11 Substitute For Fresh Ginger (Fresh Ginger Replacement)

Ginger, like most other ingredients, is a stand-out type of ingredient with a unique flavor. Only the people who like to cook know the feeling of missing some significant spices.

It’s frustrating to make your favorite meal, and you realize you don’t have the fresh ginger. But trust me, you have other options you can use.

Although it won’t give you the distinct ginger flavor, it will give you the perfect substitution. It will make the perfect meal still before you go out to buy the ginger you like.

There are different kinds of ginger substitutes, you know. So check below to know what you can use as a substitute.

The substitutes

1. Ground ginger

Of course, most households already have this ground ginger in their spices list. And of course, when you don’t have fresh ones, you can use this ginger. It makes the best substitute for specific meals. This ginger style works almost the same, and that’s why you will need to have it.

Before you go to the shop at night, check if you have ginger powder or ground ginger, as most people refer to it.

Ground ginger

Notice, though, that the ground ginger will be milder than the other fresh one in this case. Also, you should check the expiration of the ginger because if it’s too old, then the flavor will already be diminishing.

So here how you substitute it:

Depending on the brand of ground ginger you have, use about ¼ teaspoon to cover for one tablespoon of fresh ginger.

Although you find that the ground ginger will make a great substitute, don’t go out trying to use the fresh ginger in place of the ground ginger. You can use the fresh ginger to substitute for the ground one, for example, in the dessert meals.

I want you to remember that the flavors these two types of ginger bring to your food are different. So it will not be perfect, but at least it will be something close to what you want.

I want you to know, though, that the ground ginger will have a different flavor from the fresh one. Notice that the same ginger we refer to as the ground ginger is what we also call the ginger powder.

2. Crystalized ginger

To some people, this is also the candied ginger, or sometimes what people refer to as the glazed ginger. It features fresh ginger that they actually cook in sugar water, and then they roll it in sugar. Sometimes you will have the recipes that call for this type of ginger, and in such cases, you can also substitute the ginger spice with it.

Crystalized ginger

You should know that since there’s so much alteration to it, you may need a lot of it to replace it. Sometimes you can make do with what you have. But in other instances, you are told to use the substitution of ½ cup of minced crystallized ginger to replace the teaspoon of ground ginger.

And if you are going to substitute it for the fresh ginger as this recipe calls for, you will need to use the set of 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger to replace three tablespoons of minced ginger too.

3. Ginger pickles

In other instances, you will have the ginger pickles, and this is also what most people refer to as gari, and they like to use it in the sushi recipe. Of course, if you are using it for recipes like those that call for eating raw ginger, you can use pickled ginger.  But it’s not a very common substitute though it can work.

Ginger pickles

If you already have it at home, you should take a few pieces of ginger and use it as a substitute for your desserts and such like meals.

4. Minced ginger

If you went to the supermarket, you would notice that you have minced ginger choice. Besides, I should mention that it’s almost similar to your ginger paste. It will, however, be a bit different in taste.

Minced ginger

I should therefore mention that this one will deliver a different taste and texture from the paste and the fresh one. However, it can make a great substitute too. The primary difference is that some of the ginger types will be diluted, which also means that it doesn’t have the same taste as the fresh ones.

So the fresh ginger has a great substitute when you are using the minced one.

There will be different types of minced garlic you can find in the market, and you can buy those to make the difference in taste.

5. Ginger paste

Sometimes when you’re using the ginger paste, then you have another perfect substitute. Again it’s all for the particular recipes and not all of them. Of course, there will be instances when you can use the ground ginger paste. Notice that this is one of the easiest and yet flavorful ginger.

Ginger paste

You will never believe it before you try ginger paste because you could stop using fresh ginger too. You know most when you get the fresh ginger, you will mince it to use it in the meal. Now in most cases, you will need the ginger to attain the paste-like texture.

6. Allspice

This is one of the essential spices that you will find familiar in Caribbean recipes. And while it’s not a ginger type of spice, it will make the perfect substitute. It features the use of dried unripe berry, which they grind to a powder before they start to use it in the different forms of food preparation.


Here, you have the mild sweet-spicy flavor you can use in places where you would use fresh ginger.

This one is a mild option, but it will remind you of the other different spices. It will remind you of the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and even ginger itself. Since it’s the best flavor for having a blend of flavors and spices, you will use it with different meats, lamb, and beef.

You can use the vegetables, meats and the stews but also the different kinds of dessert. In most cases, you need to add ½ teaspoon of all the spices.

