Top 10 Taiyaki Pans to Buy – Ultimate Guide (Recipe)

Taiyaki PansJapanese cuisine like most other Asian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines and for a good reason. Most of the delicacies are made to delight your taste bud as it fills you up.

Moreover, Japanese culinary skills are linked to the rich culture of the people of Japan.

Japanese food is fast being embraced in various homes today both within Japan and outside. One thing you must know is that for you to cook this delicacy you need a unique tool that is set for the treat.

Today we venture into yet another Japanese tool taiyaki pan.

Taiyaki Pan Fish shape
Taiyaki Pan Fish shape
  • Material: Aluminum (pan)-Non Stick and Plastic (Handle)
  • Dimensions(inches): Pan of each side: 5 3/4 x 6 1/4 x 7/8" Fish-shaped mold of each side: 5 x 3"
  • Handle: 5 1/2" Long


What Is Taiyaki?


This is one of the famous Japanese snacks that is especially loved here in Tokyo.

In simple terms, the taiyaki is just the fish-shaped cake. The word tai in Japanese is the red seabream fish. The cake assumes the shape of the seabream. Although this snack is mostly described as a cake, it’s more of a waffle than a cake.

You make taiyaki using the regular pancake and waffle batter. To make it, you simply pour your batter into the fish mold on both sides then you put your fillings on one side and close it with the other side. Next, you simply cook both sides of the batter until its golden brown.

The filling is mostly red bean paste but since this fish cake is now consumed even in the west some people make the alternative fillings. The fillings can be anything from cheese to custard to chocolate filling among others.

I particularly enjoy the recent twist of the ice-cream filling in my taiyaki. It’s just like having your ice cream in the waffle crusts.

The History of Taiyaki

Taiyaki Pans

Taiyaki has come a long way with the snack being a favorite in most parts of the world today. But how did this sweet come up?

Taiyaki originated from Tokyo and has been in existence for over a century. The taiyaki was founded by a man named Seijiro Kanbei.

He was a food businessman who had imagawayaki shop which is another snack in Japan. His business wasn’t growing so he thought of making this fishlike snack.

He went ahead to choose the symbol of the seabream fish which is expensive in Japan and often eaten only during a special occasion. Lucky for him, these confectioners won people over and from then he had a boom in business.

To date, his shop Naniwaso Honten is still in existence. The South Koreans also love this item and they have their own version called bungeo-ppang.

How to Make Taiyaki


The Taiyaki Recipe

We can’t understand much about cooking this treat without knowing its recipe. But what I love most is that it’s easy to make.

Taiyaki Pans


  • 150gm of cake flour
  • 2/3tbspn of baking powder
  • 40 g of sugar
  • Vegetable oil
  • An egg
  • 250 g of azuki red beans paste
  • 200ml of milk


  • Take your clean bowl and combine the flour and baking powder then mix it to ensure its evenly mixed.
  • In another clean bowl, beat your egg then add the sugar and keep mixing then add your milk and continue to stir until it’s well mixed.
  • Add your liquid mixture to the flour and mix it to see that they have blended in together. Note that you should never overmix.
  • Grease your taiyaki pan and heat it.
  • Pour your batter in the fish mould. Make sure you pour a thin batter or ensure it’s 60% full. Meanwhile, check to see that your pan is heating at a medium level heat.
  • Place your red bean paste at the center of the mold then cover it with batter.
  • Go ahead and close the lid to let it cook.
  • Cook for about 2 or 3 minutes then flip the other side to cook as well.

Note that whichever fillings you decide to use, the procedure of cooking is the same.

Taiyaki Pans

10 Taiyaki pans

1. D-STYLIST 【TAIYAKI Maker】KK-00310


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To begin our list is the D stylist electric cooker. This is one of the best electric taiyaki makers. It consumes less power of 760W and it’s small then lightweight. This means that its storage should be a non-issue.

Buying this item means that you take about 3 minutes to make your own taiyaki at home. It will cook your taiyaki at a high temperature of about 240˚C which is about the ideal temperature for cooking taiyaki.

The electric gadget plate is further made using a strong and safe metal called fluororesin processing which is a type of alluminum.

The body of the taiyaki maker is made using the phenolic resin which makes it easy to clean because you only need to wipe off the taiyaki scrapes and oil. Cooking taiyaki is now easy with the help of this gadget.

2. Kotobuki Taiyaki Pan

Kotobuki Taiyaki Pan

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Would you like to have some fun in the kitchen with this taiyaki pan?

The pan allows you to have different fillings. Coming in with a red handle and a sturdy constructed body the taiyaki maker is made using alluminum alloy for enhanced durability. It’s easy to use and clean.

