Top 70 Baking Blogs to Help You Improve Your Pastry Baking


On my quest for baking inspiration, here at yum of china, I found these must-read baking blogs endowed with lots of helpful tips and easy to make recipes for you to sink your teeth into.

Not to mention, lots of amazing drool-worthy photos of delicious treats from chocolate cakes, donuts, cupcakes to cookies that will make you want to lick your screen.

I must say, sometimes when I’m looking for some tasty dessert inspiration a little different from one of my summer favorites Raspberry Mouse Cake on family night.

Or I have invited my friends over, and I want to serve a different dessert from the delicious Korean Steamed White Rice Cakes, or the much loved delicious Chinese Pumpkin Bean- Paste Sesame Balls I delve into some of these blogs I am going to share with you, to get different baking ideas.

I have found there are so many opportunities and a whole lot of different combinations for you to create savory and tasty treats that your family and friends can enjoy and keep them coming back for more from these Top 70 Baking Blogs.

Read on, to satisfy your sugar cravings and urges.


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Blog: Easy Cooking

The Blogger: Divya Kudua


Divya is a home cook baker and blogger. She shares a great love for cooking and entertaining her loved ones with the tasty treats she makes and shares on Easy Cooking.

Divya takes her work seriously and strives to create easy recipes that have endeared her countless of fans.

Blog: Baking TAITAI

The Blogger: Cheryl Lai


The minute you land on this blog, you will be wowed with the great pastry photography featured.  

Unlike many food blogs, Cheryl just not offer a recipe, she helps you learn how to bake with step by step pictorials, using natural ingredients to not only boost your confidence in the kitchen but also, help you create tasty delights.

Blog: Pastries like a Pro

The Blogger: Helen S. Fletcher


On Pastries like a Pro, you’ll find everything you need to know to become the pastry pro and expert you have always wanted to be.

Helen, the author behind Pastries like a Pro is an experienced chef and baker. She shares a wealth of information on the ins and outs of baking, mouthwatering recipes, tips and tricks to get the best out of your baking as well as, techniques and equipment you need for different recipes and so much more.

Blog: Bake Fresh

The Blogger: Nadia


If you have a sweet tooth and like all things sweet and pretty, you will feel right at home at Bake Fresh.

Nadia loves everything to do with baking from, simple treats to temperamental delicacies, decorated cakes, and gourmet, adorning cookies with royal icing and dipping cake pops in melted chocolate, to all lovely ways of presenting them.

Moreover, you will find tips, recipes, and tutorials on how to make all the delicacies featured on her blog.

Blog: My Sweet Mission

The Blogger: Heather Carter


Gather entertaining inspiration from this blog through delicious recipes.

Heather generously shares tried and true family styled recipes plus food gift ideas, step by step instructions as well as helpful kitchen tips.

On My Sweet Mission, you will find yummy dessert recipes for everyday for simple meals and also special occasions.

Blog: Bake to the Roots

The Blogger: Marc


Bake to the Roots blog presents simple and easy to make recipes plus beautiful photos that unequivocally captures the essence of true love for healthy baking.

Marc the man behind the blog, is a graphic designer/baker. Marc strives to presents some of the best alternatives and solutions to some of the baking ingredients that are not easily found in supermarkets all the while present easy and simple recipes he has tried, loved and wanted to share.

Blog: Art of Gluten-Free Baking

The Blogger: Jeanne


There are very few gluten-free baking blogs today, some may even say not enough actually.

Jeanne is an experienced gluten-free baker, she has been through an experimental trial and error journey coming out successfully, to share with the world.

Some of her best baking tips plus recipes on sweet and savory gluten-free treats are documented on her blog Art of Gluten-Free Baking to help her readers get the best experience.

Blog: Jane Patisserie

The Blogger: Jane


Jane’s blog is an expression of her immense love for cooking and baking in experimenting with different ideas and flavors.

Her mission with this blog is to create an environment where her visitors will feel warm and welcome, and hopefully be inspired to run into the kitchen and bake something delicious.

Blog: Hello Cuppies

The Blogger: Natalie


Natalie’s blog encompasses a mix of baking, lifestyle and parenting posts plus occasional posts of her culinary traveling experiences.

Hello Cuppies features a collection of recipes created with a lot of love and happiness that her readers can make at the heart of their homes.

