26 Vietnamese Desserts You May Want To Try (Recipes With Pictures)

You can travel the world by appreciating culinary recipes from different cultures and countries worldwide.

This article focuses on some dessert recipes from the Vietnamese culinary world. If you love cooking, you will agree that there is always that hunger to try something new.

There is no fun in cooking the same thing over and over again. This list of Vietnamese desserts gives you many possibilities to try out to improve and broaden your culinary skills.

Vietnamese Desserts

The dessert here include puddings, cakes, jelly recipes, and dessert drinks.

Most of these Vietnamese desserts have a sweet rather than savory flavor. But the options listed here are exciting and fun. Hopefully, you will see some of them that catch your attention. 

1. Taro Pudding


If you are familiar with Asian cuisine, you will know taro root’s amazing features and qualities. Taro root is healthy and delicious, and it is the main ingredient in this pudding recipe.

Thus taro pudding is sweet and hearty, and it is topped with creamy coconut sauce.

This dessert is very satisfying, and you can enjoy it while hot or cold.

The ingredients for this recipe include taro roots, sweet rice, pandan leaves, vanilla sugar, pandan paste, tapioca starch, coconut milk, and sugar.

You can adjust the sugar to suit your taste, you can use the pandan paste to give it a light greenish color, or you can often use purple food coloring. This delicious recipe takes only thirty minutes to put together.

2. Vietnamese Sesame Balls


These deep-fried sesame balls are delicious and are the perfect snack for dessert. The inner part consists of a sweet mung bean paste covered with dough made from glutinous rice flour. It is rolled in sesame seeds before it is deep-fried.

The outer part of these balls is crispy, and the inner part is sticky and sweet. And it is better to serve these balls immediately you make them because they will still be crunchy.

Handling the dough might be tricky because it needs to be sticky to hold the sesame seeds and not too sticky to handle.

The ingredients you need include shredded unsweetened coconut, glutinous rice, potato, sesame seeds, flour, baking powder, sugar, vegetable oil, and salt. 

3. Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding


This sweet corn pudding will make you salivate from the mere sight of looking at it. This simple dessert is made with sweet glutinous rice and shaved corn cooked in a corn broth. This is topped with coconut milk and sesame seeds.

It is nice to roast the sesame seeds to give them more flavor, which elevates the pudding. The other ingredients include pandan leaves, coconut water, pure cane sugar, cornstarch, sugar, and salt. You can serve this pudding either cold or hot. The coconut milk has to be heated or chilled; this will prevent it from turning sour.

4. Vietnamese Sticky Rice Cake


This Vietnamese sticky rice meal is one dessert that is popular during the Lunar year celebration. This sticky rice recipe uses simple ingredients, and it is delicious. The main ingredient for this dessert is sticky rice, and the inner layer is made with mung bean and fatty pork.

This sticky rice cake is delicious; the ice is fragrant, the mung bean is creamy, the pork is tender, and a nice spicy taste from the black pepper is added to the dish. It would be best if you soaked the mung bean and sticky rice overnight.

Then you can cook the mung bean and blend it in a food processor. Some people prefer to use raw beans, and this is allowed as well. But the raw mung bean will not be creamy as the cooked one. The sticky rice is usually wrapped with dong leaves, but you can use banana leaves in the absence of dong leaves.

5. Pandan Waffles


If you love waffles, then you need to try out these waffles with a Vietnamese touch. Pandan waffles make your waffle experience better because of its sweet aroma of pandan. The waffles have a crispy outer texture, the inner part is chewy, and they have a rich coconut taste.

You can make these waffles and store them in the fridge for up to a week, and they will still have a fresh aroma. You will certainly be impressed with this waffle because it has a balance between a chewy interior and a crunchy exterior.

Also, the blend of coconut and pandan flavors is amazing. One secret to note is that you should use fresh pandan leaves when making this waffle recipe. This is because it gives the waffle a fresher flavor. The other ingredients for this waffle recipe include tapioca starch, rice flour, baking powder, coconut cream, eggs, and salt.

6. Vietnamese Donuts


The sight of these donuts already makes me drool. These Vietnamese donuts are incredibly crispy with an excellent sugar glaze. They are soft and chewy on the inner part, and they are satisfying.

You can decide to make things exciting by filling some donuts with mung bean paste and making donut rings with the rest.

Mashed potato is an essential ingredient in this recipe. It provides a structure for the donut and prevents them from exploding during deep-frying.

The other ingredients include mung bean, vanilla sugar, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, baking powder, lemon juice, roasted sesame seeds, and sugar.

