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Chinese Egg Pudding with red bean

Steam Milk Recipe – Chinese Egg Pudding

Steamed milk pudding is a Cantonese dessert, which originated during the Qing Dynasty.
Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Servings 5


  • 400 grams of whole milk
  • 40 grams of light cream
  • 60 grams of condensed milk
  • 10 grams of fine sugar optional
  • 45 grams of egg white


  • Pour milk, cream, and condensed milk into the pot. Heat and stir evenly over low heat. When it is slightly bubbling, turn off the heat (do not cook until it is boiling).
  • Pour the cooked milk into the prepared small bowl.
  • Wait until the milk in the bowl is slowly cooled. During the cooling process, a layer will form on the surface.
  • After the milk is cooled, pour the milk from the bowl back into the pot (block the film with chopsticks) and leave the skin in the bowl.
  • Leave just a small amount of milk in the bowl so the film doesn’t stick to the bottom.
  • The egg whites are mixed together with chopsticks.
  • Pour the milk from the pot into the egg whites and mix well (if you want to add sugar, you can add it at this time).
  • The milk mixed with the egg white is then sieved.
  • Slowly pour the milk back into the bowl so that the skin floats on top of it.
  • The milk skin should sit on top during the process of pouring.
  • Fill a steamer half full of water and put the small bowl with the lid in the steamer (if there is no lid, cover the surface of the bowl with plastic wrap).
  • Cover the lid of the steamer, boil the water in the steamer on medium heat, steam for 12 minutes, turn off the heat. Remove the lid or cling film on the surface of the bowl and let the steamed milk pudding cool naturally.