12 Wingstop Flavors

Wingstop is an American food chain that is very popular and has been there for the last 25 years and offers different franchises.

This restaurant specializes in making chicken wings, and they rightfully call themselves ‘wing experts.’

Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

They have been serving the best chicken wings for a long time and have perfected the art of making whole chicken flavors and sauces.

This fast-food restaurant has over 1000 around the US either opened or still under development.

So, if you love classic and straightforward chicken wings, you should definitely head straight to this restaurant.

There are different types of wings served, all with unique flavors and dipping sauces. They also offer several sides.

Coke Chicken Wings

Some of the recipes you find in their menu include boneless wings, chicken strips, and classic wings, which you can order from their eleven different flavors.

Here are some of the best Wingstop flavors you can easily order;

Lemon pepper

Lemon pepper


It is one of the most common flavors in this restaurant. Many people talk about this flavor because of the zesty lemon blended with black pepper and tartness that makes it taste delicious.

It usually comes as a dry rub, and the lemon is often more pronounced. It is made to perfection because the lemon rub does not suppress the chicken’s flavor since most sauces tend to a robust flavor.

Black pepper adds a bit of spice to the chicken, and it works well because it doesn’t add any heat to the flavor. The acidic flavor from the lemon cuts through the fats in the chicken.

The lemon rub ensures your chicken wings are crunchy, which is why people love this flavor.

Spicy Korean Q

If you are a wine lover, you definitely know about this legendary sauce. It is one of the latest sauces, and concerning the flavor profile of this sauce, it is the most sophisticated. Apart from that, it is one of the best sauces you can order.

The one thing that makes this sauce complicated is that they try to balance both the spiciness and sweetness of this sauce based on the ingredients used. Balancing flavors is one of the most challenging tasks to do in the kitchen, but they do that perfectly.

The sweet flavor of this sauce is brought by ingredients such as garlic, onion, and ginger. On the other hand, sriracha and red peppers give this sauce the all-important spicy flavor.

Immediately it was introduced, it topped the order list, and this was because it was rather complex, but most importantly, the taste was finely balanced. You should try it if you love spicy dishes.


This is another flavor for people who love spicy dishes. It is one of the hottest flavors that you can ever get at Wingstop, and so is the name. The heat might be too much for you, but it also does have a perfect taste.

When it comes to heat on different recipes, it usually is very intense such that the flavor of the food is usually suppressed. That’s not the case when it comes to atomic Wingstop flavor. The heat is often intense, but the flavor also stands out.

This tells how they have mastered the art of balancing flavors without suppressing any flavor.

The good thing about the boneless atomic flavor is that it has minimal amounts of saturated fat and sodium. This means it is a viable option when you are under a diet; however, you mustn’t eat more than two of these wings.

Crushed black pepper is usually added to the wings, which gives it more heat. That said, if you can’t handle too much heat, then you should avoid this flavor at all costs.

Original hot

Original hot

This flavor does not have the same heat as atomic or Cajun, but it is one of Wingstop’s most beloved flavors. It is the oldest sauce and based on records, and this is the sauce that made Wingstop restaurant famous.

This is the signature sauce of Wingstop and has survived various tests of time until now. It usually is bursting with heat from red peppers.

The sauce is often red and, at first glance, it may look somewhat disgusting and intimidating, but that changes the moment you taste it. You might just want to carry the whole sauce in the restaurant to your home.

It gained popularity, and at the moment, it is served in 9 different countries. It usually has a tangy flavor that blends nicely with the wings.

The sauce is well balanced, and the heat is not pronounced enough to make you tear. On the heat scale, it usually is rated as 3 out of 5.


This sauce is usually a copycat version of the original hot sauce, and the only difference is that it doesn’t have the same heat as the original hot. The mild sauce has a delicious flavor all by itself, and you don’t need to add any spices.

This sauce’s heat range is often classified between low to medium, which means you get to enjoy it if you are one person who doesn’t love heavily spiced foods.