7. Vietnamese Pig Ear Biscuits


These pig ear biscuits are popular in most Vietnamese families. These addictive and delicious biscuits are shaped like pig ears, hence their names. They are distinct because of their shape and dark and swirl pattern.

They are the perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea or coffee. These biscuits are easy to make, and they can be kept for a very long time.

Some of the ingredients for these biscuits include sugar, water, dedicated coconut, plain flour, vanilla extract, sesame seeds, and salt.

8. Vietnamese Creme Caramel


This Vietnamese creme caramel is a soft, smooth custard topped with a dark amber caramel. This creme caramel is easy to make; all you need to do is make the caramel and mix it with the custard ingredients. Then, put this mixture in molds and bake.

You will have to be on your toes while making this creme caramel to keep it from burning. You need eggs: Lemon juice, full-cream milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt.

Jelly Desserts

9. Coconut Jelly


This coconut jelly will have your kids excited, and they will keep coming back to you for more. Coconut jelly is easy to make, and it is filled with coconut flavors. Every bite of this jelly is light and refreshing.

This coconut jelly has two layers; the lower part has a tropical sweet flavor.

The upper part of the jelly tastes like velvet cream infused with coconut essence. This jelly is satisfying, and it is better to serve it straight out of the fridge.

Jelly powder helps this jelly dessert to settle instantly, and the liquids make it soft and chewy. The ingredients for this dessert include coconut water, coconut cream, jelly powder, sugar, and salt.

10. Vietnamese Pandan Jelly


This enticing jelly is made with pandan leaves, and it is light and refreshing. The pandan fragrance makes this jelly irresistible, and your children will love it.

The ingredients include cane sugar, Agar-agar powder, pandan juice, coconut milk, and salt.

11. Vietnamese Jello Mooncakes


These jello mooncakes use taro green tea as the inner filling. The outer layer is made with coconut cream, and they are incredibly delicious.

The other ingredients for this jello include agar-agar powder, sugar, cold water, and purple taro powder.

Vietnamese Dessert with Coconut Milk

12. Cassava and Coconut Milk


This instant snack is filled with tantalizing flavor and texture.

This dessert recipe contains cassava chunks which are cooked in creamy coconut sauce. This mixture is topped with shredded coconut and nut when it is served.

This cassava and coconut milk mixture are crunchy and starchy and are satisfying. The ingredients for this dessert include peeled cassava, coconut milk, shredded young coconut, roasted sesame, roasted peanuts, and salt.

13. Banana Tapioca Pudding With Coconut Milk


This creamy pudding is very easy to prepare, yet it is incredibly delicious. The dessert is filled with little tapioca and banana in sweetened coconut milk.

The thickness or thinness of this pudding will depend on the amount of tapioca that you use.

The pudding has a pleasant fragrance, and the number of ingredients you use will greatly depend on your preference.

This recipe uses ingredients like mini tapioca pearls, thick coconut milk, banana, granulated sugar, and crushed peanut for the topping.

14. Vietnamese Iced Grass Jelly Matcha Latte


This refreshing dessert recipe has a caffeinated kick, and it is also herbal making it a healthy dessert. The leaves of the herbal plant are cooked until you get the juice which becomes thickened. When you cool it, it produces a jelly consistency.

This dessert has a subtle herbal flavor, and it is sweet and light. It is sweetened with condensed coconut milk and a froth latte. This is one healthy dessert to add to your diet, and it is also vegan-friendly.

15. Red Beans with Coconut Milk


This recipe offers you tender and delicious red beans with coconut milk. Unlike other beans that you might have to soak hours before cooking, this recipe does not require you to soak the beans before preparation.

The soup is soft and creamy, with only a few ingredients required. The ingredients you need for these soups include black glutinous, honeycomb cake, mandarin, 

Vietnamese Cake Dessert

16. Vietnamese  Honeycomb Cake


This green cake is delicious and enjoyably chewy. This cake has a vibrant green hue due to the pandan extract that has been added to the bread. Pandan is not a food color like you may think; it is used to prepare food and adds a lovely fragrance to foods.

This cake has a texture of a honeycomb when you slice it, hence its name honeycomb cake. This textured is acquired through the mixture of single-acting baking powder and tapioca flour.

You will enjoy this cake because it has a rich grassy and nutty flavor, it is not overly sweet, and it is spongy.

The coconut milk and coconut flavoring contribute to the rich flavor of this cake. 

