33 Chinese Soup Recipes (Learn How To Make Chinese Soups)

Growing up in Hong Kong was the best thing for me. I got to understand our rich culture, including the use of different foods from my culture and other cultures.

Well, winter is around the corner, and everyone needs soup to keep us warm. Chinese soups are some of the must-know recipes as they are richly flavored unique, but also tasty.

Some soups are just those you will see in the restaurants, but you don’t have to go to the restaurants to find the best soups.

This article will give you the ideas and recipes of the soups you could make in the comfort of your home. 

  1. hot and sour soup
  2. pork rib noodle soup
  3. lotus root and walnut soup
  4. lotus root and pig feet soup
  5. Chinese winter melon soup
  6. Chinese watercress soup
  7. Savory tang yuan soup
  8. Six combination soup
  9. Chinese six herbs pork rib soup
  10. Herbal chicken soup
  11. Chinese apple pork ribs soup
  12. Chinese  herbal silkie black bone chicken soup
  13. Chinese pear herbal tonic soup
  14. Chinese oxtail soup
  15. Chinese black bean soup
  16. Chinese fish soup
  17. Salmon fishbone tofu
  18. Milky white fish and tofu soup
  19. Chinese fish soup with pickled mustard greens
  20. Taiwanese sesame oil chicken soup
  21. Chinese beef and broccoli soup
  22. Quick and easy Chinese noodle soup
  23. Hong Kong borscht soup
  24. Hot and sour soup
  25. Taiwanese  style spicy noodles
  26. Chinese five-spice beef soup with bok choy
  27. Wonton soup
  28. Chinese shrimp wonton soup
  29. Quick and easy Chinese shrimp ball soup
  30. Chinese vegetable soup 
  31. Chinese seaweed soup with tofu and pork balls
  32. Chinese corn chicken soup
  33. Lanzhou beef noodle soup

Different Chinese soups

1. Hot and sour soup


Here is one of the most famous Chinese soups and talk of great flavors. So you will have the hearty, spicy, sour, and delicious soup.

Now this one has some eggs, tofu, and mushrooms too. But there’s a great thing about this soup that you will also make it a vegetarian soup if you like to. 

I started with this just because, in most cases, you will have this one in the Chinese take-outs. One thing you should know is that you can make the soup into an almost real meal.

Therefore, it will make for light dinners or lunch since it usually has so many ingredients. Notice, though, that the hot and sour soup is one of the easiest to make.

And you will enjoy the spices, the flavors, but also the richens of the nutrients. I enjoy silky egg the most, and of course, the rich flavors makes the difference to me. 

2. Pork rib noodle soup


And here is one other soup that you could use as a light meal since it has noodles and ribs and veggies.

This is one of the richest soups you could use since it has the different chewy and crunchy parts of the meal. 

Just make sure you have the ingredients right to get the soup right. It’s one of the best meals, and the colors are further amazing to you.

If you like, then you can use wheat noodles or any other type of noodles you choose. Consider making this only if you have the time because it takes some time and steps to follow. 

3. Lotus Root and Walnut Soup


This is one of the unique soups that you may not find so many times, but it’s a great appetizer or meal to fill you up.

In fact, you will make it very first, and you don’t need so many things to make it.

With only two ingredients, you can have your soup ready in no time. Then, of course, it’s the seasoning and pepper you will add to it to make it delicious. 

In most cases, the people going to make it just to make it fit the detox kind of soup. However, you can make it more by adding other ingredients of your choice.

You can even make it a flavorful soup if you like, but add celery and other ingredients you like.

4. Lotus root and pig feet soup


This is another one of not your regular soup since it works as a detox as well. Notice, though, that the lotus root is great since it’s rich and fragrant rich too.

Notice you will find it being easy to make the soup yet richly nutritious. It has several nutrients that are enriching. This will need more time to make, so you should make it over during the weekend.

It is also an antiaging soup, so you should work to make it the best soup. 

5. Chinese winter melon soup


And when winter is just around the corner, we need to share one of the major recipes you should never lack in your house.

It features winter melons that actually grow during summer, but then the harvest is during winter.

Well, it will often work to serve you during fall more than winter, but it’s a great recipe to take on always. 

Notice that you will even add the meatballs to make it juicier delicious. It’s, in fact, one of the easiest recipes to use.

Also, you won’t have to cut the meat and as you expect the meatballs are the easiest to cook.

You could further use the glass noodles to make it even better or even a real full meal.

The seasoning and spices will make this meal even better at all times. This great soup serves those chili days too.

This one also works as a real meal if you want it to consider checking it out. 

