50 Best Authentic Chinese Recipes You Should Definitely Try

Chinese recipes feature a pack of flavors, colors, perfect texture, spice, and hotness.

China is home to over 1.4 billion people with different rich traditional cultures, which means different foods.

So it’s no wonder we pride ourselves on being a country with the wealthiest cuisine. In this article, we are talking about authentic Chinese recipes.

Whether you want it hot, numbing, or spicy, you will find something to suit your palate needs here.

China also has different borrowed recipes that we have incorporated into our culture, which is why this article seeks to show you some of the authentic Chinese recipes you must try. 

I know friends who travel to China just to go check out one authentic Chinese meal. While you can find this great meals on the streets, nothing beats the taste of home, especially those meals made by our elders.

This is why I like to visit the village, especially when I want to try some of the best authentic Chinese styles of meals. 

  • Tofu avocado salad
  • Scallion flatbread
  • Chinese pumpkin cake
  • Tea egg
  • cucumber in Chinese garlic dressing
  • Fried milk
  • Braised tofu with mushroom curd
  • Stinky tofu
  • Mapo tofu
  • Chinese noodles
  • Easy Chinese dumplings
  • Steamed stuffed buns
  • Zongzi
  • rice cake
  • spring rolls
  • moon cake
  • sweet and sour pork 
  • chow mein
  • lo mein
  • dan dan noodles
  • Chinese hand-pulled noodles
  • Fortune cookies
  • Turnip radish cakes
  • Mango pudding
  • Youtiao
  • panfried pork buns
  • Char siu pork
  • twice-cooked pork
  • Perfect red braised pork belly
  • Dongpo pork
  • Peking roasted duck
  • Kung pao chicken
  • Eight treasure duck
  • Chinese steamed rice
  • Szechuan fried rice 
  • Chinese hot and sour soup
  • Seafood congee
  • Chinese noodle soup
  • Chinese beef noodle soup
  • Taiwanese beef noodle soup
  • Barbecued lamb kebabs
  • Szechuan beef
  • Chinese Sichuan boiled fish
  • Cantonese steamed fish with ginger and shallots,
  • Chinese shrimp stir fry
  • Chinese restaurant-style stir-fried napa cabbage
  • Chinese spinach amaranth
  • Jianbing
  • Chinese hot pot
  • easy chicken feet recipe 

Snacks and salads

1. Tofu avocado salad

Tofu avocado salad

One thing you will find amazing is that you can be as creative as you need to with your salad. In this case, you are blending avocado and tofu to make the richest and yet tastiest salads.

However, one fantastic thing is that this is a rich vegan-style salad that you can use alongside many other meal choices.

Serve this meal as part of your whole meal, or use it when you are looking to make a light recipe. I enjoy it because it will take you just about ten minutes to prepare. 

2. Scallion flatbread

Scallion flatbread

This is beautifully seasoned, and it has a crispy surface. Notice, though, that the flatbread is fluffy inside too. It takes about 10 minutes to cook. If you want it to cook well, you will need to give it time. Allow it to proof it first. If you work well on the dough, then you will have it being nicely fluffy. 

You see, this flatbread is one of the best types that they sell all over China. The best part, though, is that they have easy-to-follow instructions.

Besides, it will be the perfect meal whether you are selling it as a snack or part of the main meal. So now understand that you have the perfect scallion pancakes when you try this recipe. 

3. Chinese pumpkin cakes

Chinese pumpkin cakes

When you are looking for the easiest to make snacks that you can also include your little ones in the making, you should consider this recipe.

You don’t always just have to steam the pumpkin when you make this crunchy goodness. Besides, you will also enjoy the filling inside, which makes it even tastier. 

The most significant part, though, is that you only need a few ingredients to get it done. Also, you can eat it at any time of your choice but especially as a snack. 

4. Tea eggs

Tea eggs

Here is another one of the most famous Chinese street foods. Notice, though, that these eggs also braise with spices to make them more flavorful.

They are uniquely healthy with a strong tea flavor. This is one of the best snacks when you need a filling snack. Whether you are walking into a restaurant or going to the hotels, you will most likely find these goodies.

Such eggs, however, will have been boiled for hours upon hours. Notice though that the egg white will become almost rubber-like, but the egg york is hard.

So to attain the perfect texture, you want to soak it in cold water as soon as you get it out of the hot water. 

