25 Spicy Chinese Food (Dishes With Recipes)

Do you like spicy? We have spicy food infact lets just say that to those who aren’t so used to spicy food anything you eat here will be spicy. But today we are interested in the spiciest foods of China.

I know the term spicy also refers to the different spices we use for different meals.

And when you are talking of chilli then I should mention that China has chilli at the center of its meals.

And this is true for the different styles of cooking here.

Take Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, for example. In addition to the enriching peppercorns, you will notice that they cook with the chillis a lot.

So when you’re short of ideas on what to try for the next tantalizing meal, you should think along the lines of Chinese treats. 

  1. Hot and sour soup
  2. Chinese noodle soups
  3. Chinese five-spice beef soup
  4. Szechuan garlic chili oil noodles
  5. Dan dan noodles
  6. beef lo mein 
  7. Chinese pork belly
  8. Spicy pan-fried  pork butt
  9. spicy spare ribs
  10. Hunan pork stir fry
  11. Twice cooked pork
  12. Mapo tofu 
  13. spicy garlic tofu
  14. Five-spice tofu with pork
  15. Spicy beef noodle soup
  16. Spicy cumin lamb biang biang
  17. Sichuan spicy wonton in chili oil
  18. Spicy Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce stir fry
  19. Spicy stir-fried rice cakes
  20. Mala chicken
  21. Saliva mouthwatering chicken
  22. Szechuan fried rice
  23. The spicy fish
  24. Szechuan boiled fish 
  25. Chinese chili garlic shrimp


1. Hot and sour soup


When its during those winter days you may just need something to keep you warm and that will mostly be a soup meal.

It contains a lot of ingredients and it will always make you a spicy and sour broth that you can use alongside the other different meals if you like too.

Notice that you can even make it a vegan style of soup where you use all the different styles of veggies to make it into a full meal. 

This one though is ideal for you if you like it full of flavor but also richly spicy. So forget about the different kinds of soups you find in the restaurant that are mostly also lukewarm and tasteless.

It even has some vinegar in it to make it even better. But if you like to have it hotter then consider adding more white pepper. 

When making this soup you should however know that you may find it hard to find some of the ingredients we use for the same.

Try to check them out in the Chinese grocery stores though as that will make it even tastier.

Also, remember to prepare the ingredients you need ahead of time. Do you want to try it check the recipe here. 

2. Chinese noodle soup


This is ayet another one fo the most famous style of soup you will find. If you like everything spicy the Chinese way and also with lots of tomatoes you have it here.

I like to make it during the cold evenings when I don’t feel like cooking much. Well, this just makes a whole meal. 

Look at it! won’t you just like to try it the moment you set your eyes on it?  I like this soup at any time and you can never go wrong with it.

I know it has a lot of ingredients to make it all perfect and of course if you like it hot then make sure you add more pepper to the mix. 

I know it may be a bit too spicy for some people, but it’s all worth using. You will like the broth and the sauce, which makes it even healthier but deliciosu in its own right.

Check the soup recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

3. Chinese five spice beef soup


Here is another one of the easiest to make soups that you can try and enjoy alongside the other different meals. With this you have nothing short of the hearty, healthy soup to use.

So you see, anytime you have a cold, or the weather is not conducive, there’s nothing that will beat the hot bowl of soup. 

Notice though that here you have the beefy soup that is packed even with the spice and it’s utterly delicious this one.

Here we use the boneless beef and blend in the different styles of species to make sure it attains the perfect healthy delicious soup in no time. 

With the five-spice you then have the different styles of soups to use. So then you can use the tender pieces of bok choy, carrots and spicy delicious soups too.

Notice too that you will have the delicious yet thinly sliced cabbages and meals. You will be surprised that with this then you will turn any simple and boring soup from zero to hero.

So try this recipe today to make the best soup meal. 


4. Szechuan garlic chilli oil noodles


Do you like noodles here is one of the choices that will tick into spicy noodles as you would like and enjoy. Such noodles are often ready in such a short time that makes it even better to enjoy alongside the different meats.

To make it then you will have to use the large noodles and toss them into the spicy szechuan oil of your choice. You will also need to use the garlic chilli peppers herbs and soy sauce too.

Notice though that they will deliver the perfect kick of flavor and the best part is that it’s going to be ready in just minutes.

It further gives you the choice to add anything you like from the chicken to the shrimp and to the pork and beef. 

The spicy chili oil will make the richest difference here and if you like the stir-fries then you will enjoy this one.

The versatility of the meal also means you can make it vegan by just adding tofu to the recipe.

