29 Chinese Food Appetizers (Traditional + Easy Recipes)

I’ll choose Chinese appetizers anytime I crave some finger-licking meals.

Of course, you will love the crunch and the freshness too, but more than anything, it gives you a rich appetite.

We intend to get you some of the best Chinese appetizer recipes to try at home. 

These recipes range from street foods to the ones we make comfortably at home.

It features a blend of the different ingredients at home. One of the best things then is that it’s easy to make the meal. 

1. Tofu avocado salad


This is easiest to make since it takes just about 10 minutes, and it’s a no-cook salad. This appetizer gets you to eat more and more, yet it’s easier to make it. This salad has umami flavors, but it’s also a tangy option to use. 

We like to present it as a salad, but it’s further ideal for those times when you don’t feel like cooking. You can use and enjoy this meal at any time of day.

It works as a salad which means you can eat it as a light dinner, but you can also use it as an appetizer.

Just eat a portion of it if you intend to eat it as an appetizer. Then, when you don’t feel like cooking, consider this recipe to make it perfect. 

2. Fried milk recipe


We are talking about one of the most common ingredients in the kitchen, milk. Fried milk is a traditional treat that you can make at home, although familiar in the streets.

You can classify it as a snack, and it can also make a great appetizer. 

It has a perfect golden brown color that will be attractive to you. Additionally, it’s soft on the inside but also sweet and delicious.

While you may wonder how to have the fried milk looking this way, you will be amazed that it’s pretty common. 

Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it.

3. Chinese wontons


Wontons are versatile, and if you like, you can fill them in with almost anything you like. Again you can cook them in different ways; some people prefer cooking them using the boiling method others prefer the baking method.

This is our Chinese ravioli to the outside world, and whichever way you want to refer to it, you have to understand that we enjoy it a lot.

Wontons are more like thin skin dumplings with different kinds of meat or veggies to make the perfect filling. 

They started making them back when we were still conducting rituals for our ancestors. Then, it was more of a meal to appease the ancestors, and today you will have it in almost every festive season. But you can make it work as an appetizer. 

Follow this recipe to understand how to make it. 

4. Dumplings


This is another one of the easiest-to-eat meals, but it’s also easy to make. The dumplings feature a thin skin of wrapping that covers the unique fillings inside.

In most cases, it will contain either meat or veggie filling. When you look at the restaurants and the shops, you will notice one thing to be true with them though that in China and other parts of East Asia one of the most common meals ever is the dumplings. 

You can serve the different dumplings as appetizers or sometimes even as the side dish to the main meal. You can also have the soy sauce-based dipping sauce to use alongside the dumplings. You will have them boiled, steamed, or sometimes even pan-fried. 

They often take the crescent moon shape, and by far, this is one of the most famous dumplings available. However, understand that there are many other dumplings and fillings, so you have to choose the one type that works for you. 

Follow this recipe to learn how to make it. 

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5. Chinese siu mai dumplings


These are easier to make at home, so you don’t have to go outside to make them. It features the use of shrimps and pork too for the dumplings.

It’s quite common at the dim sum parlors. But you don’t have to wait till you are out since you can enjoy them when you make them at home. 

Follow the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

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6. Potstickers 


Although they are not fully dumplings, they look so much like dumplings, so we classify them here. You see, the main difference occurs during the cooking process.

Notice that potstickers require you to fry them first, then steam them.

So, of course, you will have the crunchy side, and usually, it’s browned on one side.

You can make the fillings either meats or vegies for those keeping off meat. I mean, like any other dumpling, you will have it with the different fillings of choice. 

Follow the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

7. Chinese pork dumplings 


Anyone who loves pork will enjoy this choice of dumplings. You can try the pork dumplings; even if you want, you can use the soups dumplings.

When you are in China, pork dumplings are another one of the most common. They are my personal favorite, so you can be sure you will love the taste too. 

Check the recipe for ideas on how to make it. 

8. Sticky baked Chinese chicken wings


Here you have one of the best chicken wings you can use, and notice then that we toss them to the savory sauce. It’s the fantastic thing that it remains sweet, garlicky, and just outrightly delicious.

Usually, you need to bake them in the oven and then serve them perfectly. If you learn this recipe, you will always want to eat the meal. 

You will often have people taking the wings in the day, you know. Let me tell you this, though, the moment you start to eat these, you are never going to stop eating them.

You should mix in the ingredients to make the marina, making it easy to attain the perfect flavors. A lot of the wings are perfect since they will have a sticky choice of meal. 

Follow this recipe for ideas. 

9. Crab rangoon


Here then, you will have the crab and the cream cheese wontons, and this one, then you will have the deep-fried. Also, you have this one being an excellent Asian appetizer.

