White Boiled Shrimp – Famous Cantonese Shrimp Recipe

White boiling is one of the most famous cooking methods in Cantonese cuisine.

Many kinds of ingredients can be used, but mainly seafood (such as shrimp) and vegetable ingredients.

Shrimp is by far the most popular for a white boiled dish.

White Boiled Shrimp

However, it requires very high heat to flash boil the shrimp and lock in the moisture. If you cook for too long, the shrimp will become rubbery, so it takes some practice to get it just right.

Another important element of this dish is the sauce. Generally, restaurants use oyster sauce, but you should add a hint of green onion and red pepper in the oyster sauce. This adds a little extra flavor and individuality to your sauce.

It is very important to heat the water to a rapid boil, as hot as you can get it, before adding the shrimp. If you start cooking the shrimp before the water is boiling, the shrimp won’t flash-boil and will take too long to cook and become rubbery.

White Boiled Shrimp

It is also recommended that you serve and enjoy immediately after cooking. If you let it cool too much, this can also cause the shrimp to become rubbery.

I remembered that some time ago enjoying shrimp this way in a restaurant in China would usually be accompanied by a bowl of chrysanthemum tea or lemonade.

However, this was not for you to drink. It was for rinsing your fingers and hands after peeling and eating the shrimp.

This is a fantastic dish for people in a hurry and looking for a quick snack to enjoy as an appetizer or at a casual get-together with friends or family, so let’s get started!


  • 1) Shrimp
  • 2) 3 clove of Garlic
  • 3) 1 small piece of Ginger
  • 4) The white part of 1 Green Onion
  • 5) 1tsp Salt

How to cook shrimp Chinese style.

Step 1. Clean the shrimp with cold water

White Boiled Shrimp step1

Step 2.Put enough water in the pot, add salt, turn the heat to high.

White Boiled Shrimp step2

Step 3. Green onion, ginger, and garlic are cut into thick pieces.

White Boiled Shrimp step3

Step 4. Place the cut vegetables into the water.

White Boiled Shrimp step4

How long to boil (shrimp)prawns.

Step 5. After the water is at a rapid boil, add the shrimp. When the water begins to boil again, remove it after one minute.

White Boiled Shrimp step5

You can make the Dipping sauce (Cantonese style sauce) when waiting for the water to boil.

shrimp dipping sauce

Boiled shrimp dipping sauce:

  • 1) 20g white part of Green onion
  • 2) 20g Red pepper
  • 3) 25g Light soy sauce
  • 4) 10g of Fish sauce
  • 5) 40g water
  • 6) 3g white sugar
  • 7) 1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper
  • 8) 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil

How to make shrimp dipping sauce:

Step 1. Green onion and red pepper are shredded and placed in a bowl

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step1

Step 2. Add all the sauces and seasonings into a separate bowl.

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step2-1

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step2-2

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step2-3

Step 3. Put a little oil in a wok (not included in the 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil), heat it and pour it on the onion and pepper.

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step3

Step 4. No need to clean the wok, just add the sauce and seasoning mixture and heat. Then pour over the oil and vegetables.

How to make shrimp dipping sauce step4

shrimp dipping sauce


Be very careful not to overcook the shrimp, or it will be rubbery and dry.

Facts about shrimp:

Shrimp is high in nutrients, protein, and has the effect of strengthening the body, but it cannot be eaten with fruits rich in tannins such as grapes, persimmons and hawthorn. Not only affects absorption, but also causes stomach upset, dizziness, etc.

White boiled shrimp is a good choice for a fitness diet- high protein, high calorie, and shrimp is easy to find in the grocery store.

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