Do you have 25 minutes? Then, you have enough time to prepare the eggs if you like to. 

5. Cucumber in Chinese garlic dressing

Cucumber in Chinese garlic dressing

Suppose you enjoy garlic as much as I do, then you have the easiest way to enjoy it in this salad.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the salad is to eat it in the garlic dressing because otherwise, the cucumber can be very boring. You can enjoy it during the hot summer days like now. 

I like to use the smoother cucumber for this style of dressing. Most of us go for the Indian cucumbers because they will retain the crunch over a long time, making them perfect to use alongside the different meals.

It’s easy to make it because you just need a few ingredients to make it. You will enjoy the crunch of the exterior and how it melts into your mouth as well don’t forget the garlicky flavor. 

6. Fried milk 

Fried milk

When you are looking for a more snack to try, one of the most common choices to use. It mostly has cornstarch, regular milk, and sugar; then, they fry it.

The difference, though, is that you will have the breadcrumbs coating with the egg. Take a bite into the fried milk; thus, it will attain a crunchy taste. 

When you’re looking for a traditional snack, then this is it. It will make you enjoy the whole meal you have. 

Traditional foods

As we have already mentioned, there are so many different styles of food in China, but there are those that have existed for ages, and they are as follows. Such foods then you will have available regardless of the occasions. So here are the few options authentic Chinese that you will also have people enjoy. 


Before we choose a type, then you should know there are different kinds of tofu. This is because today, Tofu is a meal enjoyed in the different parts of the globe. So you will find the steamed ones, the stirfried ones, and the ones they make vegan style. 

7.Braised tofu with mushroom curd

Braised tofu with mushroom curd

Here you will make a whole meal with this tofu style. You only need a little bit of creativity to make the tofu bean better.

Notice that you will have a blend of different ingredients, including pork, and each one brings richer flavors. The best part is that you can even cook it in the clay pot, and it’s ideal when it’s cold. 

It’s one of the most versatile choices since you can add in any kind of protein to make it even better. But, of course, then you have to add some veggies to make it a full meal. So, you could add anything like cabbages, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, just to mention a few. 

To make the sauce then you will need to blend the soy sauce and oyster sauce. Also, add the beaten egg inside to make it an even richer flavor.

Here you will have the meal making you all warm inside, which makes it ideal for the winter season. You can be sure to have the best-tasting tofu. 

8. Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu 3

This is by far one of the strangest meals you could ever have, yet it’s authentic to China and one of the most delicious choices. The way they make it may vary depending on where they are making it from.

I just say the truth is that this one will smell the worst, but it looks and tastes delicious, which is why most people don’t mind having it in their recipe, though. 

With the rich flavors of China, you will be going back to the streets for it if you don’t know how to make it or can’t stand the smell at home. This style of meal is a favorite among different Chinese restaurants too. 

9. Mapo tofu

Mapo Tofu

I know if you haven’t heard about the other tofu above, then you must know about this at the very least. Here you have the tender tofu that they pack in aromatic spices.

Notice too that mapo tofu is one of the most popular methods you can use to prepare the different styles of tofu.

Mapo tofu happens to be my most favorite style of tofu, and I love it just because it’s easier to make too. In addition, it features a numbing sensation from the Sichuan peppers.

Also, it’s spicy, especially since you will use the chili paste; it’s aromatic with the different flavors, it’s nicely tender but also hot served. 

If you have 20 minutes, you have enough time just to prepare the mapo tofu. Then, try out the recipe we suggest here for the rich and authentic flavors.  

10. Chinese noodles

Chinese noodles

Is there a meal we ever serve without this treats of long life? I would say take a tour and find out. 

These are some of the oldest traditional styles of Chinese foods. About 4000years ago, my people started to include the noodles into their recipe, and you can be sure they are never going wrong with it.

The difference is that then you have a wide range of varieties you can use. To date, people still eat the different styles of noodles knowing that it offers us longevity. 

Here you have the delicious soup with vibrant flavors, which also means it delivers a simple broth. The noodles we choose here have broth to make it a whole meal.

It’s delicious yet one of the simplest to choose, and use noodles with almost any meal of your choosing—notice though that you can cook it in a single pot to make it the perfect flavors. 


Here then, you can have the other must-have choice of traditional meals. There are different styles of dumplings, just like there are different types of noodles.

