The 7 Best Tamagoyaki Pan – How to Cook Tamagoyaki

Best Tamagoyaki Pan

Tamagoyaki is a favorite Japanese egg meal that is easy to make but only when you have the right tools and knowledge. 

The sweet, fluffy, savory and more like a custard omelet design will have you hooked the moment you taste it.

You will mostly find it in a Japanese sushi restaurant although you can also make it at home. One of the tools you need to make tamagoyaki is a tamagoyaki pan.

I say tamagoyaki pan because you won’t just cook this Japanese egg with your regular pan. You need the right kind of pan.

Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan
Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan
  • Traditional rectangular shape for rolled egg omelets
  • Make tamagoyaki for breakfast or bento, as a sushi topping, or for a healthy snack
  • Cast iron is durable and retains heat well

What Is Tamagoyaki


The word tamagoyaki means fried eggs in Japanese although it’s more like a rolled omelet. It’s often served for breakfast or as part of your sushi topping meal or bento lunch.

The tamago is basically the cylindrically rolled omelet that is cut into bite size pieces and enjoyed with dashi and soy sauce.

The basic tamagoyaki recipe includes a combination of eggs, sugar and soy sauce. If you like, you could also add the mirin and sake for an enhanced flavor. 

Other people also use shrimp puree, sake, eggs and grated mountain yam which is then turned into a custard-like cake.

Making tamagoyaki is an art which doesn’t involve just pouring the egg on the pan. It requires skill and passion for it to come out perfectly.

You have to pour the beaten eggs layer after layer allowing each layer to cook over the other.

Dashimaki tamago

This is a type of tamagoyaki that is best described as dashi egg rolls. It’s a tamagoyaki that is made using the dashi (a Japanese stock) and sugar.

This is then molded into a block. This stock makes the egg fluffy while enhancing the umami flavors.

Why Do You Need the Tamagoyaki Pan?

Tamagoyaki Pan

It doesn’t matter whether you are a cooking fanatic or beginner, chef or cook or a person who enjoys omelets this pan will offer you great service. There are many kinds of omelets most of which are cooked based on the origin.

You can cook other omelets with the regular pans but when it comes to the Japanese omelet you need this pan. Below are the reasons.

different uses of Tamagoyaki Pan

For quick and easy cooking

Do you want to cook your tamagoyaki fast and easily? You will need this pan. They are relatively larger than the regular pans which allow you space for rolling. Even beginners can use this item for efficacy.

They will assure you the perfect end result

With the pans we showed you, you can expect nothing but the clean and perfect end result. Flipping is easy and rolling is fast becoming easier. Just make sure to use the nonstick pan design.

Do you love tamagos?

If you and your family enjoy tamagos, consider buying this pan to ensure you have the best egg rolls every so often.

I mean if you are Asian, I shouldn’t even try to convince you about the reason why you need this pan.

You automatically know that the omelet is different and for effective cooking, you must buy it.

Tamagoyaki Frying Pan

Tamagoyaki Pan

The Japanese omelet pan is either rectangular or square in shape. All these pans originate from the different regions of Japan.

  • The rectangular pan which is popular is originally from Kansai a region where you will also find the city of Osaka. The people of Kansai love adding dashi to their tamago eggs. With the rectangular pan, it’s easy to flip the eggs and roll the runny mixture.
  • The square pan is originally from Kanto region which includes the Tokyo area. The reason for the square pan popularity in this region is that it’s easier to fold the eggs to half and use it in making edomae sushi.
  • The wider rectangular pan is meant to suit the grand parties of Nagoya. Their tamago has an extra addition of the dashi broth and sometimes more eggs thus making the egg wider.

When making a tamago you need a pan that transmits heat evenly fast, therefore, most of the pans are made using cast iron, stainless steel, copper and nonstick aluminum.

