Eight Treasure Rice Recipe – Famous Dish For Chinese New Year

Eight Treasure Rice

What is eight treasure rice? Eight treasure rice or eight treasure rice pudding in Chinese is called Babaofan. It is a very traditional Chinese dish, and is especially popular to top off a Chinese New Year feast. It has a good representation of longevity, harmonious marriage, auspiciousness, sweetness, and smooth things, in addition to the meaning … Read more

Hand-Pulled Noodles(Step by Step Guide) With Lamb and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Hand-Pulled Noodles

“Hand-pulled” noodles are one of the major pasta types in China. Hand-pulled noodles originate from Shandong and Shanxi Provinces in the North of China. The name comes from the process of using your hands to stretch the noodles their full length, instead of a pasta machine. It is a completely unique technique for making noodles. … Read more