30 Chinese Vegan Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss

Let’s talk vegan today. The vegan and vegetarian recipes have taken the world by storm and all for a good reason, we want to go back to our natural healthy state.

If you are just changing to a vegan, you might have to think outside the box for what to eat every day.

When I first started my fear was the fact that the meals were boringly the same. however slowly I researched and to my delight, we have limitless options.

This article will make your work easy but especially if you love Chinese cuisine.

1. Vegetable dumplings

Vegetable dumplings

If you are anything like me you know that finding the best dumplings for your palate is never easy.

You just must do a little bit of research. That, however, says for almost each of our meal choices. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t find it.

These dumplings have vegetable fillings instead of the normal meat ones. You have cabbages, mushrooms, carrots and onions.

Moreover, they don’t contain tofu and will work as great vegan meals.

Wife mama foodie-simple vegetable dumplings

2. Vegetarian potstickers

Vegetarian potstickers

You will also have potstickers can you believe that?

In this case, the fillings will contain tofu and mushrooms. With such fillings, you have the meaty texture with an even richer flavor.

These ones are closer to the traditional gyoza dumplings but even more delicious.

They would gladly work as part of your dinner because they are hearty. Just remember to make yourself more than usual just in case you like them more and you have friends visiting. They have the best texture and taste.

Tofu and mushroom potstickers

3. Perfect fried or steamed veggie dumpling

Perfect fried or steamed veggie dumpling

You don’t have a full Chinese meal when you don’t have the dumplings on the table. They make for the Chinese snacks that you will use through the day.

The secret to these dumplings is to sauté the mushrooms. Not only will it give you dumpling a great taste but also enhance its texture.

In addition, you should have cilantro and bell peppers for the crunchy texture. You have the choice of making them fried to become potsticker or steamed.

As usual, your fried ones are crunchy and golden in color while the steamed ones are soft and light but chewy.

One green planet veggie dumpling

4. Veggie scallion pancakes

Veggie scallion pancakes

I don’t know one person who doesn’t like the scallion pancakes. They are readily accessible and fun to make.

These pancakes don’t have the leavening agents and that rich flavor you have is from scallions.

Additionally, the pancake may contain sesame oil which gives it the nutty flavor. The appetizers are served with a ginger soy dipping sauce.

Although it looks tricky to make, it’s actually quite easy to do.

Cilantro and citronella-vegan scallion pancakes

5. 15 minutes garlic noodles

15 minutes garlic noodles

We all love noodles, right? This is especially so if you are Chinese. These noodles are fast to make and therefore good for your weeknight dinners.

The noodles come a little charred but with the savory ginger-garlic sauce.

If you wish you may also add on the scallions for additional flavor. There are a number of meals that you can use together with the noodles to make a whole meal.

Served from scratch-15 minutes g harlic noodles

6. Real deal sesame noodles

You can describe Chinese meals as being the perfect blend of flavors and textures.

Most people are therefore afraid to try the recipes because of the long ingredients list. You can have the nutty flavors sour and sweet all in one meal.

Your must-have ingredient in this recipe is the homemade chili oil and Sichuan peppercorn.

They make all the difference to the tastes and flavors. The meal here may work as both your appetizer or main meal.

7. Soy scallion Shanghai noodles

For those days when you are looking to enjoy all the simple meals, this should be your choice.

The Shanghai noodles have an improved taste from the onions used in the meal. you might assume that the meal isn’t as delicious but it’s bound to get you hooked.

If you know how much effect the green onions and soy has to your food you will understand why in insist that this is delicious and will get you hooked.

Scallion Oil Noodles

Chinese vegan breakfast

Like the rest of the meat lovers’ vegans adore their breakfast. Below is a list of meals that could start your day off at a high note.

8. Vegetarian baozi or jiaozi

Vegetarian baozi or jiaozi

I know you are familiar with the term baozi and jiaozi. They make for a type of Chinese dumpling. They use different fillings and of course, if you are vegan, you might want to ensure that your fillings contain veggies.

The fillings may range from pumpkins to radish and even carrots, parsley and onions. Your baozi is then served with a dipping sauce just like other types of dumplings. The sauce is anything from soy sauce to vinegar and to chili or sesame oil.