Blog: Gretchen’s Bakery

The Blogger: Gretchen


Gretchen is a professional pastry chef who has had a love for pastry and baking for most of her life.

For how to baking videos, baking tips, vegan baking tips, decorating ideas and so much more, delve into Gretchen’s Bakery blog today.

Blog: Forever Baking

The Blogger: Emma


With her outstanding illustrations and charmingly well-written recipes of sweet and savory treats, Emma has made her blog a Forever Baking delight for patisserie fans.

Blog: 5th Avenue Cake Designs

The Blogger: 5th Avenue Family


If you are a baking fan like 5th Avenue Cake Designs, you will spend hours scanning through the library of posts and videos trying to create each and every one of them.

This blog features drool-worthy photography of some of the most amazing and imaginative food art you have ever seen.

To make things better, there are loads of recipes you can follow to create the sweet and savory goodness in your kitchen.

Blog: Baking Fanatic

The Blogger: Philip


I would recommend this blog to anyone looking to expand their baking and pastry library or quite frankly, anyone who wants to drool over beautiful bakes treats. Philips blog is also awesome for recipe ideas and great book recommendations.

Blog: Suzie Sweet Tooth

The Blogger: Suzie


Suzie is a professional pastry chef, she shares original recipes that are easy to make and always delicious.

For cakes, delicious treats and everything sweet, Suzie Sweet Tooth is the blog you need to be reading.

Blog: Belleau Kitchen

The Blogger: Dominic


Belleau Kitchen is your one-stop place to get all the baking inspiration you need. Dominic, the author behind Belleau Kitchen is a renowned cook, food writer and baker. In his blog, he shares some amazing recipes and ideas that you can try and enjoy.

Blog: Dolly Bakes

The Blogger: Rachel DollyBakes Burns


Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Dolly Bakes has a variety things anyone with a sweet tooth would be delighted to try.

Her baked goodies are impeccable and beyond comparison plus, her exemplary presentation and imagination will keep you coming back for more.

Blog: The Baking Explorer

The Blogger: Kat


Kat, the blogger and creator of Baking Explorer is a self-made baker, her main aim is to offer wonderful recipes on tasty bakes, indulgent cakes, Veggie treats and Veggie eats that are pretty easy to make in the kitchen.

Blog: The English Kitchen

The Blogger: Marie Rayner


Marie loves English Food, the delicious mixture of different cultures delights her and inspires her to write amazing recipes on this blog that she shares with her fellow English food lovers.

Embark on the journey with her as she explores wonderful tastes textures and sights that England has to relish your palate.

Blog: Baking Bar

The Blogger: David and Sean


David and Sean take pride in this blog, created with the desire to pass down family recipes as well as well recipes created from scratch of homemade, wholesome, and tasty treats.

Blog: Baking Queen 74

The Blogger: Lucy


Lucy loves to bake, create recipes and use her slow cooker. On Baking Queen 74, you will find lots of slow cooker recipes and plenty of regular baking recipes with a unique twist or touch too that bring everyone to the table.

Blog: The Perfect Loaf

The Blogger: Maurizio


The Perfect Loaf is a blog dedicated to baking naturally leavened bread and pastry at home.

Maurizio takes a special interest and art to create the perfect sourdough that results to exceptional and perfect loaf plus he shares his unique art.

Blog: Now Forager

The Blogger: Teresa Floyd


This blog is all about celebrating baking and embrace good pastry worth your time. For anyone with sweet cravings, this blog will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Teresa shares lovely pastry and dessert recipes fueled by the changing seasons.

Blog: My Lavender Blues

The Blogger: Julia


My Lavender Blues features fairly easy to follow recipes, featuring locally available ingredients that are more than likely going to be at your local supermarket. This blog is all about sharing good bakes and wonderful ways you can enjoy life.

Blog: Sprinkle Bakes

The Blogger: Heather


Heather, the author and recipe creator of Sprinkle Bakes, is a self-taught baker and desserts enthusiast. Her mission is to learn all she can about baking and share it with her followers.

Blog: BLAHNIK Baker

The Blogger: Zainab


Zainab shares easy and wonderful not to mention elegant desserts perfect for everyday occasions and special holidays.

This blog features a myriad of family-friendly recipes to help you celebrate everyday life moments.

Blog: Baker Bettie

The Blogger: Bettie


Here comes the blog that does not come short of wonderful recipes, exemplary baking techniques, tips and tricks as well as detailed information on the science that goes behind the baking to give rise to tasty and savory treats.