Here then you have the sweet and sour sauce you have it being easy.

Notice then you will have the perfect meals to use alongside other food entrees. It will take about 15-18 minutes to cook these wontons.

Notice then this is an American and Chinese style of meal. So then you have a suitable platter to care for an appetizer. Then, when you’re going to eat it, you can serve it with the housing and the soy sauce. Check the recipe for more ideas. 

10. Egg rolls

Here you have one of the most common choices of meals you can use, and it’s commonly used during the lunar new year.

Notice that the festivals will begin on the eve of the new year, and then primarily, it will go for as long as the family still gathers. 

At such times you need to have some snacks but also appetizers. Notice then that you will have the perfect method you can use to make the rolls. Notice, though, that you will share the perfect method to enjoy the different rolls.

Check out this recipe for ideas on how to make it yourself. 

11. Wu gok


Here you have the phoenix tail shrimp, and this is the one meal you can make as an appetizer, and they are the perfect dumplings.

Notice that you will make this meal, so you don’t need it to be too crispy.

But then you are going to need to make it sticky. Notice then the meal is a dim restaurant and you will notice that it’s one of the appetizers and delicious. 

Remember to check the delicious recipe for ideas on how to make it.

12. Custard bun


Here you have another one of the best types of appetizers you can use. In some other shops, people will refer to it as milk york buns. If you have sweet teeth, you will like these styles of buns too.

Consider providing the savory, salty, delicious filling and unique tastes. I like that it has milky butter and egg-like tastes to make it a fantastic choice for you. 

I can tell you that I’m not one to enjoy sweets, but I like it so very much when it comes to this one. So check this recipe to make it at home. 

13. Chinese hot dog buns


While hot dogs are already quite common in America, did you know we also have those that are uniquely Chinese style of hot dogs? A walk into any Chinatown will give you access to these buns. It features a cold hot dog that they wrap in a piece of bread. 

Anytime you walk into a Chinese bakery, you will want to eat this if you know just how good and tasty it is. However, when you make it at home, you will enjoy it because it allows you the creativity to add anything you like. 

The fantastic thing is that it will be easy and ready to eat in a pretty short time. For ideas on making it, you should check the recipe. 

14. Chinese shrimp balls


Here you will have the best tasting shrimp balls, especially since you like the seasoning. Most people add the water chestnut to make it crunchy. 

Make sure you set them on the buffet table when your friends and family come over. The great thing then is that you will use it with the different sauces. 

Did you know that this is one of the easiest recipes you can use at any given time? You will like that with its rich flavors you can enjoy the tastes. When you’re ready to make them, then try this recipe. 

15. Chinese chicken salad mini tacos


Have you ever realized that most of the foods we eat are just better when they are bite-size? In this case, then they make the Chinese chicken mini tacos salad. 

Then, the great thing is that you only need about three ingredients to make this perfect recipe. Be informed that this meal is not entirely Chinese; instead, we can say it’s Chinese-inspired. 

If not for anything, you will enjoy this recipe because it’s crunchy and just tiny for you to have fun with when you need to. 

Follow this recipe to start making it by yourself.

16. Chinese drunken chicken

Here you have one of the most amazing appetizers that you will use. This Chinese drunken chicken is great because you can serve it while cold or hot it’s all upon you to choose how you like it. 

This one always has a delicate flavor making it even better tasting. If you’re, in fact, keen, you will have the taste of Shaoxing wine. We say this is one of the traditional recipes remember because it takes some unique ingredients. 

To make it try this recipe and serve it as a buffet. 

17. Chinese bang bang chicken


Here you have one of the most common yet juicy and tender chicken that they’ll shred to make it the perfect appetizer.

Notice then that you will need to make this meal ahead of time. It blends in the nutty, spicy, sweet, and tangy notes. 

The secret then is to make the chicken, in this case quite tender, thus making it easy to make the recipe meal.

This appetizing meal will work great when you have game nights or just parties. You want to keep it ready for your family and friends to enjoy. 

Follow this recipe for more ideas. 

18. Mung bean curd


This is another of the most common street food, and it also works as an appetizer. The street food, in this case, bursts with flavor, and it’s nicely spicy, but then you can be sure to have a delicious gluten-free meal. 

Notice then that it’s a dish made of slippery mung bean jelly, but you will like its sauce too.

Finally, notice that the way you make the mung bean curd may vary, especially its blend of flavors. 

Notice then that it will take you about 30 minutes to make the recipe. For more on this topic, check out the recipe we have here. 

19. Dry Manchurian


This makes the perfect Indo-Chinese appetizer rich in flavors and spices. Notice that you will coat the veggies in juicy, tangy, and sweet sauce. 

