Chinese Sesame Balls – Jian Dui Recipe

A wonderful, simple, and quick snack to make right at home: this popular Jian Dui recipe is probably the easiest delicious fried food you will ever make!

Jian dui or sesame ball is an ancient Chinese traditional fried dough. Jian dui is a very popular food of the New Year in Guangdong, but it can be eaten any time of the year.

sesame balls

Sesame ball crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside, everyone will love this tasty snack!

Here is the biggest sesame ball I have ever seen.

the biggest sesame balls ever

This dish is very popular among the Cantonese during the New Year- a golden, fried dough that inflates like a balloon as it cooks; and because the word “inflate” in Chinese means prosperity, these are especially popular.

sesame balls

The jian dui can be found in many places in Guangdong, filled with different kinds of ingredients, such as pork, coconut, etc. I, personally, don’t really like those stuffings.

I am particularly fond of hollow jian dui!

The ingredients and production of jian dui are very simple and can be clearly explained in a few steps.

Here are a few tips before you get started:

1. The most important thing is the control of the heat. Be sure to use low heat to slowly fry the whole thing evenly. If the temperature is too high, the outside will harden and the inside will be raw and it won’t inflate. My cooking time is about 7-8 minutes, you can use this as a reference. If yours only takes 2-3 minutes, then the temperature is way too high, and you should adjust accordingly.

2. If you don’t have confidence in the oil temperature control, first add one or two into the oil. If it inflates well, continue. If you find that the oil temperature is too high, turn the heat down and try again.

3. For the oil, you can use ordinary vegetable oil (sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil) or blended oil. It will be more fragrant with peanut oil. Each time you make this, you must use fresh oil to get the best results. Any leftover oil can be used for other dishes, as it will have a unique flavor; so you don’t waste any product.

4. In principle, raw white sesame seeds are used. I used cooked white sesame seeds when I made it, which is also acceptable.

5. If you like, you can put some red bean paste in the dough, and then fry to make a stuffed jian dui.

sesame balls

Jian dui main ingredients:

1) 150 grams of glutinous rice flour

2) 45 grams of white sugar

3) 105 grams of warm water

4) The proper amount of white sesame seeds

How To Make Deep Fried Sesame Balls:

Step 1. First, pour the sugar into warm water and stir it with chopsticks until the sugar is completely dissolved.

sesame balls step1

Step 2. Pour the sugar water into the glutinous rice flour.

Step 3. Stir with chopsticks to mix water and glutinous rice flour.

sesame balls step2-3

Step 4. Then, using your hands, knead into an even dough. If it is dry, add a little water as appropriate, but don’t add too much in case it will hard to form.

sesame balls step4
★ Add water according to the actual situation, which is based on a soft dough.

Step 5. The dough is portioned into about 20 gram pieces, rounded (if you like, you can now put some red bean paste in the small dough, do stuffed jian dui).

sesame balls step5

Step 6. Roll the dough balls in the sesame seeds to evenly coat.

sesame balls step6

Step 7. Heat up the oil to the proper temperature. Gently add the dough balls into the oil.

sesame balls step7

Step 8. After the jian dui floats, use a wooden spoon to immerse the jian dui until it is squashed in the oil. The squashed jian dui will float and inflate again. After doing this several times, the dough will inflate more and more.

sesame balls step8

Step 9. After they are completely cooked, take them out with a sifter and let the oil drip off of them. They can now be enjoyed!

sesame balls step9

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