45 Sunday Dinner Ideas (Easy And Recipes)

We all love weekends somehow, and that’s because we get to spend time with our families. While you could eat the regular, it’s also the time to experiment with some of the best recipes.

So are you short of Sunday dinner ideas? We are here to give you some of the unique and easy-to-make dinners that will get your family hooked.

sunday roast dinner

So, of course, I know Sunday is a special day in almost every household. Families gather around to spend together and plan for the coming week.

For this Sunday coming, then you should consider the following recipe ideas.

Best recipes to try

1. Tomato spinach chicken dishes

Tomato spinach chicken dishes

Here then you will have the best dish that is also a colorful option. Of course this you can also prepare for your weeknights as it’s easy to make.

The best thing is that you are going to add on all the sauces and other unique ingredients you would like to.

This is, in fact, an easy and quick meal you can attain. The good thing is you blend all the goodies in here. It will look colorful, but it’s also delicious.

The meal we then have here is delicious but also filling. You will mostly enjoy the flavors, but the best part is that anyone can make it as they would like to.

When making this one, you are doing the Mediterranean style where you have it packed with meats, veggies, and great oils.

Notice then that you have a healthy night dinner in no time. So try this recipe out when you want to have a quick dinner.  

2. Creamy chicken pasta

Creamy chicken pasta

There’s nothing better than the creamy pasta. But when you make it alongside your favorite chicken, then you have it being delicious and healthy.

Remember, with such a recipe; you even have veggies in terms of spinach.

Although you can make the meal for your weeknight meals, it will work too for your Sunday dinners.  

I like the creativity but more so that it takes a shorter time to make, giving you more time to catch up with your family.

You can be sure to have the tender chicken delicious pasta and the creamy flavors of the whole meal pack.

Check out this recipe for ideas.

3. Shrimp Corn Chowder

Shrimp Corn Chowder

When you are looking for creamy, dreamy style chowder, you will like its richness of flavor. You will be surprised that it’s easy to make a comforting meal yet too.

I don’t know about your family, but you can be sure to have a delicious filling meal too.

I like to make it during winter and all because it will keep you nicely warm.

Most households will only prep this meal during festivals, but why wait when you have this recipe here to make your work easier.  

4. Salmon in Roasted Pepper Sauce

Salmon in Roasted Pepper Sauce

Here you can be sure to have a delicious meal in less than 20 minutes. This one is a great choice, especially for those special days but especially for your Sundays.

You can make it when you have visitors coming over. I know when you look at it, you already want to try eating it.

Here is another one of the one-pan dinners that you can make or use for your special days.

Of course, this contains peppers and is only ideal for those families where pepper is not strange to even the kids.

Regardless if you don’t like the pepper sauce, you can make it in any other sauce that will make it creamy if you like.

Do you want to try out this deliciousness? Try this recipe.

5. Shrimp Fettuccine with Roasted Pepper Sauce

Shrimp Fettuccine with Roasted Pepper Sauce

Here then, you have another one of the best shrimp recipes. This is an easy restaurant-style fettucine, and of course, if you try this, you are never stopping to make it.

This is for those who love shrimps. You will have the roasted pepper sauce to add on to the mixture, thus making it juicy and succulent.

So then you can be sure it’s an elegant and unique flavor. This meal is going to be ready in just about 30 minutes.

You will like the flavors and just perfectly lovely too. Here then, you have the perfect juicy and delicious meal in no time.

Check out the recipe we have here.

6. 5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wraps

5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Here you have the perfect wraps you can use for Sunday nights too. You will enjoy the burst of flavors, the spiciness, and the meats as well.

If you are anything like me, you will notice that the best way is to wrap it with it when you have the buffalo chicken.

You can be sure to have the perfect flavors without the added healthy and more calories but with the fat.

So then you will have the shredded chicken working perfectly for you too.

We call it buffalo chicken mostly because you will add on the buffalo sauce.

Again then you will combine the hot sauce in this mix. One thing, you are sure to have your family enjoying the simple meal as they are resting and prepping for the busy days coming.

