Salt and Pepper Ribs – Chinese Style

A very simple, yet flavorful way to make ribs in your kitchen. These Chinese fried pork ribs are both crispy and delicious, and a great addition to any meal.

Salt and pepper ribs (spare ribs) are a relatively well-known dish in Guangdong province of China.

Salt and Pepper Ribs

This dish is a particularly simple dish for Cantonese cuisine.

It uses green and red peppers and fresh garlic, and the fried ribs are tossed in. I add a little yellow wine (Huangjiu) for more flavor.

Salt and Pepper Ribs

The yellow wine plays an important role in the recipe. So try to use high-quality yellow wine.

Salt and Pepper Ribs


  • 1) 400g of pork ribs
  • 2) One egg
  • 3) A small amount of flour and starch


  • 1) 1tsp Salt
  • 2) 4tsp Yellow wine (Huangjiu)
  • 3) 50g Green and red pepper
  • 4) 20g of Dried onion
  • 5) 20g Garlic
  • 6) Peanut oil for frying

Salt and Pepper Ribs ingredients

Salt And Pepper Ribs Chinese Style:

Step 1. Wash the ribs and cut into small pieces, mix well with 2 teaspoons yellow wine and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Salt and Pepper Ribs step1

Step 2. Put one egg into the ribs mix it.

Salt and Pepper Ribs step2

Step 3. Then pour half the amount of flour and starch to coat the ribs into the marinade and marinate for about two hours.
(add flour and starch until they feel sticky. The pastiness of the surface can be controlled by the number of eggs, not the flour, if you want thicker paste, add more eggs, but don’t try to add too many, or it will affect the taste)

Salt and Pepper Ribs step3-1

Salt and Pepper Ribs step3-2

Salt and Pepper Ribs step3-3

Step 4. Dice peppers, onions and garlic.

Salt and Pepper Ribs step4

Step 5. Pour the appropriate amount of peanut oil into the pot, place one rib in first to test the temperature of the oil. If the oil becomes agitated, like in the picture below, add the rest of the ribs and fry. (When frying the ribs, first keep the heat on medium, after a few minutes raise the temperature until it begins to sizzle and fry the ribs to a golden yellow. If the temperature is too low, it will absorb too much oil and not taste very good)

Salt and Pepper Ribs step5

Salt and Pepper Ribs step5-2

Step 6. Pour out the oil and leave a little base oil to stir fry peppers, dried onions and minced garlic for a few seconds.

Salt and Pepper Ribs step6

Step 7. Then add the fried ribs, put 1/2 teaspoon salt, and then add 2 teaspoons of yellow wine. At this time, the aroma will be much stronger. Toss the ribs for a few seconds(10-15 seconds) with the vegetables and wine.

Salt and Pepper Ribs step7


1. It is better that the ribs have some fat on them.

2. The ribs should be marinated in advance for 2 hours

3. The egg yolk can make the surface of the ribs more golden and crispy. There is no problem using the whole egg, don’t waste it.

4. Use high fire to stir-fry the rib in the last step. And don’t toss for a long time, 10-15 seconds will be enough after pouring in the yellow wine.

5. The reason for putting yellow wine in the end is also very important. First of all, everything should be hot: only the heat of the wok can fully extract the aromas of the wine. When adding wine, it is better to slowly pour it in around the edges of the wok so that it heats quickly and evenly without cooling down the temperature too greatly.

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