Mango Shrimp And Sweet And Sour Shrimp – Two Methods

Delicious and succulent Sweet and Sour Shrimp, two ways! This recipe will not only teach you a versatile sweet and sour sauce, but also simple and easy ways to prepare shrimp.

Any dish that has the words “Sweet and sour,” in it seems to be a popular dish for many people. In fact, you can probably make almost any Chinese dish into “Sweet and Sour.”

Sweet And Sour Shrimp

Sweet and sour dishes can not only add a burst of color to the family table, but the flavor combination is irresistible once you have them! It is definitely one of the most popular ways to eat dishes in the West.

Today I’m going to share with you two of my favorite ways to enjoy sweet and sour shrimp.

The first is with mango and various vegetables; the second is more simple with just the shrimp and sauce, but equally delicious!

Mango Shrimp

The first ingredient is obviously shrimp! You will need around 200g net weight for this recipe.


  • 1) 1 Mango
  • 2) 30g of each Green and red peppers
  • 3) 10g of Green onion
  • 4) 10g of Garlic
  • 5) 10g of Yellow wine
  • 6) a little egg white

Sweet and sour sauce seasoning:

  • 1) 40g Ketchup
  • 2) 40g White vinegar
  • 3) 30g White sugar
  • 4) 1g Salt
  • 5) ½ tsp Starch

Mango shrimp stir fry:

Step 1: Shrimp are peeled and cleaned. Cut the peppers and mango into large pieces, the green onions are cut into about 1 inch long sections, and the garlic is sliced thin.

Mango Shrimp step1

Step 2: The shrimp is put into a bowl with the yellow wine.

Mango Shrimp step2

Step 3: Then, put less than half of an egg white in the bowl, and a small amount of dry starch in the bowl, Stir evenly. Then coat with dry starch, making sure that it sticks.

Mango Shrimp step3-1

Mango Shrimp step3-2

Step 4: The shrimp will look like the picture above. Put the sweet and sour sauce in bowl and mix thoroughly.

Mango Shrimp step4

Step 5: Put enough oil in the wok and heat it to about 70% or 80%. Put the shrimp in the middle and fry until the surface is hardened, then remove the shrimp. It will take about two minutes.

Mango Shrimp step5

Step 6: The oil is heated again and the shrimp is put down again and quickly fried until the surface is golden and crispy. It takes about 15 seconds for the second time.

Mango Shrimp step6

Step 7: Put a little fresh oil in the wok, heat and stir fry the red and green pepper first.

Mango Shrimp step7

Step 8: Then add the mango and shrimp, pour in the sweet and sour sauce, add the green onions and garlic slices, and finally, add one teaspoon vegetable oil and toss together.

Mango Shrimp step8-1

Mango Shrimp step8-2

Mango Shrimp


For this recipe, Argentine red shrimp is used, so it is cut into two pieces. If the white shrimp is normal, it is definitely not necessary to cut it, but it should still be de-veined.

You can use as much starch as needed, as it helps keep the moisture in the shrimp and the oil from boiling over.

If you want the surface to be crispy, you should fry twice. The first time you fry, the surface is hardened. The second time you raise the oil temperature and fry it again, the surface is crispy.

Although the surface is crispy, don’t fry it in the pot for a long time. When the oil stops bubbling, take it out immediately. The time is around ten seconds, and you should eat it quickly after serving.

Another method of preparation:

Sweet And Sour Shrimp

500 grams of sea prawn


  • 1) 1 green onion
  • 2) 3 slices of ginger


  • 1) 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce
  • 2) 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • Sweet and sour sauce:
  • 1) 1 tablespoon of cooking wine
  • 2) 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 3) 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 4) 4 tablespoons vinegar
  • 5) 5 tablespoons of water


Step 1. After the oil in the pan is hot, add the green onion, ginger and stir-fry quickly.

Step 2. Add the prawns.

Step 3. Cook the shrimp until they turn a bright pink color (they should be cooked until the tail curls almost all the way to the head, but not touching).

Sweet And Sour Shrimp step1-3

Step 4. Add a large spoonful of tomato sauce, half a teaspoon of salt, and mix well with the prepared Sweet and sour sauce.

Step 5. Continue to stir fry until the sauce is thick and sticks to the shrimp.

Sweet And Sour Shrimp4-5

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