For ideas on how to make it, then you should check the recipe we have here.

7. One Pan Ground Beef Stroganoff

One Pan Ground Beef Stroganoff

This is another one of the easiest to make dinners, and I like that it takes you less than 30 minutes to make it. If you have the creamy sour cream, you are ready to make it.

So then you expect it to have the creamy sauce, meaty creaming mushroom with some soft egg noodles.

When it comes to the food, you are always waiting for the easiest to make the recipe. What then will you do with a pound of ground beef.

Before you then realize it, you will find that this is one of the comfort foods you can make.

The meal takes such a short time to prepare, you know. Are you ready for one of the easiest yet delicious meals to cook?

Check out this recipe for ideas.

8. Dad’s Creamy & Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes

Dads Creamy Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes 1

Here they use three different styles of cheese to make it one of the best side dishes you can use alongside the different other meals. I like to use it alongside my perfect steak.

I don’t know what you would like to make with it but know that it will work, so you shouldn’t shy away from trying one of the best options.

People like it a lot more because of the creaminess and the cheesy nature of all the au gratin in the market. I haven’t yet come across one of the best creamy, delicious options like the one we have here.

If you’re a vegetarian, you will find this meal the perfect choice you can use alongside the different protein meals.

This is everything, including the delicious option too.

You will have it be prepared as you are having the perfect conversation with your family.

Check out the recipe we have here.

9. BBQ Chicken with Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce

BBQ Chicken with Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

If you love BBQ chicken, then you will most likely also enjoy this one. Here you then have the tangy homemade sauce that will always make it easy to create the perfect glaze for your meal.

Sometimes especially during those winter days, you need such a finger-licking meal.

I like that grilling, and the BBQ meal is a perfect time to have vital conversations. To make it, I like that it allows almost every family member to be part of the cooking process.

You should make sure you make the chicken perfect to the extent you can attain the perfect skin too.

You will always also enjoy the skin being a crispy type.

The secret thought of the perfect chicken is to have the best marinating sauce and use it on the chicken to rub it perfectly on.

Try this recipe to find the best ideas you can use for your meal.  

Asian Sunday dinner ideas

10. Black pepper beef stir fry

Black pepper beef stir fry

Sometimes you may only need a leisurely Sunday, and at such times, you can use the strips we have here.

In contrast, it looks like such a simple meal you will be surprised that it’s one of the best meals you could want to try.

Not all Sundays will be where you are in the mood to try or cook everything; sometimes, you want to slide easily.

Well, this Chinese beef stir fry is the perfect choice to use for such occasions.

In 20 minutes, you will have a pack of flavors, textures, and colors. I like the pepper sauce as it makes all the difference.

Of course, you can have it with any side dish of your choice, including the rice, noodles, potatoes, or sometimes eat it as it is.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on the best meat to use.

11. 30-minute Mongolian beef

30 minute Mongolian beef

Here you also have the sweet and savory tasting style of beef to add to the perfect meal you choose.

You will like it the most because it’s easiest to make a meal that you will even be surprised at how fast it works.

You will mostly like the texture, the flavors, and the spiciness too. The secret, therefore, is to make sure you cut the meat to small thin slices.

Anyone who is so in love with the different Chinese food will most likely enjoy this as well. Notice that you have the comfort food you can use in no time.

When you garnish it with spring onions, you can be sure to have the perfect meal. Check out the recipe though, for ideas.

12. Kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken

How it looks is already an indicator of how good it is. Check out how perfect and easy to make the meal this is.

Here, you have an easy to make stir fry that will deliver a succulent, flavorful, and delicious meal.

This meal is one of the most common in Chinese delicacy, and you can trust if you know how to make it that your family will be enjoying it while making it the perfect meal.

You will find it easy to make as you also work on it with your other family members.

You have the spicy chicken that you will either eat with your noodles or rice meal depending on your preference then.

But if you want to make the best kung pao chicken, this is the recipe to use.  

