Chinese Pork Bone Soup

A delicious, healthy, simple soup with few ingredients and easy-to-follow steps. There is no excuse to NOT try this soup! Warms the heart and soul, and makes a great Sunday lunch with the family.

In my opinion, soup is the most heartwarming dishes I enjoy. Especially in the winter, there is something about soup that soothes the soul.

The Cantonese have especially great soup recipes. The reason why Cantonese people admire soups is that in addition to the deliciousness, the most important thing is to maintain health.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup

In the long stewing process, the ingredients are slowly cooked, the nutrients are fully dissolved in the soup, and with the softened ingredients, it promotes easy digestion.

So what are the benefits of drinking soup?

Chinese Pork Bone Soup3
The efficacy of herbs and ingredients is different. For example, chicken soup can increase immunity, pigeon soup can benefit blood health, and the medicinal materials used in soup are also very particular, such as red dates can benefit blood, and so on.

Today, I share this water chestnut pork rib soup, which is one of the favorite soups in our family. I learned this recipe from a colleague in Guangzhou. This is a traditional recipe passed down in her family. If you are thinking of trying a soup, even for the first time, this is a must-try recipe, as it is delicious, healthy, and simple!

Chinese Pork Bone Soup2

There are many shortcuts that restaurants take to get the milky color of the broth, but we are going to make it the most traditional way with no additives or cheats. So let’s get started!


  • 1) 250g of Water chestnuts
  • 2) 200g of Potatoes
  • 3) 200g of Carrots
  • 4) 500g of Pork ribs
  • 5) 2 Tbsp Peanut oil

How to make Chinese pork bone soup recipe:

Step 1. Clean the ribs off with water, and then soak in clean water for about 30 minutes.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step1

Step 2. Boil water in a pot, and add the ribs. When foam begins to form on the top, take out the ribs and rise them off.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step2

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step2 1

Step 3. Heat some oil in a pan, add a small amount of ginger if you like, and stir-fry the ribs. This step is very important. The ribs are fried first to ensure that the broth turns white and they get a good flavor.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step3

Step 4. Top off the water in the pot and bring to a boil. Add the bone and cook for 10 minutes, you will see the soup whitening. Then turn the heat to low and simmer for 2 hours.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step4

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step4 2

Step 5. Finally, add water chestnut, carrots, potatoes, and cook for about 30 minutes.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step5

Step 6. Taste the soup, and you can add salt according to your preference.

Chinese Pork Bone Soup step6


1. When cooking ribs, it is necessary to soak them in water for 30 min.

2. The soup is simmering slowly, but don’t cook for too long. Generally, soups containing meat for 1-2 hours are enough, but the meat of the fish is delicate, usually controlled in about 40 minutes. can.

3. The soup must be topped off with water periodically to keep the water level from going too low. In case you don’t need to add extra water when cooking.

4. This soup is all about the pure flavors of the ingredients, so try not to add too much seasoning. Adding salt at the end of the cooking process is okay, or into each bowl if serving for a large group of people with different tastes. This will not affect the cooking process of the meat and the soup will stay intact.

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