7. Cardamom

While you may not know it, the ginger and the cardamom are more similar than you think. While you may not see this, they have almost the same taste, and for this, you can use them in similar amounts. Notice then that the cardamom then will deliver a nuttier herbaceous but with a citrus-like flavor.


Let’s be honest though, it may be pretty similar to the powdered ginger, but the fresh one then gives a different flavor. Regardless it gives your food a ginger-like flavor, and it can make a great substitute. So then, if you’re substituting it with the ground ginger, use them in equal parts. But when not, then you can use a few pieces of cardamom to replace the fresh ginger.

8. Cinnamon

This one will deliver the warm, sweet flavor that will make the perfect substitute for your ginger. So then the cinnamon will make the perfect substitute for the ginger. When you are out of stock, choose to use the cinnamon.


Sometimes you may need to use the powder, but other times you will need to use the tree’s bark. Consider that you will use it in your meat dishes and your dessert meals too. It works perfectly for baked goods, so if it calls for ginger and doesn’t have it, use cinnamon.

9. Nutmeg

This is one of the sweet, spicy flavor types that will work perfectly as a substitute for ginger. Remember, the nutmeg is often looking like ginger itself. This one will be the perfect choice to use in making the substitute to use alongside your different meals.

Nutmeg new

It will make the perfect substitute. So then you can decide to grate the nutmeg or even use the ground option. This is going to make the perfect flavoring for your different dishes. Again it will depend on the meal you are making if you’re looking to make the perfect substitute. Generally, though it doesn’t matter whether you use the nutmeg, it will always work.

10. Mace 

Here you have a sweet, warm, aromatic kind of spice. It delivers an aromatic flavor, and it’s a great choice to use. This one comes to you in its natural form or the ground one, and you can decide to use them in different foods.

When you’re going to bake your foodstuffs, you should use this one as it works great. Of course, this is to say you don’t always need other foods with it.


Notice that it features a lace-like coating that you will mostly only find in the nutmeg seeds, and of course, it works as a perfect combo.

So then you will like its warm, flavor, spicy but also peppery taste. You can mainly use it in places you would use your ground ginger. The way it works is that you can substitute ¼ tsp. of the mace in places you would have the fresh ginger.

11. Galangal

This is by far one of the best substitutions for your ginger, although it’s not easy to come across it. You will have it being used in most Southeast Asian cuisine. If you, therefore, want it, then you will find it in most Asian cuisines. So of course if you have it at home, then you can use it at home.

Galangal new

Surprisingly, the galangal features a spicy taste and flavors as well. So you can use the fresh or minced galangal in place of the ginger. If you want, then you can even adjust it at times to reach the perfect taste.

Also, if you want, you can do the substitution with the galangal powder.

Why do people like to use ginger?

Of course, ginger has the specific taste and flavor you need for the different meals. But other than that, ginger has very many health benefits, which is also why people like it the most. In most cases then the ginger is going to increase physical wellbeing.

Believe it or not, ginger will combat common nausea, and of course, this works best for pregnant mothers.

This is another one of the options that is going to create an anti-inflammatory choice. This will also mean that you won’t have muscle soreness and arthritis.

The ginger water will aid in the weight loss journey. Remember, though, that you also have to include other options for it to work. It would help if you had some exercise as well as a particular diet.

Of course, in other instances, ginger will help prevent some cancer formation.


When I use ginger powder, will I have the same benefits?

Well, it’s not as beneficial as when you’re using the fresh one. Remember the fresh ginger has no contaminations, and therefore, it brings out the natural state, thus more benefits.

Although it will lose some benefits, it will still maintain the greatness and the perfect features of some ginger.

Is ginger ever too much?

I mean, everything taken in moderation is great, but if you take it in excess, then it’s harmful. This is the same story for the ginger. You won’t stop the heartburn when you consume it in excess, but sometimes you will have a lot of gas in the stomach.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related illness, you should check with your doctor before consuming them.

How can I store my ginger to have it last longer?

Before we go to the storage, you should make sure you bought the perfect type of ginger. The first thing to do is to make sure you only choose the best quality of the roots. It should always be firm and also smooth.

So then set the ginger roots in the resalable bags, and then you should get all the air out before you even seal it. And then set them in the crispy drawer of the fridge. And if you have cut it, you will need to part it dry and then set it in the resalable bag again. This kind of ginger then should serve you for one week.

If you want it to last even longer, then you can set them in the freezer. Just don’t leave it in the open as that will lead it it’s shrinking and losing its moisture sooner.

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