13. Japanese Pork Bowl (Butadon)

Japanese Pork Bowl Butadon

When you crave the most delicious pork, try using this one to make the best yet delicious pork. You will be amazed at how they’re caramelized sweet and savory sauce that will be perfect to use.

Here notice that they like to serve it over the rice to make it a complete meal.

The good thing is that you can make it even at home. And you don’t have to be Japanese to know how to make it.

If you have this recipe we have here, you can be sure to have the perfect meal to use.

In simple terms, this Japanese dish features the grilled pork bowl that has become a favorite, although it was made for farmers today.

Check out the recipe we have here.  

14. Japanese Steak Rice Bowl Recipe

Japanese Steak Rice Bowl Recipe

When you love the food, there are always different uses in the different meal preparation process.

You will like this recipe because it delivers a succulent, flavorful, and delicious meal. It makes your dinner a perfect night because of the creativity that goes with it.

I like the versatility of the recipe we have here because it allows you to use any steak of your choice. The good thing is that you can make it as flavorful or as simple as you would love to.

This is one of the most effortless meat styles to make when you are even having guests over.

Check out the recipe for juicy and delicious meat.

15. OyakoDon – The Authentic Japanese Way 4

OyakoDon – The Authentic Japanese Way 4

Here is yet another one of the best meals to try the Japanese way for a leisurely Sunday dinner. I like the simplicity of the meal yet the complex nature of the flavors.

Notice that you will have a soft fluffy blend of chicken, eggs, and richly flavored broth over a little bit of rice.

The difference here is that you don’t have it being soupy and runny; instead, it’s a perfect meal to have your kids even enjoy during dinner.

You can be sure that it will be a meal full of flavors because of the seasoning and the herbs you will use.

But enough talk goes, and check the recipe here for ideas on how to make it.

16. Chicken chow Mein

Chicken chow Mein

If you like Chinese food, then I believe you must already know about chow Mein. It’s almost a signature dish for Chinese cuisine.

In this case, you are making the chow Mein with special chicken meat as the main meal.

This makes you need noodles and chicken with a few seasonings; you are ready with your meal.

You can make it a weeknight meal if you like, but I like to use it during my special evenings. Consider this recipe, though, when you need the best meals.

17. Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork

Whenever you are talking about Chinese foods, you have to mention this favorite. I can never get enough of the sweet and sour pork, you know.

Of course, there’re recipes out here trying to mimic the same. But if you are looking for an authentic one, you should make the Chinese authentic sweet and sour pork.

Here then, you will have the lightly battered pork that you will only need to pan fry and then have it being or looking this nice and yummy.

Anyone who likes this recipe does so because they are not only easy to make, it’s a very delicious option to use.

Check out the recipe we have here.

18. Shanghai Braised Pork Belly

Shanghai Braised Pork Belly 1

Another one of the most common meals you will enjoy for dinner too is this pork belly. What you will enjoy the most is the texture and the deliciousness you have with the pork.

This is one of the most common Chinese dishes that you will eat at different times of the day, but it will work especially for Sunday dinners.

What makes it stand out again is that you can use it alongside all the different styles and kinds of side dishes.

Anyone who grew up in shanghai knows this meal to be such a fulfilling one.

If you especially don’t mind the fatty nature, then you can be sure you will enjoy this one.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on the best way to make it.

Let’s try Mexican style

19. Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor

When you make Mexican food, you can be sure you will never go wrong if you are creative. Have you tried to cook anything like this ever?

This is one of the most fantastic recipes that involve America’s favorite tacos style.

Here then you will have a pack of marinated pork with some pineapples. In the end, you will have the perfect recipe to enjoy alongside the other salads you would like to make.

It’s a complete meal but full of flavor. I like that you can try to make it even if you have never made such an option.

Check out the recipe we have here for the perfect ideas.  

20. Enchilada


Here then you have the best chicken enchiladas that you can use as a main meal, but the best part is that you will like the whole process of making it. You will have the enchilada sauce that comes with even more flavor burst.