It makes you have to choose the single one that will work for you. Founded 1800years ago, dumplings were some of my favorite meals. They ate them alongside their herbal medicines. 

Today though, you will find the dumplings in almost every festival, and let’s just say it’s also a regular in a different household. You know, the moment you learn to make it, then it’s easy to use it too. 

11. Easy Chinese dumplings

Easy Chinese dumplings

This is one of the easiest to make dumplings, yet when you put it in your mouth, then it will burst with flavors in your mouth.

It’s always all about the fillings getting the tastes and the flavors right. Eat one of these and realize the one thing we like to say it’s just never enough. 

Now aside from the regular meals when making the dumplings, you should know one major thing that it’s a ritual to make it. 

12. Steamed stuffed bun

Here is another one of the most present styles of bun you will have in the market. It features the flour and dough that they use to wrap the filling. It started being popular back in 220-280 AD.

When making it then it was a sacrifice to the fallen soldiers at the time. So back then, they used beef and mutton for the fillings, but today you can use almost any protein and veggies. 

When you are craving the authentic style of the pork buns, you should try this recipe, and I like that it’s an easy-to-make kind of bun.

In addition, you will most likely enjoy the filling for its being succulent and juicy but also blending perfectly with the dough on the exterior. 

Notice then that these you can steam to make it cook even better, and that’s also why it usually retains the white color. Also, you will have it being smooth, soft, and pillowy while also being delicious. 

13. Zongzi


When the dragon festival is around the corner, then you can make the perfect zongzi. Notice that it features the use of the sticky rice dumpling. One great thing is that the meal is then sweet and savory.

This is one of the Cantonese-style meals that blend a few ingredients in the recipe. 

14. Rice cake

Here you have one of the most common to use sweets, especially during the major festivals. People like to set it up for the new year to attain or hope for a better new year.

It features a steamed glutinous rice cake, and this cake will come to you in different colors. You can make it red, yellow or white. The eating of the rice cake was first started during the ming dynasty. 

chinese rice cake

Here is one of the most common recipes you can try when making the steamed rice cake. So notice that you are using the best ingredients even to make the perfect cake.

I mean, when you are back home, you will enjoy the chewy yet soft textured sweets. One of the hardest things you will have to do is to reach the perfect texture. You will notice, though, that it’s easy to make the meal when you know how to do it. 

15. Spring rolls

Here you have one of the most common sweet and salty but also savory treats. This is another one of the common types you can have the dough wrap the filling.

The filling can be anything from the pork to the beef mince and sometimes even the veggies. 

  chinese spring rolls2

Here then, you have the perfect Chinese spring roll you could make to enjoy the perfect delicious spring roll choice.

And of course, the spring roll will vary based on its origin, but the best ones are from Shanghai and Cantonese cuisine.

The dipping sauce makes all the difference, too, ensuring that it’s delicious. In most cases, you will have them set the spring rolls on the table for you to enjoy the different festivities. 

16. Moon cake

  Moon cake

This is one of the most common meals they use during the different festivals. In most cases, they make the cakes during the mid-autumn festivals. It takes the round shape where it symbolizes family reunion.

During this time, they are usually offering sacrifices to the moon god. In the past, though, this was more of royal food. 

Notice that there are different styles of mooncakes, and you will get to choose the one that works perfectly for you. 

17. Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork 1

Sometimes making a meal that stands out takes a little more time, which is what the meal we have here is about.

It should take you about 45 minutes to prepare the sweet and sour pork.

Today, you can find it globally, but when you want the authentic Chinese style, you should try the recipe we have highlighted here.

To be specific, the meal is originally Cantonese but let’s just say almost everyone likes to make it today in China and outside.

One thing that stands out for me is the fruitiness of the meal since it has pineapples to make it nicely sweet.

Remember, though, that if you want to get it right, you will have to get the sweet and tangy sauce right first.

The most amazing thing is that with this recipe, you can make the traditional style of pork. 

Usually, it brings a blend of the sweetness from the sugar and the pineapple fruit and the sourness from the rice vinegar and the ketchup.

You see, ketchup is a borrowed ingredient, but it’s also commonly used in the recipes we have today. Also, remember that when you’re frying the pork, you aim to make it crispy-fried. 

If you’re comfortable making it already, it may take you just a little over 20 minutes to make the meal. 