6. Chinese watercress soup


During those seasons when you have lots of watercress, you should consider buying them and then making this delicious, flavorful, and spicy soup.

People like it the most because of its richness of nutrients, and yet it’s an antioxidant. So when you’re going to add on the pork ribs to it, you will have it beating nicely, delicious, and richly filling as well. 

You will have to make the soup stock, and this should take you anything from 2 hours and over.

However, I enjoy the texture and that it doesn’t take me too much time to make it.

So when you are looking for some earthy flavors, consider using this soup as it will serve your taste buds. 

6. Savory tang yuan in fish maw soup


Here you have the easiest method to make the chewy and soft tang yuan with chicken or, in this case, fish maw soup.

There further the addition of the mushrooms to make it even better tasting.

Notice that you have the rich flavors and spices to warm you up during the cold weather. 

You will mostly have people eating this soup during the Dongzhi festivals. This is particularly amazing since you could easily involve your kids in making the tang yuan, thus making the perfect textured and tasty soup.

I always say you’re craving some almost clear soup, but the one that will allow you to eat a blend of ingredients, you should consider this soup meal. 

Here you have another one of the lighter meals coming to you in the form of soup. 

7. Chestnut with pig feet soup


I like to remember that when it’s too cold, you need to keep warm. Well, I like to make this one for my little ones when they catch a cold somehow.

But, if not for anything else, I like to make it for the collagen nutrient that is rich and will make you have great skin.

I know what most people start to think, ‘Pig feet really?’ But yes to it if I will develop richly, healthy skin too. 

While you may not want to eat this one, remember we take all the time to clean it well since it’s the food you will eat, so just stop with your imaginations.

This one, we then make it with yam and many other ingredients but well, in the end, you won’t suffer the dryness of your throat. 

8. Six Combination Soup (Lok Mei Soup) 


What’s with the six combinations, you ask, and well, this just features six different herbal ingredients to make the best testing soup of Chinese origin. 

At this time, you already know that the weather is beginning to cool down, and well, it’s time for the soups.

This is one of the many we have suggested here that you can try. It features a clear meat broth that you will use alongside the rice-based meals.

If you don’t like complexities, then this is what you should go for. It will need only a few ingredients and some time to make this delicious choice of meals. To know the six ingredients we are talking about, just check out the recipe. 

9. Chinese six herbs pork rib soup


Here you then have six flavors snd six herbs for the pork ribs soup. Notice that the unique thing then is that the soup here is made using almost every dried ingredient, which also means they are packing flavors. Notice too that you can use pork or chicken if you like. 

One thing that may amaze you is that you have all the ones you need to make the different Chinese meals when you have most of these Chinese ingredients.

If you like, you can make it a personal meal by adding it to many other ingredients.

So the pork and the herbs are the perfect blends to make a rich meal. It’s one of the most delicious choices you could use at any time. 

10. Herbal chicken soup


While the soup is one of the most common recipes during the winters and autumn, you can actually take this herbal soup at any time.

The herbs we like to use in our meals and soups work to moisten your lungs as it helps to increase the body heat.

This particular soup is of Cantonese origin, and of course, it’s another one of the rich choices you can use. 

Well, the addition of the chicken then is to enhances the flavor making it much tastier.

The best thing is also that you can eat it alongside the different styles of side dishes.

If you have at least an hour and a half, then you should make this recipe fast.  

11. Chinese apple pork ribs soup (instant pot, slow cooker, stove-top)


Here, you have a delicious, easy-to-make soup, especially when you use a slow cooker and pressure cooker.

If you are going to cook the apple with the pork, you make the perfect combo to soothe your heart.

Notice, though, that when you use the apple, you add the natural sweetness to the pork soup. 

Here then, there’s a belief that if you eat the perfect meal, you will keep the doctor away.

This is one such soup that uses all the ingredients to keep you safe and warm. You just need about 50 minutes to cook the pork soup. 

12. Chinese  herbal silkie black bone chicken soup


Another one of the best soups to try is this one here. When you’re looking for a rich and nourishing choice of soup, then you have it in this choice of soups.

It’s also one of the meals you will make using the instant pot or pressure cookers.

Most people who enjoy this recipe do so because the soup, in this case, is never greasy, and you are sure to have a more delicious choice of soup. 

So for us, this silkie chicken, together with the Chinese herbs, will always make some of the best soups that you can consume to nourish your soul.

With the rich herbs, then you make the flavorful chicken with enriching spices.

If you want to make the chicken soup more delicious, you should add herbs to make it stand out. 

13. Chinese pear herbal tonic soup


I’m forever grateful to my grandma for teaching me how to make this delicious recipe.