And while most people use the already cooked chicken, you will be cooking the chicken breast in spicy and flavorful broth to absorb the flavors.

I’m not going to lie; this one will take some time to make, which is why it’s great to make on those easy Sundays.

Note that you will be having something way better than the regular Mexican gravy.

You will like the creaminess, the smoothness, and the saucy sauce too.

If you want to have such a meal on your plate, you should check out this recipe.

21. Beef burrito casserole

Beef burrito casserole

It’s another one of the best yet easy-to-make dinner recipes. The fun thing is that even those who don’t like the casserole somehow enjoy this dinner meal.

Of course, it’s easy to make when you already know how to go about it, and then at the time, you can use it on any dinner day.

The moment you make this for dinner, you will always want to make it just because it’s a great meal choice.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy the burrito with the cheese sprinkled on top, making it a more smothered meal.

You will be surprised you don’t need to use any sauced with it, but it’s utterly delicious.

Check out this recipe here for ideas to make it, though.

22. Double-decker taco pizza

Double decker taco pizza

If there’s one thing you will like about Mexican food, they are very versatile, and again there are so many meals you can try.

This one here is going to be anything but bland. You will like that you will bring the family together to make it together.

Of course, if you know how to make homemade pizza, this will be very easy to make.

Notice that you will have the cost-effective style of making the pizza, but it’s richly flavored, yet it has the perfect texture.

Go on to try the recipe, thus making it some of the best meals we can take.  

23. Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas

Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas

You see these quesadillas, then you will make them with the homemade spice mix and you can be sure to have one of the best yet delicious Mexican-style meals.

This is the one you can make when you are short of time because it takes such a short time to make.

So then you will be enjoying the cheesy, creamy nature with the crispy exterior. Anyone will also like the succulent and juiciness of the beef too.

The time it takes to make it is also the shortest. I’m almost sure the moment you have it on the table, you will have it comfortably cover your face as you enjoy every bite of it.

Check the recipe we have here for the perfect ideas to use in making it.  

24. Easy nacho casserole

Easy nacho casserole

Here is another one of the most delicious meals you can use, and don’t even think twice because they will deliver the best party food you can use to please the crowd.

Here, you have the nachos layered together with the nacho chips, and you are sure to enjoy the meal.

You will enjoy the ground beef that you have seasoned, yet they will have a lot of cheese to make it anything but boring.

When you have those fun daily events, consider using this meal. You will never forget just how delicious it was.

You will realize it’s easy to make a meal, and of course, you can find the recipe here.

Italian style

25. Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

Here, you have an easy Sunday meal, and believe me; it will soon be your best choice to take. This one will stand out for you, especially since they make it using the marinara sauce.

Notice then that you will have the tender but also juicy seared meatballs.

I don’t know any other method you can use to bring your family together for the perfect meal. Of course, this is quite delicious.

You will have your family enjoying it as they hold deeper conversations.

The one thing that will make you love the meal is that it’s easy to make, yet you don’t have to strain to make it—the one we have here you will use to serve about 8 people. Here you then have the tender meatballs.

Check the recipes we have here for ideas on how to make them.

26. Lasagna recipe

Lasagna recipe

This one looks so beautiful, and it’s also delicious. You will enjoy making it as well just because it’s also fun to make it.

Of all the ones you are going to make, this one seems to be the easiest you can make.

If you have never made the lasagna and you want to try the process, then this is where you should start. There’s no better way to make it than this, especially since it’s easy to follow through.

I like to make it alongside my family members. It will mean you will have the perfect flavors and creamy smoothness too.

I particularly like the meaty sauce, but the way it comes out is always great if you know to follow the recipe we have here.

27. Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet

Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet

I know you can find the chicken in almost every other place you would like, and the difference then is that you will have to cook it the Italian way to make the difference. When you don’t know any other way to make dinner, try this recipe today.

Here you will add the parmesan cheese with the cherry tomatoes too for the color and the deliciousness.

You won’t even believe how delicious this one appears with its bold and rich flavors. You can then enjoy the creamy sauce but also the deliciousness.