Blog: Style Sweet CA

The Blogger: Teresa Huff


Teresa Huff, is the creator, recipe developer and photographer behind Style Sweet CA.

Her blog, is a haven for most home bakers where they learn useful industry tips and tricks from a professional cake designer/bakery owner turned home cook/food blogger, and get inspiration to take their baking to the next level.

Blog: The Little Epicurean

The Blogger: Maryanne


Maryanne is a warm-spirited woman who shares her joy for baking and home cooking through from scratch recipes of desserts and cocktails and an occasional travel guide escapades.

She believes that one of the best ways to show you love and care someone is through savory treats.

Blog: Sugar Hero

The Blogger: Elizabeth


Elizabeth started her baking blog Sugar Hero as a way to express her love of over-the-top desserts with the world.

She shares amazing recipes of tasty desserts that are not only delicious but also gorgeous to help you be a sugar hero in your own kitchen.


The Blogger: Joy


Joy is a self-taught baker, turned professional baker, turned food photographer and cookbook author.

On Joy the Baker you’ll find sweet and savory seasonal recipes, a few cocktail recipes, and a sprinkling of the books Joy loves to read, a little about her life and more about food.

Blog: David Lebovitz

The Blogger: David Lebovitz


David Lebovitz, is one of the earliest food bloggers in the world. He started blogging in 1999, a time when the name ‘blog’ had not been invented yet.

He is a professional cook and baker as well as author with a desire for sharing stories and recipes that are do-able for a majority of home bakers.

Blog: Brown Eyed Baker

The Blogger: Michelle


What you’ll find here are some of Michelle’s favorite food groups: desserts, appetizers and loads of comfort food, all made primarily from scratch. Michelle writes her blog with the hope that her readers will get inspired as she is and become pro bakers.

Blog: Bakers Royale

The Blogger: Naomi


On this blog, you can expect to find a ton of well written recipes developed by Naomi as well as recipes passed down to her by family and friends plus a few fussy recipes from around the web, cookbooks and that she has re-created with a unique touch.

Blog: Oh LadyCakes

The Blogger: Ashlae


In this beautiful blog, you will find from-scratch recipes of savory and tasty treats and the occasional travel guide plus food musings Ashlae enjoys. Recipes are always vegan, occasionally gluten-free, and – every once in a while – raw.

Blog: Chocolate Covered Katie

The Blogger: Katie


Like the blog name suggests, Katie’s favorite food is chocolate. Chocolate Covered Katie is all about healthy desserts and comfort food that taste. Katie strives to show there is nothing wrong with a little sweet tooth indulgence as long as it’s a healthy treat.

Blog: Love & Olive Oil

The Blogger: Lindsay and Taylor


This blog depicts the culinary experience of a couple who share an immense love for healthy food. Explore quick flavorful recipes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make at the heart of your home.

Blog: Sally’s Baking Addiction

The Blogger: Sally


Are you addicted to baking? You will feel right at home on Sally’s Baking Addiction blog. This blog brings you back to the tales of the kitchen, featured healthy and tested recipes to help boost your baking confidence.

Blog: Minimalist Baker

The Blogger: Dana


As the name implies, the Minimalist Baker blog solely focuses on using the least ingredients possible, (mostly less than 10) and in the least time possible to prepare say, 30 minutes or less. The recipes found here are special-diet friendly, specifically plant-based and gluten-free.

Blog: Humming Bird

The Blogger: Michelle


This blog encompasses lots and lots of wonderful recipes to make you hum with delight. This blog features Michelle’s journey to working towards a high attitude for baking and eventually coming up with a myriad of amazing recipes for delicious treats.

Blog: Bakerella

The Blogger: Angie


At a first glimpse of the pastry and baked goodies on Bakerella, you will notice that there is so much more to baking.

Baking can be easy and fun, this blog presents a place to explore and be imaginative with unique decorating ideas and tasty recipes.

Blog: How Sweet Eats

The Blogger: Jessica Merchant


At How Sweet Eats, you will find all sorts of things – from healthy recipes to comfort food and indulgent desserts for everyday occasions to recipes you can wow your friends with on those special occasions.

Blog: Pastry Affair

The Blogger: Kristin Rosenau


The Pastry Affair takes an out of the norm approach, here will find an honest approach to food. Intricately designed for the home baker, you will find generous recipes from everything to do with pastries, baking, to presentation and a whole lot of life.