I would choose baozi because it’s larger and normally steamed. Jiaozi, on the other hand, assumes a crescent shape and they are deep fried.

O&O Eats-vegetable baozi

9. Vegetarian Pancakes

Vegetarian Pancakes

Since China doesn’t fancy sweet foods our pancakes are savory. In fact, jianbing is made with chives.

These pancakes are further suitable for vegetarians who don’t mind using eggs and milk. However, there’s another option which even vegans may use as you will see below.

In this pancake, you have all the non-meat products and it comes out delicious and tender.

What’s more, you may use it for both breakfast and dinner. It should take you roughly 40 minutes to prepare.

Vegan jackfruit ‘duck pancakes

10. Noodle soup

Noodle soup

Most people ask, who eats noodle soup in the morning really?

We do in China. We love noodles and will eat them at any time of day. For vegans, dan dan noodle soup is the way to go for that breakfast meal. It looks tricky to make yet it will only take you 10 minutes to have it set on the table.

Most noodle soups come in clear form but not this one. It is thicker and since it’s made using the sesame paste, it not only has the nutty flavor but its color is also creamy. It also has chili paste to enhance its hotness.

Although it normally comes with the pork toppings you can also have the vegan version that is meatless. What’s more, you will have a delicious taste and it’s filling.

Recipetineats Dan dan noodle soup vegetarian

11. Chinese congee

Chinese congee

Generally, the Chinese congee would work as a vegan recipe because they mostly contain no animal products.

Since this is a filling dish, you don’t want to miss it on the breakfast recipe. When making the vegan congee, you should look for ways to enrich it.

Not only does the veggies enrich the flavor but it also improves the texture of your meal. In this case, shiitake mushroom will work the way the meat pieces or bones work. In addition, don’t limit the green onion for an increased flavor and taste.

Free vegan recipes congee

12. Hot soy milk

Hot soy milk

Another one of the easy to do breakfast drink is soy milk. While you can buy the soy milk in the Asian stores, the best piece is the one you make at home especially when you are vegan and concerned about certain products.

You can buy your own soybeans and blend them in water and then add some extract powder to enhance its texture. For me, this makes a full meal especially when you eat them with youtiao.

Light orange bean- homemade soymilk recipe

Main meal choices

13. Kung pao tofu

Kung pao tofu

If you are anything like me then you will have eaten this meal several times in the restaurant but not always at home.

For vegans, we make a vegetarian version of your regular kung pao chicken.

The meal is easy to make and will take you not more than forty minutes to make. The recipe uses a lot of chilies but you have the choice to make it less hot if you wish. Remember to press the tofu to get rid of the excess water and make it firmer.

This dish is sweet yet spicy hot and salty.

Loving it vegan- kung pao tofu

14. Sweet and sour chickpeas broccoli and peppers

Sweet and sour chickpeas broccoli and peppers

You don’t always have to replace meat with tofu and mushrooms you can also use chickpeas. Whenever you are making some rich Chinese sauce consider using lentils for flavor enhancement.

Additionally, if you will add the different kinds of veggies to your sweet and sour sauce, you will have a richly flavored and textured meal.

You must let it simmer over a long time to ensure it thickens to your desired consistency.

As for the heat, you may use black pepper or chili pepper just to the level you wish. Next, serve your delicious sauce over rice.

Vegan Richa-sweet and sour chickpeas broccoli and peppers

15.  Vegan Lo Mein

Vegan Lo Mein

The good thing about Chinese cuisine is that like all other major cuisines in the world the information on how to make delicious meals is all over social media. The modifications employed will normally still bring a balance.

If you are anyone who loves going for take outs, this recipe will make you stop it. The secret is to always use your favorite veggies for the recipe. They will range from bell peppers, broccoli and baby bok choy among others.

Connoisseurs vegan vegetable lo Mein with tofu

16. Spicy crispy kung pao cauliflower

Spicy crispy kung pao cauliflower

Trust me, I wasn’t always a cauliflower fun. I couldn’t stand the taste let alone its scent and texture. However, considering the fact that it’s quite a nutritious plant I have always worked on ways to eat it regardless.