The addition of the spinach gives it a crunchy texture. But I must say you will have it being nicely colorful as well.

There’s one thing you can be sure that when you have skillet meals, you are nothing short of the best meals to use.

Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make the best meals.

28. Italian pizza

Italian pizza

What better way to enjoy the evening than just make the Italian Margherita pizza? You will be surprised that this is one of the easiest ones to make when you master the art.

I like the simplicity that comes with the Margherita pizza. It will keep you wanting to try new and more pizza styles.

As long as you get the ingredients right, you are always ready to go with it. I’m one to develop a gluten allergy, but when I eat pizza in Italy, I don’t react.

You can bet this is the easiest way to enjoy the pizzas when you know where to get the Italian flour because it’s less processed.

This easy to make pizza; you can make it a short time if you had the dough ready. But check the recipe here for the step-by-step guide.

29. Italian sausage & cheese baked manicotti

Italian sausage cheese baked manicotti

You can never go wrong when you’re looking for a burst of flavors. If you don’t know what the manicotti is, I want you to know that it’s a rigid tube-shaped pasta. When they then make it, the aim is to make space for a place where you can stuff it with beef and cheese.

Of course, you will then have the succulent, flavorful, and delicious flavors of your meals. Look at the meal above; don’t you want to devour it into the meal right now?

So if you don’t know how to make it, you can check out the recipe we have here.

30. Grilled Country-Style Pork Ribs

Grilled Country Style Pork Ribs

You can never go wrong with the pork grills, especially when you’re going to grill the ribs.

You can be sure to find delicious, succulent, juicy, but also flavorful pork meats. Well, what better way to have these grills than make it the country-style way.

You can be sure to have the pork flavorful, and I like that these you can cook alongside all your family members.  Of course, you will need to rub over the BBQ sauce to make it even tastier.

So when you are feeling the need for BBQ, you should do it on a Sunday. The best part is that you can do it at any time of the year, especially those summer days.

Check the recipe we have here for ideas on the best meal to try.

31. The Best Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken {of All Time}

The Best Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken of All Time

If you love to grill, then don’t worry; summertime is almost here, so you will be grilling your favorite food.

Notice, therefore, that you will have the juicy, flavorful, delicious, and stand-out chicken in no time.

Of course, you can keep them to use during the summer season. I like Sundays because it’s time I can make such delicious news.

The fantastic thing is that the recipe you therefore have here is one of the best yet most flavorful options. But there’s the best secret to making it all full of flavors, and it’s in marinating it.

Just make sure you refrigerate it afterword’s for about 4 hours before you finally start the grilling.

Check out this recipe we have here.  

32. Skillet Tilapia with Creamy Lemon Sauce

Skillet Tilapia with Creamy Lemon Sauce

Another one of the most common recipes you will ever have is here. This will always be delicious when you know how to make it—most people like it to deliver the perfect flavors for Sunday dinners.

You will find it helpful during those summer days but also any other time you would like to make it.

This is a versatile dish that you can use alongside any other carbohydrate or meal.

So then here you have a tender, flaky fish that you can use. This will be the perfect meal you can use or make and have even your kids enjoy.

Of all the different kinds of fish, it just happens that tilapia is one of my favorite fish to make.

If you want to make it perfect, though, you can try this recipe.

33. Garlic Lemon Butter Seared Scallops

Garlic Lemon Butter Seared Scallops

Another common type of fish is called the scallops. Remember, you will need to sear it in a blend of garlic, lemon, and butter.

You will have it already ideally enriched, and while it looks like a light meal, you can add on some salads to make it a complete meal.

The secret, in this case, is to make sure you don’t fill a lot of the scallops into the wok. Also, make sure you keep turning them to have it sear it well.

So then, when you use the parsley sprinkles, you can be sure it attains the perfect color.

For the best ideas to make this recipe, check out this blog.


34. Avocado-Dressed Shrimp

Avocado Dressed Shrimp

If you are one of those who likes salads, you can make your salad enriched when you use this dish dressing. Then you will like its creaminess, but then it’s also filling.