Noodles recipe

18. Chow mein


When you know how to make this meal, though, you will be surprised that it’s effortless to make. The amazing thing is that you will have the perfect Chinese-style meal.

It includes the use of egg noodles and stir-fried and veggies with some rich sauce. 

When you’re eating it, then you’re sure to have the tastiest, flavorful, rich-textured, and colorful meal that is also a quick meal to make.

With this recipe, you’re going to stop the need to go for takeouts and instead just make it yourself. Today you will find the meal in different restaurants across even America, but you can also make it yourself when you know what to use and have it stand out. 

Notice that you can make the beef chicken and even the shrimp chow mein. The one we have suggested here, though, is the shrimp choice. 

19. Lo mein

Lo mein

Like the one above, this one is versatile, and you can use any additional veggie for the same. The difference then is that you will use the lo mein noodles for the same.

Note that you can also make it in a short 20 minutes, which means it can make your easy weeknight dinner too if you need it to. 

The truth is that if you wanted to go into a restaurant to eat this meal, you would find it but for even better flavors, make it at home. So here we have a simple recipe to follow and thus make some of the best treats for the lo mein.

20. Dan dan noodles

Dan dan noodles 1

Whenever you are talking of noodles, you will have to bring in the dan dan noodles. This is common in China, especially since it’s easy to make this Szechuan style of noodle dish.

Notice that this is for one such spicy type of noodles. The sauce that makes the noodles is often considered fiery hot with slight numbing sensations. 

Notice that you can add the scallions on the proteins and add the chopped peanut to the mix. This then will make it develop another nutty flavor.

Notice that since it features white noodles with meat, you have every reason to have it as a filling noodles style of meal. When you set it on the wok to cook, make sure you turn it right to have the noodles coat in all the perfect ingredients. 

21. Chinese hand-pulled noodles

Hand-Pulled Noodles

Here you have another major style of noodles you will have in the market. You can make them in different shapes, and then again, when you cook them, you will use them alongside other meals.

The noodles are then the types that they pull, and then you will only have the wheat water and the salt for the same. 

Of course, you will need to add the sauce into the noodle, which will bring the difference as you can add the meat and different ingredients. This is one of my favorites just because you can make it at home. But the moment you start making the hand-pulled noodles, you won’t need to go to the store for the same. 


Chinese also have the best-tasting dessert meals that you can try. Unfortunately, most of the ones you find here are traditional, which only means they have been in the market for ages.

22. Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies

I know it can be very tricky to make the fortune cookies, but when you know to spread the batter on the baking sheet, then it’s easier. When making it then you will need to use the baking sheet tilting method too.

So you should know that it’s literary a sweet treat that you are going to enjoy making. They usually have the slips inserted in the cookie to bring good fortune too. 

Notice that the difference here then is that you can go to have to fold the cookie batter into a butterfly shape. This is because the cookies are always a fortune in your life.

So then you can make the cookie as you would like, but you should know it’s bringing you goodwill at all times. 

23. Turnip radish cake

Turnip radish cake

Here is yet another one of dessert or snack meals you can use from the cantonese cuisine. Such cakes are greatly known to bring good fortune, and that’s why they are more popular during the new year events.

This one you will often find in the dim sum restaurants too. 

Notice, though, that you will enjoy the savory flavors, especially since it will have some ingredients to make it even richer and filling yet delicious.

Just remember when you are going to make this cake, you should taste the turnip and even possibly see it when you look at the cake. By now, you know we like to go all-in, not really just use the regular style of cakes. 

24. Mango pudding


When you enjoy the smoothness and deliciousness of the mango pudding and have the mango season, then this is what you want.

Here we have one of the other authentic Chinese pudding styles,s making a perfect dessert to use alongside other meals. 

You can use it, especially during summer to cool your body off . The best part is that this traditional choice is such an easy type of pudding you can make and it just takes you a short time to have it on the table ready.

This is particularly a crowd pleaser that they use when they have festivals around. Other than anything you will love the dessert that you are choosing to use here. It’s another one of the most common puddings during those fancy events. 

25. Youtiao


There are many styles of doughnuts across the globe but this particular one is authentic Chinese. It will serve you as a snack or breakfast accompaniment.