If you know Szechuan peppers you know that it will take you spicing to a whole different level.

So enjoy it when you rush to fix a quick meal by using this recipe guide

5. Dan dan noodles

Dan Dan Noodles

Here is the dan meal that you can cook for about 30 minutes. Notice that you have the spicy style of the noodles and yet you will make it in the rich creamy sauce.

I like that they often top it with the crispy pork and it also has wilted greens. Now, these aren’t new they are some of the most popular yet preferred Sichuanese styles of noodles. 

Well, you may have seen some of the ones they make in Chinatown across the globe and they usually have sugar, sesame paste, and the peanut sugar.

So of course make sure you try the one we have in this recipe. So then you have ground pork, minced garlic and the five spice with the sauce like the hoisin sauce. 

Here then, you will have the use of the pasta that cooks to al dante. It takes a short time to make the meal too, you know.

Every Sichuan restaurant in China also serves this meal, so you will also find it easily if you like it.

Consider checking the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

6. Lo mein


Of course, you can make chicken lo mein, beef lo mein, even vegetables of lo mein. You will then always have it being juicy and delicious succulent too.

They are homemade stir fry meals that take you such a short time to make. Imagine making the lo mein within 20 minutes and still having it being nicely delicious. 

You will mostly find this in the great Chinese restaurant but then you can also make this perfect meal in the house.

Notice that it’s going to be your favorite meal the moment you learn how to make it like we do here.

So for this noodles recipe then we are talking of the special noodles that you are going to make spicy. 

It features the use of different ingredients to make it nicely spicy and delicious. Imagine blending the different flavors here to make the noodles even more delicious.

So when you are looking for the best lo mein you can make comfortably at home, you have it in this meal. 

With this meal, you will receive all the flavors of the different parts of the meal.

It has vegetables as well, which makes it more flavorful at all times.

Check the recipes we have here for ideas on how to make them. 


7. Chinese pork belly


This is one of my favorite styles of sticky pork. Even from the look of the picture you will notice that they offer some of the best flavors yet it’s quite easy to make.

You will like that this one will make it amazingly tender delicious. This choice is great since its offering you the perfectly spicy choice. 

You will enjoy the three-layer of flavor in the meal. First, notice that the slow cooking of the pork makes it easy to absorb the flavors, and here you are setting it in the stock sauce.

Next, then you will need to cook it or seer it in the pan and the vegetable and the seasoning you add makes it just more than good. 

Another layer is then going to form when you add the soy sauce coating to it.

So, of course, you will love the taste. It appears like it’s perfect to use as a snack but also as the main meal.

With all the ingredients involved, though, you’re sure it will be a spicy choice to use, so try it. Start with the recipe we have here. 

8. Spicy pan-fried  pork butt 


When you’re looking for the enriching flavors and spices, then this is it. Most people prefer to use the pork but to make this spicy meal here then we are going to show you how to make this enriching flavors of the pan fried choice. This is great comforting choice of meals.

With the right blend of flavors, you will be looking for this meat repeatedly. You just have to choose the right flavorings and seasoning.

So when you can blend the different spices and flavors you will kwno why it looks and tastes perfect for different events. 

This one also saves you time to make it sooner as long as you are with the ingredients already.

The best thing to therefore is to marinate the pork overnight. Consider checking the recipe we have here for ideas.

9. Spicy spare ribs

Who doesn’t like some spicy ribs? I like them a lot and just looking at them like this makes me want to make it myself. One thing is true though I like it being alot spicy.

The ribs you see here are tender but then they won’t fall off the bones and they are jusicy, succulent too don’t forget spicy. 

This pork meat will make you never forget it especially since most people just enjoy its pack of umami flavors and the spiciness.

When grilling it though remember the smoke part of it is the richest part you need.

Of course, you should remember to make it char a little as that will also blend the spiciness. 

This spicy delicacy is one of the most versatile choices you can use alongside the different side dishes.

But the best part is that you don’t have to go to the restaurant for it anymore. So if you have 25 minutes, you have enough time to make this delicious spicy treat. Consider trying this recipe, though. 

More ribs recipes you can find here:

10. Hunan pork stir fry


If you want your food to be more aromatic then you should use this choice of flavors from Hunan. Here you won’t only be having the hot pork but it’s also spicy and flavorful.

I know I’m listing it here but it’s all too hot for me. Well if you like your food spicy you most definitely will enjoy this. 

From the look, you should know you will have it being nicely read but then, although spicy, it’s not overly spicy. If you want it less hot and spicier, there are ways to make it so.