Off course no one wants a pan that makes it had to release the taiyaki and this one has a non-stick surface.

You can easily use this on your stove tops and within 3 minutes have your taiyaki on the table. When you want to use it though remember to grease it fast to ensure it doesn’t stick.

You may not believe it but my 7 years old daughter makes the taiyaki using this pan. Of course, under my supervision. My point is that this pan is effective, safe and easy to use.

Mini fish pan

3. Taiyaki Japanese Fish-shaped Pancake Double Pan

CookKing - Taiyaki Japanese Fish-shaped Pancake Double Pan (Mini Fish Pan)

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Although it’s a mini design of fish cake maker it makes the double fish cakes. This hastens the cooking process. Made in Korea the item features a durable and sturdy constructed body. It uses the cast alluminum metal and the handle is bake light handle.

You can use it on various stovetops including the electric one. With this item you don’t need to worry about your safety as it only uses cast iron and no Teflon, lead or cadmium elements. It’s further easy to use and clean yet practical and convenient.

It comes with easy instructions on how to use it and even recipes that you can try as a bonus. Note, this pan is a small design if you want bigger fish cakes you may want to buy the large ones.

Ice cream maker

4. ALDKitchen Taiyaki Fish Waffle Maker 110V

ALDKitchen BIG Open Mouth Fish Taiyaki Cone Maker | Stainless Steel Professional Taiyaki Machine with Nonstick Baking Molds | 1 Big Open Mouth Fish Shaped Cone | 110V | 1.5kW

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This waffle maker design is heavily built and it uses an electric voltage of 110. With this grand item, you will prepare your ice-cream waffle for years to come. It features a strong stainless steel material that is corrosion resistant and durable.

Of course, you could buy it for your personal use at home but it is best used for commercial purposes.

It has a high production capacity of the tasty fish cakes to use with your delicious flavors of ice cream. It’s, therefore, best used in malls, big restaurants and food stores.

The item allows you to control the temperature with the temperature knob. In fact, although it has 3 holes that allow you to prepare 3 sets of waffles the heat is distributed evenly such that all the waffles are nicely cooked.

Its wooden hand shanks make the item easy to maintain and clean. Now the question is, have you ever thought of starting a commercial waffle ice cream business? Here is the easy route to the successful business.

Taiyaki waffle iron

5. YOFAN Fish-Shaped Taiyaki Japanese Waffle Pan Maker Waffle Iron

YOFAN Fish-Shaped Taiyaki Japanese Waffle Pan Maker Waffle Iron

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Here is your waffle iron fish cake maker that you may use on the open gas flame but never the induction top. The item features a sturdy construction and it’s proudly made of cast aluminum. For this reason, the item is durable and safe to use.

Most people are today concerned about the nonstick coating but with this, you don’t have to worry. Yofan taiyaki maker has passed the set standards of safety by FDA and other international bodies. Your item is non-toxic and non-stick.

It has strong plastic handles and a tray design that makes pouring and flipping it the batter easy. Yofan is convenient for use and yet easy to clean since it has a non-stick surface.

I also like that the item is eco-friendly with its energy efficiency. It transfers the high heat to the waffles to cook fast.

6. Waffle Makers, Feiuruhf 110V Fish Waffle Taiyaki Maker

Waffle Makers, Feiuruhf 110V Fish Waffle Taiyaki Maker 3PCS Commercial Nonstick Electric Fish Waffle Ice Cream Makers Waffle Irons Machine, USA STOCK

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Here is another waffle iron for your ice cream waffles. It utilizes a low 110 voltage and 2000 watts of your electricity. With its 3 holes, it produces reasonably large fish cake sizes. Besides, in making about 3 fish cakes at a time you save time thus it is your convenient machine.

Its plate surface is made using the safe Teflon for enhanced non-stick properties. This means that you can produce a large batch of safe and healthy taiyaki. Its wooden handle is ideal for heat resistance whenever you need to flip or handle your equipment.

The body part of the machine is made using the stainless steel material which is corrosion resistant. This waffle maker has a temperature control knob that allows you to choose the temperature range between 50-300˚C.

Although you may use it at home to make your ice cream waffles it’s best used in a business set up for commercial production.

All you need is your fridge and other ingredients to make the ice cream and I promise you your kids will forever thank you.

I love the fact that the waffle maker produces a large fish cake mouth for sufficient ice cream filling.

Taiyaki iron

7. Happy Sales HSTYK1, Taiyaki Pan Fish shape, 8W x 2H x 12L, Black

Happy Sales HSTYK1,  Taiyaki Pan Fish shape, 8W x 2H x 12L, Black

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Here is another bestselling taiyaki maker.