Tamagoyaki Pans

Tamagoyaki Pan

Copper omelet pans

1. Asahi Cne117 Egg Pan Tamagoyaki Professinal Model

Asahi Cne117 Egg Pan Tamagoyaki Professinal Model, Wooden Lid 18cm Copper

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For those going for a professional style of cooking, this is the best pan for your tamago. Made of copper, the pan transmit even heat to the eggs making it easy to cook. It’s a nonstick pan that will cook your 4 eggs in the recipe with ease.

It further comes with a wooden lid to help to keep your egg flat. What I love about wood is that it’s a bad conductor of heat which means the wooden handles are perfectly placed. It remains cool to touch even as you continue to cook the eggs.

The pan is made in Japan which should tell you that it’s a high-quality product. The requirements for its maintenance include:

  • Seasoning it with oil every so often especially whenever you want to cook your tamago.
  • It’s a nonstick pan but, this feature will come out after a few uses.
  • Whenever you wash the pan, remember to make sure it’s completely dry.
  • This is one of the best tamago pans available, thus, owning it means you are ready for real cooking. If you have basic skills in making tamago the pan will help you advance your skills from there.

Tamagoyaki Pan

Japanese rectangular tamagoyaki pans

2. Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan

Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan, Black

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The smooth finish design is the ideal traditional design of pan that was used in making the tamago rolls. It’s the kind that is made using a strong metal called cast iron which is durable for use. It further retains heat which means you could use it over the low heat stove.

Made by a brand name that is popular in Japan you can trust the product. Iwachu has served the market in making most iron cookware for close to 100years. Today, Iwachu’s high-quality products have earned fame across the globe.

This pan is a blend of affordability, quality service, durability and goodness. The product further has a wood handle to remain cool as you hold it for stability and roll your egg. The sloping side design helps you when it comes to rolling the tamago or flipping your pancakes.

If you want to be a professional in making the tamago, consider buying this pan as it’s the closest we have to the traditional tamago pan. It’s also one of the best available in the market.

Tamagoyaki Pan

Square pan

3. TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan

TeChef - Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan, Coated with New Safe Teflon Select - Colour Collection/Non-Stick Coating (PFOA Free) / (Aubergine Purple) / Made in Korea (Large)

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This is a square design of pan with the measurements of 8.5×8.5 inches. It’s ideal for a beginner chef mostly because it’s easy to handle. The pan has a slightly sloppy side which makes it easy to flip and roll the eggs in the pan.

Techef pan is constructed using aluminum and its base uses stainless steel for enhanced heat conductivity and even heat distribution. Moreover, it’s nonstick. It features the latest Teflon DuPont coating that is free of the PFOA.

It also is lead and cadmium free which means the food cooked in this pan is safe. The pan’s unique design makes it attractive and as if that’s not enough it offers enough space for the ease in rolling and cooking your omelet and literary anything you would love to cook in the pan.

The pan is also eco-friendly and ideal for use when cooking your sandwiches, pancakes and the Japanese omelet. The item is further FDA certified and approved by the environmental protection agency of the US.

Cooking has never been this easy and fun with the pan. Its handle design also gives you a firm grip.

Tamagoyaki Pan

Best nonstick pan

4. MyLifeUNIT Non-Stick Omelette Pan

MyLifeUNIT Non-Stick Omelette Pan, Japanese Rolled Omelet Pan Tamagoyaki Egg Pan (Black)

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This features the use of a heavy-duty kind of metal which is aluminum and manganese alloy. It further features the best coating which is maifanite stone coating.

The sloppy shape is ideal for flipping the omelets, pancakes and sandwich. There’s nothing so vital as the even and quick base heating when you are cooking your omelet. This pan has a magnetic conductive base that is made using stainless steel. It also heats up very fast.

The perfect handle that is made using the ABS material is fireproof. Its also long allowing you to flip and turn your food with ease. The design of handle fixation to the pan also ensures the pan is firmly in place to avoid falling as you cook.