I like that the meat is going to be tender but also richly flavorful. The secret is, therefore, to choose the best part of the pork meat.

If possible, go for the naturally rich belly parts. Check the recipe choice we suggest for you here.  

11. Twice cooked pork


This is another one of the most preferred Sichuan styles of the meal. Notice that here you in fact have one of the fastest methods you can use to make the pork.

It’s going to be utterly delicious but also easy to make. I would gladly say that when you’re making the pork belly in Sichuan, you are sure to have it being super amazing and delicious.

I particularly enjoy the Sichuan style of making the pork because it’s perfect tasting. 

So you will have the hot chili style of pork where they use the bean paste to make the pork style of life.

When you give it enough time then you are sure to deliver the perfect tasting pork. Try this recipe today for ideas on how to make the perfect meal. 


12. Ma po tofu

Mapo Tofu

Here is yet another dish that is nicely spicy and doesn’t necessarily require you to have meat but for the recipe we suggest here then we use the pork.

I know to most people the long list of ingredients can be intimidating to figure out but once you figure it out then you are ready to cook. 

This meal usually features a blend of the tofu mixed in with the different seasonings, flavorings, and spices to just make it delicious.

It’s one of the meals that are so delicious and the different people going into the Chinese restaurants.

No need for take-out for the same. Don’t just wait to order it in the restaurant; instead, learn to make it at home and enjoy every bite of it. 

You ought to know that you will like it a lot more than any other style of meal they offer in the restaurant.

They make this one using the spicy chili sauce to make it even more delicious. This recipe, though, is going to make your work a lot easier. 

13. Spicy garlic tofu


This one is not only spicy it’s also utterly delicious and easy to make. It’s a common choice just because it will take a shorter time to make it.

You may think that it’s just the mapo tofu and it’s almost the same but this one is going to be spicier but also taking a faster time to make it. Understand that this is another one of the most popular dishes the Sichuanese make. 

In this case, though the garlic is the primary ingredient in the meal. You will enjoy this recipe just because it will come together much quicker.

Usually, they use the different proteins to make it but then it will come together for you very quickly.

So even when you don’t often make the meals you will notice that it’s easier to make it. Notice that I like to eat this one with the steamed rice. 

Are you in a hurry to fix a meal? Then, check this recipe to make it. 

14. Five spice tofu with pork


When you have pork and tofu, you have a whole meal notice that most people like to go for it in the restaurant but you don’t have to wait and go for it in the restaurant; instead, you can make it at the comfort of you home.

So if you are looking for a restaurant-style flavorful meal, make sure you use the premade five spice tofu. 

Generally, though, you will need to combine the tofu with the pork and other rich ingredients to make an authentic meal. Then, you can quickly grab a few of the ingredients to make the perfect recipe.

Next, ensure you are making the perfect meals following this enriching recipe.

For it to work well, then you need to double or triple the sauce. Check the recipe we have here for ideas on the best steps to take in making it. 


15. Spicy beef noodle soup


Here you have another one of the best and yet delicious noodle soups and of course, you should know that the soup is hot and spicy.

However, notice that it’s also fragrant and rich in flavor to match your different side dishes if you need them. Here then you have one with the light and clear broth. 

It will surprise you that you will have the perfect dish to warm you up. So then here you have the spicy beef noodle soup. Amazingly it’s one of the most straightforward choices to make.

Since winter is around the corner, you should work towards having it warm you up quickly. The great thing is that you can add different herbs and species to the meal. 

When cooking it, remember that you aren’t supposed to cook the noodles in the soup since you don’t want the starch to drain. Check out this recipe to be sure it’s great. 

16. Spicy cumin lamb biang biang


Are you a fan of lamb well you are going to love this spicy meal this is my promise. Notice though that when you add the noodles then you make it even better and in this case, we are using the biang biang noodles are frm North China.

What makes this recipe even better is the fact that you will make it from scratch. So you will first off make the noodles before you then start to make the lamb too. 

Here then, you have one of the best ingredients you can use to cook the lamb to a spicy meal, and it’s also easy to make. You will enjoy the famous foods they make to make sure you are enjoying the perfect flavors.

Notice that this is thick and chewy, yet it’s also a handmade choice of noodles and flavors. Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

17. Sichuan spicy wonton in chilli oil


Here then you have the tender meat that you also cook in the slipery wrappers. Usually you will also season it with the chilli based oil.

Notice though that the sichuan spicy wonton will even blend in the different flavors to make it a lot tastier.

