to a boil, turn down the heat and let simmer for about 25 to 30 minutes. You can add the sugar and stir slowly until it is completely dissolved at this point.

Sour Plum Drink step4

Step 5: After it has simmered, add the dried osmanthus and rose petals.

Sour Plum Drink step5

Step 6: Turn off the heat and let cool. Strain the liquid into a clean container and put in the refrigerator (or you can fill a glass with ice and enjoy immediately. Or you can also pour the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze it so that it will not reduce the flavors).

Sour Plum Drink step6

Sour Plum Drink step7

Tip 1: Plum juice should be stored it the refrigerator, as it will go bad at room temperature and not be drinkable, but should still be consumed within three days of brewing.

Tip 2: The ingredients can be reused to make a second pot with a little less water, so they are not thrown out before you get all the flavor out of them.

Some facts about suanmeitang (sour plum juice):

As far as nutrients go: the natural citric acid, malic acid, etc, content in plum is very rich.

Among them, there is a special type of tannic acid, which can effectively inhibit lactic acid and remove harmful substances that cause the aging process.

High levels of lactic acid in the body are one of the main causes of fatigue. Therefore, when you work late at night or feel mentally exhausted, drinking a cup of sour plum juice can be a healthier pick-me-up than coffee, allowing muscle and vascular tissue to rejuvenate.

In addition, these acids can help curve thirst as they stimulate the salivary glands, help with digestion, motion sickness, and even help after re-hydrate after a long night of drinking.

The Plum contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially high levels of vitamin B2, hundreds of times that of other fruits. Although it tastes sour, it is an alkaline, thus drinking sour plum juice helps the body’s blood pH balance.

The From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people with healthy livers should eat more plums. It can not only reduce liver inflammation, but also helps with digestion. In addition, sour plum can soothe a soar throat.

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