Moreover, the pan is ideal for induction surfaces, gas stoves and other radiant cookers. The material used in the construction retains heat and thus you should use it on low flame.

Tamagoyaki Pan

Rectangle egg pan

5. IBBM Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan

Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan - Non-stick Coating - Rectangle Frying Pan Mini Frying Pan – Pink

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Talk of an easy to use mini pan. It has a slope shape that makes flipping easy. From your sandwiches, eggs, pans and omelets this pan is your ideal companion. It also has the perfect maifanite stone for coating which makes it durable and easy to release food.

This coating is also good because you can clean it easily and your food is safe because there’s no possibility of the coating chipping off and you having to eat metals. What’s more, it also conducts heat fast.

The rectangular pan is durably made using the manganese aluminum alloy that is heavy duty just like mylifeunit pan above. It also has a stainless steel magnetic conductive base that you can use on induction cooking surfaces as well as gas stoves.

The pan is hand washed and you should never use steel wool on its nonstick surface. Its handle is made using the polymer plastic which will remain cool as you are cooking. In addition, it has a thumb dent to give you a firm grip as you are flipping your food.

The best part is that the manufactures give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tamagoyaki Pan

The best mini pan

6. GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan

GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan, Grey - CW001360-015

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The GreenPan company is famous for producing the ceramic nonstick pan which is a safe cookware that is known to contain no hazardous chemicals or persistent pollutants. The pan contains no lead, cadmium, PFAS or PFOA.

The ceramic coating is here to serve you for many years as it will never blister, peel off or release the harmful fumes when cooking. The pan also features a great heat distribution. What I love about it is that you can cook your single egg, toast or even burger in it.

The metal used to make it is eco-friendly and will make for a single serving of the tamago omelet. Its handle is sturdy and silicone wrapped to remain cool as you are cooking. Additionally, the pan is light for easy carrying and flipping or tossing around.

The handle is further slip-free and safe to use. It has an appealing design that will fit any kitchen décor. The cute but powerful cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty to assure you of the authenticity of the product.

Ceramic pan

7. Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set

Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set

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This comes in a set of 3. One is an 8-inch griddle pan and two 9.5-inch pan with 11-inch glass lids. This pan is square to allow you to cook more food. It features the stainless steel base for quicker conduction of heat as well as ease of use on induction stovetops.

You can use these pans on electric gas or ceramic heating surfaces. It has a ceramic coating which means nothing will stick as you cook. The ceramic coating is free of harmful chemicals like the PTFE. It allows you to cook with minimal oil or none if you wish.

The ceramic coating with the help of the stainless steel base gives the pan an even heating system where you don’t have hot spots. Cleaning the copper cookware is also a breeze. If you will season the pans with oil after cleaning in a dishwasher the item will last longer.

The handles are made of stainless steel and they offer not only a firm non-slip grip but also safety when you wish to toss your food. So, to those looking for a coper item for their tamago, here is a brand with all the pan designs you will ever need.

How to make tamagoyaki

There are different options to use when making tamagoyaki but the following recipe is an easy one for anyone to do.

 Cooking with Tamagoyaki Pan

  • You will need 4 eggs
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp oil
  • ½ tsp soy sauce
  • A tbsp mirin
  • ¼ cup of dashi


  • In a clean bowl whisk, the 4 eggs then mix with salt, soy sauce, dashi and mirin. Mix them until properly mixed.
  • Over medium heat, place your tamagoyaki pan then add the oil on the pan. Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture and swirl on the pan to cover the whole pan.
  • When your egg becomes a little firm on the bottom but still liquid on the top begin to fold it. With a spatula, lift an inch of the egg edge then fold over the remaining part. Begin rolling this egg to the other end then push it to the side of the skillet.
  • The next step is to oil the pan again if it’s still dry pour another thin layer of eggs then lift the roll you had formed already to let the mixture spread on the entire pan. Begin folding the omelet over your new layer. Roll it to the end and then push it to the edge of the pan.
  • Pour your other egg layer on the pan after oiling if you need to. Let the egg flow to the end by lifting the roll you already formed. Begin to roll the omelet over the new layer to the end and push to the other end. Repeat the same process with the remaining egg mixture.
  • When done, remove your eggs from the heat source and place on the serving Plata. Cut it into 6 equal pieces. The serve hot.