I want to begin with the handle because for me it makes my work easy. Featuring a long handle that you can easily carry from the stove to the working surface. Its long handle is not only heat resistant but it keeps your hands a distance away from the heat when you are flipping.

You can use the item on various stovetops including the glass top. However, it won’t work on your induction surface.

Although it’s made using the aluminum-iron it’s a light gadget that makes it easy to use. Being one with a small family, the small design is the best choice for me. It works on most stovetops making cooking a breeze.

It assumes an elegant design that is easy to clean with its non-stick surface.

8. Fish-Shaped Taiyaki Japanese Waffle Pan Maker 2 Cast

Fish-Shaped Taiyaki Japanese Waffle Pan Maker 2 Cast Home Cooking Food Bar Tool by KeyZone

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This is a brand-new item in the market that is of high quality. Although it has the non-stick coating, its safe and easy to use. I like that its fish cakes are slightly larger and it also has a long handle to make it easy to flip.

Made of cast aluminum and plastic handle, the item is easy to use and clean. It’s also ergonomically designed and durable. With its two-tray design, you can make a number of fish cakes without getting tired.

For easy storage, you can keep it vertically. You may use it over most stovetops including the electric one.

Dorayaki maker

Before we check the dorayaki maker its important to know that dorayaki is another Japanese confection which features 2 pancakes wrapping the red bean paste.

They are closely related to the taiyaki except when making the taiyaki you use batter and wrap the bean paste in the middle.

9. Hanchen NP-551 4ps Muffin Dorayaki Machine

Hanchen NP-551 4ps Muffin Dorayaki Machine Commercial Electric Heating Waffle Machine Round Non-stick Corn Toaster Baker 100x100 (Diameters) x12mm(Thickness)

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Here is a sturdy construction of the dorayaki maker that is made using the stainless steel material.  The item is resistant to rust and features the non-stick plate. It further has a strong handle for easy lifting when your confectioners are cooked.

Being a large item, it has a thermostat setting that helps in the temperature control. It further has air ventilation on the side to distribute heat evenly whenever you are cooking. Its advisable to clean your item after use.

10. Taiyaki Pan Fish Shaped Japanese New Cake Cooking Waffle

Taiyaki Pan Fish Shaped Maker Japanese New Cake Cooking Waffle 2 Pieces Homemade

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Lastly, here is another sandwich maker design of fish cake maker. This one makes 2 pieces of waffles. It works when you simply plug it on your electric socket. The new style also has a non-stick surface and stainless steel body for durability.

It uses less power to produce delicious, sweet and soft fish cakes. This item is easy to clean with a damp cloth and is best cleaned immediately after use. Whenever you intend to gift a friend, consider this item especially when they are Asian.

Taiyaki Pan Buying Guide

Taiyaki Pans

· The material

Most of the taiyaki pans are either made using cast aluminum or stainless steel. Both of these materials are of high-quality and they are also durable. So, you are left to choose whichever you like most.

Although most of the pans we have seen have non-stick surfaces, you want to makes sure the one you have does too. The non-stick surface, however, should be FDA approved for safety.

Remember, some non-stick items are not safe to use because of the chemical used to produce them. Go for items that meet the safety standards.

· The heat source

Most of these gadgets use electricity or you can use them over some stovetops. Here we can’t cut a line as to which heat source is best. All the factors of consideration depend on the heat source you use or prefer to use.

I prefer the ones I use on stovetops especially on the gas top. This is only because I use gas at home.

· What size?

Here you should ask your self whether you want the item for commercial purpose or for home use. There are taiyaki makers that produce fish cakes in large batches. This is not ideal when you only have a family of 3.

The taiyaki maker will be underused. In this case, consider buying small pans.

· Storage

I often like items that I can vertically store because I don’t have a large storage space. If this is you, make sure you buy an item that isn’t stressful to store. Your new item should be convenient to use.

I also consider the weight of my pan because if its heavy then that means I can’t travel with it whenever I have outdoor activities. Thus, the question, is the item portable?


Taiyaki pan is one of the vital items when cooking Japanese style. These crispy like waffles with moist interiors are addictive but you will only enjoy them when you have the waffle maker. You realize that the taiyaki maker looks somewhat close to panini press so don’t confuse them.

Whenever you are using the pan, make sure you don’t overfill the fish cake hole because that will make it hard to cook.

In this list, all these items are best quality. But my personal favorite is Happy Sales Taiyaki Pan Fish shape. I find it easy to use and it has a strong durable material in form of cast iron.

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