Basically, you will use the pasta dough to make a long strip of dough and then deep fry it. Simple right? But wait till you taste it, and you will want to eat it every breakfast. 

26. Pan-fried pork buns


Buns are some of the most common choices of meals you will have in China. So for the filling, you will need to use the best cuts of pork to make sure it’s nicely juicy and succulent.

So then, you will make the dough and then add the filling to the dough to make the pork bun. Whether you intend to eat it during lunch or breakfast is all fine. 

Pork dishes

27. Char siu pork


When you are looking for another authentic style of meal, then you should never forget to try the char siu pork for that authentic glaze. When you try this choice of pork, you’ll get hooked. If you always go to the Cantonese restaurant for this choice, then you need to try it.

If you love the barbecue style of pork, then when you go to any dim sum restaurant, you will likely find it and enjoy the meal. One thing that stands out though is that they use a clean cut of the pork, which means you will only have the perfect tasting choice. 

It’s also the only meat that is so fluffy with its cotton-like wrapper. You will like the shiny exterior, and it will instantly give you a name for being the best in cooking BBQ. 

28. Twice cooked pork


Here is another one of the best styles of pork that is also a Sichuanese choice of pork. Notice that they use different veggies to enrich the pork and, yets a unique pork style, add the leek, scallions, and such as veggies.

Also, notice that they have an additional spice ingredient that will always add a punch and a kick to your favorite pork style. 

Notice though that they will add the water and ginger to make it even spicier and greater to eat. By twice-cooked pork, it simply means they cook it a second time.

It features the boiling method and then the stir frying method of cooking to make for the twice cooked style. For the first boiling then they will often cook the pork slowly.

It’s ideal when you’re looking for a burst of flavors. 

29. Perfect red braised pork belly


Here is another one fo the most famous styles of pork that is authentic to China. Notice that for this pork meat, then you’re going to have to choose the perfect pork.

This is one of the unique styles that blend different flavors. You will enjoy the tenderness of the meal. 

This is a crowd-pleaser; that’s why we like to use it during the different festivals. Here you will need pork, soy sauce, and sugar. 

30. Dongpo pork


This is Hangzhou’s major style of pork and it features the use of sumptuous ingredients to make the feast of meat. It’s also a wonderful tasting when eating it; you’ll be surprised that it shows the perfect fatty meat.

So here you have a rich fantastic and traditional meat. You will like the pork because it will melt in your mouth. Its great for dinner too. 

Chicken and duck meals

31. Peking roasted duck


If you are going to Beijing, you will most likely already find this with ease. This is a famous dish that is native to Beijing. Most people just enjoy it the most just because of its savoring style and packs of flavors.

Whenever you are around the home, could you try and just make and eat it. 

This is another one of the most common meals, and it has been available since the ming dynasty. In most cases, then they will serve it alongside the hoisin sauce as well.

It’s one of the easiest to make recipes ever. If you enjoy the crispy duck, then you will most likely enjoy this too.  

32. Kung pao chicken


Here is yet another one of the famous Sichuan dishes that are today available in most Chinese restaurant. Its common in Chinese takeouts and while you may love it then it’s also not all of them that make the great pieces. 

You will need to make it then is the diced chicken, diced chili, and some peanut. Notice that the difference is that they also have cornstarach vegetables sweet and sour sauce.

Usually, it also has mashed garlic on it. Usually, they will make it also with the Sichuan peppercorn and the black vinegar too. 

33. Eight treasure duck


Whenever you are looking for a  real unique meal to use during the different festivals, try this eight treasure duck. Its a famous choice of meat of Jiangsu origin.

If you want, you can make it at home or just wait to go out to the best restaurant and enjoy it there. 

It goes easily with most of the different unique side dishes, and you can make it for your guests or just for your family weekend meals if you like.

It features the use of eight different ingredients to make the different duck recipes. 


There are different styles of rice you can use in China. In most cases, they mix it alongside other proteins and veggies. 

34. Chinese steamed rice


It happens to be one of the easier to make rice of all times. Notice, though, that you mostly just need the rice salt and some oil to make it. In most cases, this rice will work as the main course of the meals you are making. However, if you like it when the rice is a little sticky, try this Chinese-style cooking recipe. 

35. Szechuan fried rice 


One of the easiest methods to make rice is to make it into a fried rice choice. There are different versions and flavors of fried rice in China, and this is just one of the best choices you can use. Here the aim is to make it colorful but full of flavor when you stir fry the rice.