The only limitation of the mild sauce is that the amount of fat and sodium in it is slightly higher, which means you should be careful when eating these boneless wings, especially if you are watching your weight.

Garlic parmesan

Garlic parmesan

Generally, this is not a sauce; it is more of a dry rub. Both garlic and parmesan have pronounced flavors, and Wingstop restaurant has perfected blending these two ingredients unleashing both flavors.

The aroma of this dry hub is usually robust, and it may be left back in your mouth, but its taste makes it worth ruining the breath of your mouth. This dry hub is one of the most ordered and people’s favorite.

There is no better combo than garlic and cheese, and Wingstop nailed on this dry hub. It almost resembles the taste of garlic bread when you first take a bite.

The wings retain their crunchiness provided the moisture is not excess because any excess moisture will make the sauce soggy. It does not have any pronounced flavor; you can quickly eat as much as you want.

Hickory smoked BBQ

This is another sauce that has been there for a very long time. Many restaurants have been preparing BBQ sauce, but nothing matches the ones made at Wingstop, that is if you have never tried the one made in Wingstop.

Japanese Marinated Chicken Wings3

The flavor on the wings is usually the most pronounced, with the heat manageable for everyone. The flavor being more potent than the heat is what makes many people love this flavor.

The most common BBQ sauce found in this restaurant usually has a smoky flavor and, at the same time, sweet. Amongst all the sauces in this restaurant, hickory-smoked is the one that has a smoky flavor.

So, if you are on the look for a robustly smoky flavor sauce yet sweet at the same time, Wingstop wings will never disappoint you.


Against all odds, many people would not expect to find Hawaiian flavor on the menu of a restaurant specializing in wings only, but well, it is there, and nothing tastes better than these wings.

Well, this is the sweetest flavor you can find on the Wingstop menu. This sauce does not have any spice in it, and at the same time, the sweetness is perfectly balanced, which means it is not extremely sweet, unlike most sweet sauces.

The citrus flavor in the sauce is vital as it cuts through the other flavors within the wings, and most importantly, it does not suppress any of them. The sauce is usually fruity with both pineapple and apple flavors.

Louisiana rub

Louisiana rub

Just like the garlic parmesan, Louisiana rub is not a sauce. This is another classic flavor that you should try any given time you make your orders.

It has a garlic flavor and Cajun spice flavors. The spices in this flavor are usually well balanced, and they add a unique flavor to the wings without being extremely spicy. The garlic flavor blends well with the slight heat from the Cajun flavors.

On the heat scale, this dry hub falls in the category of mild heat. Therefore, if you are one person who can’t handle the heat, then you should stay away from this sauce.


For the Cajun flavor, you can either find it dry or saucy at Wingstop restaurant. If you choose to go with the dry version Cajun be prepared to come face-to-face with extra heat. On the other hand, its flavors are usually straightforward.

Generally, the extra kick found in this sauce is usually brought by Louisiana rub and the original hot. This is what gives birth to the saucy version, which is usually the more preferred flavor.

Compared to the dry version, the saucy Cajun usually has more flavor with just the right amount of spiciness. When you take a bite, there are different flavors that you will come forth before you begin to feel the heat.


If you have gone through the menu at any Wingstop restaurant and haven’t found anything amusing, you can go for the plain sauce. As the name goes, this sauce is just plain, with no flavor nor heat in it.

I have seen many people order this flavor at Wingstop restaurant, after which they order other sauces as an accompaniment for the flavor.

Mango habanero

This is another spicy sauce found on the menu of Wingstop restaurants. The first bite of these wings might deceive you and make you think how sweet the sauce is but be very careful because the heat is usually overwhelming.

The flavor is usually well balanced with the heat, and it is one sauce you get to love and hate at the same time.

Final thoughts

There is no fast-food restaurant chain that comes close to making wings better than the Wingstop restaurants. You might not be a fan of spicy food, but there is usually something that you can enjoy from this restaurant. If you don’t love their spicy menu, you can pot for their ‘no heat menu.’ 

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