Recently I came across this recipe and you won’t believe how much cauliflower I ate. Anyways, some food types are best made spicy to bring out their richness in flavor.

Since you combine my favorite kung pao with the cauliflower, you have no choice but to enjoy the meal.

Of course, the normal meal for the Sichuanese is KungPao chicken but you can also make it vegetarian when you use cauliflower.

The kitchen kung pao cauliflower recipe

17. Vegan fried rice

Vegan fried rice

The fried rice is often easy and on the go to recipe especially when you are in a hurry. This, however, doesn’t mean that you compromise on your desired tastes.

The vegetable fried rice normally makes a whole meal as you can have various additives.

You know the secret to Chinese cooking is playing around with the different sauces for seasoning. You could also add in tofu if you like to make it even better in texture and flavor.

I love to use peas but my other secret ingredient is the onions, they enhance your tastes.

Minimalist baker easy vegan fried rice

18. Chinese Eggplant Recipe with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Chinese Eggplant Recipe with Spicy Garlic Sauce

I believe we all enjoy eggplants because they enrich our food when mixed with other veggies. Today, however, we are looking to make it a rich meal on its own. If you are going for the authentic results you should choose the Chinese eggplant.

For the best texture and results, you may begin by roasting it first. This ensures that it doesn’t overcook.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for some creativity, go for a recipe that will make use of the different sauces available.

When you have garlic, soy sauce, chilies and black vinegar, you will have this rich sauce that smells like fish but it has no fish in it.

Steamy kitchen Chinese eggplant recipe with spicy garlic sauce

19. Vegan satay with spicy peanut sauce

Vegan satay with spicy peanut sauce

So why go out for a meal when you can make your own restaurant-style vegan meal?

The best way to go about this is to grill your satay. For ease of the process, you can make your seitan earlier then refrigerate them until you are ready to serve. Remember to take just enough amount that you can finish and leave the rest in the refrigerator.

What I like about this recipe is that you can cook them at any time of day and they will be rich with umami flavors.

What’s more, you may even use them for your summer lunches and dinners. Not only is it colorful but it’s also delicious.

Hanne vegan satay with spicy peanut sauce

Chinese snacks

20. Chinese Shiitake and Tofu Turnip Cake

Chinese Shiitake and Tofu Turnip Cake

The main ingredient in the meal is radish which is also known as a turnip. To cook it you should shred the turnip into tiny pieces and then season it as you add rice flour to it. Next, you will steam the ingredients to come up with your Asian style cake.

Who said you won’t have snacks as a vegan? Since you add in mushroom tofu you will have a blend of flavors here and there. This recipe is from the Cantonese cuisine.

Arthur street kitchen Chinese shiitake and tofu turnips cake recipe

21. Crispy honey chili potatoes

Crispy honey chili potatoes

You should know now that you have a number of recipes to choose from. This is just another one of the many snacks you may enjoy as a vegan. Simply put, you cut the potatoes in finger size shapes and then fry them.

Next, you toss the potatoes in sweet honey and sesame chili sauce. Your end result is a sweet and spicy snack. It’s also sticky in such a way that you will lick your fingers. For an enhanced look, garnish it with the spring onions.

My food story crisp honey chili potatoes

22. Red bean buns

Red bean buns

Another one of the Chinese vegan-friendly snacks. The secret to this snack that you may use throughout the day is to make the exterior bun soft pillowy and fluffy. Dou sha bao is basically a delicately sweet bun that has red beans as fillings.

For authentic results, I often make my own sweet red beans paste although you may buy the red beans paste in the Asian store if you want to ease the process. This is filling and delicious with just the right texture.

What to cook today- homemade dou sha bao

23. Candied sweet potatoes in caramel sauce

Candied sweet potatoes in caramel sauce

We also enjoy some bit of candies if you make it the vegan style. It’s easy to make as your sweet potato chunks are deep fried and then you coat them with the caramelized sauce. Since they are deep fried, they develop a crunchy texture outside and tender inside.

Of course, this cooking style originated in China but today we follow the Korean recipe which is actually the same way we make it back home. You will notice the fine threads coming out of the caramelized sugar which is okay.

Korean candied sweet potatoes in caramel sauce

24. Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot

Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot

While most vegan meals make for naturally healthy meals, this hot pot dish will beat them to their game.