Blog: Shutter Bean

The Blogger: Tracy Benjamin


The Shutter Bean blog features a variety of creative recipes with step by step instructions so that you can know what you’re in for.

From this blog, you will learn to be a better cook and baker to make good food that you and your family can enjoy.

Blog: Pint Sized Baker

The Blogger: Karyn


The Pint Sized Baker blog is fashioned for every home baker. You are sure to find a recipe that fits your skill level from beginner to an experienced home baker, there is a selection of over the top dessert recipes that you can indulge in.

Blog: Bake at 350

The Blogger: Bridget


This blog is all about cookies. Bridget generously shares a myriad of recipes to making some of the fanciest, simple or complicated and good looking cookies on the face of the earth that you can easily make at home.

Blog: Eva Bakes

The Blogger: Eva


Eva has had the passion for baking since she was a little girl. she started her blog Eva Bakes, to document recipes that she would pass along to her daughter and through it, motivated her to try out new recipes that her readers have grown to love and enjoy.

Blog: The Baker Chic

The Blogger: Audra


The Baker Chic originally started as a hobby for Audra to document her baking hits when she prepared something delicious and wonderful in the kitchen. With time, it grew to become a virtual recipe book for her huge crowd following.

Blog: Willow Bird Baking

The Blogger: Julie Ruble


Willow Bird is not only a baking blog, but also, a dedicated and loving community of people who can differ in plenty of ways while still caring for one another plus a few recipes here and there too.

Blog: Naomi Cakes

The Blogger: Naomi


Naomi is a blogger and wedding cake baker. She delights in sharing awesome recipes with her readers on Naomi Cakes together with, a few important tips and tricks to always come up with the best bakes.

Blog: The Red Head Baker

The Blogger: Coleen


This is a blog about a passionate baker’s love for cooking and baking by recreating recipes to produce tasty and savory treats by tweaking a few ingredients to come up with different delicious treats every time.

The Blog: GrandBaby Cakes

The Blogger: Jocelyn Delk Adams


The GrandBaby Cakes blog is a site inspired by Jocelyn’s grandmother. This blog shares classic family recipes in a modern and accessible way. Follow this blog for some decadent desserts and sensational savory recipes and mouthwatering tutorial videos.

The Blog: Call me Cupcake

The Blogger: Linda


This blog is a combination of food and photography. Linda invites her readers into her baking world with some amazing and good looking recipes not to mention the delicious looking photos you can’t help but ogle at.

The Blog: Joy of Baking

The Blogger: Stephanie Jaworski and Rick


This blog was founded by Stephanie as a means of connecting with other people who love to bake. Stephanie has written a ton of mouthwatering recipes and shared with her readers, as an experienced baker, she offers great advice to fellow bakers to help boost their confidence.

The Blog: That Skinny Chick can Bake

The Blogger: Lizzydo

Lizzy has an obvious passion for baking rich, irresistible desserts and garnishing them to perfection. She also offers lots of skinny tips to her readers to help them keep fit whilst enjoying sweet and tasty treats.

The Blog: Patisserie Makes Perfect

The Blogger: Angela


Angela, is the mastermind behind Patisserie Makes Perfect. The blog showcases a wide variety of baking ideas, not to mention Angela’s passion for cooking always shines through the posts of recipes she posts for her readers to enjoy.

The Blog: Casa Costello

The Blogger: Hellen


Hellen, the author of Casa Costello is a massive food who shares her love for food and experimenting with different recipes to come up with tasty and delicious baked goodies.

The Blog: CakeyBoi

The Blogger: Stuart


CakeBoi is an online treasure-trove of Stuart’s culinary ideas. This site is guaranteed to bring out your creative baking side.

Enjoy some classic recipes, savory bakes and occasional new ideas on this blog.

The Blog: Marsha’s Baking Addiction

The Blogger: Marsha


Marsha’s Baking Addiction is a food blog dedicated to bringing you delicious and easy desserts. From cookies to cakes, and everything in-between! You can never lack something to sweeten your day on this blog.

The Blog: The Cake Blog

The Blogger: Carrie Selman


The Cake Blog, founded by Carrie is a community of cake makers, cake makers, and friends with a passion for baking sharing everything and anything there is to know about cake. Any home baker would be pleased to be a part of this community.