Here you have one of the richest and flavorful soups you can make.

But this one is going to be a medicinal choice of soup too. The pears luckily will deliver the highest level of sweetness.

It’s one of the richest choices you can use to make the meal. 

14. Chinese oxtail soup


Here you have one of the best meals that is also a type of soup you know. It features the use of beef meat that will even fall off the bones.

It’s one of the choices you’ll have to blend the different ingredients in to make it even richer.

It has tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes, and many other ingredients to get it being nicely refreshing and delicious. 

The one thing you will like about it is that it makes a gluten-free soup which makes it easy to enjoy by the gluten-intolerant. 

This is a tomato-based soup that you will actually blend with the oxtail to make into a rich and flavorful choice of soup.

You can use the recipe to make the rich soup that you will even eat alongside steamed rice. 

15. Chinese black bean soup


Growing up, one of the most common meals you could have is the soups, especially just before dinner time.

My mom being fun of cooking meant we tried many different soups anyway.

The amazing thing is that the bean soup was one of the most amazing choices of soup we would try. 

It will be one of the easier soups you can make because it uses black beans, and such are very common in the supermarket.

The other thing that will make you enjoy it the most is using the different meats with the beans.

This is one of the choices you can use alongside your favorite rice. 

16. Chinese fish soup

chinese fish soup

One of the most common ingredients we use to make soups is fish, and this is one of the most common compared to most of the ones above. The secret is to use the Chinese ingredients to make it a whole, healthy choice of ingredients. 

It’s further a healthy Chinese traditional soup choice, you know. When it comes to fish soup, you can make it as unique or even easy as you would like to have it be.

You can add on tofu if you like and many other ingredients of your choice. I like the flavor of the fish, so this happens to be my best soup. You know it’s also an easy-to-make soup. 

17. Salmon fishbone tofu


Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity, but if you went to chain town, you would have this soup choice that is usually one of the best.

And the great thing, though, is that you will need to eat the fish with the different veggies added to it to make it taste delicious. 

One thing making it stand out, though, is that it’s a versatile meal choice, and you will further have a lot of flavors, you know. 

18. Milky White Fish and Tofu Soup


Here you have a delicate and nourishing style of soup too. Notice that they make the soup using the fish and its bones only with the addition of the tofu.

The best thing I will have to leave you with, though, is that you don’t even need milk in the recipe, but they don’t even use the soup broth.

Everything here is authentic to make sure you enjoy the whole process—notice though that you will only use the white fish.

So for the best fish flavors, consider these choices. 

19. Chinese fish soup with pickled mustard greens


Here is a meal that will nourish your body and soul, making you feel way better.

Most people like it for its richness of flavor and aroma too. This is not just any other soup choice as it’s a type where they use the mustard greens. 

Notice that all the parts of the fish are part of the meal. It’s the best recipe when you’re looking for the perfect choice not to waste the fish at all. In the end, the aim is to make you warm as you enjoy the flavors of the soup we offer in this.  

20. Taiwanese sesame oil chicken soup


Here you have the food that will work as a medicine to you. It’s outrightly delicious but also enriching. So when looking for the right food, I suggest that you only use the one that will nourish you.

Traditionally this is particularly ideal for new moms as it will help in the repair of their bodies. 

Notice, though, that all the ingredients you use in this recipe will be warming to your body.

The greater thing is that it will also make sure your blood circulation is regulated. 

21. Chinese beef and broccoli soup


Basically, you have your favorite Chinese beef and broccoli meal that you actually turn into a real soup.

So here, you just need to cut the beef into strips and then cook it to make the perfect soup, especially for those cold days.

So here you have it being tasty, delicious but also rich with flavors.

Another thing you will like about it then is that it brings you a wealthy broth. You should just consider playing around with the rich Chinese ingredients to make it the best-suited soup. 

22. Quick and easy Chinese noodle soup


One of the most common soups of Chinese origin is noodle soups, and for your information, it contains a lot of noodles in the recipe.

One thing you will like about it is the vibrant flavors it retains since we use the different ingredients of the same. 

Additionally, they will even add the mushroom to make it a real Chinese meal. Most people will like its simplicity, its spicy nature, and the flavors it has.

Do you really need soup but then you don’t have hours to cook it? Consider this recipe since it takes about 10 minutes to be ready.

Even if you have never made a soup, you will find this one being easy to make. 

23. Hong Kong borscht soup


This is another one of the richest yet most common soups you will find in Hong kong too.

I know it’s much more popular because it’s easier to make it and of course it never compromises on the deliciousness.