Most people enjoy the explosion of flavors that happen when you bite into the appetizer.

But, while it’s an appetizer, one of the greatest things you will like is that you can easily change it into a saucy meal just by adding water and a few more seasoning. 

So then you have the perfect fried balls that will forever be sweet and delicious. Follow the recipe for more on the recipe. 

20. Spicy orange meatballs


I ate this for the first time recently, and I must say I haven’t stopped going for more. If you, however, have a slow cooker, you can use it to make these goodies.

To make them, you need about six ingredients, and you will have it being perfectly flavored for you to enjoy at all times.

It will further amaze you that you have it being sweet and spicy regarding flavor. 

You can make them as appetizers or even dinner meals if you want. Notice that the sriracha makes all the difference in the meal. The amazing thing, though, is that you will not need to garnish it, but you can do so if you want to. 

For more information, check this recipe. 

21. Shrimp toast

The inspiration to make this meal comes from the wealthy Chinese take-out recipes. To make the toast, you will need to pan-fry the garlic, ginger, and sesame paste into the shrimp toast. The appetizer is nothing short of a richly spiced and delicious meal.

Just make sure you have the perfect dipping sauce. The shrimp toast features the slice of bread that they slather in shrimp toast and then flavor it to make it just as tasty. But, of course, when frying it, then you want to make it nicely crispy. 

When you’re looking for a fun appetizer, you should think of this choice as it will not let you down. 

Follow this recipe for ideas on how to make the meal. 

22. Chinese seaweed salad

When you’re looking for a meal so easy to make that will be ready in just a few minutes, then you came to the right place. Notice that you will enjoy the meal, especially during the summer days.

For us, seaweed is one of our favorite traditional meals. Generally, to make this recipe, you will need the seaweed stripes with savory and sour sauce to make it perfectly delicious. 

Once you finish making it remember to store it in the fridge. Eating it cold is way better and will make you enjoy it more.

Follow this recipe for more information. 

23. Chinese sliced tofu salad


Here you have one of the best cold dishes you can use when you need to. The most significant thing is that it will take about 10 minutes to make it. You will then learn how to use the tofu salad when making a recipe in this recipe. 

I see this salad a lot more during the summer days. To make i,t you will need thin sheets of tofu. Notice then that the sliced tofu will always come to you already seasoned. 

Follow this recipe to make it. 

24. Cold tofu


This is another typical recipe in China, but mostly I like the Chinese cold tofu, and you can be sure it’s one of the best meals to try. Although we say it’s cold tofu, we serve it at room temperature.

You will like it for its umami flavors and the simplicity too. It’s simple, silky tofu that we serve in soy sauce. This is your ideal recipe if you like the vegan recipe. 

Follow this recipe for ideas on how to make it. 

25. Chinese smashed cucumber salad


Here you have one of the best yet refreshing salads that you can use at any time. Notice that you can also serve this salad with Jasmin rice noodles and many other different styles of rice. 

If you taste this salad, you are never eating another salad, mainly because it’s a perfect appetizer that is also healthy. Usually, the cucumber salad features the raw cucumber tossed in soy sauce vinegar Chinese five-spice, among others. 

Follow this recipe for more ideas on how to make it.

26. Chinese scallion pancakes 

scallion pancake

This, although mostly referred to as a snack, makes the perfect appetizer as well. Originally from Shanghai, it’s super delicious, especially with the scallion onions. 

It makes the perfect mini pancakes that you can use as a breakfast meal if you like. This is not your regular pancake rather a legendary style of pancake. 

You will like it just because it’s easy to make and you can have them when you have a crowd to please. 

Follow the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

27. Cabbage wrapped dumpling


The difference between this dumpling and the regular one is that this one uses cabbage in place of the dough to wrap the filling. Notice that this is one of the healthiest options you can make at any time. 

Mind you, the recipe calls for the softened cabbage. Notice that this is the way to go especially if you start with the different appetizers. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to reduce carbs. 

Follow the recipe we have here. 

28. Chinese pearl balls 


Here you have a juicy but also meaty ball to make the pearl balls. They are yummy with a burst of flavors, and people like to add them to the Chinese new year recipes

Traditionally, we make these balls using minced pork, shiitake, mushroom, green onions, and even seasoning. It makes the best appetizers that are other fun to enjoy, you know. 

Follow this recipe for ideas on how to make it. 

29. Hong Kong curry fish balls


Suppose you went to the streets and found the fish balls, then you have already had access to the best appetizers.

I like the smell of the fish balls as they are cooking in the streets and understand that you’ll love them even in the house.

You could use coconut cream to make the curry to make it nicely flavorful. I like that it will take about 10 minutes to be ready, but you will have the family enjoying it.

Follow this recipe to make it at home. 

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