17. Vietnamese Mango Cake


If you love this summer fruit, then you will certainly enjoy it in this baked recipe. This mango cake is soft and moist, and it is rich in flavor; the bread can stay soft and moist for three days.

The sight of the cake alone is attractive, and the cake beckons on you.

This cake is perfect for occasions and parties, and it is a wonderful way to impress your friends. The ingredients in this cake include coconut milk, mango, vanilla, desiccated coconut, butter, all-purpose flour, and lemon juice.

18. Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake


This steamed cake is made majorly from tapioca starch, and it almost has the same texture as jello cake. Although the layers of this green cake are flavored with pandan leaves, they have a fragrance similar to vanilla. 

The yellow layers of the cake are flavored with mung bean. Other ingredients include coconut milk, sweet rice flour, sugar, and salt. If you have any leftover from this cake, wrap it up and consume it within 3 to 4 days.

Mung Bean Desserts

19. Vietnamese Mung Bean Pudding


This is a sweet dessert pudding, and it is healthy and tasty. It has a rich flavor and the right amount of sweetness. Mung bean pudding is versatile in nature; it can comprise different ingredients such as fruits, root veggies, and beans.

The ingredients for this pudding are simmered in water until they become soft, thickened, and sweetened with sugar. You can add sticky rice to this recipe to give it more flavor and a thicker texture.

This mung bean pudding is suitable for vegans and those sensitive to dairy products and gluten.

20. Mung Bean Paste For Pastries


Mung bean is an incredible and delicious filling ingredient for pastries. The flavor is delightful, rich and adds fragrance to your pastry. Mung beans go well with coconut milk, and you will find that some recipes use this combination.

You can make this mung bean paste to be savory or sweet, depending on the recipe.

You can easily be made at home, and this recipe shows you each step on making your homemade mung bean paste.

21. Mung Bean Pastry Cake


Mung bean cake on the outer layer contains layers of flaky pastry. While within it is made up of mung bean filling.

You will need vanilla extract, cornflour, caster sugar, glutinous rice flour, candied winter melon, milk, egg, and plain flour to make this cake.

Dessert Drinks

22. Vietnamese Three Color Dessert


This three-color dessert will definitely impress your kids, especially because of the mixture of different ingredients. It is a combination of different colors, textures, and flavors. There are some ice and a bit of sweetened coconut cream.

This dessert contains other ingredients like agar-agar powder, pandan flavoring, hulled mung beans, coconut cream, red kidney beans, sugar, and shaved ice.

23. Vietnamese Avocado Shake


If you love shakes as I do, then you might also want to try out this Vietnamese avocado shake that has a unique touch. It is sweet and simple, and it contains milk, condensed milk, avocado, and ice. It is refreshing and requires only three ingredients.

This avocado shake is creamy and healthy, and you can make a dairy-free version of this refreshing shake.

24. Vietnamese Fruit Cocktail


If you are looking for a fruity, flavorful, and refreshing cocktail, this Vietnamese fruit cocktail will blow your mind. one spoonful of this cocktail gives you an amazing combination of flavors. This fruit cocktail is easy to make, and you can customize it by using the fruits of your choice.

The ingredients for this recipe include tapioca starch, whole water chestnut, jackfruit, lychee, jelly, ai-yu palm seeds, coconut milk, coconut, and longan. You can use canned fruits or fresh fruits, but fresh fruits are always better because they give the cocktail more flavor.

25. Boba (Bubble) Tea


If you love tea, there is something here for you as well. This boba tea dessert is perfect for a hot summer afternoon when you want something refreshing. And the amazing thing is that this boba tea has many flavors like matcha, strawberry, and iced coffee.

Boba is a sweet milk-based beverage with chewy tapioca pearls spread at the bottom of the cup. Although Boba tea tends to have many added sugars, this recipe gives you five different ideas on making a much healthier boba tea.

26. Vietnamese Yogurt


This amazing yogurt is sweet and tangy, and it is fresh, especially if you make it at home. Agar-agar is one of the ingredients for this yogurt, and it helps give the yogurt a better texture.

This yogurt is different from the usual yogurt because of the addition of condensed milk.

This condensed milk compliments the tangy flavor of the yogurt. However, one important ingredient you can leave out is the live, active cultures. The active culture is what helps to turn the milk into lactic acid and then produce the tangy flavor that the yogurt has.


There are many interesting options on this list that you could pick from. If you noticed, many of these dessert recipes use coconut milk because coconut milk is an essential ingredient in most Vietnamese sweet dessert recipes.

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