You only need an instant pot to make it, but you also won’t need to use many ingredients, and still, you will have a rich flavored yet delicious meal. 

So this soup we make using beetroots and veggies, thus making it a more sour kind of soup.

Now, this is a soup originally from Ukraine, thus such a common meal in Europe. Usually, we add beef to carrots, celery, cabbage, potatoes, and many more ingredients. 

24. Hot and sour soup 


Now, if you are vegetarian, we have some great soups for you to use when you need to make vegetarian soup.

It has the shiitake mushroom, eggs the tofu, and many other types of vegetables you can use.

The great thing is that you are going to be making a hot and comforting soup. If you, however, don’t even eat the eggs, then omit the egg part, and you will enjoy the meals. 

Everyone enjoys the hot and sour soup, and you have every right to enjoy it as well.

When looking at this recipe, though, you will be amazed at how great it just is. When you then add the chili sauce, then you will make it even better as a meal. 

25. Taiwanese  style spicy noodles 

One of the greatest things about this is that it’s richly spiced. I mean, it’s just not your regular noodle soup.

Instead, it’s a beef noodle soup that is amazingly tasty and will warm your heart during the cold season.

This meal is richly flavored with the perfect texture, and it’s even easier to make. 

If you like the food being spicy, try this soup. I know you will most likely just love and enjoy it. 

26. Chinese five-spice beef soup with bok choy


Here you have a flavorful, hearty, and delicious meal that is packed with flavors. I like that with this, then you find the easiest way to use the red cabbage.

I like to have it, especially when I develop a cold. The great thing is that you can make it even when it’s your first time as long as you follow the recipe.

The one thing standing out, though, is that we use the Chinese five-spice broth to make it. Just make sure you use it also when it gets chilly; I know you will be hooked. 

27. Wonton soup


Another one of the must-have soups is wonton soup; not only is it easy to make it takes such a short time to make it.

Notice that it’s also a versatile choice which means you can use different methods to make it. Once you have the rich filling, then making the broth should be a non-issue. 

This soup is always tender and nicely delicious, yet it will take just a few minutes to be easy to use.

This is another one you can serve as a whole meal if you like because it delivers all the rich ingredients.

The wonton generally will work to make the different meals.  

28. Chinese shrimp wonton soup


Here then, you have one of the richest and best-tasting soups of Cantonese origin, and I can’t figure out any other better soup than this shrimp-style one.

So today, this is my favorite choice of soup to use. And of course, you are going to serve it with a healthy soup base too. 

Usually, when you’re making this recipe, you will need to add on the fillings, but here we aren’t talking of any filling but the seafood one.

The essence is to make sure you have a blend of ingredients, thus enriching its flavors. 

29. Quick and easy Chinese shrimp ball soup 


If you want to use a rich and delicious but flavorful soup, you have this one. So then you will blend a few ingredients, which are also what makes it a delicious-to-eat soup, or you can make it and eat it alongside your noodles or rice.

This is more of a light meal you can use for lunch or dinner. 

30. Chinese vegetable soup


Here is the perfect meal for you if you are not looking for any meaty soups. Notice that this one is actually a vegan style of meal.

In fact, you are going to eat it in less than 20 minutes.

It’s a light and filling meal that you can use alongside your other side dishes, including rice and noodles.

If you are only looking for only the enriching soup that will get you warm, then this is what you need. 

31. Chinese seaweed soup with tofu and pork balls


The one thing that will make this meal great is that you don’t have to spend much time making this kind of soup.

From this blog already, I bet you already know just how much we love pork.

We use it to make different meals, including different soups. So again, here you have one of the easiest to make soup.

Notice that seaweed is one of the ingredients that are also great with wealthy nutrients. 

32. Chinese corn chicken soup


Here is another one of the easy-to-make and yet delicious soups, and of course, you will like it the most for its being creamy.

One thing you will like about it is that it’s full of perfect Asian flavors. One amazing thing, though, is that you will have the greatest meal you can store and reheat only when you need to. 

Also, you have a flavorful and hearty meal, so you will combine corn, chicken, and even eggs. It’s one of the best delicious meals you can eat. This is another one of the most delicious choices.

33. Lanzhou beef noodle soup


Here is one of the best soups. I mean, we saved the best for last. While you may think it’s just a noodle soup, well, it’s not, and therefore you ought to check it out to understand.

We bring in different ingredients to make a powerful and even more delicious meal. Notice, therefore, that you have a tangy, super delicious but also comforting meal. Try this one today. 

Now you know that we have all of the best soups you could try out check out the best ones we have suggested here for ideas.  

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