The Blog: Baking Bites

The Blogger: Nicole Weston


Baking Bites founded by Nicole, a pastry chef and a baker, is an informative site for home bakers to learn about common baking techniques, how to use different ingredients and for tons of impeccably written delicious recipes.

The Blog: Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

The Blogger: Gemma


Gemma is a professionally trained pastry chef, passionate about sharing her culinary experiences with the world. She takes to her blog to write and share with her readers the baking secrets she has learned over the years and features her simple and delicious recipe techniques that are guaranteed to impress.

The Blog: Amy’s Healthy Baking

The Blogger: Amy


If you have always wanted to bake dishes through the Alphabet, Amy can help you do it. Through her blog, Amy has exquisitely developed recipes for baked goodies and worked her way through the alphabet.

Moreover, she focuses on creating healthier dishes and sweet treats that anyone can indulge in with a guilt-free conscience.

The Blog: 365 Days of Baking and More

The Blogger: Lynn Feifer


Lynn, the author of the 365 Days of Baking and More acknowledges that to become a good baker, a lot of practice is paramount. Lynn embarked on a journey challenging herself to bake a different recipe a day and blog about for a year.

Through this, she was able to help many upcoming bakers learn a thing or two and improve their baking skills from desserts, main dishes, sides and snacks along with smoothies and other beverages.

The Blog: Handle the Heat

The Blogger: Tessa Arias


This is the absolute place to be if baking is your happy place. If you are on the quest for creative baking ideas and recipes, you will enjoy going through the wealth of amazing well-written and easy to follow recipes you can re-create in your home on Handle the Heat.

The Blog: Baking a Moment

The Blogger: Allie


If you are looking for a baking blog that will make you think outside the box, look no further. Allie wants to inspire her readers to get off the comfort zone, bake from scratch and push themselves as well.

She will help you transform the most basic ingredients when combined with a little science and artistry into drool-worthy and show-stopping desserts and eventually turn it into Baking a Moment.

The Blog: Passionate About Baking

The Blogger: Deeba


If dessert is your favorite meal of the day, head on over to the Passionate baking Blog for some baking inspiration.

Deeaba is quite Passionate about Baking, for anyone who finds baking therapeutic, you will enjoy reading the wealth of recipes this blog is endowed with. What’s more, Deeba adores food styling, food good bakes are not all about the taste, but the looks too.

The Blog: Bake or Break

The Blogger: Jennifer


At Bake or Break blog there sure is something delicious for everybody to try out. As a recipe creator, Jennifer focuses on recipes that require little effort but amount to great rewards, the treats you will make out of these blog are undoubtedly worth your effort.

The Blog: The Vanilla Bean Blog

The Blogger: Sarah Kieffer


Sarah Keiffer, the author and mastermind behind the awesome Vanilla Bean Blog, is a self-taught baker who is all about the act of sharing. Sarah believes there is something soulful about food worth sharing, the memories made through connections of tastes and smells of food is something she treasures and gracefully shares with her readers.

The Blog: Baking Mad

The Blogger: Team of Bakers


As the name suggests, this blog is all about bringing baking to life with all their scrumptious recipes. When you first land on the Baking Mad site, you will be bewildered by the amazing drool-worthy food photography that catches your eye.

If you are a novice in baking or you simply want to expand your culinary experience, this is the blog you need to be voraciously reading.

The Blog: Baking Martha

The Blogger: Martha Collison


Baking Martha blog is a trusted destination for anyone with a passion for baking. On this blog, you will learn innumerable creative ideas to reinvent your baking and take your skills to the next level.

Martha is dedicated to educating and inspiring her readers to get the confidence they need to become the best bakers they can be.

Final Thoughts

And that makes our conclusion of the Top 70 Baking Blogs every baker should follow.

These baking blogs are some of best out of the sea of food blogs clogging the internet today. The above bloggers have taken the term blogging and gave meaning to it.

These blogs have everything you need to help you become the best baker you can be. From their out-of-this world recipes, insightful baking tips, diet trends, advice on how to eat wisely not to mention, plenty of ways you can save cash in grocery shopping.

Certainly most of this blogs are dedicated to educating you, inspiring you and bringing the confidence in you to become the best baker you have always dreamed of becoming, check out some more amazing recipes you can recreate to enjoy the delicious flavors of China.

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