Of all recipes you may have, I say this is one of the best since it’s much healthier.

When you have this blend, though, you are taking a blend of Mexican and American culture. You will enjoy the colors, but when you add the avocado, it becomes even more filling.

For those Sundays when you are not looking to eat a lot, consider this light dish. Go on to check out the recipe we have here.

35. Salmon Salad – Low Carb

Salmon Salad – Low Carb

Who said that salads have to be boring? Here you have one of the best styles to make the salads a filling yet flavorful meal.

Here you will be surprised that it comes with the perfect texture but also the crunchiness.

You don’t always have to cook when you have great ideas like this; you can decide to make a meal out of the best veggies you already have.

You will like the most about this meal because it entails the regular pantry ingredients you already have.

You most likely already have the ingredients we are showing you here.

So all you need is the perfect recipe we already have to use in the creation of the perfect meals in no time.  

36. Vegetarian fish sandwich with homemade tartar sauce

Vegetarian fish sandwich with homemade tartar sauce

And for those days when you aren’t looking for more meals, this is the perfect set of meals you can use. This is more of a sandwich meal and, of course, not so strange here in America.

I’m not one to enjoy burgers, but I don’t mind making it for my family every once in a while.

This one you will enjoy the most just because of the additional vegetarian-style fish. I mean, even the image of it makes you want to eat it the most already.

Of course, again, you don’t only have to make it on Sundays. You can create it on other days too.

I just like that it’s more of a luxury meal to enjoy to me. Try out the recipe we have here.

37. Lobster pasta and creamy garlic sauce

Lobster pasta and creamy garlic sauce

Sometimes you just needed to be creative with your food, and in this case, we are introducing lobsters to the meal to make a full Sunday dinner meal.

This is a meal you will enjoy on only special occasions with your family. You will want it to be healthy garlicky with the lemon.

This lobster meal is the perfect dinner, but it will work best when you’re not in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything else.

You can be sure to enjoy this meal to the last bite, but only when you are not in a hurry to do anything else. So then you have elegant and upscale comfort food.

Here you will have large chunks of lobster, and don’t forget the creaminess of the meal.

Well, if you want, you can try the recipe to make a stand-out meal.  

38. Cheesy chili mac casserole

Cheesy chili mac casserole

For the love of mac and cheese, would you try this one? I love this version of mac and cheese, especially with the addition of cheese to it.

I like that it’s a versatile choice since if you want, you can add any pasta you would like to add.

I’m sure like most other meals you will like this one too especially for its creaminess. Of course, you can alter your taste to fit the deliciousness.

This is not your regular one; as you can notice, they went on to add the black beans and the diced tomatoes to the recipe.

Notice that this one uses the smaller noodles too, but I will say it’s just one of the very best choices of meals to use.

Try the recipe to make it at home by yourself.

39. Southwestern Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Southwestern Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole 1

The incredible thing about this meal is that it’s easy to make, and people like it for that—your will like its richness of flavors and the creamy nature.

The fantastic thing then is that they make this one with rice and some beans as well.

Of course, you will still love this one too much when you use just a few ingredients. It’s one of the most excellent options to use.

The greatest thing then is that you can even make it in your favorite slow cooker and go about other businesses.

Try these recipes here for the best ideas.  

40. Spanish chicken and rice

Spanish chicken and rice

Look at this, isn’t it just super perfect to look at but also delicious to use? I love how it looks in the pan with a whole bunch of chicken to make it even more delicious. You will then have the flavors bursting here too.

You have the juicy hearty meal that’s with the perfect texture too. This one you can make for weeknights but also the Sunday dinners too.

You can also make this in the oven if you like, and the recipe you have here is excellent.

41. Easy jambalaya

Easy jambalaya

When you also have the shrimps in the meal. But with the sausages, you are sure to have the perfect combo for great flavors and meal enjoyment.

Of course, if you have never tried the jambalaya, you will be wondering what it is but know that it’s a great meal.