The Cooking Tips of Consideration

Tamagoyaki Pan to cook Tamagoyaki

With this dish, you may need to practice often before you perfect your skills in rolling and frying it.

  • Worry not about the beginning rolls

Since the first few rolls make the center of the tamago, you don’t have to worry about it. Even if they are not neatly lined, they won’t be seen anyway.

  • Always oil the pan

With the rise of healthy eating, everyone wants to minimize the amount of oil they use for their food. Nevertheless, make sure you coat the pan with oil to avoid sticking.

  • Let the pan heat up

We often find ourselves tempted to use the pan anyway even when it’s not fully heated but that will alter the end result. Test your pan to find out whether it has reached the desired temperature using a drop of egg.

  • Remember to maintain a medium-low temperature

The thin layer of the egg mixture will cook very fast therefore you need to roll it quickly. This means you don’t even have time to adjust the heat and thus you should remove the pan from the heat source when you feel that it’s overheated.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tamago Pan

The material used

Like most other cookware, the material used to make the tamago pan is essential to consider. There are a number of materials that make the pans but there are the ones below are the ideal ones you could choose from

  • Those made of aluminum: it’s a good conductor of heat, lighter, affordable and durable enough.
  • The anodized aluminum: although it’s not such a good conductor of heat like aluminum, it is durable and stronger which means you will use it for longer periods.
  • Stainless steel: this features a high-quality item that’s durable and conducts heat just as well as the aluminum. It’s not affected by rust, and its scratch resistant. It will suit beginners since it’s easy to use and maintain.
  • The copper pan is a good pan but you need to make sure your heat remains at medium-low. This is because copper transmits heat fast which may cause the burning of your eggs. Additionally, it offers beautiful designs and finishing to the items.
  • I love cast iron because of its durability and you can use the pan even in the oven. It distributes heat evenly and it’s unlikely that your eggs will ever get burnt.

The nonstick coating

We all know the value of nonstick coating for the various cookware. Frying pans need to have this feature for easy cooking of the eggs and other foodstuffs. Below are the types of coatings you will find.

  • One layer: this one heats up quick but the coating has a shorter lifespan.
  • Dual layer: this offers speedy cooking yet it’s efficient. It has a longer lifespan than the single layer coating.
  • Triple layer: this gives you an assured durable service. It’s actually more effective with its nonstick feature though the thick coating means it takes time to heat up.
  • Teflon coating: it cooks faster, and it’s efficient in its nonstick ability. However, it’s not durable as its susceptible to scratch. Also, it has PFTE a chemical compound that produces harmful toxins.

The shape and design

If you get a good shape design, cooking the omelet will be easy effective and comfortable to do. The regular shape of the tamagoyaki pan is basically rectangle or square.

The rectangular and square shaped pans offer you the sufficient space to roll up your Japanese omelet and you can also cook the big egg roll in the pan.

The pans handle

This is crucial since you want a pan that gives you a firm grip as you flipping your eggs or in this case, as you are rolling the eggs. They should also be poor conductors of heat for your safety. Generally, you should have a comfortable handle.

Go for those with stainless steel handles that are hollowed or dented to give you a firm grip.

Wood is also good as it will remain cool to touch.

Extra features

Some of the extra features I would consider is the lid this will help in safe cooking or keeping your food warm. Additionally, if the pan comes with the extra utensils to make my cooking easy the better.


In summary, you can only choose the best tamago pan based on what suits all your needs and the budget you have for the pan. However, I must say that all the pans above are high-quality items.

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