For this type, they used the different veggies, and then they also add the Szechuan sauce to make it even better, so then you will get to choose how good you would like it to look.

This style of fried rice will burst with the different flavors in your mouth, remember. 


36. Chinese hot and sour soup


One of the most famous soups you can make, and you will have a lot more, is the hot and sour soup. It often contains a lot of ingredients in the mix to make it a full meal. So when looking for the spicy, tangy, delicious, and hearty soup, look no further than this choice of soup. 

Here you have a comfort soup that you’ll make in about 15 minutes only. This asian style of soup then has several ingredients, including veggies and meats as well. When you have the fish crackers, you will have made it a whole meal in no time. 

Every time winter comes, you will be thinking of such soups to keep you warm. 

37. Seafood congee recipe


Whenever you talk of congee, then you are always talking fo the Chinese style of porridge. The seafood congee is a unique option with wide varieties that you can use to keep you warm, especially during the colder days.

So here, then you will manage to make the thick and rich porridge style. 

You will mostly enjoy it in the early mornings, which means you don’t have to struggle to look for other meals. You see, this porridge by itself makes a whole meal. The congee balances the flavors, the nutrients, and the tastes too. 

38. Chinese noodle soup


This will be a whole meal, and of course, with the addition of the chicken, you make it even richer and flavorful than other styles. However, it remains great since its full of flavors, color, and deliciousness.

The good thing is that you can eat it at any time, but I like having it hot or warm. So it’s best for dinner since it’s light enough to keep me warm.

Check out this comfort food, and when you are lost with no idea what to make for the meal, you should choose to make the noodle soup. This is one of the most common Asian styles of soup, but this specific one is chinese style. 

39. Chinese beef noodle soup

Chinese Braised Beef Noodle Soup

Just adding the beef to your noodle soup makes it even delicious. This is one of those options you ought to think about when you are experiencing extreme cold weather. It’s going to be one of the easiest soups to use and so worth every bit of it. 

40. Taiwanese beef noodle soup


When you’re looking for a more cultural treat, try the Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Not only is it going to be easy to make since you are making it in the instant pot it’s also healthy. This is more like a feast-style choice of soup that you will be filling up when you eat because it contains all the needed ingredients. 

This soup is all about tender beef, rich and slightly spicy broth style. There’s not much to say except won’t you at least try it. 

Meaty dishes

41. Barbecued lamb kebabs


If you are out in the streets and you would like to eat some meat, this will be the best method to enjoy it. Kebabs are nicely done with the perfect flavors that will easily burst in your mouth. So then, the kebabs are going to be tasty yet tender with milder flavors. 

So then they usually cook the kebabs over charcoal, and you will enjoy the smoky flavors as well. You will notice the sizzling meats and the awesome aroma of the cooking barbecue.

I haven’t yet managed to resist the flavors of the kebab cooking. This food is rich in cumin. You need no magic to cook this kebabs, just a grill and a few meals here and there. Check out the flavors we have here for ideas. 

42. Szechuan beef


Here is another style of beef authentic to the Szechuan region of China. It’s surprisingly common in Chinese takeout restaurants. You will never understand how it’s spicy, savory, and mysteriously delicious. However, here’s the thing to know that you will get addicted to trying this meals. 

It’s richly flavored and will go well with the different side dishes like rice, noodles, dumplings, and almost any other meal of choice. 

Seafood and fish dishes

43. Chinese Sichuan boiled fish


The thing here is about the spicy nature of the meal. You will have it bursting with flavors because of the rich ingredients they add to the fish.

The fish is nothing short of a tasty pungent, versatile style that you could use alongside other meals. 

Anyone eating this fish, especially for the first time, will like it because of its tenderness and the richness of flavor. In most cases then they will poach the fish for more flavors.

There is always a first time try it for the first time, and you will never want to eat any other type of fish. 

44. Cantonese steamed fish


Here you have a rich meal that is also silky to eat. In most cases, they will have the light sauce added to it to make it nicely tasty. The secret is, therefore, to use the fresh fish with ginger and shallots.

This is one of the greatest meal choices, even during the weeknights. It’s easy to make, yet it doesn’t seize to awaken your palate.

In most cases, then you will make the fish using whole fish or fillets. It’s during the steaming that you will remove the fishy smell too. 