When you are talking about the Chinese style of wonton then this one will make some of the oldest style of wontons. 

Be informed though that this is one of the best style of wontons you can use for the different reasons.

Notice that this is also an aromatic choice that is also salty and punget so nice to use.

So then you will need to take the meat and mix it in the food too then you can set it in the old style of wrappers. 

Check the recipe here to know how you can make it into a perfect choice of meal you can use. 

18. Spicy Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce stir fry


Here is yet another flavorful choice of meals that you can use to give you the perfect kick. And this one will make you an easy to make side dish but also the entreee.

With this spicy choice then you’re sure to have the perfect vegetable you can use so you don’t have to use meat all the time. 

Even when you are one of those who doesn’t like to use the different proteins, then you can use the eggplants. 

Notice too that you are going to have the perfect entree to go with it. For more information, though you can go on and check this recipe, we have here. 

19. Spicy stir-fried rice cakes


Another one of the best meals you could then use is the rice cakes. Its the easiest way to use in making the chewy, delicisou, starchy and flavorful rice cakes.

But notice that its a spicy choice of rice cakes that you can use. You just have the best meal when you add on the sichuan peppercorns. 

Also, you can use the pork belly to make it more delicious, rich, flavorful, and spicy.

So then you want the meal to be cooked through but remain chewy. If you want to see that it’s a great meal, then you ought to check this recipe


20. Mala chicken


Sometimes the only thing you crave is spicy food, and when this is what you want, you should choose to make the mala chicken.

This type of chicken is super spicy thus not for everybody but making it to me is just an art.

Notice that its a mouthwatering delicious meal we have here. The first thing you should, therefore, do is to marinate the chicken before you can start making the chicken just as delicious. The first thing you do then is to cook it until it’s nicely crispy. 

I like that it will deliver the perfect flavors that will please the palate needs of your friends who like to eat only richly flavored meals.

You can make it in just a few minutes, so check our recipe for ideas. 

21. Saliva mouthwatering chicken

saliva chicken 1

Here you have the porched chicken that they make using chili oil.

I know the name it has makes it questionable but worry not it has nothing to do with saliva rather just the spicy deliciousness.

Of course, the chili oil will then seep into the chicken and flavor your chicken even more.

So here you have the meal you can eat alongside the other side foods. Start by checking the recipe to make sure its utterly delicious.

22. Szechuan fried rice


Here is another one of the Indo-Chinese styles of fried rice and the difference being that we make it super spicy.

What I like the most is that it will take about 20 minutes to be ready to use.

So notice then that you make the rice super delicisou and the perfect textures for the meal. You will enjoy the sauce as it makes the meal even richer. 

Generally, one of the easiest ways to make the fried rice then is to use the different recipes, including this recipe we already have here.

So take the time to make this rich and fulfilling delicious meal for your lunch or dinners whenever you need to.

Here you will have a pack of flavors like the sesame flavors and the veggies too. So try this recipe today for ideas on how to make it rich and filling.  


23. The spicy fish


Here is one of the traditional styles of fish which is also a shandong fish. Its one of the most popular fish in the Zhenjiang restaurant.

With this recipe, then they make it to mimic the lamb beef and chicken style of fish you can have. If you have tried this spicy fish then you will want to eat other styles of fish too. 

Chekc out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it a perfect meal. I know if you have ever tried it then you want to cook it again. 

24. Szechuan boiled fish 

Sichuan Boiled Fish

So here you have a perfect meal that you can also use to make the rich flavorful meal that they will deliver the perfect numbing sensation but also spicy choice.

Don’t visit the East and you didn’t try this meal. But when you are having an event then consider choosing this meal.

From sichuan peppercorn to the doubanjiang to chili papers then you will have the perfect boiled fish.

If you want then you can add the fish head and the fish bones for you to enjoy every part of the fish. notice though that you will have the fish cooking perfectly and not really overcooked.

Notice though that within 45 minutes you will have the meal ready to use and enjoy. So enjoy the recipe we are suggesting here for ideas on how to make it.

25. Chinese chili garlic shrimp


If you thought you couldn’t find the shrimps in china you thought wrong. We just like to make it unique but its part of our major recipes.

The great thing then is that you will have the spiciness sweet and chilli all in one type of shrimp. It mimics the Chinese takeout restaurant style of meal. 

This is the one choice for anyone who loves shrimps as much as I do, but they also enjoy the spicy meals. So take the time to check this one out. It may look complex to make, which is why I’m giving you the right recipe to follow. 

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