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Chinese mango pudding

31 Chinese Dessert Recipes You Must-Try

Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese


  • Homemade tau foo faa-soybean pudding
  • Chinese mango pudding
  • Coconut milk and rockmelon sago
  • Coconut tapioca pudding
  • Ma Lai Go Chinese Steamed Cake
  • Chinese steamed sponge cake – ji dan gao
  • Chinese New Year cake- Nian gao
  • Chinese steamed rice cake
  • Jian Dui or Sesame Balls – Dessert Roll
  • Pineapple bun
  • Chinese doughnuts stick-youtiao
  • Annin tofu jelly
  • Coconut and Osmanthus jelly
  • Chinese almond cookies
  • Chinese fortune cookies
  • Bing tang hu lu
  • Hong Kong Egg tart
  • Tang yuan- glutinous rice balls
  • Chinese fruit salad
  • Hot candied sweet potato
  • Red bean soup
  • Green tea coconut milk ice-cream
  • Chinese five spice chocolate pots de crème
  • Chinese Milk tea
  • Mooncake
  • Sachima
  • Lo mai chi
  • Fried ice cream
  • Coconut bar
  • Ginger milk curd
  • Eight treasures rice pudding


  • Check out the recipe you like
  • Get what you need for the recipe
  • Make the Chinese Dessert Recipes as instructions