45. Chinese shrimp stir fry 


If you are a lover of seafood, then you will enjoy the shrimp stir fry as well. Here you have an authentic Cantonese style of meal. So then you will have it richly flavored with the different styles of meals.

When making this style of food, though, you only need to know the right ingredients you can use to make it. 

This is such a versatile meal you can use alongside the other different side dishes of your choice. 

Vegetable style 

46. Chinese restaurant-style stir-fried napa cabbage 


One of the most common choices of authentic vegetables is this type. If you have 15 minutes, then you have enough time to make the cabbage. The good thing, though, is that you have it being deep and savory yet nicely flavorful. Notice that you will eat it as it is or even just enjoy it alongside other meals. 

47. Chinese spinach amaranth 


You will enjoy the flavorful spinach. Mostly we make it when we add the garlic to blend it in and make it even nicely spicy. It will take about 10 minutes to prepare, but then again, it blends well with so many other meals. 

Other unique choices

48. Jianbing – Chinese crepes


If you thought crepes were only a french thing, you thought wrong. China has been in the books for making this delicious, flavorful yet colorful crepe. It’s more so street food that you could use as a snack.

So when all you want is a good day, start, then kick it off with the Jianbing. 

You will notice that the street foods are often so diverse and mostly the best ones you will only get in the streets. However, my mother makes some of the best crepes, and she uses this recipe.

Do you want to try it? If you have less than 15 minutes, you are good to go in making it. 

49. Chinese Hotpot 


Although history shows that the hot pot was first made in Japan, it is still a major meal in China since they make their version. It’s almost similar to shabu shabu, but it still stands out with the unique ingredients additions. If you enjoy Chinese cuisine, then you should know that this is one of the favorites of many. How best to even make the meals you are going to eat by yourself. 

Notice, though, that in this case, you will need to make the broth perfect as that will tell you whether the hot pot is going to be great or not. You can make it spicy and even more delicious. So then you will have the peanut butter and many other delicious choices of hot pot. 

I wouldn’t say much about it because this is great for you to try and just eat it to know how good it is. 

Dim sum

One of the traditional styles of meals in china is dim sum. It comes in different methods. If you want to explore this topic, you will need to go to the restaurants. 

50. Easy chicken feet dim sum

Chicken feet

Strange to many, but this is one of those meals you’ll commonly have in China. I like mine braised as she did in this recipe. Bottom line, you are bound to have different meals, especially since it maintains the perfect tenderness and flavors. 

There you go with the list of authentic styles of Chinese meals. Make sure you check it out here to try it. 

Fried Milk

50 Best Authentic Chinese Recipes

Chinese recipes feature a pack of flavors, colors, perfect texture, spice, and hotness. China is home to over 1.4 billion people with different rich traditional cultures, which means different foods.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese


  • Tofu avocado salad
  • Scallion flatbread
  • Chinese pumpkin cake
  • Tea egg
  • cucumber in Chinese garlic dressing
  • Fried milk
  • Braised tofu with mushroom curd
  • Stinky tofu
  • Mapo tofu
  • Chinese noodles
  • Easy Chinese dumplings
  • Steamed stuffed buns
  • Zongzi
  • rice cake
  • spring rolls
  • moon cake
  • sweet and sour pork
  • chow mein
  • lo mein
  • dan dan noodles
  • Chinese hand-pulled noodles
  • Fortune cookies
  • Turnip radish cakes
  • Mango pudding
  • Youtiao
  • panfried pork buns
  • Char siu pork
  • twice-cooked pork
  • Perfect red braised pork belly
  • Dongpo pork
  • Peking roasted duck
  • Kung pao chicken
  • Eight treasure duck
  • Chinese steamed rice
  • Szechuan fried rice
  • Chinese hot and sour soup
  • Seafood congee
  • Chinese noodle soup
  • Chinese beef noodle soup
  • Taiwanese beef noodle soup
  • Barbecued lamb kebabs
  • Szechuan beef
  • Chinese Sichuan boiled fish
  • Cantonese steamed fish with ginger and shallots
  • Chinese shrimp stir fry
  • Chinese restaurant-style stir-fried napa cabbage
  • Chinese spinach amaranth
  • Jianbing
  • Chinese hot pot
  • easy chicken feet recipe


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