One more thing; it’s quick to make it so you will enjoy the spices, the flavors, and most of all, the fact that you can make it during weekdays or even the weekends.

Here you have the comfort food to try, and as long as you have the shrimps and sausages, you can be sure this will be an excellent meal for you.

Check out the recipe here to make it.

Vegan meal

42. Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

You don’t always have to eat meaty rice; instead, you can use veggies. This is a vegetable fried rice that contains miso paste and sesame seeds.  

Here then you have peas, broccoli, corn, and carrots. When you are just starting with the vegan meal, this is one of the best you can start.

Of course, you can use brown rice to make these meals. You can try this recipe even if you are not a vegan.

43. Best vegan ribs recipe

Best vegan ribs recipe

Notice that even though you are vegan, you can still enjoy some ribs. You need to be creative with the meals you can choose to eat if you want. Notice that this is not the actual meat; this is jackfruit ribs too.

Of course, you can add the mashed potatoes on top too. Of course, you can use the shredded parts to make it delicious.

Notice that they then will make it have high moisture and also perfect stringy nature.

Here you have a whole delicious meal to use even on your Sunday dinners.

Check out a recipe.

44. Firecracker tofu

Firecracker tofu

This is a slightly spicy deal, but you will like it for its deliciousness. One thing I like about vegan is the creativity.

Of course, you will see most of those meals they make using meat; you can make using some vegetable twist.

This is mainly an excellent option for you if you don’t like the very spicy levels. Everyone who is strict vegan will enjoy it.

You have to try the recipe to see whether it works for you. Check the recipe here for ideas.

45. Sunday dinner pot roast

Sunday dinner pot roast

Here you have another one of the best meals you could use during the Sunday dinners. Do you have a crockpot? If you do, then you are going to find this meal to be the easiest to make.

I set it last just because it’s one of the best meals we ate for our lunch while growing up. To date we still do and this recipe is the perfect one we use and used still back in the day.

You the good thing with this is that you can set the meat on the pot and then go about your day. Since you will be letting it cook gently this is going to be your all-time favorite.

I like the meat is flavorful, succulent, juicy, but also nicely chewy. If you are looking for ideas for this Sunday, try this recipe.  

Tomato spinach chicken dishes

Sunday Dinner Ideas

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  • Tomato spinach chicken dishes
  • Creamy chicken pasta
  • Shrimp Corn Chowder
  • Salmon in Roasted Pepper Sauce
  • Shrimp Fettuccine with Roasted Pepper Sauce
  • 5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wraps
  • One Pan Ground Beef Stroganoff
  • Dad's Creamy & Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes
  • BBQ Chicken with Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce
  • Black pepper beef stir fry
  • 30- minute Mongolian beef
  • Kung pao chicken
  • Japanese Pork Bowl Butadon
  • Japanese Steak Rice Bowl Recipe
  • OyakoDon – The Authentic Japanese Way 4
  • Chicken chow Mein
  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Shanghai Braised Pork Belly
  • Tacos Al pastor
  • Enchilada
  • Beef burrito casserole
  • Double-decker taco pizza
  • Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas
  • Easy nacho casserole
  • Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe
  • Lasagna recipe
  • Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet
  • Italian pizza
  • Italian sausage & cheese baked manicotti
  • Grilled Country-Style Pork Ribs
  • The Best Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken {of All Time}
  • Skillet Tilapia with Creamy Lemon Sauce
  • Garlic Lemon Butter Seared Scallops
  • Avocado-Dressed Shrimp
  • Salmon Salad – Low Carb
  • Vegetarian fish sandwich with homemade tartar sauce
  • Lobster pasta and creamy garlic sauce
  • Cheesy chili mac casserole
  • Southwestern Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole
  • Spanish chicken and rice
  • Easy jambalaya
  • Vegetable fried rice
  • Best vegan ribs recipe
  • Firecracker tofu
  • Sunday dinner pot roast


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  • Get what you need for the recipe
  • Make the Dinner as instructions
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