Salty or Sweet Douhua (Tofu Pudding)

When speaking of douhua(Also call Tofu Pudding), it is definitely recognized as one of people’s favorite snacks in China. This tofu pudding is smooth, tender, and delicious!


The most prominent feature of douhua is how delicate and soft it is. The taste of douhua made by each chef is different, each has its own characteristics and is highly sought after by the local people. It is definitely a favorite especially for a hot breakfast.

I remember the vendor on the side of the street who sold Douhua. Served hot and with a little sugar, it surely warmed the heart.

street douhua

It is served in a bowl with a flat spoon. The pudding in the middle of the bowl is piled up like a small steamed bun, and then poured with a sugar juice. The sugar juice flows from the Douhua to the bowl. I generally like to mash it together, so that the sugar can be fully absorbed evenly and even more delicious!

douhua served in a bowl with a flat spoon

There are generally two types of douhua in China:

Salt douhua

The salty version is generally seasoned with spices. In the North: meat, celery, mustard, lily, and fungus are added. Near the sea: kelp, seaweed, and shrimp are used. A sauce of chili oil, coriander, vinegar, and soy sauce are generally added. There can also be cauliflower, garlic, green onion, etc., depending on personal preference. Also, there is a kind of hot soup in Henan, which is rich in local characteristics. And Sichuan’s spicy Douhua is spicy and delicious.

Sweet douhua

The sweet version is generally with syrup or sugar, brown sugar. In summer, usually douhua is served cold. In winter, a juice of sugar is poured over hot. Some people in order to prevent the cold will add ginger or add green beans, red beans, depending on personal taste. A more novel way of eating it is to add chocolate syrup. Hong Kong also has “sesame paste douhua” with black sesame paste.

Delicious douhua is often eaten as a child. Today, teach yourself how to make douhua with lactone and change the traditional method of making douhua, it will taste more tender and smooth! Perfectly engrave the taste of childhood memories and enjoy it with your family.



  • 1) 100g of Soybeans
  • 2) 1000ml of water
  • 3) 30ml warm water
  • 4) 3g of lactone (buy it from amazon)


Step 1: Soybeans are soaked with cold water in advance overnight.

douhua step1

Step 2: The beans are then put into the juice machine.

douhua step2

Step 3: The milk from the soybean is separated from the bean.

douhua step3

Step 4: Sieve the soy milk into the bowl.

douhua step4

Step 5: Heat the milk in a pot over low heat, removing the foam from the top.

douhua step5

Step 6: Continue to cook the heated soy milk over low heat for 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent it from burning to the bottom.

douhua step6

Step 7: After cooling slightly, use cheesecloth to strain again into a bowl. Do not put too much through at one time, or it will not filter properly.

douhua step7

Step 8: Then squeeze the cloth by hand and filter the remaining soy milk.

douhua step8

Step 9: Mix the lactone with warm water.

douhua step9

(Lactone is a coagulant used to make soy products, which changes the traditional method of making douhua, which can reduce protein loss and increase the water retention of douhua. The lactone douhua texture is fine and shiny, compared to tradition douhua made, it is safer to eat. Lactones are sold in large supermarkets and online.)

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Step 10: Pour the milk into the bowl and stir while adding.

douhua step10

Step 11: Remove the floating foam.

douhua step11

Step 12: Let it stand for about 20 minutes.

douhua step12

Step 13: Add your favorite ingredients, whether you want sweet or salty!



1: Using a juicer as with this recipe makes the tofu pudding much more delicate, more of a pudding consistency.

2: Tofu is an extremely versatile product! Depending on your preference, you could literally add almost anything to it to make your favorite snack.

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