You know how this goes you will have a hot pot at the middle and add your different meats to cook as you continue eating the other veggies.

However, in this case, we don’t use meat instead we put everything in the crockpot. With everything, we mean everything vegan.

In most cases, you just dice the veggies in large pieces. For an enhanced flavor though add the tofu cubes and mushroom.

I promise you will have a richly flavored soup and meal to enjoy with your rice and noodles

Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot

25. Egg free fortune cookies

Egg free fortune cookies

I gladly conclude the fortune cookies are available in most of the Chinese restaurants.

However, they are often made using egg whites which basically makes them vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian then this kind of cookies will work for you.

For vegans, you can make yours without eggs nor milk and still have the crunchy exterior and a delicious snack. You will also hide your message in the cookie. It takes a short time to prepare and you can snack on them through the day.

Joy of cooking eggless fortune cookies

26. Sweet potato spring rolls

Sweet potato spring rolls

This is not an authentic Chinese recipe but we also make it in China. I like them because you may take them everywhere.

They act as your on the go-to snacks. Depending on the sauce you choose you may just make it a full meal.

In this case, you want to use the roasted sweet potatoes for a rich and mellow flavor as fillings. I always love using peanut as a sauce and this will gladly make for dinner or lunch.

You don’t have to limit the fillings to sweet potatoes, you can also add tofu, spicy greens et cetera.

Plant craft sweet potato spring rolls

27. Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream – Paleo + Vegan

Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream

I love ice-creams so much that I had to finish this list with one type of ice cream for my friends. Luckily you can use coconut milk for the ice cream. This coconut ice cream is easy to make and it can work well as your flavor base for all other ice creams.

If you like it having nuts or being spicy, you can get down and add all other spices of choice. The ice cream is delicious, fluffy and creamy.

The saucy kitchen ice cream

Chinese salad

28. Asian salad with ginger sesame dressing

Asian salad with ginger sesame dressing

This salad is made rich to make it enough for lunch or dinner. It has ingredients like cashew nuts, cabbages and veggies.

The sesame dressing is everything as it gives it additional flavor and aroma.

The salad is colorful and richly textured which makes it eye-catching. You will want more and more of it.

Asian salad recipe

29. Chinese pickled cucumber

Chinese pickled cucumber

You don’t have to be confused when it comes to salads. You may use these pickled cucumbers.

Its saltiness is everything you need to feel satiated with your vegan diets. The best part is that the pickle is easy to make.

You will often find it in the restaurant as an appetizer. It’s crunchy, salty and spicy. It’s also addictive yet sweet and sour. It will take you 15minutes to make.

Chinese pickled cucumber recipe

30. Veg manchow soup

Veg manchow soup

You know we often take our soups after the main meal. Unlike most beliefs, we have the best soups.

For those winter days, you may choose to enjoy this Indochinese influence soup. It’s basically a hot and sour soup that you may take during those winter days.

The soup is thin, crunchy, spicy and delicious.

Veg manchow soup recipe

Vegetable dumplings

30 Chinese Vegan Recipes

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  • Perfect fried or steamed veggie dumpling
  • Veggie scallion pancakes
  • 15 minutes garlic noodles
  • Real deal sesame noodles
  • Soy scallion Shanghai noodles
  • Vegetarian baozi or jiaozi
  • Vegetarian Pancakes
  • Noodle soup
  • Chinese congee
  • Hot soy milk
  • Kung pao tofu
  • Sweet and sour chickpeas broccoli and peppers
  •  Vegan Lo Mein
  • Spicy crispy kung pao cauliflower
  • Vegan fried rice
  • Chinese Eggplant Recipe with Spicy Garlic Sauce
  • Vegan satay with spicy peanut sauce
  • Chinese Shiitake and Tofu Turnip Cake
  • Crispy honey chili potatoes
  • Red bean buns
  • Candied sweet potatoes in caramel sauce
  • Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot
  •  Egg free fortune cookies
  • Sweet potato spring rolls
  • Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream – Paleo + Vegan
  • Asian salad with ginger sesame dressing
  • Chinese pickled cucumber
  • Veg manchow soup


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